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#311434* (?/10) ⚐Flag
<truck> DDT was stopped by police once "why are you here"
<truck> he showed his phone playing ingress
<truck> "I am a network technician, I am scanning this area for wireless problems"
<truck> "ok then"
<truck> police drive off
#311440* (?/4) ⚐Flag
< hydrocat> Hello, I need some insight on asycio's run_forever()
< o11c> hydrocat: if it is correctly named, it is a limited solution for the halting problem
#311433* (?/13) ⚐Flag
Smidge204: "Aluminium? Naw, can't afford that imported stuff. We use Aluminum."
#311443* (?/11) ⚐Flag
<Sohcahtoa> I don’t always use UTF-8, but when I do, I parse it as ASCII.
#311447* (?/8) ⚐Flag
<Crusher> when I invited the top dozen or so botnets in here in 1997 it was empty
<tev> Where *did* the bots go?
<Crusher> tev: we opped them all, put them on bitch and the resulting -o+k+b+o... resulted in a network flood that not only completly split eFnet, but also melted blackend's primary router taking down Internet access to half of Arizona for around a week, which caused them to delink from eFnet till 2005
#311438* (?/9) ⚐Flag
<ednos> lol, I accidentally started a flame war in work IRC about the gopher protocol
<ednos> I fucking love this company
Comment: they work at red hat
#311441* (?/7) ⚐Flag
«~T2norway» french people dont ask questions
«~T2norway» they demand answers
«~Lex» do you know what the french word for "ask" is
«~T2norway» nope
«~Lex» "demander"
«~T2norway» A M A Z I N G
#311446* (?/7) ⚐Flag
<ednos> technically, I'm not pedantic
#311445* (?/6) ⚐Flag
<Elleo> Snap election announced for 8th of June :/
<Elleo> can we just elect an AI?
<Elleo> preferably either the one that said "You look like a thing and I love you" or the one that invented the "Crimm Grunk Garlic Creas" recipe
<Mr_T> what about that one that proposed putting humans in people zoos?
<Mr_T> I'd like to hear more about that
<Elleo> I think that one won in the US
#311448* (?/3) ⚐Flag
<Jake2> try holding your tongue and say truck 5 times fast!
<Talgie> no
<Jake2> its funny it sounds leik fuck lol
<Talgie> I'm gonna have a kid and name it after you
<Jake2> awww
<Talgie> and beat it
<Jake2> oh...
<Talgie> alot until its 17 and then give it up for adoption
<GiMP> I thought you said you're never gonna have kids
<Talgie> now you know why
#311432* (?/7) ⚐Flag
jsoft: I am not even authorized to join #feminism. Perhaps I should check my privilegeComment: ##electronics irc.freenode.net
#311442* (?/5) ⚐Flag
<@Dom`> fucking JS and JS frameworks
<@Dom`> I don't know what I should do after this project
<@Rjx> yeah and webpack/babel/npm/grunt/loleverything
<@Dom`> haha
<@Rjx> write an emulator
<@Rjx> pretty good exercise imo
<@Dom`> nah, I need some money
<@Rjx> write an emulator and suck some dicks
<@Dom`> that'll do
<@Rjx> a glory hole would help
#311439* (?/6) ⚐Flag
<Zo> Then again I'd eat a tarantula leg for money, so I'm not one to base picky standards on, my selection of companionship excluded, of course.
<Talgie> As in present company we must taste a certain way?
<Zo> No, although I'm sure you taste just fine, Talgie, stop being self conscious
#311436* (?/7) ⚐Flag
<timp> More or less always prowling that amount of emails
<JamesDR> what stops it at 500?
<JamesDR> timp, post logs of the issue
<timp> When it reaches about 500, it stops, nose if 500 or 550 or 600
<JamesDR> how do you know it stops?
<Bill48105> right you need to show log snippet to see what's happening. if it's stopping there is a reason.
<JamesDR> spammer is spamming? nah, never!
<Bill48105> 3 professionals helping & see if it gets solved lol
<JamesDR> it won't
<JamesDR> no professionals here
<Bill48105> speak for yourself i got a degree from Bullshit U
<Bill48105> get it? bullshit you.. lol
<JamesDR> ing u
<Bill48105> come on that's funny shit right there
<JamesDR> dad joke
<Bill48105> and we're dads so..
<JamesDR> yeah
<JamesDR> only funny to us
<Bill48105> lol
<Bill48105> you know they're good when you laugh at your own joke as you type it
#311449* (?/7) ⚐Flag
<GiMP> pffft you guys couldn't have this
<Talgie> you're already hard to want, you don't need to play hard to get
#311450* (?/7) ⚐Flag
<chiefDickhead> What makes me a rage: People on Grindr not showing up >(
<@aciou> chiefDickhead: that sucks
<@aciou> because you didn't get to
<@aciou> geddit
<chiefDickhead> yeah :( heheh
<chiefDickhead> should go to the gym instead
<@aciou> yeah, wait in the showers
<chiefDickhead> use all this testosterone for something
<@aciou> like ignoring the blisters on your knees
#311435* (?/7) ⚐Flag
<MissMini> Omg autocorrect i locw uou
#311437* (?/11) ⚐Flag
<repairmanman> beep beep I'm a sheep
<+IppE> beep beep ima jeep
<ggkier> beep beep motherfucker
<+IppE> beep bep
#311444* (?/5) ⚐Flag
<tsimonq2> !info libqt5webkit5-dev experimental
<^8^> Package libqt5webkit5-dev does not exist in experimental
<Menzador> tsimonq2: Kung? :)
<tsimonq2> Menzador: sshhhhhh I'm debugging :P
<Menzador> I didn't realise debugging meant yelling obscenities at Batty when figuring out the Debian developers were vacationing in an abandoned shopping mall about 75 km away from this lone palm tree that sits on the grave of Mustafa Kemal
<tsimonq2> ^^^^E%^E%$&^E%^^^^^^
<tsimonq2> lollllllllll
Comment: SonikkuAmerica -> Menzador
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