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<Voct> a guy in argentina had himself tattooed with a QR code that would show you a video of a super exciting moment in argentine football
<Voct> and then the video got taken down
<MasDestruc7ion> Now the qr code says something like, page missing, or video is unavailable, so that sucks
<Voct> yes
<BlackWing> Guy should have done Rick Roll
<Voct> his tattoo gave him up, it let him down
<BlackWing> But it will never desert him.
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Captain: A Wizard on an Adventure is basically... you're a Wizard, and here you are... having an Adventure whether you like it or not.
Captain: whereas an Adventuring Wizard is... you're a Wizard going on adventures because you want to.
Anti: And consider that people who want to go adventuring are less than stable normal people at the best of times before you throw phenomenal cosmic power at them. As Terry Pratchett observed, turning someone into a frog isn't the hard part. The hard part is not turning someone into a frog once you know how.
Captain: and then also turning all the witnesses into frogs.
Anti: Trespassers will be toad.
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<Coylabe> Siiiiiiiiigh... gotta reboot.
<Coylabe> Be right back.
<vivia> Windows?!
<Coylabe> Yes.
<vivia> :(
<Coylabe> Open software dreaming... on such a Windows day...
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<Pyxel> how many fucking tiers of idiot are there
<Melody> A lot
<MyNameIsKir> Idk but keep an eye on me; if there is a bottom I'll find it
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