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BritishGirl#1: You are *staying in Africa or months at a time?* That sounds so scary!
BritishGirl#2: I know, but I should get through it...
MixieFox: *You guys could always just summer in your favorite places...*
Disclaimer: I don't recall exactly how long she was planning to stay, or whether she was staying in Africa.
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<HelgeSverre> Mursalat YOUR AN OBJECT!
<HelgeSverre> of the subclass human
<mursalat> let me return your Parent object then
<HelgeSverre> I will call mymommy(); !
Comment: c++ on irc.quakenet.org
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* You are now known as Fran_Tarkenton
<Mr_Shifty> LOL
* zorgon is now known as Mean_Joe_Greene
* Fran_Tarkenton scrambles
* Mr_Shifty is now known as John_Davidson
* Mean_Joe_Greene chases Fran_Tarkenton
<John_Davidson> wait
<John_Davidson> I thought we were doing a "That's Incredible!" reunion show
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<jasabella> my vagina is pure virtual
*** jasabella was kicked by template (not here)
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Patchouli Knowledge entered chat.
Sir Ackbar I. Connor II Esquire: hi patch
Suede Denim Kasell Police: Silly hats
Patchouli Knowledge: yo
RecycleBin: hey patch
Sir Ackbar I. Connor II Esquire: 30 DIRTY DONGS
Patchouli Knowledge: one time, six, with joe, etc.
Patchouli Knowledge: also
Patchouli Knowledge: brb going back to bed
Sir Ackbar I. Connor II Esquire: k bye
Sir Ackbar I. Connor II Esquire: WAIT
Sir Ackbar I. Connor II Esquire: WAIT
Sir Ackbar I. Connor II Esquire: WAIT
Sir Ackbar I. Connor II Esquire: WAIT
Sir Ackbar I. Connor II Esquire: why would you come in chat just to go back to bed
Sir Ackbar I. Connor II Esquire: :|
RecycleBin: what time is it where patchu is?
Sir Ackbar I. Connor II Esquire: my dick o clock
RecycleBin: the small hours then ;P
Sir Ackbar I. Connor II Esquire: :|
Sir Ackbar I. Connor II Esquire: touche my good sir
Sir Ackbar I. Connor II Esquire: touche
Comment: Partyvan group chat in Steam
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hhdmewoa cdapxylb qekufofcComment: USA
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<Lee> This QDB looks a lot like bash.org
<Florian> That's because it is bash.org!
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<gerge> polyamorism is a symptom of autism
<gerge> just like furry
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MoistlyTastyTrout: I put hallow crap on my terraria house
MoistlyTastyTrout: I'm now surrounded by rainbows, blue grass, jolly music and unicorns.
MoistlyTastyTrout: Profit
Comment: OverTheGun.com
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<niffy> anything you can do i can do better
<Rewt`> I can do anything better than you
<niffy> no you cant
<Rewt`> yes I can
-!- niffy  has quit [Ping timeout:264 seconds]
<Rewt`> told ya
Comment: #orlando
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<iamben> if you want a private conversation go to PM or pick up a phone
<wiktor_b> right but you just keep doing that
<iamben> i have an opinion to express
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<pocketace> woah natedogg dead?
<JonnyCash> he died?
<JonnyCash> wtf.. how?
<pocketace> complications from a stroke he had few years ago looks like
<pocketace> shit way for a rapper to go
<pocketace> to be big in the afterlife as a rapper you need to be shot, not die at home in your sleep, thats gay
<Jolt2> At 41
<Jolt2> Damn
<Jolt2> I had to google him
<Jolt2> Didn't know who he was
<Jolt2> He looks old
<pocketace> guess you dont listen to hip hop
<JonnyCash> wtf
<JonnyCash> how can you not know who nate dogg is
<JonnyCash> he's been around since the 90's
<kReep69> west sieeede!
<Jolt2> I listen to music
<JonnyCash> do you know who dr dre is? or eminiem?
<du_> even JonnyCash millionaire knows who nate dogg is, and he has real eclectic taste in music
<Jolt2> Unfortunately, I've heard of eminiem
<JonnyCash> yeah.. same thing
<JonnyCash> even if you don't listen to him.. he's been in tons of popular songs.. in movie sound tracks.. it's almost impossible for you to not have ever come across him
<Jolt2> Maybe I don't watch movies
<Jolt2> Well, I do, but I tend to avoid movies which has rap/hiphop stuff in it
<Jolt2> Whenever I hear rap or hip hop, it makes me rage
<JonnyCash> you prob have issues then
<Jolt2> I just dislike noise
<du_> probably have supressed homosexual tendencies
<du_> do you rage when you hear isaac hayes, parliament, nina simone, and miles davis?
<du_> how do you react to miley cyrus and taylor swift?
<pocketace> du_, all music makes me rage
<pocketace> when i listen to hip hop i wanna bust a cap in a nigga
<pocketace> when i listen to miley cyrus i wanna bust a bust a cap in miley cyrus
<pocketace> when i listen to Barbara Streisand I wanna bust a cap in my own ass
<kReep69> hehehe
<pocketace> so its all relative
<kReep69> what about metal?
<pocketace> metal? 10 niggas
Comment: #seo efnet
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omgsylviasaid: Dude. Peter Jackson is fucking skinny now.
omgsylviasaid: I didn't know.
omgsylviasaid: Apparently he's been skinny since king kong.
sitnstayffs: Yeah but they ended up paying a shitload of the budget for king kong on hiring special effect artists.
sitnstayffs: Because Peter was supposed to play king kong but he lost all that weight so he couldn't act the part.
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< wombat> yeah, that sucks...that was my first use of the sourceforge for news...and it hasn't updated.  I guess there is something else we need to do.
< o11c> wombat: someone with shell access to the server needs to sync it
< o11c> although I don't see why it isn't added to the cron job
< wombat> I guess bjorn would be the one to talk to about it...from what I read in #tmw-dev about it?
< o11c> I don't understand exactly what Freeyorp can and can't do on the server ...
<~Freeyorp> I have access to the eathena account, not the tmw account or the irc account or whatever other accounts tmw has on platinum
<~Freeyorp> Though the eathena account has access to the tmw account's mysql database due to that being the pipeline for account registration
<~Freeyorp> (tbh half the time even I don't know what I can and can't do)
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"Who destroys is destroyed. Who builds is built. (Qui d�truit se d�truit. Qui construit se construit.)" - (Charles de LEUSSE)
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The Devil wears Prada for a limited time. The Devil is a dude...
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<heather-11> lol
<heather1l> lol
<heather-11> lol
<heather1l> lol
<heather-11> lol
<heather1l> lol
<heather-11> lol
<heather-11> lol
<heather1l> lol
<heather1l> haha
<heather-11> lol
<heather-11> u win this time
Comment: I WON!
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<fahadsadah> I have SO NEARLY beat euler 17.
<fahadsadah> 1 == 3, right?
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Mixelica: According to my calculations...
Moot: Meaning Torture...
Mixelica: The majority of humans are not Mammals...
Moot: Bloody Silurians...
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[vahidarmy] how can i how cannnhow does this woks
[carbine]   vahidarmy: Not like that
Comment: com on SDF
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<PotalaLama> Man, trying to be a sysadmin does suck...
<PotalaLama> I was fixing a network issue on a remote server (sitting in a server farm over 1,000 miles away) with my local Fedora box
<PotalaLama> ..after which I wanted to restart networking
<PotalaLama> Instead of the usual /etc/init.d/network restart, in a playful mood
<PotalaLama> I thought I will stop and then start, so I typed /etc/init.d/network stop...and boom...the server goes offline, and no way to reboot..
<PotalaLama> Got my ass fried for that...
Comment: Real story
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<fayewray{X}> I sometimes respond, sometimes don't.
<texancutie> not personally
<texancutie> i just get ims from him a lot
<texancutie> the same old shit too
<lysi> clicking the x is easier
<one_girl> Right. Lol
<ninja`hunting{NC}>  The silent lurking poacher
<ninja`hunting{NC}> thats my favorite
<fayewray{X}> What I want to know is WHY WHY WHY I get pm's from nicks that are obviously male subs.
<CalibanII> they love you, fayewray{X}, and are creative
<ninja`hunting{NC}>  They just KNOW you're only pretending to be submissive
<lysi> sometimes I don't open them. Once I didn't open one from a guy I know on here who drinks far too much. I just let it sit there flashing. I opened it up and he had had sex with me all by himself.
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<newk> Zuwer
<newk> What if black people cause global warming?
<newk> seriously...
<newk> think about this
<newk> all the warmest places on the planet
<newk> are populated by black people and
<newk> there's getting to be more and more black people
<newk> and the planet is gettign warmer
<newk> now I'm not racist or anything!
<newk> I'm just sayin'....
<Zuwer> So... All we need to do is kill them, simple enough.
<Zuwer> What do you do if they just WON'T die?
<newk> it should be pretty simple to kill them
<newk> they obviously don't like cold
<Zuwer> I vote we take up Hitlers plans to get rid of them.
Comment: irc.mibbit.net #qbasic
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<Cowclops> just saying
<Cowclops> asking for feedback is a good first step
*** Mode change [-v GOD[][][]] on #defocus by ChanServ
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<agasa>You know those Meijer pretzel rings?
<agasa>They fit my junk perfectly.
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