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naaeh... in uni we dont have unisex bathrooms.
the whole thing began cus i was school-home. in that school there where not more than 200ppl at the same time.
at uni we are ~3000ppl at the same time  So I see a ton of girls (its more like a club sometimes, not an uni) so no need to stalk some of them.
PS: sadly in english there is no plural of "you" (like in German sie-Sie or du-Sie ftw)
(ти/вие/Вие ftw)
Comment: Bloo_SemiAFK
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<+antiroach> if your admin skills are any indication of your hacking skills, the world is safe.
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"Ohio State coach Tressell was a 'pillar of rectitude'."
More like a pillar of RECTUMS, am I right, people?!?!?
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< rms> fuck emacs
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<primis> in the beginning, there was nothing, then god said "let there be the bit" god saw this was good
<primis> ...
<primis> fast foward
<primis> god created the programmer in his own image
<primis> the programmer was happy in the cs lab
<primis> but he was loney
<primis> so he made the user
<primis> and he saw this was good
<primis> god then said,
<primis> "You may use any software on the shelves, except for microsoft windows"
<primis> ...
<jenev> LMAO
<primis> story of the fall
<primis> the manager walked in
<primis> he was a sly creature
<primis> he said "Did god really tell you not to use any software?"
<primis> the programmer replied, "We can use any software we like, just not windows"
<primis> the manager said, "God does not know what is best, he knows that if you use windows you'll be better off, with mice and guis!"
<primis> so the user walked over to the trash heap and pulled out microsoft windows, and installed it on her PC
<primis> the user saw that it was good, so she gave it to the programmer, who also installed it, and saw that it was indeed, good
<primis> ...
<primis> later, god went back to the CS lab, and saw that the programmer was not to be found
<primis> so god cried out "Programmer, where are you?"
<primis> and the programmer yelled out "I'm over here in the software room looking for sound drivers"
<primis> God asked "Why do you need drivers? Unix does not need such things!"
<primis> the programmer said "my user requested them for her windows box"
<primis> God yelled out "You have used Microsoft Windows!?! You have been forever cursed!"
<primis> God then yelled out "All users shall be forbidden from entering the CS lab and will be forever incompetent in their knowledge of software!"
<primis> then he turned to the programmer and said "And all programmers will be forever plauged from unsatisfied users and buggy code"
<primis> (The end)
* jenev cheers and whistles
<jenev> that was great
<jenev> lol
Comment: Story of Computer Creation
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[03/22/2010][03:15:19] <@KrazyA1pha> I fingered LadyHawk
[03/22/2010][03:15:23] <LadyHawk> he did o_O
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<Brewtus> I'm a fucking mutant freak with an IQ in the range that's totally not understood at all by science
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< vhost-> R Kelly --> 8============D~~~ (: <-- unsuspecting teenager
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cdahmedeh: hello, looking for the cheapest usb to rj11 adapter possible.. can anyone help ?
Mango: Sangoma has one.
Mango: But, I don't believe it has hardware echo cancellation.
Chainsaw: That's the politically correct version of "it is going to suck".
Comment: #asterisk
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<Rikairchy> clarjon1 do you think the badword bot kicks on "cunt" ?
* AuBot has kicked Rikairchy from #minecrafthelp (Please keep it civil.)
* Rikairchy (~Rik@rikairchy.net) has joined #minecrafthelp
<clarjon1> Rikairchy: Yes, yes I do.
Comment: #minecrafthelp on Esper
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ttvd: i can dress my roomba in french maid outfit
ttvd: sadly, probably not the oddest thing i have done
Comment: EFnet
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<Moon_Doggy> grrr network hiccup
<ENKI-][> you should hold your breath while drinking jolt and whistling the 2600Hz tone in order to get rid of network hiccups
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Punk not deadComment: Punk not dead
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is it just a law of nature: the person who could most quickly complete a given project necessarily works on some other, more important project
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Sven: I knew China was Asia's France, but this is even worse
Alda: What does it have to do with France?
Sven: Nobody understands the language and everyone frowns upon them.
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<TRWBW> i got dragged to a play today i guess its holocaust day or something i didn't ask, and it was this miserable stupid play that you can't say sucks because its all about jews dying, and so i spend it going over old proofs in my head and that one came upComment: #math
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<qdbfan> Who is this Pryodian bitch and why are all his quotes approved and highly rated?Comment: #geekissues
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me: sorry, i accidentally the modem
me: which somehow crashed the pc
me: grr annoying computer
emily: lol
emily: Mine does that too actually, computer doesn't understand how to exist without internet
me: to be fair, i don't understand how to exist without internet
emily: Mm, this is very true
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<Hunterm> I think it's funny that CyanogenMod hasn't even got out a "stable" build of CM9 yet and they already keep saying that jellybean is coming out soon
<Kittens> I dunt get these names though
<Kittens> I feel like they all get high and choose a random name
<bookface> lol
<bookface> i bet they do
<bookface> rofl
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<awilcox> that shows our different dev teams
<awilcox> Snowflake Pastebin sponsored ad: RIS Audio Editor
<awilcox> AWOS Pastebin sponsored ad: Ad Council: Buzzed Driving IS Drunk Driving
<jessicah> lol
<awilcox> your team does sound drivers
<awilcox> and my team does drugs and alcohol
Comment: #AWOS on freenode
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<Omega_Guardian> similar story from some house buyers. They bought a house on sale...moved in, found..uh oops, the previous owner was hanging around. In the closest.
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<+AYo> Dear Dr Oz: is it normal for a man to shiver or shake while they are peeing, and do women do the same when they too are peeing?
<+AYo> Dr Oz: No! you're a freak.. next Question
Comment: #Nerve-Chat [Karma.Net]
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<@hi117> i heard the pentium has the same energy dissapation per square inch as a nuclear bomb
<@akaseki> you insult the nuclear bomb
<@akaseki> it is much more energy efficient
<@hi117> yeah
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jo: What does iono mean
FuzzyPlushroom: I dunno
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Lunacy: ...
Lunacy: WELL
RAcaseal Proton: ?
Lunacy: He LITERALLY came in my room with a knife.
6:42 PM - Mobius One: ...
Sugar Grape: O_O
Sugar Grape: HIDE
RAcaseal Proton: Ohsh-- RUN
Mobius One: what the fuck
Lunacy: Luckily, he's a dumb fuck and grabbed a butter knife.
Comment: My brother is a dumb fuck.
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