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<@Crusader|COD4> Time to do a bit of live target shooting with the Barrett .50
<@Catherine> nerd.
<@Crusader|COD4> stfu
<@Crusader|COD4> you get wet watching black hawk down
<@Rob> lmfao
<@Catherine> ...
<@Catherine> ihysm
Comment: Mugglenet
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Syntek: she is like "Why would ever say that" and I replied to her "Maybe you aren't really sure where you are... this is the internet, where the more horrible the situation... the funnier it is."
Syntek: Really everyone on the internet wants to see a bank heist go down with monkeys with automatic machine guns mowing down babies
Syntek: well the male part anyway
Syntek: which is like 99%
Syntek: besides porn stars
sietoba: haha
Syntek: though even with porn stars the male population is still the vast majority
sietoba: yeah
sietoba: gang bangs are growing in popularity
Syntek: lol
Syntek: lesbian porn get old
Syntek: what you really wanna see is a chick getting fucking fucked
Syntek: the greatest thing is she can't complain
Syntek: stick it anywhere
Syntek: all she can say is "oh god yes... give it to me harder"
sietoba: which is what i was gonna do anyways
Syntek: right
Syntek: That all bitches should be able to say
Syntek: "I'd like a number 2 with onion rings and a large dr. pepper" "Oh god yes.. give it to me harder" "ID LIKE A NUMBER 2 WITH ONION RINGS AND A LARGE DR. PEPPER!"
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Venice Academy better not have found an actual Incest Match...
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<L-Strife89> My little 10-incher only exists for video games
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<@Pieman> I've been trying to get white gel all across the floor for like 20 fucking minutes
<@Pieman> and that's all I can think to do
Comment: For the record, he was discussing a puzzle in Portal 2.
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< Yubaba> [url to humor log of cleverbot about love]
<&o11c> [url to the results of cleverbot's turing test]
<&o11c> just look at those percentages ...
< Yubaba> ...
< Yubaba> is he even a bot
< Yubaba> lol
< Reidy> Yubaba: quiet a weird bot, he tried to correct my french, but he was wrong oO
<&o11c> I think the fault is in the questions asked during the Turing test ... when I talk to it, it is stupid
< Yubaba> loool
<&o11c> but slightly more sensible than meway
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<Joh> Gravity <3 fat people
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< zashi> I got the whole TI calculator programming channel on efnet talking about pooping
< zashi> < ports_> _Auron_, i enjoy pooping
< zashi> I'm not a troll, honest. I just smell like one. :(
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<pritch> sokoro I'm sorry, but you cant make jerky out of women
<pritch> it's highly illegal and frowned upon
<pritch> you can, however, jerky on women, with their permission
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<winterwyn> I am vaguely imagining candy objects with colorful wrappers
<winterwyn> and colorful sound effects
[a bit later]
<e> Colours~
<feep> okay okay
<feep> let's talk candy
<e> :D
<feep> :D
<e> :D
<winterwyn> :D
<feep> :D
<e> :D
<winterwyn> :D
<e> :D
<feep> :D
<e> :D
<feep> enough candy.
<winterwyn> yes
<e> Alright.
Comment: Candy is pretty great.
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<Sakari>: My mother is making steamed meat buns.
<Nathan>: ...I'll steam your meat buns.
<Sakari>: ;)
<Nathan>: Unless your dad asks. In that case, I'm a vegetarian.
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<Love4Boobies> froggey: Your penis is small.
<mangado> so...
<Love4Boobies> Wait, how would I know that?
<Love4Boobies> Crap...
<thePowersGang> Love4Boobies: Your name appears to lie, or do you bat for both teams?
<rajasrijan> how do u put a entry in bash.org ??
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<skynet> hey NastyNightingale can u put $2 in my paypal?
<ratchild> do come along children, that's a bit pathetic...
<NastyNightingale> lolno skynet
<skynet> 40 cents?
<skynet> just 1 cent
<skynet> o.5 cents
Comment: #mibbit on irc.mibbit.net
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Mixelica: He's back...
BillMaher: I hate it when people say that...
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<Kian> I am so experimental that being generic is a experiment.
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<1> Well, a penis might be popular at the PRIDE event, but I was thinking of something more tasteful
<2> go as a cockwaffle then
Comment: halloween costumes discussion
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[00:57] [Mario ACII art hete]
[00:57] <ShadowDracos> ITSA MEEE M-M-MARIO
Comment: Avora #lobby
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<nicks> it's like watching a dude struggling to jack off
<nicks> without actually jacking off
<nicks> and then you tell him
<nicks> you gotta use your hands bro!
<nicks> and then he's like no thanks i don't wanna touch my weiner
<krel> nicks: And you just want to get right in there and suck him off the rest of the way?
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Heavenly Father died the day I was born and Raised Me.
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Hoffman: USB is a cable, not a plant
Hoffman: its not even green
Comment: ##politics on Freenode
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<Starsinger> !eightball Were you just fucking with Fax?
<Symphony> Outlook good, Starsinger.
<Raiven> !eightball SHould I kick your ass for fucking my husband?
<Symphony> My sources say no, Raiven.
<Raiven> !eightball My sources say yes, Symphony
<Symphony> Don't count on it, Raiven.
=-= Mode #bvs-colbertnation +b *!*@ViSiON-73BA41B1.hsd1.ca.comcast.net by Raiven
=-= Symphony was booted from #bvs-colbertnation by Raiven (Raiven)
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<@Cowsrock37> boner, boner, boner, boner
<@Cowsrock37> ye thats right
<@Cowsrock37> silenced you guys real quick :D
<@Deo3560> nothing like a silenced boner
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<rags2rags> I dunno. I would have guessed early 40s.
<Rose> Yeah too old for me.
<rags2rags> Same here. Never understood the "cougar" phenomenon.
<Rose> If Spike keeps up his attraction to Rarity, he will eventually.
<rags2rags> lol. true
* Rose begins formulating a 15-years-in-future fic where Spike is a late teen and Rarity is early-middle-aged.
<Rose> Ugh, that even grosses me out.
<Rose> ...
<Rose> WOW.
<rags2rags> haha
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gay wedding traditions:
Something old
Something new
Something borrowed
Something that SMELLS LIKE POO
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<MarkBao> alright this is messed up
<MarkBao> when I put this data in a form in an input box
<MarkBao> it turns into recipients"=>"\"Susan Jones\" , \"Luke Jones\" "
<MarkBao> without the stuff inside <>
<MarkBao> oh wait
<MarkBao> never mind
<Radar> pebkac?
<MarkBao> indeed OSI layer 8 problem
<MarkBao> it was being sent through my browser... and it parsed the <susan@somewhere.com> as an HTML tag
<Radar> haha
<codeape> hang on
<codeape> OSI layer 8/
<codeape> when did they re-define OSI
<Radar> there's layers all the way up to 10 now
<Radar> 8 is the person, 9 is money and 10 is politics
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