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<Anton> 8mm is a good film as well, but I'm puzzled as to why nicolas cage never got arrested for murder
<Alexander> hes just an actor
<Waldo> damn!
<Alexander> it wasn't real
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-!- dogmeat [dogmeat@pcp01841549pcs.owngsm01.md.comcast.net] has joined #wtf
< dogmeat> fags!
-!- dogmeat [dogmeat@pcp01841549pcs.owngsm01.md.comcast.net] has left #wtf []
-!- dogmeat [dogmeat@pcp01841549pcs.owngsm01.md.comcast.net] has joined #wtf
< dogmeat> except darkwise!
-!- dogmeat [dogmeat@pcp01841549pcs.owngsm01.md.comcast.net] has left #wtf []
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<DarkImportGrey> god there's nothing greater than using people to your advantage
<DarkImportGrey> well... bowel movements are quite rewarding...
<DarkImportGrey> but it's close
<DarkImportGrey> manipulation vs. dumping
<DarkImportGrey> i guess i'd have to do both at once to see which would win
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<ScumDog> in some ways, I wish I could sit around picking bananas all day
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<Jonathan> Hey you know what's hard? Trying to move your toes individually!
<Jonathan> I've been practicing though. My left foot's toes are almost completely independent.
<Sumez> gee, Jon, what awaste of time
<Sumez> At least spend your time pulling your penis so it gets longer or something else that's useful
<Jonathan> I have people who do that for me.
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drobe: yo, sup, how are you, good afternoon, pleasant surprise, aight, let's do this and any other phrasing of greeting from your favourite shallow sub-culture language
Bob: Moo.
drobe: shit, I forgot that one
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<Kittynoy> One day I'd need to explore the part of the room that isn't the couch...
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<wankel> Apr 16 17:43:34 mankind.boredom.org ftpd[9720]: zirconium (bogus) LOGIN FAILED [from cv796573-a.hcksvle1.ny.home.com]
<wankel> Apr 16 17:43:34 mankind.boredom.org ftpd[9722]: zoology (bogus) LOGIN FAILED [from cv796573-a.hcksvle1.ny.home.com]
<wankel> Apr 16 17:43:34 mankind.boredom.org ftpd[9721]: zoo (bogus) LOGIN FAILED [from cv796573-a.hcksvle1.ny.home.com]
<wankel> Apr 16 17:43:34 mankind.boredom.org ftpd[9723]: zoom (bogus) LOGIN FAILED [from cv796573-a.hcksvle1.ny.home.com]
<wankel> Apr 16 17:43:34 mankind.boredom.org ftpd[9724]: zooplankton (bogus) LOGIN FAILED [from cv796573-a.hcksvle1.ny.home.com]
<wankel> WHOA SHIT
<mendel> someone tell that luser that dictionary attacks refer to the PASSWORD part.
<wankel> christ, 2000 lines back and he was only in w's :)
<wankel> mankind:~ % grep LOGIN FAILED /var/log/messages | wc -l
<wankel> 8923
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<glasnost> i remember how DOS had no command for recursive removes
<glasnost> until they added deltree
<Logan> glasnost: deltree
<glasnost> thanks logan.
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<powersurge> god dammit
<powersurge> I go to dairy queen so often that google is asking me to set it as my work
<powersurge> stop judging me, google
#33003 (253/435) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<perro-ness> see.... i enjoy being able to go to class, fall asleep, and still do better than everyone else
#33694 (286/520) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
(Cloud): I see retarded people.
(@NeoMatrix): Stop looking in the mirror.
#40674 (24/124) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<@lucid> I need something to do.
<@lucid> I dont start work until tommorrow
<@PJD> hrmm
<@PJD> watch porn
<@lucid> nah, thats a night thing
<@PJD> order some pizza
<@lucid> im broke
<@PJD> hrmm
<@lucid> hah
<@lucid> I have herb and diet coke
<@lucid> thats about it
<@PJD> go to a mall and tell kids santa claus doesnt exist
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<Jess_school> I'm about to go watch a girl defend her thesis
<KainX> Of all the things I could watch a girl do, "defend her thesis" isn't at the top of the list.
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BigPapaSmurf695: what the hell is a nosegay
az721: it's like a bouquet
BigPapaSmurf695: oh
BigPapaSmurf695: i figured they just put nose and gay together to make a silly name
BigPapaSmurf695: its like saying earhomo
BigPapaSmurf695: or eyefag
az721: ok, i think we should really try to get earhomo into the lexicon
#77259 (214/388) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
leemur > vista officially sucks
ZoFreX > officially?
ZoFreX > you mean Microsoft put out a press statement saying so?
leemur > netHack dosent run on it
spb    > WHAT
Comment: #freenode-social
#28847 (1/287) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
(chronicle) i want to see a video of a woman giving birth so i can see exactly how much vaginal discharge/embriotic fluid/afterbirth comes out
(dunn) if you find one link me
(dunn) i wouldnt mind masturbating to the miracle of life tonight
#201618 (118/258) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<@RangerRick> Mother yelling at three little well-dressed girls: Do not open that bottle of glitter! Do not! If you know glitter... (holding her arms out making a rainbow sort of gesture) Shit flies!
<@RangerRick> shit flies, indeed
<@BadMojo> Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies.
#26408 (95/231) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<sE|PassePartouT`v> i can beat you like sgamer beats off
<sE|PassePartouT`v> and that's a lot
<sgamer> that is a lot, but i doubt you can
#49946 (33/225) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Brianetta> This is why I like open source (:
<Brianetta> It's like the manual, only more detailed and with less pictures.
#300149 (574/682) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<ninjapirate> sometimes i hear "Eye of the tiger" when i'm masturbating.
<ninjapirate> that's how glorious my penis is
<jaban> "so many times it happens too fast"
<jaban> "you must fight just to keep [it] alive"
<jaban> thinking of that part in particular?
#55 (2010/3469) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Sonique> you know you've just experienced an odd moment at 3:30am when you're completely naked making an away msg for aim and your dad (clothed only in breifs) strolls by, waves, and says, "i thought i smelled something. oh well, night!", and walks off
#21716 (126/301) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
< fluxion> perhaps microsoft has realized that humans cannot accept
perfection, and therefore the software must inherantly be
#14408 (240/380) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<brak> hey bro, heard you were...cooking
<Time> fire engines gave it away?
#28320 (307/431) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Carp_AFK> i planned to dye my hair this weekend
<Carp_AFK> till i was told i was supposed to put vaseline all round my forehead, and wear gloves
<Carp_AFK> and theres no way im going to a shop buying some rubber gloves and a tub of vaseline
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