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<kisama> these penguin mints are weak
<Guilty> Snow you're in college now, you need amphetamines
<Guilty> No weak caffeine mints
#20657 (209/353) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<xyrnx> when people write 'there' instead of 'their' it fucking annoys me and i wanna rip their throat out
<xyrnx> but i guess each and his own
<eckesicle> xyrnx: you've got a point their.
<nocturnal> xyrnx: why so mad about there grammar
#30608 (319/473) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<God> my car broke
<God> so my dad bought me a 100 dollar geo metro to use until its fixed
<God> 1994
<God> 70,000 miles
<God> runs great
<God> i got hit by an 18 wheeler first day driving it and the guy gave me 300 bux on the spot
<God> hes like "no please i dont want to deal with cops or insurance" "how does 200 sounds" ...."uhhh.." "ok fine 300!"
<God> "i guess that works"
Comment: #xbox, irc.irctoo.net
#16518 (16/261) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<davester> alright, in a month when i'm building this computer, everything will have changed, so i'm not going to bother now
<davester> they'll have gforce9's and p5's and terrabit hdd's
<davester> all for cheap
<Deathblend> and 256bit athlons
<davester> word
<davester> WORD
<Deathblend> you mean dword
#20525 (191/345) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Gerrard> Theres some sort of militant feminist movement going on in my ceramics class
#6710 (23/238) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<K-Grind-> who thinks i'm kinda cool?
* MrJiMmErS looks the other way
#306366 (107/155) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<mabb> my project has been research into "is this possible" for the first 3 weeks. Now it's moved onto "Hey, this might be possible"
<yicui> is it proven rigourously?
<mabb> more like proven religiously: I'm praying that this works
#227 (273/505) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Amanda`> We're going to have matching motherboards and processors
<timmo> weirdo
#17105 (105/255) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<@KelPearl> sleeps comes after sex
<@KelPearl> gotta get tired ya know
<@mootlif3> goto sleep while having sex
<@mootlif3> it'll make dave thing he sucks
<@mootlif3> and he'll buy you stuff
<@KelPearl> whoa
<@KelPearl> sweet idea
#74565 (368/554) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<duncanspock> hey NegaLos, i saw your pic, you look like a pedo
<NegaLos> i saw yours, you look like my potential victim
#39938 (339/459) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<NuBus> Windows was funny
<NuBus> with the usb keyboard
<NuBus> I plugged it in
<NuBus> A window popped up. Windows has found a USB Composite Device!
<NuBus> Would you like to install the driver?
<NuBus> Installing driver
<NuBus> I've installed the driver!
<NuBus> Windows has found a USB Human Interface Device!
<NuBus> Would you like to install the driver?
<NuBus> Installing driver
<NuBus> I've installed the driver!
<NuBus> Windows has found a USB keyboard
<NuBus> Would you like to install the driver?
<NuBus> Installing driver
<NuBus> I've installed the driver!
<NuBus> Windows gets very excited when things work. It tells me over & over.
<NuBus> "look mum! look what I did huh huh huh I did it huh I did I did!"
<NuBus> on linux I just plugged the fricken keyboard in and started typing.
#17364 (3/273) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<+meb> after ten minutes of trying to get him off
<+meb> it did it automaticly..
<+meb> yay
#11849 (111/277) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<MelissaGod> lol, I accidentally just flushed the toilet and the pipe for the toilets was off in the basement and mine and everyone elses urine went all over
<MelissaGod> wills parents not happy :(
<MelissaGod> i thought it was funny but i tried my hardest not to laugh
<TheSpatulaOfLove> well
<TheSpatulaOfLove> that's a greeting
<MelissaGod> the people in the basement with mine and everyone elses urine on them were not please
<MelissaGod> ho hum
<MelissaGod> pleased*
<MelissaGod> just thought i'd share
<MelissaGod> gotta go match socks...
* MelissaGod has quit IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
<Ouroboros> Um.
<Arilyn> hahaha
<Ouroboros> I think it's safe to say that E-van doesn't date her for her intelligence.
#39171 (159/291) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<testing> asl
<Kangie> ?
<Kangie> no, 56k
#1787 (63/247) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<kisama> only amanda would place her faith in something written in object pascal.
#919 (3/336) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<CanuckGod> I make my mustaches from eD's pubes
<HiroHiro> eD finally got pubes?
#51650 (409/639) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<hylix> Syntacs, I know where you live.
<Syntacs> Big deal, I've known that for years.
<hylix> i've sent a team of magical sheep to mutton bomb your house
<Syntacs> And they were delicious.
<hylix> you baa-stard.
#3509 (75/225) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Rasputin> Episode 1 rocked!!!!!
<Rasputin> Let me rephrase.
<Rasputin> The trailer for Episode 1 ROCKED!!!!
#5274 (53/210) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Gnuspice> shit, you know you've been doing too much SQL when you're at a prompt and do SELECT * FROM /bin;
#8849 (136/288) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Balli> the kid in the middle of the pic is getting his ass fingered
<Balli> look at his face
<jaunty> balli.. thats me, cockmonger
#1835 (83/257) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
[09:56] <Thom> I wonder how many words they have for 'pervert'.
[09:56] <Squizzle> None.
[09:56] <Squizzle> The closest is their word for "native", I bet.
[09:57] <Thom> 'hentai'. 'ecchi'.
[09:57] <Squizzle> Those both mean "Japanese man".
#26295 (126/268) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<gwend> my 6 key doesnt work half the time ><
<Kiri> my CTRL key types a ` when i press it
<Kiri> lol
<gwend> lol
<Kiri> and my numpad opens internet explorer
<Kiri> or my computer
<Kiri> depends on which number lol
*** Kiri has quit IRC (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
<EvilCouch> guess she pushed the wrong number
#62907 (227/395) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
k2xl: being single vs having a steady girlfriend can be related to working
k2xl: having a steady girlfriend is like working steadly for a 'company'
k2xl: yes, it ensures you moeny and gives you many 'benefits', you can rest easy at night knowing that you have a 'job' waiting for you the next mornin. when new 'offers' come up your company has to increase your 'benefits' or you might lose interest with the company.
k2xl: however, on the bad side, it's hard to leave your company that you've worked with for so long, and you never know if you quit your 'company' that you could find a better one. Plus, some companies work you long hours without pay and barely give any days off.
k2xl: on the contrary, if you stay single, it's like freelancing.
k2xl: you can pick and choose 'better looking' work
k2xl: but some months you have tons of 'work' and some months you 'can't get any'
k2xl: because, as they say, and yes with pun intended, 'jobs' don't always fall into your lap ;)
#19992 (18/208) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Leimy> I would have thought apple would have called the kernel
<Leimy> "Sir Quigley Topper Middle Bottom's Fantabulastic Contrapulaption"
<RangerRick> it has to be acronymorific if it is to be oft repeated  =)
<RangerRick> if not, it will be acronymorifified shortly thereafter
* RangerRick enjoys making up new wordulations
<Leimy> Henrietta Pussycat from Mr. Rodgers calls the kernel " Meow, meo meow kernel meow"
#31926 (709/877) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<anamexis> oh man
<anamexis> I was opening a coke, right
--> Beefpile (~mbeefpile@cloaked.wi.rr.com) has joined #themacmind
<anamexis> and it exploded
<anamexis> ALMOST all over my keyboard
<anamexis> but I got it away just in time
<-- Beefpile has quit (sick fuckers)
<anamexis> :<
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