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<Chewy> While I am a furry
<Chewy> I am not into beastiality
* zz_Chiri is now known as Chiri
<SumWon> Chiri, leave now, while you still can!
<Chiri> wut
<SumWon> Too late.
<Chiri> oh ffs
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[10:42:28pm] <xfelix|FOOD> knoxx die!
[10:42:32pm] <xfelix|FOOD> >_<
[10:42:33pm] <Knoxx|away> no ty
[10:42:36pm] <JG|here> me 2
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-!- Crazytales is now known as USA
< USA> -setbday 07/04/1776
<%Cat> You're 236 years old, USA? I find that hard to believe.
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<You> Chatting ain't nothin' but keyboards and text.
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Gary: I wonder what it will look like on the iPad
Cory: ha sthat been announced finally?
Gary: 9.7-inch display
Gary: $url redacted$
Gary: "a truly magical and revolutionary product"
Gary: Rumors have it that it's like a unicorn that shits rainbows
Comment: between me, senior tech, and our senior deeveloper
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<Richard_Simmons> the internet needs more 70MP pictures of just vulvas.
<Richard_Simmons> lovely bit of anatomy
<cade> wtf
<cade> link please
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<Xerei> yesterday me and my father were carrying some planks and stuff, so we put it on top of a pile, just so we could reach it without having to climb down
<Xerei> so I went "CHECKPOINT!!"
<Xerei> he just looked at me...
<Bullbound> you have to get out more :(
#301801* (?/28) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
< WildDonphan> What
< WildDonphan> The
< WildDonphan> Fuck
< WildDonphan> Is
19:40 -!- WildDonphan was kicked from #inportb by GameOver [You have been kicked for using a word prohibited in the presence of this bot. Please use more appropriate language in the future.]
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<NIGHT1> honestly i wish canada would get hit by a meteor so its not connected to our great nation
#307658* (?/39) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<EldR> Right, so pizza's a vegetable now
<EldR> because tomato paste makes it so
<EldR> So does that mean that congress has officially come down on the vegetable side of the "is a tomato a fruit or vegetable' debate?
<Kindle> I heard that my new senator is on the pro-fruit side of that argument.
<Kindle> I don't support no fruits.
<Quantum_Meddler> What about Nader? I hear that he's in favor of it being a berry.
<Kindle> Bah, Independents.
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<Agent_Orange> would anyone here actually shop at a store called "A Bit of Whimsey," or would you just heave a rock through the window?
<Leth> *a* rock?
<maime> depends. what do they sell?
<raven> Whimsey, maime.
<Agent_Orange> girly CRAP.
<maime> so it's a leather shop?
<raven> They take their whimsey *very* *seriously*.
<Agent_Orange> jewelry, scented candles,etc., and I wouldn't be at all surprised if there were unicorns involved
<CrazyClimber> "Dammit! I need more than a BIT of whimsey today!"
<maime> Oh. If they had nice french soaps I would shop there...and pretty scarves.
* CrazyClimber opens a store across the street called A Buttload Of Whimsey
<maime> But well, we know about my shopping.
<Agent_Orange> "I thought it was BITTER whimsey. So you won't sell me the ball gag?"
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<<look>> I love windows "force reboot for updates" thing
<<look>> *reboots*
<<look>> just to spite it, i booted linux instead
<<look>> take that assdows
<<look>> does XP have something like that?
<null> um not that i know of...
<<look>> good, because i think i'm going to just install XP and be done with that win7 bullshittery
<null> i think it has that as an option but you can turn that off
<<look>> YOU CAN'T IN WIN7
<null> yeah xp is always better
<<look>> I LOOKED FOR IT
<<look>> assholes at microsoft....
<<look>> i outta eat their souls...oh wait Bill Gates already has them
<<look>> thats why he's called Bill "Gates"
<<look>> he is the gate to hell
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<wembley1> oh hay I got accepted to bellevue college
<wembley1> this is the proudest day of my life
<wembley1> take that, people whose credit card is invalid
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<MasterCloudy> I should have Fini keep track of how many times I have smex >.>
<B-Rad> You don't need bots to track low numbers.
<MasterCloudy> Bradley I bet you my number is higher than yours =/
<B-Rad> 1 isn't a hard number to beat D<
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awilcox: try mono /path/to/setup now
awilcox: you have mscorlib now
lorecaster: Cannot open assembly '/path/to/setup': No such file or directory.
awilcox: lol!
jetchisel: O_O
lorecaster: just doing it straight as i'm told... i'm not prepared ot screw this up by my own stupity, i'd prefer it to be by blind obedience
lorecaster: i completely messed up my last install by taking leaps of courage... not prepared to change a keystroke now. i do a direct copy and paste from what i see here. :P
Comment: irc.freenode.net / #vbox
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<Shadell> Actually
<Shadell> Economists are very very awful buddhists
<Shadell> "All conditioned existence is suffering. Desire is the source of all suffering because it never ends."
<Shadell> "This is why we can create models of economic systems based on the fact that humanity will never stop wanting more shit."
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<lmn> I don't understand how any of you fuckers can keep on living normal lives knowing what you know now. you have missed the single most important terrible movie ever made and should all be fucken emberassed.
<lmn> lmn has outpour-ed.
<lmn> from my mouth, words did outpour.
<delrio> I am not feeling bad
<lmn> yeah that's because you're heartless
<delrio> wrongo
<lmn> I might as well have been informing you that masturbation exists
<lmn> and you're like "I DONT CARE."
Comment: about the movie "The FP"
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Justin : apart from his initial concept not quite being applicable from what i can tell
Justin : poor grammar and incorrect punctuation ruined everything
Justin : am i not right?
Russell : largely, yeah
Justin : i worry about the calibre of people in your friends list dude
Russell : I don't, I worry about the calibre of rifle I'll need to ensure I can end them
Justin : but why
Justin : rifles take away the "personal" touch
Russell : yeah, I know them, I don't want to touch them
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Dvyjones Ballroom dancing.
19:45 Touchtales Hi fahad|mibbit
19:45 LordLandon I have hunger.
19:46 Dvyjones Tengo hambre.
19:46 Dvyjones :P
19:46 SnoFox (H)<joannac> SnoFox: I got a penalty for parting in idlerpg when I didn't! Netsplit or sth? :(
19:46 SnoFox What's sth?
19:47 LordLandon Sith.
19:47 fahad|mibbit Something.
19:47 *** Crispy_ joined #clueirc
19:47 Crispy_ If anyone said anything after I last spoke, please paste.
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<+RobiX> is public logging in here allowed, or not?
<+Computer> no
<+Plazma-Rooolz> no
<+mquin> RobiX: No.
<+marienz> RobiX: no.
<+BearPerson> no
<+Computer> no
<+DLange> no
<+JNSamuel> no
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<Loweko> Gak is either a sticky, unpleasantly goopy liquid; a small overly-friendly species of exotic rodent related to the Alot, or some form of fine wine.
<Loweko> Garcon! A class of your finest White Gak.
<wraith> An order I would not care to risk to interpretation.
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[17:28:24] <+LexPro> in order to pass time for some reason I decided to do Maths homework
[17:28:29] <+LexPro> what's wrong with me
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<Indogutsu> My mother is watching a French-language movie in the next room. It has English subtitles.
<Indogutsu> Occasionally I can make out phrases that sound like nonsensical English, like "Maybe by this weekend, their sauce will be filled with tears" and "The Jewish Dudette."
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<fizzie> I am a train. There's a wireless network in the train!
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Shabbypenguin> deca tell bikcmp that having apple products in an android room is evil
<Decad3nce> I have an ipod 2 feet away from me
<Shabbypenguin> ...
<bikcmp> Shabbypenguin: haha
<Shabbypenguin> i hate you all
<bikcmp> i love my ipone for games.
<bikcmp> seriously
<jcase> Shabbypenguin, its ok, i dont allow apple products in my house
<bikcmp> same
<jcase> i made my brother i had not seen in 5 yrs leave his iphone in his car
<Shabbypenguin> lol
<bikcmp> this was made by a company named "crapple"
<jcase> srs
<Shabbypenguin> i told my gf to sleep on the couch till she quit her job at at&t'
<bikcmp> lol
<bikcmp> didn't you miss her?
<bikcmp> :P
<Shabbypenguin> well..
<Shabbypenguin> thats why she got to come back..
<bikcmp> loll
<Shabbypenguin> and now i have a baby on the way.. this is all att's fault!
<bikcmp> Shabbypenguin: great man
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