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<she> Its okay, you can tease me about being fat. I have thick skin.
<he> Oh is that what it is? I thought you had big bones.
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Men are so complicated because they are so simple
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<Kyruski> ...user_id=Kyruski&password=password&...
<Kyruski> ohh shit
<Kyruski> good thing I only use that password there
<-- Kyruski (~Jamey_Boy@synIRC-5221201A.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has quit (NickServ (GHOST command used by Rirse))
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< amee2k> blight_: run out of spliffs yet?
< blight_> amee2k: naw
< amee2k> well, if you do you could try licking frogs instead :P
< frogs> <3
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< c0d3d> what makes america great
< c0d3d> american gorvernments are very inteligent
< c0d3d> i mean the leaders
<&fiftysixer> HAH
<&Goga[OEP]> LAWL
< c0d3d> you americans might not know
Comment: from HomelessHackers IRC
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<SunshineSmiles> Wait, Biv, DO YOU KNOW WHO THE HELL I AM!?
<SunshineSmiles> I am a fagget good sir
<SunshineSmiles> A fagget.
<RoyGBiv> You're a cigarette?
<RoyGBiv> Good, I need one
<SunshineSmiles> In Soviet Russia
<SunshineSmiles> Cigarette smoke you
<RoyGBiv> Come over here, SunshineSmiles, and let me light your head on fire, put your butt in my mouth, inhale the burning fumes, then when I'm done crush you under my boot
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"The memory of the dead is indeed a good remorse. (Le souvenir des morts - Est bien un bon remords)" - (Charles de LEUSSE)
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<odinigh> Did you try demuxing and loading the audi separately?
<odinigh> audio* it's not a car
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<sdegutis> What did the alphabet say to the insect?
<sdegutis> O, I C.. U R A B!
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<Bleech_> I love you linux dorks so much more than the Apple zombies
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<Coyote> My view is that if people don't want to be human beings and prefer to be animals, it should be legal to hunt them
<Cazov> I treat furries the same way I treat everyone else; I don't want to see you, get the hell off my planet
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< raspberrypifan> bazhang i request an unban cause you were a total meanie head
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To a bot running a fortune program
<Fyrehyde> !eightball Sciencetron can you fix my internet?
<SCIENCETRON9000> Of course, Fyrehyde
<Fyrehyde> !eightball will you?
<SCIENCETRON9000> Of course not, Fyrehyde
Comment: #Scienteers@sorcery.net.
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<XPieter> Anyone remember quemm and the tweak your config and autoexec.bat so you have x entries to choose from?
<theplic> lol
<theplic> no
<theplic> i was a dumb kid
<theplic> wait a minute
<theplic> im still dumb
<theplic> but i do love root beer
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Because here is a list of multiplayer games eececcbeadbebaceComment: Because here is a list of multiplayer games eececcbeadbebace
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Timmy9213: what os are you on?
xXxsnowblitzxXx: os?
Timmy9213: operateign system......
xXxsnowblitzxXx: no idea wat that means
Timmy9213: i think we've gon voer this before.........
xXxsnowblitzxXx: =]
Timmy9213: windows.......
xXxsnowblitzxXx: hp
Timmy9213: ........
xXxsnowblitzxXx: rofl
xXxsnowblitzxXx: im guessing thats windows
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RevenG> I'm saying Women hate me.
RevenG> She was sorry, and felt bad. I mean, atleast she said something
RevenG> but Still. wth.
Coeus> Rev... my boy... my lad... mi amigo... mi hermana...
RevenG> See, I don't want a one night stand
RevenG> I wanted a relationship.
RevenG> But nooooooo
Coeus> Rev... are you still a virgin?
Coeus> cause... ain't no woman wanna relationship with a pet rock they gotta teach all the tricks to
Lacro> Well, not since Veron got to Rev
Coeus> gotta learn the ropes of your rope before you can lasso the lass
RevenG> Do you really forget every week Coeus? : p
RevenG> Haha, that was funny, I must say
Coeus> Brotha... I forget e-v-e-r-y DAY! if I can help it!
Comment: Geek romance advice at it's finest - Darkspace.net
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<Brewtus> I'm a fucking mutant freak with an IQ in the range that's totally not understood at all by science
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<@torchlight> I have 200 digits of pi in my head!
<+Squiggy> I'm not even going to ask 'Really?'
<@torchlight> (and I can type it out within thirty seconds)
<+RDF> ...
<&Xythar> i have a sequence of eleven special letters of the alphabet in my head that i can type out in under 5 seconds
<&Xythar> symphogearg
<+Squiggy> qwertzuiop´┐Ż
<Dozo|sleep> hunter2
<@torchlight> what's so special about being able to type asterisks fast
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<LHoT|FailChat> Ha ha ha, wyde.
<LHoT|FailChat> You missed it
<Wyde> On that note, define "it".
<Kandit> LHoT tried to steal my frozen semen
<Wyde> Sucks.
* LHoT|FailChat steals warm steamy semen from Wyde
<Wyde> And where on earth did that come from
<Wyde> Can you, like, spontaneously make other people's semen appear out of thin air or what
<Wyde> That's one disgusting and specific super power
<LHoT|FailChat> I'm the Fertility Fairy
<Sh4d0w> Moar liek the Jizzy Genie
Comment: #shakesoda on freenode
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spam this fuck
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<Carey85> Dude, don't an hero over Avatar
<Carey85> I was just kidding
<Carey85> Heh, when I left Avatar, my main disappointment was that Sigourney Weaver didn't show her tits in it
<Perkar> how old is she now?
<evilkalla> 60-ish afaik
<Perkar> kinda gross
<evilkalla> same
<RichD> hurrrrrrrrr gorillia in your mist hurrrrrrrr
Comment: #rgvc
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<Techman> I appreciate the help SaberUK and Viper gave me a few months ago
<Techman> Finally got my foot in the door for writing C++, and using the Anope API
<Techman> I don't remember what Cronus taught me, if anything at all
<Cronus> to know when to shut your fucking mouth
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< dobber> A TCP packet walks in to a bar and says "I want a beer", barman says "you want a beer?", and the TCP packet says "yes, a beer"
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<enkieWorking> I feel ever so awkward using the abbreviation Coc so often
<Markaci> What does Coc stand for?
<enkieWorking> cocaine
<enkieWorking> what else?
<enkieWorking> technically cocaine hcl
<Markaci> ;)
<enkieWorking> versus cocaine methiodide, a charged analog that does not cross the blood brain barrier and mimics some of the peripheral actions of cocaine on the body
<enkieWorking> but that's probably too much info
<Markaci> Saturday morning Coc conversations with enkieWorking
<enkieWorking> well its more like Coc-AM (Coc)
Comment: PhD in neuroscience
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