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[Cano] marley masons myspace profile is private...she's a pornstar idgi at allComment: #Random_Room on irc.random-irc.net
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<AJ_Impy> Ahoy
<Fax> Avast
<jeek> Shiver me timbers.
<Fax> jeek: that's what SHE said.
<jeek> and then she blew you down just before you swabbed her poop deck?
<jeek> or did she walk your plank before you explored her Davy Jones's locker?
<AJ_Impy> She spliced his mainbrace.
<jeek> did you lose your harpoon in her briny deep?
<jeek> ugh
<jeek> brb, all this nautical talk has got me excited
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<segin> yo
<segin> TV scares me
<@Tartie> Why segin ?
<segin> I discover thing called "oxygen"
<segin> and erm
<segin> i thought it were porn
<segin> but it just stupid women's programming
<@Tartie> erm.... no
<segin> Tartie: no offense
<@Tartie> Pretty much women shooting up estrogen like heroin
<@Tartie> lol none taken, segin
<segin> ohh jebub
<segin> that's the female equivalent to a sausagefest
<segin> what do you call that?
<segin> a burgerfest?
Comment: #linux-smokers-club on OFTC
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<@Kyhz> hey gang let's go solve some mysteries
<@Kyhz> yaaaaaay
<mmu> Kyhz, you go into the basement with scrappy
<@Kyhz> now I'm wondering what japanese scooby doo would be like
<mmu> hdr, go on the roof with dumb blonde
<Hdr> It was Red Herring all along!
<@Kyhz> lol
<+DestinyFucker> shaggy is a hikkineet, who only has a dog as a friend
<mmu> fred is a lolicon
<+DestinyFucker> suddenly, he's recruited by the JIDF into their paranormal adventures squad
<+DestinyFucker> no
<+DestinyFucker> every other character is a girl
<+DestinyFucker> and scooby turns into a dog-girl
<mmu> apart from shaggy
<+DestinyFucker> yes
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Zuu: while everything is easy, it still has to be done... just like your mom :P
leeguy92: and how!
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I wake up to a cold, wet sensation in my nether region. I look down to discover I'm pant-less and boxer-less. There is a woman that I don't know in my bathroom. From where I sit on my bed, I can see her vomiting into the toilet. I put two and two together, but I can't seem to get four; my first thought was that I was drugged and raped. However, she comes over and says,
"The poison's gone. I've vomited enough of it out."
"What poison? Who are you? Where am I? and did you just..."
She looks at me and comes to the sudden realization that I wasn't kidding.
"How far back can you remember?"
"Today's Tuesday."
"The 29th?"
"The 22nd."
She darts her eyes to the left and bites her lip.
"You've forgotten the past week."
Accepting this for what it is, I still want the answers to my previous questions.
"So tell me what happened!"
"Someone wants us dead. They set your nuts on fire and poisoned my cereal this morning."
I'm too angry at my self for thinking dirty thoughts to grasp the fact that someone actually wants me dead. Apparently, also the fact that my nuts were on fire is unimportant.
"So what happened before all this?"
She seems to be having a hard time thinking of how to explain things that I should already know.
"Some quick information; You've forgotten an entire week, apparently, we went on our first date on Wednesday, ninja assassins started tracking the two of us down on Thursday and we've managed to survive until know."
"Why do they want us?"
"You knew, but wouldn't tell me."
"Why not!" I ask myself out loud.
"I don't know!" she answers. She thought I had angrily asked her.
Calming down, I scan the room. It's clearly a motel room from the layout and furniture. I look back at her and speak,
"Well, if we're dating. I see it only fitting that I know you're name."
She looks at me, darts her eye, and blushes.
"You weren't lying."
"Nothing. I'm Sarah."
Suddenly, ninjas break down the front door. I quickly reach for a towel and cover my still naked nether-region.
"Run!" she says as she jumps out of the only window in the apartment.
I look over at her and back at the ninjas. A kunai wizzes past my head as a ninja wielding tonfa races towards me. I stumble towards the window and hop out like I were doing a cannonball into a pool. I land in a dumpster and lose consciousness.
Qauzi> Unless you plan on actually giving the main character an actual blow job, stop typing.
Pong_Ball> ... damn it...
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<Lefty> hay guyse
<Lefty> my phone wants to install jellybean
<qbit> lol
<Lefty> I'm not a part of your SYSTEM
Comment: #devious on freenode
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GoKillPeople: I wonder how many food items aren't enjoyable to have in your eyes.
caboose091: hmmm... all, i'd hazard to say
GoKillPeople: You sure?
GoKillPeople: What about... say, bananas?
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<fenrirs_child> i have a coyote skull hanging out in the garage
<fenrirs_child> i still need to deflesh it, i've yet to decide how
<MADAGASCAR> with your teeth
<SquiRoFL> with a crowbar.
<fenrirs_child> i'm leaning towards burying it, but i may masserate it still
<fenrirs_child> it just smells /horrible/ to masserate
<Glaug-Eldare> masserate?
<fenrirs_child> put it in a bucket of water and let it decay
<Glaug-Eldare> that's what i did with my first wife
Comment: #furaffinity on #furnet
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<syntax_serv> Sup kaywinnit
<kaywinnit> got a form to get into a class late
<kaywinnit> hopefully I can see prof tomorrow
<kaywinnit> but otherwise I feel awful
<kaywinnit> damn colds
<syntax_serv> :-\
<syntax_serv> You can't miss class for a cold?
<lordzippy> yes yes ahahah! INFECT THE CLASS AHAHAHAHAHAHA
<lordzippy> MUAHAHAHAHHA
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<&Beefster> Peta should be nuked
<&Beefster> MEAT IS GOOD
<~Bradj47> I LOVE MEAT
***Bradj47 looks at Beefster
<&Beefster> They're animals. WAAAH
<~Bradj47> cannibal much?
<&Beefster> :P
<&Beefster> I love beef
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Hello there,
My name is Aly and I would like to know if you would have any interest to have your website here at qdb.us promoted as a resource on our blog alychidesign.com ?
We are in the midst of updating our broken link resources to include current and up to date resources for our readers. Our resource links are manually approved allowing us to mark a link as a do-follow link as well
If you may be interested please in being included as a resource on our blog, please let me know.
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Unleeeeash my shaaarrrttt
Say you'll love pee again
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00:31   <Meesles\>    so ive been playing mafia 2
00:31   <Meesles\>    pretty sweet game
00:40 <jimmydorry> i thought it was too expensive
00:40 <Squiggy> I thought it was shit
00:40 <jimmydorry> ^
00:40 <jimmydorry> add that to mine
00:40 <Squiggy> expensive shit, that is
00:41 <Squiggy> If I want to have some expensive shit, I call my dealer >.<
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<CyrixLord> is alice in wonderland out
<CStubing> is the gay porn version out yet?
<CStubing> Alec in Bonerland?
<jey> CStubing: you'd be the one to ask
<CStubing> jey: considering that I was the one asking, that makes little sense.
<Kniht> I figured it was shameless self-promotion
<CStubing> hmm.. I liked it better when you guys just told me my jokes sucked.
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< CodeBlock> ok, the plaintext database -> sql conversion is going to be re-written in python
< CodeBlock> I'm going to keep everything Python; screw mixing langs
< CodeBlock> oh wow I did convert it to python already, i fail
< nixeagle> CodeBlock: no you don't fail :P
* nixeagle hates that word :P
< CodeBlock> sorry, I suck
< nixeagle> there you go
Comment: NinthBit
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<tkdmaster>: and you should explain how the game works :P
<Sakari: Well.
You understand sex dice, yes?
<tkdmaster>: lol nein
<Sakari: ...I feel kind of awkward explaining this concept to my brother's boyfriend.
Comment: tkdmaster is actually Sakari's boyfriend's older brother.
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R99 [shure@cpe-174-102-193-10.wi.res.rr.com] entered the room.
mode (+v R99) by Phil
R99 left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer).
R99 [shure@cpe-174-102-193-10.wi.res.rr.com] entered the room.
mode (+v R99) by Phil
R99 left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer).
(...repeats for 2 hours...)
<Clifford> I love when R99 drops in
<Clifford> And out
<Clifford> And in
<Clifford> And out
<Clifford> And in
<Clifford> And out
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<CompWiz> and therefore, water is wet.
<BlueFusion> not as wet as your mum
<CompWiz> left THAT wide open.
<BlueFusion> like your mum
<CompWiz> shit.
<BlueFusion> hahaahahaa
* CompWiz has no comebacks.
Comment: #laserchat irc.ecnet.org
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vonBoomslang [screenshot of Lion King with a dirty caption on it] why oh why does this remind me of our belvoed fandom [random][disney]
ZAquanimus ...
AVeryStrange ...
Vulpin        ....
AuroraDawn ...
ZAquanimus group consensus
*** vonBoomslang was kicked by ZAquanimus (Whats wrong with you )
AVeryStrange Bravo people
*** vonBoomslang joined #EquestrianStudy
AuroraDawn "All in favor, say wut."
AuroraDawn wut.
AVeryStrange wut.
Vulpin        wut
vonBoomslang wut.
Hoghound wut
Comment: #EquestrianStudy
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<ali>Black screen with blinking cursor
<ali>What does that mean?
<mike>on what?
<mike>your computer?
<ali>never mind, andrew helped me :)
<mike>what was it?
<ali>my vagina
<mike>oh wow
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*+Rikai wears his spiderman outfit
<+scorpio9> my nephew used to say...... spidyman
<+scorpio9> then hold out his wrist nd make like he is spraying the web....rofl
<+Rikai> and i shoot white stuff using my wrists
<+scorpio9> lol
<+Rikai> scorpio9 can make me shoot white stuff using her wrists too
<+Rikai> either that or delusional
<+scorpio9> you can tell
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BlacklightShining: chat is dead
BlacklightShining: implementing revival plan A
BlacklightShining: !shpi
BucketBot: No !shpi for you~
BlacklightShining: !ship *
BucketBot: Our lucky couple of the moment: Freeze_Pop x BlacklightShining!
Freeze_Pop (Freeze_Pop@protectedhost-D25B26EF.sgyl.cable.virginmedia.com) joined the chat room.
Freeze_Pop was promoted to half-operator by ChanServ.
� BucketBot hands Freeze_Pop a free bucket!
BlacklightShining: �OMG
BlacklightShining: /)^3^(\
BitZero: What timing.
BlacklightShining: I know, right?
Comment: #BucketOfHolding on GeekShed (irc.geekshed.net)
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<@Israfel> Obama = PSP
<@Israfel> Biden = DS Lite
<@Israfel> McCain = Game Boy
<Asaga> McCain = DSi
* Asaga was kicked by Israfel (get the FUCK out)
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The Venice Academy Sector: Whoniverse:
Mixelica: I'd totally date this guy if he didn't seem extremely dangerous...
Moot: Wait a minute...
Mixelica: Dangerous?
FINDINGS: 'Perfect Angel to his Co-stars' 'Resembles Saturday Morning Children's Show Host' 'Does not swear'
FINDINGS: Has a history of swearing...
FINDINGS: Exact Match.
FINDINGS: Eyes of Medusa.
FINDINGS: Angelic Cover Up of Eyes of Medusa.
Mixelica: Something is very wrong here...
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