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<Chuckie> why would you want to play triva on irc ?
<Foxhill> it's similar to talking to you Chuckie, but with points
<Chuckie> but the questions are meaningless
<Foxhill> exactly the same then
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Does the Pianist have Twelve Fingers?
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< veryape> did you skype with him?
< Frostypants> No, chatroulette
< veryape> ok.. then we know the source of the problem :P
< Frostypants> it was very awkward to have a conversation with a face, not someone's genitals.
< Frostypants> we made it work, though.
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Melodia:  /msg NickServ IDENTIFY KawaiiIris
Melodia:  /msg NickServ IDENTIFY KawaiiIris
^SomeFrenchBrony is now known as SomeFrenchBrony.
Melodia: ....fucvk stupid thing
Fireant: ...
Fireant: nice password.
BlacklightShining: lol?
Toumaz joined the chat room.
Fireant left the chat room. (Quit: Fireant)
BlacklightShining: Melodia: you may want to change your password right about now
Fireant joined the chat room.
Fireant was promoted to administrator by ChanServ.
Fireant was promoted to operator by ChanServ.
Melodia: Yeah I can't figure out how
BlacklightShining: before people start messing around with your account
Ossalaa: those words bring back horrible, horrible memories T~T
Melodia: Without just releasing
BlacklightShining: /msg NickServ help
BlacklightShining: your friend ^
SillyFilly: you always should do that in the Server tab
Ossalaa: i lost my original account Ossala cause i changed my pass and forgot it XD
Comment: #EquestriaAfterDark on irc.geekshed.net
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<NEO|Phyte> [link to melon carved to look like a viking warrior]
<lolfighter> Melonguy.
<lolfighter> I bet his singing voice is quite...
<lolfighter> <_<
<lolfighter> >_>
<lolfighter> ... melonious.
<Flickerdart> XD
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@\ashley  : heres a thought
@\ashley  : elderly people
@\ashley  : why do they bother having fire alarms
@\ashley  : two main reasons
@\ashley  : 1: they're deaf.. they wouldn't hear them
@\ashley  : and
@\ashley  : 2: if they did hear them it'd take them 30 minutes to get down stairs by which time they'd be dead..
@\ashley  : so what they are to elderly people is(if they hear the alarm)is an indicator telling them they're going to die.
Comment: point?
#309262* (?/22) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<@EvilSpork> So I'm tempted for no particular reason to dress up in a really crazy industrial looking outfit and go out to dinner. Because I'm bored and hungry.
#308666* (?/19) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
Ashley| Oh, now there's going to be gangsters coming after him? I should probably warn him..
craige | Well, what did you expect?
craige | He's a pimp
craige | You know...thug life, and whathaveyou.
#310497* (?/17) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<Khiriena> Hypothetical:  The tribes of Apeshit and Batshit are in a religious war over holy ground.  During the day, Apeshit sends one person -more than that is considered sacrilege- over to their shrine, at the end of the holy ground farthest from their village.
<Khiriena> This is impeded by the efforts of the Batshit tribe, who, as their "war tactic", during the nights, when the Apeshit tribe members are asleep, construct a maze of sorts.  They aren't very creative however, so the maze only ever has one correct path.
<Khiriena> That is, the maze has three sections where one is to choose from two pathways.  The wrong paths lead to dead ends, sometimes with literal death at the hands of the Batshit tribe members.  Which paths are wrong changes every night, since the Batshit tribe members rebuild the maze each time.  It is, however, consistently too large to be navigated around.
<Khiriena> Thus, assuming the Apeshit tribe members want to send someone to provide offerings to their shrine, and the offering bringer is guaranteed to survive if the correct paths are chosen in the maze, what are the odds the offering bringer will reach the shrine?
<Khiriena> In simpler terms, I guess....  The correct one of two paths must be chosen three times in succession to get through the maze.  What are the odds of succeeding?
<DewdropMaple> That's a one-in-eight chance of success.
<DewdropMaple> Exactly one valid path out of 2^3 possible paths, so 1/8.
<Khiriena> Ah yes.  Thanks & sorry, for both my stupidity, and my stupid "story".
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<+fuzzydane> I spotted a free tv once, some dudes roommate had paused gay porn on it during a two week vacation
#309121* (?/40) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<Mint-Laptop> thats what i have my boyfriend for
<MachineMuse> lol mine is a psychologist
<Mint-Laptop> heh
<Lymia> ne~?
* Lymia flips a coin between "unusually gender balanced programming channel" and "yaoi"
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<altoid> how thick will be the ban stick if i do that in #defocus?
<Javacat> if richih is awake.. -2 seconds
<fow> Did you just specify a thickness with units "seconds"?
<altoid> and negative
<altoid> i like that
Comment: ##socialites
#296024* (?/39) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
Stranger: hallo?
You: hawks
Stranger: is anybody in there
You: just one
Stranger: you like tattoos?
You: there might be someone under the table though
Stranger: creepy
You: i like invisible tatoos
You: they look better
Stranger: hehe
You: do you like bacon?
Stranger: nope
Stranger: you like bacon?
You: you'll never get anywhere in life
You: all great people loved bacon
You: im great, so i love bacon
Stranger: well, i don't think i have to be like everyone else to achieve something
You: you should be like the guy next door
You: he loves bacon
You: maybe
Stranger: sounds boring
Stranger: and bacon is disgusting
You: not if you wrap the bacon in christmas paper
Stranger: sounds even worse
You: i like squeezing bacon juice on myself and licking it off
Stranger: my friends like grilled bacon wrapped marshmallows
You: your friends are wasting the bacon
Stranger: like i care
You: we should petition that the president change his name to Bacon Obama
You: everyone will love him
Stranger: like it matters what his name is
You: yes everyone loves bacon
You: except you
Stranger: no. not everyone
You: you love fried chicken?
Stranger: it's okey
You: fried bacon is greater
Stranger: sounds terrible
You: boiled bacon is terrible
Stranger: sounds gross
You: and boiled chicken is worse
Stranger: thats true
You: you love beef?
Stranger: no
Stranger: i don't eat red meat
You: i love dead animals
You: cooked
Stranger: that's good for you
You: you ever been to a bacon farm?
You: where the bacon roam in the wild?
Stranger: right
You: baby bacons are cute
Stranger: hehe sure they are
You: i have a pet bacon
Stranger: how cute
You: i call him joe schmoe
Stranger: adorable
You: you have pets?
Stranger: no
You: you need a pet
You: i suggest a giraffe
Stranger: they sure are funny when they try to drink water
You: they can carry your husband and children for rides though
You: you can grab on to its neck
Stranger: i hate children
Stranger: and have no husband
You: you need a husband
You: or a dog?
Stranger: no i need to get laid or a girlfriend
You: maybe you can marry a dog?
Stranger: no thank you
You: you can rent a girlfriend
You: or blow up one
Stranger: naw
You: get a girlfriend who loves bacon
Stranger: that would do nothing for me since i'm a girl
You: you're a girl who loves girls?
Stranger: yup
You: you should love bacon
Stranger: naw
You: i don't believe you
Stranger: why not?
You: i think youre a giraffe who loves chickens
Stranger: whatever
Stranger: like i care what you think
You: are you 15 year old sally from pittsburgh?
Stranger: no
You: with the club foot? and missing arm?
Stranger: nope
You: i thought it was you
You: who are you?
Stranger: no one special
You: you're a giraffe
Stranger: you like getting high?
You: i hate elevators
Stranger: they are good to have sex in
You: how do you have sex with an elevator?
Stranger: in not with
You: what language is that?
You: inuit?
Stranger: no norwegian
You: your'e from norway?
Stranger: no
You: because there arent giraffes in norway
Stranger: i know
Stranger: i've been there
You: you're from South Africa?
You: how is nelson?
Stranger: no
Stranger: nelson died
You: you're not sure where you're from are you?
Stranger: i now where i am...
Stranger: i think that's good enough
You: no you dont
You: prove it
Stranger: how?
You: who's your mayor?
Stranger: i don't know
You: i knew it
Stranger: but i could google it if you want to
You: you don't know where you are
You: do you even know what town you're in?
You: are you in a mental institution?
Stranger: hehe i know the city's name
You: what is the name?
Stranger: why do you wanna know?
You: i think you're a russian
Stranger: no
You: you're not sure where you're from?
Stranger: i know where i'm from
Stranger: what do you do in life?
You: you don't know
You: i think you're in an insane asylum
You: im gonna call the police to come for you
You: you russian you
Stranger: yeah whatever
You: lets go dancing tonight
Stranger: no
You: can you do the macarena?
Stranger: the what?
You: the macerana dance
Stranger: that is so last season
You: what about the lambada?
Stranger: no
You: you cant dance
You: you need dance lessons
Stranger: i'm a great dancer
You: you lie a lot
You: prove it
You: old folks like you shouldnt dance
Stranger: haha
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<bernardh> SURGERY
<Marenz> bernardh, don't cut the princess
<bernardh> Marenz, what in the blue fuck is 'princess' a euphemism for? D:
<Marenz> uh
<Marenz> well
<Marenz> don't cut the beautiful girl.
<bernardh> D:
<Marenz> because .. if she is bloody and cut in pieces.. she isn't beautiful anymore
Comment: #d on freenode.
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<Incorporated> Dude.
<Incorporated> Steins;Gate.
<Incorporated> How mindfuck was it.
<Mistelteinn> say nothing
<Mistelteinn> I've only seen one
<Incorporated> lol
<Mistelteinn> I do like the mood setting.
<Incorporated> Did you get to the part with the dildoes?
<Mistelteinn> ...
<Incorporated> ...
<Mistelteinn> You're full of shit.
<Incorporated> You wish I was.
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Sarah: what's the penalty for spilling a drink on the coffee table (coke and soju) that accidentally gets the man's psp?
Sarah: and bottom of his lap top
David: I uhhh..well
Sarah: is that like a corner kick bad or like...a goal in your own goal bad?
David: uh, as to the penalty, I think ... you're going to have to use your imagination.  It's a two parter.
David: and the second part is a sandwich
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<Apophis> now, whenever I talk to that 1 NPC in every RPG town, I read it that way
#307170* (?/37) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
=coldhead: when i die, please have your way with me
#292607* (?/39) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
Arch_Laughter: the ipod touch has an infinite amount of applications
Captain Woody: i know
Arch_Laughter: its essentially an awesome ipod/zune
Arch_Laughter: zune can only connect to pc though
Arch_Laughter: but with any appple product you get itunes...
Captain Woody: why the hell would you insult the zune by connecting it to a mac?
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<Jaime> that would explain why the panty suddenly became a desert eagle .-.
#310845* (?/7) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<Kyol> Heh. Turns out coworker if a Deer God. His cart was _yet_again_ rammed by a deer.
<Kyol> He doesn't hit the deer, the deer hit him. This is the 4th time.
<Lore> Didn't Einstein prove that the deer hitting the cart is the equivalent of the cart hitting the deer?
<Lore> I'm not buying this anyway. "The deer hit me" is worse that "I was just holding the cocaine for someone else."
<mdxi> unless the deer runs into the side of the car as it goes by
<mdxi> i know two people that has happened to
<mdxi> you get a nice dent in the side and a bloodsmear trailing out behind it
<Lore> That just means they can't aim good.
<tieboy> sounds like my last date
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<Niski> the memory cost me just over 100 total, it's really fucking cheap these days
<Niski> unlike hard dicks which cost a thailanders arm and leg
<Niski> dohoho
<Niski> *discs
<Niski> ...
<Niski> dohoho indeed
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JC: dude applying for the network tech position included his typing speed on the resume
harp: Does he also list proficiency in Excel AND Word?
JC: hang on, I think he did...lemme check
harp: That's gotta rank one ... wait, seriously?
JC: Comptia A+ Certified (2008)
JC: Comptia Network + Certified (2010)
harp: That's awesome!
JC: we're actually bringing him in too...christ I wish we paid better
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Snowman: my dogs have responded to dogs on tv
Snowman: they probably think theyre portals
celery: how does a dog experience knowing about portals
Snowman: apathetically
Snowman: portals have no implications for a dog
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* RichardG (i=IceChat7@ has joined #68kmla
<helf|laptop> This statement is true.
<helf|laptop> The above statement is false.
* RichardG has quit (Client Quit)
<Aquaraptor> zing!
<helf|laptop> dude, it made richardGs head explode
<joshc_> lmao
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