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�SpiderPig� apazhe.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/bookmarks.jpg
�SpiderPig� Translation of the text in the bubbles "Do you know what the URL to the presidents site is?" - "Yes, it's in my bookmarks"
�HarryPlopper� really? ubuntu?
�HarryPlopper� shouldn't it be a bootleg copy of windows xp or something?
�SpiderPig� how do you even know it's ubuntu?
�HarryPlopper� color scheme
�SpiderPig� and more importantly, THAT'S what you noticed?
�HarryPlopper� also the way the text is rendered
�HarryPlopper� yes
�HarryPlopper� this image reeks of gnome
�HarryPlopper� probably edited in the gimp
�HarryPlopper� freakin' commies
�SpiderPig� .....
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Can you fake a near-impeccable New Jersey accent? I never lived in London or Northampton, and my accent is becoming incurably South English.
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<Fatalnix> Oh emacs.. My favorite Operating system. If only you had a good editor! :)
<ogamita> Fatalnix: you can write your own editor in emacs. Some weren't satisfied with the default one, and wrote M-x viper.
Comment: Write your own editor in Emacs!
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<RaeMack> well if you grease up his balls, it WILL end up in my mouth
#302631* (?/12) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
evelsquirrel: how was selling your precious bodily fluids
ThePaemon: I can now afford to pay my dealer! :)
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teknicz  at 2010-05-29 22:01 CET:
To all you cunts that keep saying that Pirate Bay isn't the place for political comments, fuck off. Comments like these are interesting to read and usually hilarious. If you don't like it, just choose not to read them. These idiots have the right to free speech and I have the right to laugh at them.
Please continue.
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<Hex> yeah, I think he has some talent though
<Hex> he was meant to be good in the stage production he did a while back
<Count> look, first time i saw the guy in promo photos, i didnt know they were making it Emo Who
<Count> does the Tardis cut it self in time and space now?
Comment: #rapidhosting on Austnet discussing Matt Smith
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<Drolhtis> Hey Id, use a lead pipe it's more effective.
* Id bites Nebuchan's nose with a lead pipe
<Drolhtis> I ment hit him with a lead pipe.
<Id> oh
* Id bites Nebuchan's head with a lead pipe
<Sho> lol
<Drolhtis> Also your name is missing 3 letters.
<Sho> who the fuck has lead piping nowadays anyway
* Cirabeau grabs the pipe and whcks Id in the head with it
<Sho> that shit is poisonous
* Id lul dodges
<Drolhtis> Id is missing an iot in his name.
Comment: Drolhtis, Id, and Sho, and Cirabeau in #twokinds, as Drolhtis kindly points out Id's flaw
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<@JoeTheAncientOne> I LIKE YOU
<@JoeTheAncientOne> YOU LIKE ME
<@JoeTheAncientOne> /barney tune
#301585* (?/25) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<Orochi> You know it dawns on me that getting a foot-job from a Basitin has got to be just about the most taboo banned porn you could find in the Twokinds universe.
<kaiser> that clever finding deserves a quote
<kaiser> though there's no chance of success at QDB or bash
<Orochi> Of course not, nothing gets on Bash unless its about sucking bash's cock
<kaiser> hm, now it has a chance of being approved
Comment: #twokinds@irc.nightstar.net
#306804* (?/29) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<+Champion03> I cannot cause a complete network failure.
<+Champion03> That was an act of god.
+Champion03 (webchat@HARHAR-jog.9sj.1nmndk.IP) Quit (Killed (Merbo (This was an act of GOD!)))
Comment: took place on merbosmagic.co.cc
#306075* (?/35) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
< nathan7> OzoneNerd: How is life?
< nathan7> And chemistry? =p
< OzoneNerd> No chemistry today.  Stuff to do.
< nathan7> Like?
< nathan7> don't say "fapping".
< OzoneNerd> No, it's not fapping, but I need to work that in too at some point as well.
#310622* (?/6) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
(@Xena) Blackjack: just a few patches
(%Blackjack) O
(%Blackjack) K
(%Blackjack) O
(%Blackjack) K
(%Blackjack) H
(%Blackjack) E
(%Blackjack) L
(%Blackjack) P
(%Blackjack) E
(%Blackjack) V
(%Blackjack) E
(%Blackjack) R
(%Blackjack) Y
(%Blackjack) K
(%Blackjack) E
(%Blackjack) Y
(%Blackjack) I
(%Blackjack) P
(%Blackjack) R
(%Blackjack) ES
(%Blackjack) HI
(%Blackjack) T
(%Blackjack) S
(%Blackjack) EN
(%Blackjack) T
(%Blackjack) E
(%Blackjack) R
(%Blackjack) Oh my elbo was on the enter key
(%Blackjack) lol
(%Blackjack) elbow*
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<@gzip> still early
<@gzip> pentium4 on IDE disk only takes 10,000 years tocompile a mykernel
<@freq> still, that's really good drive life
<@gzip> ya
<@gzip> 60GB western digital
* freq buys one
<@gzip> nice
Comment: devoid
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-!- Kouta [~nds@178235034210.elblag.vectranet.pl] has joined #special
-!- mode/#special [+b *!*@*.pl] by ChanServ
< iFarmer> Um.. hello?
< nukes> do you know him?
< iFarmer> No. You've just banned Poland?
< nukes> do you know anyone there?
< iFarmer> No. And he's PM'ing me
-!- mode/#special [+o nukes] by ChanServ
-!- mode/#special [-b *!*@*.pl] by nukes
<@nukes> sorry
< Kouta> haha its fine
<@nukes> just we get the odd spammer here
<@nukes> so, who are you?
< Kouta> still you banned Poland for a while... oh and
< Kouta> <22:13:18> <iFarmer> Who are you?
< Kouta> <22:13:40> <Kouta> I just came here cuzLuke stole my feiend's nickname
<@nukes> ah
< iFarmer> Damn. We could have had our own version of the great China firewall
< Kouta> ban *.com lulz
< iFarmer> Oh, I know of such a tale..
< iFarmer> One of.. nickname theivery
<@nukes> did he register it?
< Kouta> not yet
<@nukes> so fair game then
-!- mode/#special [+b *!*@*.pl] by nukes
-!- Kouta was kicked from #special by nukes [the rules of the internet]
-!- mode/#special [-o nukes] by nukes
Comment: espernet
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<Klarth> A vagina is a both a highly constructive and destructive force.
#309294* (?/31) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<LtBrenton> on a completely random note
<Pryoidain> Bitches Love Canons.
<LtBrenton> ...yes
<LtBrenton> yes they do
Comment: Best. Autoresponder. Ever.
#309044* (?/22) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<M33P> Lol google
<M33P> i put "hungry eyes tesco" into the youtube search manifold
<M33P> and i get as the first result "SUPERHERO DOLL FACE MAKE-UP TUTORIAL"
<M33P> how did i get here I am not good with computer
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<WildPS2King> Raise your hand if you have ever been pwned!
<dino340> yay netsplit!!!!
<dino340> that was a good one
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Forecaster: What about dragons? Can I train my dragon at home?
malkix87: Yes, but you need to get zoning clearance from your municipal government.
Ducky: In some states, you may only need the approval of 80% of your neighbors.
Lawnchair: Does it count if the dragon eats 20% of them?
Frida: Wouldn�t those 80% now be the new 100% if the dragon ate 20% of them?
RedMalakhai: Yes, but the remaining neighbors might rethink letting you keep a dragon if it�s already eaten 20% of them.
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* Quits: Beelzeboss (Beelzeboss@adsl-144-233-17.aby.bellsouth.net) (Operation timed out)
<Beelz> I hate that guy
<Beelz> Never leaves
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<@_Snark> i never upgrade windows operating systems unless i have a
compelling reason too
<@_Snark> it's like swapping one pair of poopie undies for another pair
of slightly less poop covered underwear
<@_Snark> the newer pair might be slightly less poopie
<@_Snark> but i already have this pair on, and at least the poop is body
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< sklnd> i was an intern at jpmc for two years
< sklnd> i lost like 50 million dollars one day in intra-bank funds
< sklnd> by fucking up a ftp upload
Comment: #cobol
#302095* (?/29) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<fahadsadah> Why do all idiots introduce themselves "hi im american and..."?
#300443* (?/37) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
i just realized that the secret to taylor swifts humor and singing talent is through having two vaginas.
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