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<FlawedParadigm> Taylor Swift should name her next CD "I'd hit that."
<Fax> "Kanye Interrups" special edition.
<FlawedParadigm> Yeah, and the front cover should be her hitting him in the face with the MTV award.
<FlawedParadigm> Just to give "I'd hit that" a double entendre.
<Fax> Track 3: "The Greatest Music Video OF ALL TIME - feat. Kanye West"
<FlawedParadigm> That'd be a great music video. Four minutes of Taylor stomping the piss out of Kanye.
<Fax> hell yes
<Fax> quote of lyrics: "If you like it then you should've put A FIST IN IT GOD DAMN IT DIE I HATE YOU"
<FlawedParadigm> Maybe have Beyonce join in and kick him in the junk a few times.
Comment: irc.gamesurge.net #giantitp
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How did the Leprechaun get so tall?
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< withnail> don't worry, facefuck is just a crude term i use for kissing
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fclcuvbd cesbdvij lexnpvlpComment: USA
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<Cazov> your semantics are upsetting my careful balance
<Cazov> my chi is flowing in the wrong direction and the feng shui of my apartment is backwards now
<Cazov> I'm too weak to move my dining table so now I'm going to die
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* VerdaFolio changes topic to 'Happy New Year! Alchemist has graduated and JohnDarc has flunked out of college! Merry 2009!
* JohnDarc has joined #sbu
<JohnDarc> ugh
* JohnDarc has left #sbu
<@VerdaFolio> :D
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<@l_kb0w_l> wowowo i feel dizzy
<@l_kb0w_l> and i need a diarrhea shite
<@`Jak> l0l
<@l_kb0w_l> this aint good
<@l_kb0w_l> ill have to walk up stairs without releasing it
<@l_kb0w_l> asfasf
<@l_kb0w_l> asfasf
<@l_kb0w_l> ddfuck
<@l_kb0w_l> fuck
<@l_kb0w_l> fuck
<@l_kb0w_l> ive shaat myself
<@l_kb0w_l> FUCk
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Mixelica: According to my calculations...
Moot: Meaning Torture...
Mixelica: The majority of humans are not Mammals...
Moot: Bloody Silurians...
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< vhost-> R Kelly --> 8============D~~~ (: <-- unsuspecting teenager
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ink_ [~ink@] has joined #linuxfriends
ink_ puts on Journey:  Greatest Hits
ink_ [~ink@] is now known as ink
alty stops believing
`WarpKat stops hallucinating
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* SFN02750 has joined #sfn
<SFN02750> HI
<SFN02750> CAN I SAY
<SFN02750> PLZ
<SFN02750> Y U NO TALK
<SFN02750> PLZ
<SFN02750> PLZ TLK
<SFN02750> :(
* SFN02750 has quit
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<nuintari> today I needed Kim to check something for me
<nuintari> she was not picking up her phone
<nuintari> I called into the NOC, had them shut down my home's internet
<nuintari> that got her attention :-p
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<Ruler> Chicks in a bikini, must be more wankmaterial.
<Ruler> God.
<Elpizo> I love how you keep hoping there's something good in there
<Ruler> Its bad when the best thing in a collection is Full Metal Panic.
<Elpizo> And it's all TITS AND LOLIS
<Real_Tim> Who did you GET this from, Ruler?
<Real_Tim> and can you call the cops on them?
<Traveller> How did you end up in possession of this... stash?
<Ruler> Its actually someone I know who is going on a Church Mission.
<Ruler> So he gave me a few hundred Anime DVDs.
Comment: #suptg, irc.thisisnotatrueending.com
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(25-07-2012 00:11:19) Ommand: 31 looks very young
(25-07-2012 00:13:09) SuD: unlike Ommand, i think 31 looks too young
(25-07-2012 00:13:30) Ommand: I'm fairly certain that's what I just said
(25-07-2012 00:14:15) SuD: put a pedobear at the begining of your sentence, then add an exclamation mark at the end
(25-07-2012 00:14:26) SuD: sorry
(25-07-2012 00:15:31) Ommand: sometimes I forget that I'm surrounded by 12 year olds
(25-07-2012 00:16:34) CoJoNEs: 12 seems old
Comment: #cyanogendmod
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<@Banshee> I like my women like I like my retail stores
< Novice> Full of salesmen?
#308105* (?/27) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
* newform8 sets mode: +v Artem
<+Artem> I'm voiced
<%newform8> you deserve it, i'd halfop yu if i could
<king_crimson> the + is just how we mark users for death
<king_crimson> to kill em later so we dont forget
<king_crimson> its not voice
<%newform8> if thats the case this halfop makes me feel im marked for torture before death :/
<king_crimson> if you'll notice, the % kind of looks like a small penis and balls.
<king_crimson> it just means we were going to teabag you after you die.
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<blackdevl> so at bbq yesterday, moms friends daughter was there
<blackdevl> and she said something and said "it looks like rave gloves"
<blackdevl> so i was like, did you say rave gloves, or rape gloves
<blackdevl> cause, i have both
<blackdevl> however, the rape gloves are slightly used
Comment: EFnet #windows2000
#311392* (?/20) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<hppavilion1> You know, normal filesystems are woefully insufficient to properly organize a porn folder
<hppavilion1> Which is why I locally run an entire MediaWiki installation to have proper control over the sorting of media
hppavilion1> I'm sure people think that this is a joke
<hppavilion1> But no, I have XAMPP running locally.
#309699* (?/17) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
* Now talking on #Scotland
* Topic for #Scotland is:  WELCOME TO SCOTLAND
* Topic for #Scotland set by APoLLo at Sun Sep 16 08:27:56 2012
* Saturn gives voice to `WarpKat
* `WarpKat stabs everyone in #Scotland
<`WarpKat> There can be only one!
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<meeb> only windows laptop in the flat is currently updating itself (forced reboot)
<meeb> it's installing update.... 14 of 3
<meeb> and is on 824%
<Erasmus> meeb, think of how super up to date that laptop will be
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<jey> SYN
<Kraln> jey: SYN ACK
<Stingray_> RST
<-- jey (jey@ has quit (Ping timeout)
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[hmcd] &#10017; &#9992; &#9611;&#9611;: YOU'RE TALKING TO ME ON OSX
[hmcd] &#10017; &#9992; &#9611;&#9611;: CAN YOU FEEL THE MAC
[hmcd] &#10017; &#9992; &#9611;&#9611;: YEEEEEEAH
[hmcd] &#10017; &#9992; &#9611;&#9611;: RUB IT DIRECTLY ON YOUR EYES AND MOUTH
codespace: explains your inability to spell, at least.
[hmcd] &#10017; &#9992; &#9611;&#9611;: It's still a dell keyboard
[hmcd] &#10017; &#9992; &#9611;&#9611;: turdgoblin
codespace: yeah, but now it's operated by a mac user
Comment: oh god did that render right
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20:50 <@Maff> man I love my phone
20:50 < cITs> k
20:50 <@Maff> 17% battery left
20:50 <@Maff> after 1 day 15 hours
20:50 < cITs> stick it up your butt and let it vibrate
20:50 <@Maff> I tried that once before with a really old phone I didn't want
20:50 <@Maff> it was not that great
#301074* (?/52) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<Fogge> Anyone here happen to be a wiz on like, network technology?
<Fogge> in, of? I don't care about prepositions, my INTERNETS IS BORKEN!!!1
<plumbob78> yet you're talking to us...
#303606* (?/52) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
Xen: <tear rolls down cheek> It's truly Blizzard's Starcraft II... After install it already needs a patch.Comment: SC2 release date
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