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<ncl> <ncl> this isnt cute this is a curse and significantly sociopathic behavior
<ncl> <ncl> are you blind or too scared to tell me to my face
<ncl> <ncl> nyaa
<ncl> extremely normal cnversations i have with peopel on the inter net
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<cupe> fun fact: tim sweeney is now on some list of the world's 500 richest people (and much higher up than gabe newell)
<visy> he's investing his money into buying land in NC
<visy> that piece of news last week showed that mostly to preserve the nature there, which is a good hobby for an ultra-rich guy
<visy> better than Bezos at least ;D
<visy> I'd say that's a pretty damn good way to spend your money
<visy> the other theory of course is that he's getting land for a private Fortnite fight to the death IRL
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<+nullx> I'm hard when I like a game, but some games.. make me ubisoftComment: #pcgames efnet
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<alecxe> should i keep declaring chocolate as "food" when bringing it into the US?
<david> Chocolate, being a thing eaten by humans, is indeed "food."
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<ericwood> there's a special place in my heart for americanized chinese food
<Cipher-0> Those are angina pains, ericwood.
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<Gustavo6046> It all began with the Big Boop.
<Gustavo6046> The Big Boop Theory.
* cheapie boops Gustavo6046 to see if anything exciting happens
* Gustavo6046 universes
<Gustavo6046> You can't hide from the facts. Furries are the source of life, the Universe, and everything.
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<XVC> dad?
<indomitable> XVC: is your dad an Iranian doctor?
<DrIranian> XVC is my son
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[RjxLAPTOP] i audio taped my shroom experience
[RjxLAPTOP] but when we played the tape back later
[RjxLAPTOP] it was just me saying "
[RjxLAPTOP] er
[RjxLAPTOP] "dude, we should eat THERE"
[RjxLAPTOP] everywhere we went
[RjxLAPTOP] like, every few minutes
<thc\ip> haha
Comment: #orkut EFNET
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Fatmeatball: is nobody going to question the fact that i almost lost a frickin eyeball because of spongebob squarepants
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<BronzeEagle> 10/10 muricas
<daniel> that guy needs lessons in redneck
<daniel> he totally failed at securing those roman candles
<roman> no one is touching my candles
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<whitequark> i used to work with a guy
<whitequark> who was working on ruby on rails website
<whitequark> in dominican republic
<whitequark> and he was doing it exclusively on a mixture of cocaine and amphetamine
<whitequark> and i had to refactor his code
<whitequark> i literally asked my coworkers to give me an ice pick and an one way ticket to dominican republic as a new year gift
<whitequark> unfortunately they refused
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<moaz> wastrel> do you happen to be a doctor by any chance
<moaz> i have a really bad cold
<Afrix> apple a day will keep the wastrel away
<moaz> well there's a reason i use android
<wastrel> i'm the phd kind of doctor not the md kind
<wastrel> i have a doctorate in not being particularly good at nything
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<Anonymous> 4chan is a Jewish dating website.
<Anonymous2> u lied
<Anonymous> Yes, yes I did.
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<&castalia> snek-sensei: i almost aborted myself
<&castalia> IRL no joke
<@snek-sensei> nice
<@snek-sensei> thats hardcore
<&castalia> i was born premature
<&castalia> umbilical cord got wrapped around my neck
<@snek-sensei> wow you tried to hang yourself while aborting yourself
<@snek-sensei> thats fucking metal dude
<&castalia> before i even entered this world i was already trying to kill myself
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<ChiizuKage> The Castlevania Netflix series is pretty rad.
<ChiizuKage> Great fight scenes.
<Slash_Lateral> Apparently the Wall Chicken shows up as an easter egg in one of them, if you look carefully and turn up the brightness.
<ChiizuKage> Slash: aw man, now I gotta look for that.
<ChiizuKage> I'm actually on that episode right now.
<ChiizuKage> Fight scene was fantastic, along with Bloody Tears playing.
<Slash_Lateral> Haha :D
<ChiizuKage> This show is great in that it doesn't beat you over the head with references and fan service, so when it does occur, it's actually memorable.
<Slash_Lateral> I'll have to watch it next time I get on Netflix
<ChiizuKage> The plot is a mix of Dracula's Curse and Symphony of the Night.
<dysk> I've been hearing nothing but good things about the Castlevania series. I hear the producer wants to do something similar with another popular and long-running video game franchise (rumored to be Zelda).
<YelseyKing> Zelda already had a cartoon. But then, it sucked, so... Excuuuuuuuse me, princess. :P
<Yuri> I heard the Super Mario Bros. movie is awesome.
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<Danika> hmph, Twitter thought one of my tweets was considered "suicidal" or something
<StriderHLC> The hellsite strikes again
<Danika> yeah I said something like "I wish my parents never had me"
<StriderHLC> "We suspect you may be suicidal. We are locking your account to remove you from your support network as a courtesy."
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<@stereo_> when we get a time machine that can look anywhere in history, i assume the first thing it'll be used for is to spy on other people's dicks
<@Dom`> I mean, why?
<@Dom`> If we wanted to spy on dicks, we could just put a camera in your mouth
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<@Rothen> .c 1 square lightyear in square centimeters
<%topkek_2000> Oops: Ran out of units of quantity lightyear (imaginary)
<+woodcat> wolfram alpha that
<@snek-sensei> wolfram alpha my ass
<@snek-sensei> >wa my ass
<%topkek_2000> [Wolfram] Myr (megayear) = 1 Myr | 1000 kyr (kiloyears)  | 1 million years  | 999.3 millennia  | 3.154×10^13 seconds
<+woodcat> that's phat
<@snek-sensei> dang i'm a lot of years
<@Rothen> snek-sensei's ass stretches for eons.
<+woodcat> it's almost bigger than your mum's
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< jayis> yesterday my architect said our base64 encoded username "token" is encrypted and i said it isn't and then he said it is and i said it isnt and then he walked away
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<dysk> ...some common typoes change the entire meaning of a sentence.
<dysk> "Venom was really good. Would defiantly see it a second time"
<dysk> Right, because the producers of the movie only want you to see it once. Stick it to the man!
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< Kitlero> Also, I came to say there clearly cannot be lizard humanoid in politics
< Kitlero> The evidence is how against 'global warming' they tend to be
< Kitlero> I think lizard people would want a warmer earth
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<YelseyKing> Movie Crossovers We Don't Need #9273894673: "Nightmare on 34th Street".
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< brennyn> i once had to train a guy at work who i could not convince that 1 percent and 1 gallon are not "basically the same thing"
< brennyn> his explanaton was that milk comes in 2%
< brennyn> he wasn't trolling, he was actually stupid
< brennyn> he got fired less than a week later for pouring paint thinner into his eyes
<@snek-sensei> w-what
< brennyn> he was cleaning something that required lying down and crawling under the machine
< brennyn> he got to the part he needed to clean, held a cup of paint thinner above it, and poured directly into his face
< brennyn> because he forgot about gravity
<@snek-sensei> oh okay that makes sense
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<pikapika> Girlcocks are fucking amazing
<cheapie> *ahem*
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<StriderHLC> Yesterday we learned that the president's penis looks like a cartoon mushroom, and it's already gone from Twitter's memory. :(
<YelseyKing> Thank goodness for that.
<dysk> I guess Nintendo fans apparently have little interest in political "humor".
<AmySaturn> two recent news stuffs no one needed to know about
<AmySaturn> the toad shit and beatles masturbation sessions
<dysk> Beatles... masturbation sessions? Yeah, I think I'll stay out of that conversation, thank you very much.
<dysk> Insert your own joke about Norwegian wood here.
<AmySaturn> yeah that's been done
<AmySaturn> also come together
<AmySaturn> a hard day's night
<AmySaturn> etc
<dysk> Memo to Paul McCartney: When you're being interviewed, you don't have to share every single thing that happened when you were with the Beatles. With some subjects, it's best to just... let it be.
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