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<Bike> i'm ten pages in to an ethernet-phy manual and i'm pretty sure the internet is impossible
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<oniMaker> tw2113: 97b577be2a18c22ca3406f0d1fdc5c70
<tw2113> ?
<oniMaker> MD5'd profanity.
<oniMaker> If you want to feel insulted you'll have to set up some rainbow tables.
<tw2113> too much effort
<tw2113> i'lll just feign offense
<oniMaker> excellent choice
Comment: during discussion of channel bots trapping profanity and warning uses about it
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(+tt) I have the best idea for a serial crime
(+tt) I am going to break into people's bathroom windows, flip the toilet paper over so  it feeds the other way, and leave.
#309588 (31/33) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
< Dan39> does anyone else get annoyed by stuff that seems too highly abstracted... :|
< _habnabit> Dan39, like your question?
Comment: #python
#309503 (11/15) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<@tomwyatt> guys
<@tomwyatt> should i go an purchase foursk.in for 29 quid and build a social wanking network?
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<Proview_> freshman year of college, i'm like... oh, yeah, im going to try and be leet and install gentoo. try loading it frmo a flash drive, 20 minutes later, my HDD was erased, my external 2 TB drive was erased, AND THE FLASH DRIVE gentoo came on was erased
<Proview_> i had to email all of my professors and tell them "i tried installing gentoo and now i have nothing left. my work will be late"
<Proview_> my comp sci professors just responded with "understandable"
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<jlamothe> It's super useful when you're chatting in one window, but want to keep an eye on another.
<jlamothe> ...sorry wrong channel... and an excellent way of not illustrating my point.
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<Ender> Every day when I get up I intend to get all kinds of work done.
<Ender> Then everything goes horribly wrong.  :)
<devnull> every day when i get up i intend to get as little work done as possible.
<devnull> Then everything goes horribly wrong.
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TheEnd. : I hate my job, too boring.
JimmyKillsAlot : I hated my last job
JimmyKillsAlot : I worked for this call center for the board of education
JimmyKillsAlot : we managed servers and helped teachers all over the state
JimmyKillsAlot : like teaching approved sites and keeping them certified
TheEnd. : Sounds boring.
JimmyKillsAlot : it was
JimmyKillsAlot : and always buggy, people couldn't register and had to call us
JimmyKillsAlot : and when we made the account the username was based off of first name, last name, and a random number
JimmyKillsAlot : one day this woman calls and we go through the motions to make her an account
JimmyKillsAlot : when the info pops up
JimmyKillsAlot : I had to keep a straight face as I told Irene that her username was IMaho247
JimmyKillsAlot : my boss had to put the lines on hold for 5 min until the laughing stopped
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<munin_> roughly it is modeling language and the brain, or, a graph-theoretic approach to modeling how language is represented in the brain
<munin_> she is teaching a graph to speak english by having it read reddit
<munin_> the first 2 phrases it learned were 'm night shamalamadingdong' and 'cockjuggling thundercunts'
<munin_> so it seems to be working
<munin_> she is going to try and get 'cockjuggling thundercunts' into her dissertation
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<raco> Why criticize masturbation? Better to self-release and get it out of your system then commit a sex crime.
<lanter> Wow, I really hope you meant "than" rather than "then."
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<mokeylace>: I like to do a breakdown of how much time I spend every day fucking off on certain activities, and how much this correspondingly costs my company
<mokeylace>: for instance, it just cost my employers $37 for me to trim my fingernails
<mokeylace>: earlier it cost them $75 for me to read some webcomics
<GL>: hahaha
<mokeylace>: I'm hoping that when I submit my findings they'll find it wise to hire someone to scratch my nuts for me in the next budget period
<mokeylace>: marc are you still looking for a job?
<JukeboxHero>: always am
<JukeboxHero>: wait what
<Eric_>: lol
<JukeboxHero>: That's not fair I wasn't paying attention FUCK YOU ERIC
#310374 (39/45) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<@DigDug> whoa, adobe is dropping flash linux support
<@|silicon> I say we go to their house and wreck up the place
<@DigDug> i say we send them a cake
<@DigDug> maybe they'll drop mac and win support too
#304729 (38/76) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
ned: wifi on the acela is so fucking gay
ned: i cant load gmail
Rabbi-Work: wow ned
Rabbi-Work: maybe you could say it's "ineffective" or "disfunctional" instead of using gay as a pejorative
ned: wifi on the acela is so fucking dysfunctional
BONUS: im ineffective and disfunctional and take offense to people using ineffective and disfunctional as a pejorative
#301383 (40/84) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<Biff> i bought a server off ebay this past friday, and they said SHIPPED WITHIN TWO BUSINESS DAYS
<Biff> i'm still waiting for a response, a tracking number, ANYthing...
<Biff> and this seller has like, a 99.99% positive rating, with like, 60,000+ ratings
<Biff> i'm gonna turn that shit into 99.98
The London Vandal Store, you should check it out.
#309932 (49/73) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<Gilded> Damn ideology dealers
<Gilded> I once bought a two ounce bag of nihilism
<Gilded> Later I found out it had no value
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< the_wench2> Aikar: I removed --spider, but now I get files :(
< d3x> the_wench2, did you mean flies?
#309290 (15/45) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<nsz> " JavaScript allows you to change the <a> href after you click on it" whatcanpossiblygowrong
<dalias> dont worry goatse got shut down long ago :)
#307929 (22/48) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
Stoffleberg: U jbiw ;c
Stoffleberg: Pffft
Stoffleberg: Wow.
Bran: U jbiw
Stoffleberg: English how does it work.
Stoffleberg: I know*
Stoffleberg: My keyboard was a bit to the side.
Bran: ueaj that's what i guessed
#306637 (28/56) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<@Timmeh> aw man, Lucian Freud died
<crikes> 88 is very old for an artist
<@Digga> unspecified illness
#302875 (33/41) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<ddkt78> whats the word for the state of ignoring something, like facts and stuff?
<noodles_rock> Ignorance?
<ddkt78> no can't be it...
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<pokoko222> are you guys allowed graphing calculators on exams?
<amine> no
* Kage is
* dx is not
<pokoko222> why i dont get it
<pokoko222> it is dumb
<dx> It depends on the exam
<pokoko222> why waste time finding 6 points when i can just push a button
<lament> that's my perspective on foreplay
#300379 (23/43) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<Pryo[Geo110]> Professor: These faults are known as dip slips.
<Pryo[Geo110]> Professor: The dip slip has a slot, called the dip slip keyhole.
<Pryo[Geo110]> Professor: The hanging wall is thrust upwards into the keyhole in the reverse dip slip fault.
<Asaph> That last one is NOT real.
<Pryo[Geo110]> it is, and I swear to god, this is the best class in the history of classes.
<Pryo[Geo110]> A 90 year old man just said "Dip Slip" over 50 times in under 5 minutes, in a completely legitimate scientific lecture. My life is complete.
#310109 (32/48) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<shree> there was a hackerspace in london
<shree> it had IP video cams, that you could point at different stuff, through the website
<shree> I used to go on there
<shree> watch the people
<shree> especially at night - some of them slept there
<shree> they would know I was there because the camera moved
<shree> some of them would cover it with stuff
<shree> it made me feel less lonely though
<shree> I felt like, them covering the camera, is real interaction in a way
Comment: #/g/sicp on Rizon
#309120 (85/111) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<chernobyl> Last night, Chewbacca and I were having a conversation in my billion dollar mansion about how much we hate people who lie on the Internet...
<mabus> well there's lying, and then there's exaggerating about your wife and apartment
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