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<Helix_Mouse> I want a website full of examples of retarded, nonsensical c++ code that runs and you have to guess what the output is
<Pi> that's called "stack overflow"
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<haq> so you get thermal cycling outside the projected envelopes, plus RoHS lead free solder means all your ball soldered components eventually crack away from the boards
<haq> i would strangle the last whale to death with a dorito bag if i could get real solder back in electronics
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<Jigsy> So is it possible to restore the United States from a backup?
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<@itszn> Only 53 days, 8 hours, 34 min, and 15 seconds until Christmas
<@xerphn> im already looking forward to the one after that
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fHiL: i guess i was lucky enough to be born
fHiL: anything past that is just extra shit
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<@Thero> not available on iphone sadly
<@Dom`> it's on android
<@Dom`> haha
<@Dom`> wait no
<@Dom`> "Your device isn't compatible with this version"
<@Dom`> :(
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Grimmers: well skyrim's remastered edition just crashed to desktop within 10 mins of starting it
Grimmers: nice to see they kept everything the same
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Curtis E. Flush: every question on yahoo answers should have this included: "Update: Please note that I don't particularly care if you have any skepticism or critique regarding my motive(s)."
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<blooperreel> everyone seems to be playing that new demo that came out
<blooperreel> pokemon S&M
<blooperreel> sounds so R-rated
<Sakori> safe word is pecha berry
* Shiro-- used bind ( ???? ???? ????)
<blooperreel> 50 shades of pokemon
<Bobbo> *squirtle squirtle*
<blooperreel> definitely did not see that one coming bobbo
<Bobbo> And that's how you get pink eye, blooperreel.
<blooperreel> and that's tmi
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<Limes> man
<Limes> this ddos is real
<hawk> haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
<hawk> what ddos
<hawk> wtf netflix won't load
<Talgie> that ddos hawk
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<mattbox> someone give me twitter's IP
<Talgie> twitter has my ip?
<hal9002> ya
<Talgie> gimme back my ip twitter D:<
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<Iridium> "Breaking News: UK security agencies unlawfully collected data for decade"
<Iridium> lol DID THEY REALLY NOW.
<monotone> spot of blather
<monotone> no wait
<monotone> let me go again
<monotone> Surveil Row
<monotone> there it is
<PlanetDollar> nice
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<dn5> I have int start = 1476620495; and int end = 1476620495 (unix timestamp), but if I have int res; and then res = end - start, res returns 0 when printf with %d
<dn5> why?
<izalove> because it's the same number?
<fstd> duh
<dn5> okay thats not supposed to happen haha
<fstd> ,reset
<candide> Days since our last accident: 0
Comment: ##c at freenode
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<@gzip> still early
<@gzip> pentium4 on IDE disk only takes 10,000 years tocompile a mykernel
<@freq> still, that's really good drive life
<@gzip> ya
<@gzip> 60GB western digital
* freq buys one
<@gzip> nice
Comment: devoid
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<d4> Oh thanks I only have the file from 2014-12
<d4> Is... is that list of changes... in Comic Fkng Sans?  (ಠ益ಠ)
<mrk> Yes, ACORD send their notifications in Comic Sans, in 2016.
<tcal> They want to maintain their normal level of professionalism I assume.
<d4> Oh dear. If only it were possible to stab a company in the face over the internet.
<mrk> Road trip?
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<Chow>: Im eating carrots and spinach
<Chow>: My diet is 80% vegetables
<RedFire1>: i'm playing Contra and Mario Bros.
<RedFire1>: my diet is 80% 8-bit.
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<Eric> Gtg I have do do my homework
<Eric> Ill do it later
:: Eric has changed nick to: quit
<quit> Fuck
Comment: Espernet#spacex
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[16:36:50] <RedFire1>: hello there
[16:36:58] <RedFire1>: there is someone in here named sephiroth
[16:37:02] <Dragon>: sup dragon here
[16:37:05] <RedFire1>: time to change name to "Cloud"
[16:37:16] <Dragon>: Cloud is taken by someone in #rshelp
[16:37:22] <RedFire1>: oh right
[16:37:26] <Dragon>: :P
[16:37:27] <RedFire1>: back in 1997
[16:37:34] <RedFire1>: he beat the fukc out of seph
[16:37:49] <Dragon>: sure but Sephiroth has had that nick for 11.5 years :P
[16:38:08] <RedFire1>: i have played too much FF7
[16:38:24] <Dragon>: happens to the best of us
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<st> sounds like it's behaving like an optimizing compiler
<ma> it's php. the only thing optimizing about this is it shortens the wall time between my shots
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<monoxane> Americans fail geography
<Khelpw> Yeah, generally it isn't our strong suit
<Khelpw> basically the map looks like this - New york, California, texas somewhere in the middle, florida's the donger thing and everything else is just corn and cows. Down south is where the folks come from who take our jobs, further than that and it's all the amazon rain forest or some shit
<Khelpw> up north we've got polite folks who care a bit much about hockey, maple syrup and mooses. and across the pond is a whole gaggle of "???" that doesn't really matter except that they all owe us money for being the best country in the world
Comment: Freenode ##sysadmin-casual
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<jzk> the IT industry just makes the degeneration into fascism far too easy
#311287* (?/17) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<gnol> idk i never really notice height?
<gnol> i mean i dont date ppl under like 6'2" but thats just a coincedence probably
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<MikeSpears> I got better performance with my Asus N66U than that thing
<MikeSpears> sorry, N66R (the U is the same but yea...)
<MikeSpears> can you figure out why I don't like that model number?
<xe0n> yeah
<xe0n> nigger
<MikeSpears> I was trying to not say that
Comment: Freenode ##sysadmin-casual
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<jeph> i just made soem potatoes and eggs w/ poblano peppers for my daily meal
<jeph> i kinda dumped the cayenne pepper into the potatoes. on my hand and then in the potatoes....
<jeph> perhaps you can see where this is going...
<jeph> while they cooked, i figured o'd go pee real quick in the bathroom.
<jeph> did my bznz...
<jeph> all of a sudden my dick starts burning
<jeph> im like damn wtf! what have I done!?
<jeph> not realizing its the cayenne pepper
<jeph> so im like, wow this really burns, ill put some aloe lotion on my junk to sooth it
<jeph> all this does is spread it around and open up the pores
<jeph> and then my shit starts being like bawwwwwwwwwww your dick is on fire jeff!
<jeph> i gotta run off the stove...
<jeph> take a shower.
<jeph> the hot water makes it feel worse
<jeph> im already forseeing my trip to the e.r.
<jeph> soap.
<jeph> lots of soap
<jeph> and evrything is ok again. and it made me actually shower today.
<jeph> so
<jeph> but
<jeph> damn
<jeph> just damn, never felt that feeling before
<jeph> i didnt realize it was the cayenne at first
<jeph> i was like. well havent got laid in a month and a half it cant be any VD
<jeph> maybe prostate cancer
<jeph> maybe, my hernia surgery reapirs blew out
<jeph> or mayeb i disconncted my pee tube from my dick
<jeph> and im just peeing into my ballsack
<jeph> without any way to disprove this i set about trying to force a pee
<jeph> not having to pee i just my balls burning more
<jeph> which made me thnk o no the pee is going into my sack
<jeph> so then i chugged a bunch of water
<jeph> and pee'd , to my sweet relief.
<jeph> about then i thought, well it has to have been the cayenne
<jeph> and did the soap thing to save the day
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<AndyWojo> If I were coming up with a package manager, I'd name it just
<AndyWojo> 'just install tmux'
<AndyWojo> and instead of a -f for forcing dependencies: 'just fucking install tmux'
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