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Akko Taco: i love one brain cell every time i come here
lesbianacereza: love
lesbianacereza: good you love and cherish that one brain cell kiti im so proud of you
Akko Taco: GOD
Akko Taco: DAMMIT
Akko Taco: LETS JUST
Akko Taco: SAY THAT
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<whitequark> also does everyone here know how the USB PD devices determine which one is the charger and which one gets charged?
<whitequark> i usually put it as "the same way hermaphroditic snails mate" because it's a perfect analogy
<whitequark> but not a very good user interface
<whitequark> (dual-role devices, that is)
<marcan> I'll fall back to what my switch does with my old Anker battery pack
<marcan> that is: if you power on the Anker first, it charges the switch
<marcan> until the switch is charged, then it reverses and the switch starts charging the anker
<marcan> hilarity ensues
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<worf_> ... FML
<worf_> "how to prevent Edge from reopening a page after a crash?"
<worf_> 1. unplug your ethernet cable and disable your wifi connection
<worf_> 2. start edge, which wont be able to load the page that is causing the crash because there is no internet connection
<worf_> 3. close the offending tab
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<+Odyss3us> I take a shit or two in the morning and then it is random throughout the rest of the day
<+letty> thats too many shits
<+MiningMarsh> I take like 12 shits a day
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<alami> Dear Mozilla community,   I’m conducting a survey (part of my PhD studies) to understand the pull request assessment process in open source communities- PLEASE, participate in the survey.   What value is there in participating? 1. I’ll share the results with the Mozilla community as soon as they become available. This will include a report on how the PR asses
<alami> [survey URL]
<Spambot_9001> PR asses! That sounds interesting.
<alami> I’m conducting a survey (part of my PhD studies) to understand the pull request assessment process in open source communities- PLEASE, participate
<Xion> But what do the PR asses do? Don't leave us hanging
<alami> It's meant to be PR assessment
Comment: When the character limit is just right...
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<Pyxel> how many fucking tiers of idiot are there
<Melody> A lot
<MyNameIsKir> Idk but keep an eye on me; if there is a bottom I'll find it
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<Coylabe> Siiiiiiiiigh... gotta reboot.
<Coylabe> Be right back.
<vivia> Windows?!
<Coylabe> Yes.
<vivia> :(
<Coylabe> Open software dreaming... on such a Windows day...
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Captain: A Wizard on an Adventure is basically... you're a Wizard, and here you are... having an Adventure whether you like it or not.
Captain: whereas an Adventuring Wizard is... you're a Wizard going on adventures because you want to.
Anti: And consider that people who want to go adventuring are less than stable normal people at the best of times before you throw phenomenal cosmic power at them. As Terry Pratchett observed, turning someone into a frog isn't the hard part. The hard part is not turning someone into a frog once you know how.
Captain: and then also turning all the witnesses into frogs.
Anti: Trespassers will be toad.
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<Voct> a guy in argentina had himself tattooed with a QR code that would show you a video of a super exciting moment in argentine football
<Voct> and then the video got taken down
<MasDestruc7ion> Now the qr code says something like, page missing, or video is unavailable, so that sucks
<Voct> yes
<BlackWing> Guy should have done Rick Roll
<Voct> his tattoo gave him up, it let him down
<BlackWing> But it will never desert him.
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<SuperNovaSlayer> The best part about growing up where I live is, when you break up with your girl, you go "We can still be cousins, right?"
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<VirtusGraphics> console.log(gf)
<MyNameIsKir> undefined
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<dOm3r> A planet is a domesticated mammal descended from the sun.
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<Guest> you don't just saw your girlfriend in half
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Artemis the Bear Queen: Terry Pratchett's Death is so great.
Artemis the Bear Queen: Wait
Artemis the Bear Queen: Let me
Artemis the Bear Queen: Rephrase that.
Artemis the Bear Queen: I really love how Pratchett anthropomorphized death. Makes a great character.
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<@stereo_> mmm, organic sugar.  so much better than including normal chemical sugar
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<pondwitch> i love a fog. i love a woods.
<chippyyyz> I love to munch a fresh baked goods
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p0: luca
p0: i implore you to witness
p0: the strongest gin drink in the world
p0: 3 parts gin to 1 part lmaonade
p0: behold
Luca: Do you ever do anything other than drink?
p0: behold
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<unbot_> *flips table* time since previous mention of '60hz': 4 weeks, 1 day, 3 hours, 31 minutes and 17 seconds (mentioned by r‌combs)
<marcan> bad bot
<unbot_> *flips* time since previous mention of 'bad bot': 1 day, 16 hours, 37 minutes and 49 seconds (mentioned by m‌arcan)
* marcan sends an ICBM unbot_'s way
<marcan> whitequark: sigh
<marcan> seriously, why the fuck are *any* of those things tracked?
<unbot_> *flips* time since previous mention of 'fuck': 11 hours, 6 minutes and 20 seconds (mentioned by H‌ellsenberg)
<marcan> ... come on
<muvlon> try to form a complete sentence without triggering the bot
<muvlon> think of it as a game
<muvlon> I'm up two points it seems
<Hellsenberg> marcan: lol
<marcan> muvlon: that's basically impossible.
<unbot_> *flips* time since previous mention of 'basically': 8 hours, 39 minutes and 45 seconds (mentioned by T‌D-Linux)
<Hellsenberg> aaand unbot_ is cursed
<unbot_> *flips* time since previous mention of 'cursed': 9 hours, 51 minutes and 39 seconds (mentioned by H‌ellsenberg)
<marcan> no single train of thought can escape unbot.
<unbot_> *flips* time since previous mention of 'train': 8 hours, 51 minutes and 58 seconds (mentioned by H‌ellsenberg)
<Hellsenberg> AAAAAAAAA
<unbot_> *flips* time since previous mention of 'AAAAAAA': 1 day, 15 hours, 45 minutes and 49 seconds (mentioned by H‌ellsenberg)
<marcan> I'm too busy to deal with this shit.
<unbot_> *flips* time since previous mention of 'bus': 9 hours, 6 minutes and 22 seconds (mentioned by s‌orear)
<marcan> can I just wish death on the thing?
<unbot_> *flips* time since previous mention of 'death': 9 hours, 39 minutes and 44 seconds (mentioned by r‌combs)
<muvlon> marcan: i just did it three times in a row
<marcan> unbot can bite my shiny metal ass
<unbot_> *flips* time since previous mention of 'bite': 10 hours, 38 minutes and 58 seconds (mentioned by O‌hGodAPet)
<whitequark> marcan: ok that was extremely hilarious to be honest
<marcan> thanks, I tried. but I also think it exemplifies the problem.
<whitequark> !untrack bus
<unbot_> whitequark: untracked topic 'bus' (thanks for nothing whitequark)
<whitequark> whAT
<muvlon> the bot should track more things that are actually cursed and simultaneously not substrings of common words
<unbot_> *flips* time since previous mention of 'actually': 7 hours, 7 minutes and 42 seconds (mentioned by T‌D-Linux)
<marcan> LOL.
<marcan> yeah, honestly, the substring false positives are just annoying
Comment: ##whitequark on freenode
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<ncl> <ncl> this isnt cute this is a curse and significantly sociopathic behavior
<ncl> <ncl> are you blind or too scared to tell me to my face
<ncl> <ncl> nyaa
<ncl> extremely normal cnversations i have with peopel on the inter net
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<cupe> fun fact: tim sweeney is now on some list of the world's 500 richest people (and much higher up than gabe newell)
<visy> he's investing his money into buying land in NC
<visy> that piece of news last week showed that mostly to preserve the nature there, which is a good hobby for an ultra-rich guy
<visy> better than Bezos at least ;D
<visy> I'd say that's a pretty damn good way to spend your money
<visy> the other theory of course is that he's getting land for a private Fortnite fight to the death IRL
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<+nullx> I'm hard when I like a game, but some games.. make me ubisoftComment: #pcgames efnet
#311649* (?/41) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<alecxe> should i keep declaring chocolate as "food" when bringing it into the US?
<david> Chocolate, being a thing eaten by humans, is indeed "food."
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<Gustavo6046> It all began with the Big Boop.
<Gustavo6046> The Big Boop Theory.
* cheapie boops Gustavo6046 to see if anything exciting happens
* Gustavo6046 universes
<Gustavo6046> You can't hide from the facts. Furries are the source of life, the Universe, and everything.
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<XVC> dad?
<indomitable> XVC: is your dad an Iranian doctor?
<DrIranian> XVC is my son
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[RjxLAPTOP] i audio taped my shroom experience
[RjxLAPTOP] but when we played the tape back later
[RjxLAPTOP] it was just me saying "
[RjxLAPTOP] er
[RjxLAPTOP] "dude, we should eat THERE"
[RjxLAPTOP] everywhere we went
[RjxLAPTOP] like, every few minutes
<thc\ip> haha
Comment: #orkut EFNET
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