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<graspee> the cat is on my knee
<graspee> i'm stroking her and saying "oh you chunky businessman!"
<graspee> oh now she ran away
<graspee> obviously a little too close to the truth there
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<Bosty>how was #retro's chrimbus
<MainMemory>I got free GBA games and Smash 3DS DLC
<Bosty>i got three games
<GerbilSoft>i got a rock
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<Waise> i didn't mean consonant
<Waise> i was trying to say syllable
<Waise> i have no idea why i said consonant
<Kaypar> I'm consonantly getting those mixed up, too
<Waise> you're under arrest
<Kaypar> are you going to take me to the punitentiary
* ruwin has joined #luna
<Kaypar> hi ruwin
<Waise> ruwin comes to save me from the puns
<Waise> ruwined
<Kaypar> ruwined
<ruwin> no this is egg\\
<ruwin> im here to make more puns
<Waise> get out of ruwins head
<ruwin> are you calling him an....egg-head?
<Kaypar> surely you must be yolking
<ruwin> these puns arent all theyre cracked up to be
<Waise> i tried to think of an egg pun but i chickened out
<ruwin> fuck you
<Kaypar> your days of punnery are ova
<Waise> i see how it is
<ruwin> cluck you
<Waise> someone turns the tables on you and you cry fowl
<Kaypar> omelette that accusation slide
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<enkie> a drunk rat trying to pushing a lever for a jello shot is a sight to be seen
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< o11c> Is there any portable function to convert an integer to a string in a signal handler? `s[n]prinf` is *not* on the list of async-signal-safe functions ...
< izabera> there is but you're not gonna like it
< izabera> write is safe, fork is safe, execve is safe
Comment: od -t d4
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@freq   dude the clapper is funny as hell
@freq   do they still make those
@MachinaeWolf   clap on
@MachinaeWolf   clap off
@freq   you can put one on a tv
@MachinaeWolf   freq: idk if they still make those
@freq   and every time it gets loud it would go off
@MachinaeWolf   I've never seen one in person either :/
@freq   i had one on the living room lamp
@freq   so when i'd come in the door i'd yell fuck and it would turn on for me
@freq   i told my friend ricky about it and he was here knocking on my window to make it turn on and off
@MachinaeWolf   lol!
@freq   he was a bastard
@MachinaeWolf   How'd that work out for you?
@freq   it didnt
@MachinaeWolf   XD
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<sami> I sent out a memo about proper meme usage
<sami> if they had any questions to contact me, but if I catch them misusing memes then they have to do CSS
<amy> fate worse than cyber jail
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19:13 raisin_Pyon summons a bear
19:13 raisin_Pyon can you hack into THIS?
19:14 *** Schmoogame joined #forest_ooc
19:14 Stritchy offers salmon
19:14 Stritchy I think I can
19:15 raisin_Pyon makes the bear swat it away
19:15 raisin_Pyon makes the bear attack
19:15 *** Jessamyn quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:15 raisin_Pyon 1 down
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<Penetration> fat people are no longer seen as good luck in china
#311335* (?/23) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
< danl> being lazy and running everything as root is so much easier
< danl> lol
< danl> damn it
< danl> I screwed up my script and lost a years worth of access logs
Comment: 24 minutes to complete irony
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20:13 EmperorPyon tries coding a rune for utility purposes.
20:14 EmperorPyon the incantation fails and the rune blows up in his face
20:14 EmperorPyon why Magic doesnt exist #1
20:28 Quetzalrofl by that same logic, technology doesn't exist either
20:28 Quetzalrofl looks at exploding smartphone batteries
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* kaeza has quit
* kaeza (~kaeza@unaffiliated/kaeza) has joined
<kaeza> hint: when testing keyboard handling, don't test Ctrl+Q
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<G-Flex> a scammer just called my cell phone. Let's see where this goes
<G-Flex> lmao "Mr. Johnny Wilson"
<G-Flex> he's the "general manager"
<G-Flex> of the publisher's clearinghouse.
<G-Flex> I won a cherry red Mercedes! And a check for $1.5 Million!
<Shydow> lol
<Firestarter> Can I lend $5
<G-Flex> wow
<G-Flex> I tried playing along and he still thought I was messing with him
<G-Flex> he told me to get a pen and paper, and a few seconds later I was like, yeah, what do you want me to copy down
<Firestarter> Haha
<G-Flex> so he accused me of playing games because nobody could get a pen that fast!!!
<Sme> no one would ever answer their phone at their desk right
<Mrgary> what is notepad
<Keenan> I've always wanted to get one of those and flip it around.
<G-Flex> yeah I was like "I'm sitting at my computer, I can write down anything you want"
<Keenan> Be like "You know, it's a good thing you called. I'm Bob from Microsoft and your computer has a virus!"
<G-Flex> he wanted me to get a moneygram made out to a Kenneth Jones in Wichita, Kansas
<G-Flex> for $100
<G-Flex> so I could get a receipt, to show to the publisher's clearinghouse guys
<Sme> you should get right on that
<G-Flex> after a few more minutes I told him that it was nice I could waste that much of his time, and asked if there was any way I could possibly waste more of it
<Shydow> "Unfortunately, all my money is tied up right now. If you can advance me $100 right now, I could get access to my nigerian fortune"
<G-Flex> and that if he manages to scam anyone, it's probably going to be some old lady who doesn't know better, and that's kind of sad
<G-Flex> I love the idea that I'd have to send a $100 moneygram to someone in order to /claim/ over a million dollars.
<G-Flex> he hung up on me :(
<Keenan> I have a friend who is still sour with me because I didn't lend him money for that very same scam a few years back.
<G-Flex> the sad thing is, people fall for this stuff
<G-Flex> a customer of ours was talking to "Microsoft" who wanted her to pay them in iTunes gift cards.
<G-Flex> she bought the freaking cards before someone told her "yeah that's probably a scam"
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Curtis E. Flush: the only thing I hate about whackin it is the mess
macswaggerrr: jizz into the toilet
Curtis E. Flush: don't talk about women that way
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<+Covarr> not that it matters, because html5 can do all the same shit, only better and faster, and flash authoring software can even export to html5 because even adobe is like "man, fuck flash"
<@CaptainJistuce> But can it do the same shit stronger and harder?
<+Covarr> no, don't be daft
<@CaptainJistuce> You're a punk, you know that?
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<propane> LtBrenton, have you ever been to youtube?
<LtBrenton> i have tubed, yes
<curlyears> propane:   ***PLEASE*** don't tell us that everything you know about lithium batteris application was learned by watching youtube videos?  *SOME* such videos are quite well done, many are pure unadulterated TRASH
<propane> and you've never watched ebike battery pack videos?
Comment: freenode #electronics
#311326* (?/10) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
< EricWF> What's the short link for GCC bugs? (I know for LLVM it's llvm.org/PRXXXX)
< segher> gcc.gnu.org/PRxxxx for PRs, gcc.gnu.org/rxxxx for SVN revisions
< segher> where do you think llvm has got it from, heh
< EricWF> segher: lol makes sense they got it from GCC. I must have mistyped my gcc.gnu.org/PRXXXX example since it didn't compile.
< segher> compile?!
< EricWF> segher: I (thought) I constructed a valid gcc.gnu.org/PRXXXX link but my example lead to a 404. So "doesn't compile" isn't the most accurate term, but I think you know what I mean.
< segher> PR should be in caps
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<gambl0re> imagine riding a uber in detroit...probably get shot
<jaawerth> meh, places are never as dangerous as people say they are
<jaawerth> also if an uber driver shot me I'd leave them a terrible review
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<Odiumchild>    Oh what the hell, I was adjusting my QOS and now I can't access my router lol
<Odiumchild>    I guess restart my router and hope nothing worse happens
-- Odiumchild (odiumchild@irc.j08.168.104.IP) left IRC (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
-- Odiumchild (odiumchild@irc.j08.168.104.IP) joined the channel
<Odiumchild>  ayyy restart let me get back into my router
<Odiumchild>  Lets go
<Whitey>  <Odiumchild> Ow%~{g_v3!QWKi:SEvl{8atBGU(+S>1`r"d<&+UrA:]%<-Hzkz1 _j&xZ!B-
<Whitey>  you fucked up your QoS mate
<Whitey>  think you need to reboot it again
<Odiumchild>  Test
<Whitey>  must have jumbo frames on, all your text is coming through as garbage
<Whitey>  <Odiumchild> O<Od72B|6,LC6nUwlsMh~xj:tWO8ZFi?_|L-.t|:*^'PG6
<tcg>  Odiumchild stop spamming the chat with garbage
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  you fuckin troll
PRIVMSG  <Whitey>  10/10, this is great
<Whitey>  we don't know what you're saying
Odiumchild (odiumchild@irc.j08.168.104.IP) left IRC (Quit: ChatZilla)
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  he fuckin quit
PRIVMSG  <Whitey>  I am so pleased with this result
<diytto>  LOL
<Pupper>  lol
<Whitey>  ahahahahaha
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  likewise
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  i like how everyone just let it happen
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  poor bastard
Odiumchild (odiumchild@irc.j08.168.104.IP) joined the channel
<Odiumchild>  test
<Whitey>  jesus
<Whitey>  Odiumchild: sort your shit out
Odiumchild (odiumchild@irc.j08.168.104.IP) left the channel ("")
<Whitey>  hahaha
<vinyl>  Odiumchild you're about to get tested so damn hard
<Whitey>  ssssh
Odiumchild (odiumchild@irc.j08.168.104.IP) joined the channel
<Odiumchild>  test
<Whitey>  <Odiumchild> prueba
<Whitey>  is that spanish?
<Whitey>  what setting did you enable Odiumchild?
<Odiumchild>  Is my text broke or not, or is Whitey just trolling me
<Whitey>  <Odiumchild> es mi texto se rompió o no, o se me acaba de Whitey curricán
<Whitey>  dude
<Jelleh>  Odiumchild: we don't understand what you're saying, try rebooting
<Whitey>  I don't speak spanish
<Whitey>  does anyone speak spanish?
<tcg>  Whitey yeah
<Whitey>  what's it say tcg?
<tcg>  he's saying that his text is either broken or not / whether you're something
<tcg>  idk that verb
<Whitey>  Odiumchild: hola amigo
PRIVMSG  <Whitey>  haha
PRIVMSG  <Whitey>  he's gotta catch on now
Odiumchild (odiumchild@irc.j08.168.104.IP) left IRC (Quit: ChatZilla)
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  you say that
PRIVMSG  <Whitey>  amazing... is this real?
<vinyl>  hahahaha
<tcg>  hahhahahahah
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  are we living in a bash.org quote?
Odiumchild (odiumchild@irc.j08.168.104.IP) joined the channel
<Odiumchild>  We good now?
<Whitey>  <Odiumchild> Estamos bien ahora?
<Whitey>  tcg: can you translate?
<Whitey>  Odiumchild: no espaniol por favor
<tcg>  Odiumchild: tienes problemas con tú texto
<Jelleh>  Odiumchild: what are you saying? have you rebooted your computer?
Odiumchild (odiumchild@irc.j08.168.104.IP) left IRC (Quit: ChatZilla)
PRIVMSG  <Whitey>  next up is esperanto translation
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  rofl
<tcg>  and he's gone
<diytto>  i know spanish
<Jelleh>  when he gets back, never respond to him, pretend you don't see his messages
<tcg>  Jelleh no, Whitey has an even better plan
<Whitey>  Jelleh: esperanto is next :P
<arborist|work>  lmao
<Whitey>  got google translate up and ready ;)
<Jelleh>  perfect
Odiumchild (odiumchild@irc.j08.168.104.IP) joined the channel
<Odiumchild>  Fuck it, we'll do it live
<Whitey>  <Odiumchild> Fuck ĝin, ni faros lin en vivas
<Whitey>  tcg: is that spanish still?
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  from PM:
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  [22:50:53]  <Odiumchild>    are you guys trolling me or?
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  [22:51:15]  <tcg>    what language are you even speaking in
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  [22:51:17]  <tcg>    stop trolling
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  [22:51:17]  <tcg>    smh
<tcg>  Odiumchild what the fuck are you saying
<Whitey>  I don't recognise that
<tcg>  no Whitey that is definitely not spanish
<Whitey>  hold on Odiumchild, I'll pull up google translate
<Whitey>  fuck knows what you did to your router
<Jelleh>  Odiumchild: vi havas la "packet loss"?
<Whitey>  oh shit
<Whitey>  anyone speak esperanto?
<Whitey>  Odiumchild - vi devas fabrikon rekomencigita via router
<Whitey>  Odiumchild - Mi esperas ĉi tradukas bone, Mi uzas retan traduki provi kaj komuniki kun vi. Kontrolu vian QoS kaj via lingvo agordojn.
<tcg>  Whitey what the fuck are you even saying
<Whitey>  Odiumchild - Eble vi devus provi dd-respekto aŭ tomato
<canary>  its esperanto dood
<Whitey>  tcg: I'm google trnalsating esperanto back to him
<tcg>  ahhhh
<Whitey>  hoping it goes back so he can understand
<Whitey>  I'm assuming he can't read what we're writing here
<Odiumchild>  Now I know you guys are trolling me
<thegreattoad>  what language is that
<Odiumchild>  I hate you guys
<Jelleh>  Odiumchild: definitive provi rekomenci la router, ĝi ŝajnas kiel paketon perdo de Tiucele
<thegreattoad>  google says esperanto, i never heard of that
<oddbondboris>  i look up an i see esperanto
<Whitey>  Odiumchild - kiu min troll?
<tcg>  thegreattoad it's a fake language
<Jelleh>  he says troll?
<Whitey>  Odiumchild: I respect your choice for a universal language, but I think you should modify your router settings
<Odiumchild>  I feel so griefed
<Whitey>  I'll link you to the bash.org quote shortly ;)
<tcg>  kek
<diytto>  this guy Odiumchild
<diytto>  what a fucking guy
<Odiumchild>  I hate you guys so much
<Odiumchild>  Reported
Comment: Odiumchild switches on esperanto on his router
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<+Covarr_Work> I intensely question the wisdom of beginning a sentence with "When Donald Trump makes anime real"
<+Covarr_Work> let's examine
<+Covarr_Work> is he going to summon an alien invasion led by monkeydudes with scouters?
<+Covarr_Work> is he going to destroy tokyo with a giant earthquake, and bring a bunch of random kids to a theme park prison where they fight each other to death?
<+Covarr_Work> is he going to add a new branch to the us military: the inner senshi
<+Covarr_Work> or maybe he'll adopt a little girl with green hair and adhd, and teach her all the wonders of life such as going to the beach, eating ice cream, assembling furniture, and different ways to play with a cardboard box
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<deeznuts> what happenes if i delete system 32
<deeznuts> anyone know
<deeznuts> i might try it
<deeznuts> because i herd it is a virus
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Jonimus: i have jackbox
Jonimus: bought it for when alto was visiting
Riddla: You dirty bastard
Riddla: lol
Jonimus: ;)
Riddla: I mean streaming it sure
Riddla: But actually PLAYING IT
Riddla: With someone ELSE
Riddla: That's a bit much
Jonimus: it's actually pretty fun for parties
Jonimus: we played it at stuntpenguins a couple of times when he had company over
Riddla: Who *are* you
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< segher> law: hi!  do you know anything more about 78438?  is it a regression, etc.
< law> it's marked as a regression and appears to be a codegen issue.  I haven't looked at it in any depth
< law> mostly trying to identify bugs which match those two criteria and put them into the P1 bucket so that everyone doesn't have to troll the P3 list to find a high value target to work on
< segher> right :-)  thanks
< law> also put the fortran, graphite, go and oddball target stuff into P4 :-)
< segher> and gcj into WONTFIX
< law> hopefully that allows us to be more efficient than last year when none of this happened until after christmas
< law> yea, gcj/libjava get special treatment as well
< segher> sad to see it go, not sad to see it gone
Comment: #gcc
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<Fazer> .t 生命总不会只充满悲伤
<Internets> [t] [from zh-CHS] Life not only full of sorrow
<laks> why are you drug dealing with the Chinese now
<Fazer> i'm not
<laks> lies
<laks> what are you doing
<Fazer> i'm noodle-dealing
<laks> I guess you could say
<laks> you’re selling
<laks> pot noodles
<Fazer> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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<teratoma> i know the original gimp and gnu widget toolkit guys, even they dont use linux on the desktop anymore
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