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boss2245: Fucka!
boss2245: :-D
*** Auto-response from Ye: Watching TV, but leave me a message if you want to talk
boss2245: (I want that on record as a common memo so people know I was a cool dude)
boss2245: (But not fratboy cool.  Just random and profane cool.)
boss2245: (This is a long, very high pspps.)
boss2245: (Postscript explaining the post-script abbreviation of a postscript of a post-postscript )
boss2245: (PPSPPS Sounds a lot like the word "penis." on a scratch pad.)
boss2245: (PSPPSPPS I need to explain that all of the PS's are an accurate hierarchy of the former Post Scripts as per a string method, like on old BBoards.  I spelled everything right in this post, which is proof that pot makes me so smart.)
boss2245: But seriously, respond because *you* were on vacation all Goddamned *week.*
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* Floccinaucinihilipilification (Bet@You.Cant.Spell.This) has joined #spam
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< psypete> oh shit
<%lindsay> that kid is such a head case
< psypete> i have a great joke to tell
< HackitScratchit> k
< psypete> debating on telling it, because kickban might make me productive
< psypete> probably not, but who knows
< HackitScratchit> this is IRC
< HackitScratchit> say w/e youw ant
<+Zed> The best part of the invisible mouse video is themusic
<+Zed> the music*
< psypete> HackitScratchit: i fucked your mom last night?
< psypete> she said take out the trash
< HackitScratchit> you would have had to dig her up first you bastard
< psypete> who says i didn't?
< HackitScratchit> that's really fucked up but it made me laugh
< HackitScratchit> so i want come and kill you now
< psypete> ok, so SHE didn't say it, but i moved her mouth and threw my voice
< redcell> thats were all his dates come from
< HackitScratchit> k that's taking it too far, I've decided to kill you again
< psypete> what can i say
< psypete> i like 'em dry.
< oxagast> underground?
< oxagast> embalmed
< oxagast> huffing embalming fluid while fucking
< oxagast> mmmmmmmmm
< psypete> dude gross
< psypete> i don't do drugs
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<Homework> heh heh, if people vote these up you're gonna get a ton of weirdos on here :)
<Jinx> yayyy we love weirdos
Comment: #Random_Room on irc.random-irc.net
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Kodan882: I shall now commence annoying you for no reason.
Kodan882: Linux sucks.
Kokushoku Karasu: Why does it suck?
Kodan882: Microsoft rules.
Kodan882: Open source is a ripoff.
Kokushoku Karasu: Uhm... oxymoron.
Kokushoku Karasu: MS ripped off far more people than Torvalds/Stallman ever did.
Kodan882: You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout I'm telling you why!
Santa Claus is coming to town!
He's making a list and checking it twice! Gonna find out who's naughty or nice. Santa Claus is coming to town!!
He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake. He knows if you've been bad or good. So be good for goodness sake! Oh you better watch out, you better not cry! Better not pout I'm telling you why! Santa Claus is coming to town!!
Kodan882: Told you.
Kokushoku Karasu: That sounds like a peeping tom and/or a child child molester.
Kodan882: I can continue.
Kokushoku Karasu: About?
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kusuriya | subthalamus: you know how the BSD community is categorized right?                                                       kusuriya | Like the linux one, except we have kissed girls
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<Twilight_Kyle> I haven't even read the rules
<+Nebulon> Unless Twi's titties are also devouring Scootaloo gruesomely or something
<+Nebulon> ...read them
<Derpy`> I�m going to draw that then Nebulon
<Derpy`> You�ve doomed us all
<+Nebulon> read them *at least twice*
<Twilight_Kyle> why bother, I barely even comment on anything
<+Nebulon> Do you ever upload?
<Twilight_Kyle> Nope.
<+Nebulon> Use multiple accounts?
<Twilight_Kyle> Nope.
<+Nebulon> Post on forums?
<Twilight_Kyle> they have forums?
* soundtea facehoofs
Comment: irc.ponychat.net #bronystate
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<+Recall> Did u hear about those guys that went camping?
<+Recall> I heard it was intense
<+irked> naw
<+irked> what happened?
<+evilmonkey> fuck, someone ban this cunt
<+anonymous> what guys
<+evilmonkey> :]
<~|-> |- is now a Voter [Random]
<+evilmonkey> oh geez
<+evilmonkey> they didn't get the joke
Comment: Atrum #Chillroom
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+z$8frZdyL%68pSU/:>w<:E3.lG-!XIBComment: +z$8frZdyL%68pSU/:>w<:E3.lG-!XIB
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<xales> sneezing_panda: You don't need to install all of that bullshit to use a printer, you know.
* sneezing_panda was given the CD
<xales> sneezing_panda: You can download a thing that is just the ppf file. :p
<sneezing_panda> the hell is a ppf?
<xales> sneezing_panda: The thing that is actually the driver.
<xales> sneezing_panda: It's like a DLL, but for printers.
<xales> ._.
* xales can't believe he just said that
(Xales = IRC cop)
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< found_dead> I guess it's better than .
< Rev_Slid3r> thats usualy manipulating a variable in an object
< found_dead> omg.another.object.run!
< Rev_Slid3r> or calling a function from within an object
< found_dead> correct
< Rev_Slid3r> thanks found_dead that was for fords
< found_dead> you are very welcome
< Rev_Slid3r> lol
< found_dead> fords seems to be masturbating ATM
< found_dead> so I thought I would help him out
< found_dead> errrr wait
< Rev_Slid3r> ha
< fords> no.  but i am still curious.
< found_dead> that is not topic worthy
< Rev_Slid3r> hahahahahah
Comment: #orlug
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< wushin> Sadly we still done properly do alot of things
< wushin> like spell
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xK0NVIK: hi
SpencerGabbiani: Hey.
xK0NVIK: wts gud
xK0NVIK: mmm
SpencerGabbiani: Not your ability to spell, apparently.
xK0NVIK has left the chat
Comment: IMVU
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<Johnnius> So I tried a chatbot, right.
<Johnnius> Suffice to say it was... unsatisfactory.
<Johnnius><Me>: OK. Now I'm going to close this atrocity very, very fast, before I strangle my monitor. Bye.
<Johnnius><It>: Do you enjoy being going to close this atrocity very, very fast, before you strangle your monitor. Bye?
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<lewwy> i wonder if i scared the girls off for the pc building after i started referring to it as "wild unprotected pc building"
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< Chinese_xym5366> after i learn English, i feel that C++ is too easy.
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UltraBlue Yuushi: 8|
UltraBlue Yuushi: I am.
UltraBlue Yuushi: I'm arrways ready for erection day.
QuincyArcherIshi: rororor
UltraBlue Yuushi: I'm a reriaburr, productive asian citizen of the united states
Comment: We're speaking engrish
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<Dacon_> you're messed up
<Huggles> how is this new information
<Dacon_> just feels like something you need to be reminded of
<Huggles> i feel through a floor and my car is full of bees
<Huggles> i dont need to be reminded
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<QuanSai> Anyone? Installing 'pkg' on Solaris 10?
<doubletwist> Easily googled
<QuanSai> Fuck you.
<QuanSai> I googled it.
<QuanSai> What kind of wise-ass answer is that?
<QuanSai> Why would I be here if I didn't already search?
<QuanSai> It's much simpler to Google something than it is to get help here, you dimwit.
<QuanSai> Go fuck yourself. Seriously.
<QuanSai> Anyone with some sense care to answer?
<phobos_anomaly> QuanSai: It took me all of 4 seconds on google to turn up a link.
<QuanSai> Fuck off.
<QuanSai> You guys are assholes.
QuanSai has left this channel.
<phobos_anomaly> lol
<doubletwist> And I'm one of the nice ones :)
<lblume> Are you guys trying to set some sort of new world record?
<lblume> That was fast.
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<fusionrock> Typical crime scene in LA:
<fusionrock> Police: "Who attacked you, sir?"
<fusionrock> Victim: "Two white guys, sir. They took my wallet and camera."
<fusionrock> P: "Are you sure they weren't black?"
<fusionrock> V: "No... They were white..."
<fusionrock> P: "Latino?"
<fusionrock> V: "...white."
<fusionrock> P: "Jewish?!"
<fusionrock> V: "Well, aren't most Jews white?"
Comment: You know it's true.
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[16:36:50] <RedFire1>: hello there
[16:36:58] <RedFire1>: there is someone in here named sephiroth
[16:37:02] <Dragon>: sup dragon here
[16:37:05] <RedFire1>: time to change name to "Cloud"
[16:37:16] <Dragon>: Cloud is taken by someone in #rshelp
[16:37:22] <RedFire1>: oh right
[16:37:26] <Dragon>: :P
[16:37:27] <RedFire1>: back in 1997
[16:37:34] <RedFire1>: he beat the fukc out of seph
[16:37:49] <Dragon>: sure but Sephiroth has had that nick for 11.5 years :P
[16:38:08] <RedFire1>: i have played too much FF7
[16:38:24] <Dragon>: happens to the best of us
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DaMan: ALX: We fixed the y2k crap months ago.
!!SYSTEM: TRIGON changed topic to "Happy New Year 19100!!"
Jenny: omg.
DaMan: crap.
!!SYSTEM: TRIGON changed topic to "Happy New Year 19101!!"
Fred: that is curious. how does it come up with the year 19101?
DaMan: It just prepends "19" to the number of years since 1900. Forgot to fix it last year, heh.
!!SYSTEM: TRIGON changed topic to "Happy New Year 19102!!"
Fred: Im pretty sure we are now the only platform in the nebula with a remaining y2k bug :-P
Grayson: ha.
(O)DaMan: Should be fixed now.
!!SYSTEM> TRIGON changed topic to "Happy New Year 19103!!"
!!SYSTEM> DaMan changed topic to "Happy New Year 2003!!"
!!SYSTEM> TRIGON changed topic to "Happy New Year 19104!!"
DaMan> The hell?
KoderKane> Are you sure you recompiled the binary or whatever after fixing it?
DaMan> I think so.
***  TRIGON changed topic to "Happy New Year 19105!!"
Zer0: Holy Carp, we skipped the whole second millennium and went right to the 19000's XD
DaMan: Im planning a "Back to the Future" remake.
nobody: In the yearrr Nineteen One-oh-five- if DaMan is, still alive... Will he fix, that damn bot?
***  TRIGON changed topic to "Happy New Year 19106!!"
Nimda> Well at least he has an excuse this year..
lollz> he does?
Nimda> Yeh, he got hit by a bus.
CoJaBo> o_O
***  TRIGON changed topic to "Happy New Year 19107!!"
DaMan> My new years resolution for this year: fix y2k bug in trigon
CoJaBo> And just like last year, you'll completely blow it off.
! TRIGON changed topic to "Happy New Year 19108!!"
CoJaBo> derp: qdb.us/75182
DaMan> Yeh, ill fix it someday.
! TRIGON changed TOPIC to: Happy New Year 19109!!
< @DaMan> ^someone remember to remind me round when next December rolls around, to fix that.
! TRIGON has changed TOPIC to: Happy New Year 19110!!
< CoJaBo> At this rate, it'll still be saying that well into the next millennial roll-over XD
<@DaMan> You fix it then.
! TRIGON has changed TOPIC to: Happy New Year 19111!!
< Frylock> DaMan: I totally meant to remember to tell you this last month, but- Fix the damn bot!
< DaMan> Righty-o.
! TRIGON has changed TOPIC to: Happy New Year 19112!!
< CoJaBo> ...
< DaMan> ah, crap.
< DaMan> I did fix it; honestly, it just got to be a nuisance, everyone asking "did ya fix the bot?" "is it still bugged?" "will the bot be there this year?" etcetera, ad nauseum.
! TRIGON has changed TOPIC to: Happy New Year 20113!!
< DaMan> dear god.
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<Bosty>how was #retro's chrimbus
<MainMemory>I got free GBA games and Smash 3DS DLC
<Bosty>i got three games
<GerbilSoft>i got a rock
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<NotADJ> My parents won't let me run a server
<nathan> NotADJ: F*ck them.
<NotADJ> nathan: Excuse me?
<fahadsadah> NotADJ: Not literally.
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<@Vainglory> just got paid today
* @Vainglory fights BILLS and wins!!
<@Vainglory> die!!!!!
<@Freyberg{STB}> u r lucky
<@Freyberg{STB}> when i fight those things
<@Freyberg{STB}> they tend to win
<@Vainglory> I keep some savings, so as to be more war rdy
<@Vainglory> plus...
<@Vainglory> always good to know your enemies' weakness
<@Vainglory> and mine is money!
<@Vainglory> thus half the battle was over before it started
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