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<Dr_pressure> Church is like book club except the book never changes and only one person gets to speak
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<SirFinkus> woohooo
<SirFinkus> hype as fuck
<SirFinkus> seeing earth in a few hours
<Heads_Up> hahah just look at the ground dude it's right there
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<Kakashi> hey Dutch fags living in this house, this person's playing a lolicon hentai game
<Kawa> See? Nobody cares :)
<Kakashi> I know. I'm the one who cares the least.
<Kawa> you're the one playing.
<Kakashi> I'm watching a movie.
<Kawa> I'm reading the bboard.
<Kawa> Then who's playing loli hentai games?
* Kawa glances at TEHJAYBEEZ
<TEHJAYBEEZ> I was reading about historical chess variants. I think lolicon hentai games might've been an improvement.
<Kawa> ... Battle Chess, but with loli hentai.
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<DerIdiot|work> https://i.imgur.com/LhJzqdM.jpg
<DerIdiot|work> that last image is nightmare fuel
<ender> haha
<Watarase_Jun> i don't know why, but the last image gives me a mental image of ghostly wailing and "What have you done to meeeeee!"
<desuwulf> don't see anything creepy in it
<desuwulf> it looks the same as when you skin an animal
<DerIdiot|work> i rest my case
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<GiMP> Ya it's alright, I was never close to her
<Talgie> Well still I am sorry about your cunt
<GiMP> Nah my cunt is just fine, functioning as usual. Actually used it last night
<Kard> TMI!!!!
<Talgie> well thank god for small favors, and apparently Kard is gay
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<@vistas> is voat the gab of reddit?
<@vistas> what the fuck did i just say
#311503* (?/9) ⚐Flag
<Jake2> my sis is pretty hot
<GiMP> wtf is wrong with you
<Talgie> i agree
<Jake2> Talgie: bein honest
<Talgie> no i meant i agree your sis is hot
<Jake2> oh
<Jake2> wait. fuck u
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#311512* (?/4) ⚐Flag
6:13 PM <+FireBeard> after 20 years on IRC, I STILL have no quote posted on either bash or qdbComment: I think it's about time
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< jpaglier> does ur friend that you brough to the bbq
< jpaglier> does she have worms
< jpaglier> did she give you worms kiboneu
< jpaglier> you can tell me its ok
< kiboneu> she does not have worm lol
< kiboneu> she's french
< jpaglier> french have worms
Comment: #sl0th
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