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<Valtieri> It's the morning of December 7.
<Valtieri> It's a mere 23 F/-5 C.
<Valtieri> One could say, then, that just as there was 68 years ago today... there's a Nip in the air.
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eprnxvgc axdockjg kyjfsgnt jwkrveibd bzog gdbuxzwkf risubcComment: myvhonbg jysaulkg
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<Bod> tag: don't need luck.... got any rohipnol?
<tag> Bod, who needs roofies when you have a knife?
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<Flamon> oh crap, I jinxed it! D:
<Flamon> it seems my new room mates ARE into BDSM D:
<MadManMarkAu> Heh
<MadManMarkAu> Is that a bad thing? (serious question)
<Flamon> possibly yes
<Flamon> I gotta share a house with these people
<Flamon> it's not easy to sleep at night knowing something is happening down the hall
<MadManMarkAu> Ah
<MadManMarkAu> If they keep their activities to themselves, would it still cause a problem?
<Flamon> yes
<Flamon> but me being a virgin and them being who they are...I'm not so sure they will keep to themselves much
<MadManMarkAu> Aaah
<Flamon> it IS their palce after all I'm I'm only living in the room they rent out
<MadManMarkAu> My opinion is, if they don't have respect enough for you to keep their activities to themselves, or if they try to rope you into their activities when you clearly don't want to, then they're probably not the kind of people you need to room with, I hate to say
<Flamon> I guess
<Flamon> but they are the reason I'm in downtown Vancouver
<MadManMarkAu> Ah
<MadManMarkAu> So, they obviously helped you out when you were in a tight spot?
<Flamon> well, both
<MadManMarkAu> By the way, these BDSM puns are unintentional
<Flamon> they couldn't get the apartment if I didn't rent the room
<ZodiacPup> MadManMarkAu lol
<ZodiacPup> tight spot
<MadManMarkAu> rope you in
<Flamon> that was terrible
<MadManMarkAu> Sorry ^^
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<delpotro>: i got a foreign film no substitles on it or anywhere on the net so i was thinking is there software that puts subs just by what they are speaking
<sadrilover>: delpotro, what year is this?
<delpotro>: 2011
<sadrilover>: ask me again in 20 years
Comment: #demonoid
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<Lex> complex is my middle name
<Lex> except it's not
<Lex> it's almost my first name
<Lex> and I suck at complex shit
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<@Baconfish> i detest the word "douche"
<@Baconfish> it doesnt even sound like it's an insult
<@Baconfish> it sounds like it'd be the name of some kind of delicious cream cake
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[16:00] <MakeMeAHipster> What was the one with the house defense game
[16:00] <buZz> MakeMeAHipster: the sims
[16:01] <MakeMeAHipster> Defense
[16:01] <buZz> MakeMeAHipster: the sims: vacation
Comment: #dogecoin freenode
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<Jay> what's the procedure for dealing with a serial van evader?Comment: on a help channel
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< Lumindia> I just woke up, don't judge me
* Snapai judge judge judge! :u
* Testsubject75 judges
-!- ObsidianRadiance [Blackl@cloud-4c2ins.Cape_Sunrise.Equestria] has joined #EquestriaDaily
* Lumindia banishes to the moon
* ObsidianRadiance bangs her gavel
< ObsidianRadiance> This court shall now come to order!
< ObsidianRadiance> �darn, I missed it :(
< Lumindia> Court?
< Lumindia> :O
< ObsidianRadiance> yes, Lumindia!
< Lumindia> Space court>?
< Lumindia> Honorable judge sun presiding?
< ObsidianRadiance> �no, regular Equestrian court :P
* Chocolate_Flash suddenly remembers Luna in a "Night Court" parody
< Lumindia> Hmm...
< ObsidianRadiance> honorable servop Colgate presiding
< ObsidianRadiance> All rise.
< Snapai> Courting?
* Lumindia rises
< Lumindia> :O
< Chocolate_Flash> *stands*
* Snapai hovers
< ObsidianRadiance> �Colgate's idle�
< Bakpony> LOL
< ObsidianRadiance> �what now? :P
< Chocolate_Flash> i hope there's no Judge Judy pony
< Lumindia> Oh dear god
< Colgate> or am I?
< Lumindia> MAKE IT HPje-fgjiawejgaj3w8ga
< Lumindia> wtf colgate
< ObsidianRadiance> there you are!
< Lumindia> D:
< ObsidianRadiance> you're supposed to be judging!
< ObsidianRadiance> where have you been?
< Colgate> I'm playing AI War! :(
* ObsidianRadiance stern face
< Chocolate_Flash> now, Judge Joe Brown I wouldn't mind
< ObsidianRadiance> �oh :P
< Chocolate_Flash> i can here him saying "Stallion up" right now :P
< ObsidianRadiance> �well, Lumindia, looks like you're off the hook�
< Lumindia> Whew
< ObsidianRadiance> �we can't have a court session 'cause the judge is playing�what was it again?
< ObsidianRadiance> �AI War�
* ObsidianRadiance shrugs
< Testsubject75> nope
< Testsubject75> he was playing skyrim
< Testsubject75> silly
< ObsidianRadiance> FUS RO DAH!
< Lumindia> Did he take an arrow to the kn-*arrow'd*
< ObsidianRadiance> (am I using that right?)
< ObsidianRadiance> (I have no idea what the proper usage is :3 )
Comment: #EquestriaDaily on Canternet (irc.canternet.org)
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<Sudos> do I want GRUB or LILO?
<AndyZ1> if it was GRUB or LOLI, the choice would be much harder
<AndyZ1> 'the choice' not being a petname for my penis, btw
Comment: irc.p2p-network.net / #zomgwtfbbq
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(20:53:51) * `Jesus (~Davidwei0@Swift-C381D58B.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) has joined #rshelp
(20:53:56) <%liz_heart_narf> internet pings for an hour every nite//
(20:53:57) <%liz_heart_narf> why..
(20:54:10) <Kol> it's a message from god
(20:54:16) <`Jesus> :)
(20:54:24) <ixl_ss69_ixl> lol
(20:54:26) <ixl_ss69_ixl> screenshot
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X4a1Re jbhuxmoe qtrrwmmw prsbvopdComment: X4a1Re jbhuxmoe qtrrwmmw prsbvopd
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Luna says, "Apparently, phrases such as 'fuck you' and 'my ass' are supposed to be insult me."
Nukpana hears/reads stuff like that so often anymore that the words have lost all meaning.
Luna nods. To me they're down to "I need a powerful word here" level.
Nukpana says, "Heck, I'm a custodian; I wipe that sort of thing off of walls for a living."
Nukpana says, "And very poorly drawn male anatomy too. *eyeroll*"
You say, "Yeah, if you're gonna drawn anatomy, at least bring a biology book to draw from."
Nukpana chuckles.
You say, "It's not proper X-rated graffiti unless the guy who gets to scrub the wall afterwards is afraid to touch it."
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(queequeg) i am infested with nanobots
(queequeg) and now they shall do my bidding
(queequeg) muahaha
(ENKI-][) and everyone lived happily ever after.
(weatherkid) I thnk we have a Borg problem
(weatherkid) LOL, ENKI-][, mind if I QDB that?
(Exoteric) haha
(ENKI-][) weatherkid: who do you think i am, walt disney? stealing it is fundamental to my business plan
Comment: We are the Borg....
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<Myria> meow
<TuxSH> meow :3
<xorhash> boop
<TuxSH> meow, meow, meeeow
* Myria purrs
* TuxSH purrs too
* Myria licks nose after getting booped
<WinterMute> get a room
* TuxSH hisses
* darklink gets his cats
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(Dardasaba|) Maor Mesika is Kissing you. kiss back | kiss other friends. 3 seconds ago
(Dardasaba|) FFS
(Dardasaba|) That's a GUY
(Dardasaba|) fuck facebook.
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<Crusader> I don't have an issue with wolfX
<Crusader> him and I are on neutral grounds
<Crusader> havoc is just a dick
<Omnifox> Lucky, you must have him on ignore
<Crusader> yep
<Crusader> only one I keep on that list
<Omnifox> hahaha
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<Rec|lurking> they dropped Fat Boy Slim on Nagasaki!
<@Dinshu> he was the weapon of choice
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<BadSpoon> Tinder: where evolution drops off
#308092* (?/36) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<dupe> she might change her mind completely after the baby's porn
<dupe> i mean born
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<+Liquid911> when did Start Trek come out ?
<+raeper> the movie doesnt make sence
* raeper was kicked by Legend (infractions: 1. all caps 2. general idiocy 3. not putting the space between star and trek 4. learn to spell sense)
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comment2 <a href="firstmailer.ru">������ ������ ���� ������������</a>Comment:
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<null0010> so how bout them mets
<FoxyBoyXoXo> Yeah they beat the Raiders 0 and 6 in a rugby tournament
<null0010> that is so pro, how many sticky wickets did they get?
<FoxyBoyXoXo> Enough to hit the bottom of the 9th in the first quarter
<FoxyBoyXoXo> But nobody caught the snitch
<null0010> did the raiders at least get a triple word score?
<FoxyBoyXoXo> They would have if it weren't for that fucking Double Jeopardy
<null0010> god.  mets are so good with their attacks of opportunity
<null0010> it's just unfair
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<Nilore> So, this XBox Live player lives in a small town called Fort Gay.Then, Microsoft bans him for declaring that in his user profile, because it's offensive. >>;
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