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<CapnBeeb> cripes
<CapnBeeb> my dad is asking how to disable an adblocker
<CapnBeeb> on a fucking XP machine
<CapnBeeb> YOU DON'T
<CapnBeeb> EVER
<PimpDrakulasCastle> oh man that sounds like the express train to good decisions
#311478* (?/5) ⚐Flag
Alan: people are seriously leaving after only being here 2 hours? lol
Matthew: 2 hours? I came it at 7:40 :-P
Alan: You are not normal for engineering lol
Matthew: *sigh* I'm not normal for a lot of things.
#311483* (?/9) ⚐Flag
<+Kawa> She sucks as if your dick is a caprisun
<@GIGA-DEATH> After stabbing it with a straw?
<@GIGA-DEATH> And tearing it open because those damn straws never go in right?
<+Kawa> YES.
<@GIGA-DEATH> Jesus fuck, Kawa.
#311482* (?/7) ⚐Flag
* Chloe gets a lightbulb moment, although due to current head state, it's a bad capactitive dropper based led with lots of flickering
#311484* (?/7) ⚐Flag
< skalnik> Why would someone judge you for ordering a basket of bacon?
#311487* (?/10) ⚐Flag
<srx47> Samsung Akbar!
#311488* (?) ⚐Flag
<Two_Dogs> ButterFly: how to start user-service cinnamon-session
<@ButterFly> cinnamon-session [-a|--autostart=DIR] [--session=SESSION] [--failsafe|-f] [--debug] [--whale]
<Brutus> i know cinnamon is a bit big, but calling it a --whale ?
#311481* (?/7) ⚐Flag
<A> Hey what's that place for building a PC advice
<B> {reddit link}
<C> Oh yeah, don't buy a 6700K and a B150 mobo
<B> We don't provide suggestions for individual products. Anyways the 7700K is out
<C> it's not a suggestion. Read the whole message before commenting
<D> don't be a dick
<C> stop being a dick we're only reciting the rules
Comment: 6700k is a expensive cpu with lots of features. B150 is a type of mobo that is cheap and doesn't support some of the features.
#311486* (?/7) ⚐Flag
<Scribs> ok no more cat pics, make me want to adopt one
<Scribbles> Adopt a cat or buy a fursuit
<Scribbles> Hmm
* catgirl adopts a fursuit
<DamnBear> Either way the fursuit or cat will produce objects resembling hairballs.
<DamnBear> And both can wind up costing thousands of dollars
* catgirl adopts a mach
<machfox> No :v
<machfox> I'm a wild fox
* machfox nips KesNagaTwins
* KesNagaTwins hmm, one sister unhinges her jaw, swallows mach
* machfox bursts from kes
<machfox> No eating
#311480* (?/8) ⚐Flag
*** Traveler joined #gamesurge
Traveler Yup.
Traveler No place for me to be here.
Traveler After all, look at my name
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