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<DrDM> So, when worshipping the Random Number Goddess, d20 is Unitarian, while GURPS is Trinitarian?
<Celti> Sure. d20 has all those lesser saints mucking things up, though: the d4, Patron Die of Magic; the d6, Patron Die of Rogues, and the d10, Patron Die of Swordsmen.
<Celti> GURPS may be Trinitarian, but it's *pure* about it.
<DrDM> You forgot the Patron Die of Rage, the d12, so named because of the emotion it inspires when it inevitably fails to stop rolling.
<DrDM> The thing I like most about "GURPS is Trinitarian" is that each of the individual dice involved are meaningless without the other two -- it really *is* a "three-that-are-one" *thing*.
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<HalfNote6>Dear Autocorrect: "Everytime" is an adjective, and only suitable for bad advertizing slogans. STOP correcting "every time" to "everytime" EVERY TIME!
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<Flanders> Beauty and the Beast: the gothic role-playing platformer
<Flanders> With the player as Gaston.
<TEHJAYBEEZ> No one hits like Gaston, rolls his crits like Gaston, no one min-maxes character stats like Gaston!
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Em3rgency: so thats why i need rocky, in case you were wondering
Em3rgency: also, how would you know its his work phone?
Daniel: oh, okay
Daniel: he called me on it a while back
Daniel: told me it was his work phone
Em3rgency: huh, so you actually had his number
Em3rgency: thats like... real life friend level of intimacy
Em3rgency: I am surprised
Daniel: to be fair
Daniel: it wasnt up to me
Daniel: zodiac found a fucking website with my number on it
Em3rgency: lmao
Em3rgency: of course he did...
Em3rgency: god damn zodiac
Em3rgency: if he put in half the effort in his uni studies
Em3rgency: as he does in being creepy
Em3rgency: he would've gotten a friggin PhD
Daniel: haha
Em3rgency: instead of you know... dropping out
Comment: Zodiac has a portfolio on everyone...
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<Xolroc> You know I love that conversations in this room can go from boob jokes to esoteric advanced mathematics and no one bats an eye
<Xolroc> It's like, we're defying stereotypes here
<Kasran> it's like #weird isn't filled with normal types
<Kasran> go figure
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* Switches wants to shoot "paper launches" and rid the world of the crap...
<penguin42> 'Paper launches'? Is that like paper aircraft?
<Switches> I wish
<Switches> I wouldn't want to shoot them as paper planes are rather fun
<Switches> Nvidia "paper launched" the 1070, I'm just hoping to hell AMD don't pull more at the press event they have later
<Flannel> just don't use paper lasers on landing paper planes, or else it's a paper felony.
<SonikkuAmerica> Only a paper felony, Flannel? Does it land me in paper prison?
<Afrix> many paper cuts :o
<Flannel> Yes, SonikkuAmerica. And if you're unlucky, they might throw you to the paper tigers.
<SonikkuAmerica> Oh no, not the paper tigers!
<SonikkuAmerica> They will crush my bones with their paper teeth!
<Afrix> or send you to the paper work mines :O
<SonikkuAmerica> Gasp!
<SonikkuAmerica> Where I'll have to hack away mining paper coal for the rest of my life?!
Comment: #ubuntu-offtopic on Freenode
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<MollyMetroid> naked, and playing DS tetris online against a human opponent
<MollyMetroid> is the only way to poop
<MollyMetroid> because if you win
<WinsonPaine> ha
<WinsonPaine> hahahah
<MollyMetroid> they got beat at tetris by a naked pooping person
<WinsonPaine> if you lose you can avenge yourself by shitting on your DS
<WinsonPaine> it is brilliant
<MollyMetroid> well no
<MollyMetroid> if you lose
<MollyMetroid> big deal
<MollyMetroid> you're just taking a dump
<MollyMetroid> big triumph for the other guy
<MollyMetroid> they beat a naked shitting person
<WinsonPaine> MollyMetroid
<WinsonPaine> they should have sent a poet
<WinsonPaine> good news MollyMetroid
<WinsonPaine> they DID
<WinsonPaine> In the bathroom
<WinsonPaine> I saw a creature, naked, bestial,
<WinsonPaine> Who, squatting upon the ground,
<WinsonPaine> Held their DS in their hands,
<WinsonPaine> And played tetris on it.
<WinsonPaine> I said, “Is it good, friend?”
<WinsonPaine> “It is bitter—bitter,” they answered;
<WinsonPaine> “But I like it
<WinsonPaine> “Because it is the shitter,
<WinsonPaine> “And because it is my heart.”
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<aji> I wonder if you can crossbreed a Shibe and a Vaporwave...
<aji> v a p o r w a v e
<aji>   s       o
<aji>   t       w     s
<aji>   h             u
<aji>   e c l e c t i c
<aji>   t   o         h
<aji>   i   l
<aji>   c             r
<aji>                 e
<aji>                 t
<aji>                 r
<aji>     m a c i n t o s h
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<mikespears> my last girlfriend was 29
<valesi> wow
<mikespears> the one before that was 27
<blazeme8> ghz?
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<@snk> there are many knowledgeable nerds on freenode. their favorite activity is informing others of their knowledge against those other's will.
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<acidjazz> what was it you were saying you found in vim?
<oclet> if you open a new blank vim as root and type :w! /etc/shadow it will show an ansi fireworks show
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<gholms> Is it just me or does winload set itself as the default every single time it boots?
<fenrus02> what's winload?
<gholms> windows's bootloader
<fenrus02> oh.  just you.  i dont have that malware ;)
Comment: #fedora-devel
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<asterick> Sadly, the custom slack emoji for chloroform we have in our work slack is not standard across the internet.
#311172* (?/11) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<@Aule|Away> Chocolate chip cookie dough poptarts make me nostalgic.
<@Aule|Away> Sometimes when I eat them, my first thought will literally be "This tastes like Super Mario Sunshine"
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<RGize_re_reborn> I don´t trust pregnant women...because i feel like they are hiding something from me
#311168* (?/12) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
< eightyeight> the trick is convincing my family _why_ they need end-to-end encrypted communication
< eightyeight> seriously, if it even comes remotely close to a discussion about security or privacy, they shrug their shoulders with "I don't have anything to hide anyway. lolololol"
< eightyeight> i've always responded with "Well, then let me see you naked."
< eightyeight> hasn't worked yet
< eightyeight> :)
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<cyandroid> my arm is sore
<Celti> my me is sore
<LannisterMobile> My wallet is sore
<Celti> My wallet is long past sore and is in intensive care at the hospital
<Celti> Only it's a shitty hospital that doesn't give a shit about wallets without any money or insurance
<Celti> So they're ignoring it and letting it malinger and die unnoticed
<Celti> Eventually it will get cremated with two dozen other un-cared-for wallets in a mass cremation and dumped in an anonymous grave
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< rk> is it better to learn to code using c?
< Love4Boobies> When comparing something to something else ("better"), it makes sense to mention what it is you're comparing.
< Saparok> rk: it's better than diving head-first into the grand canyon without a parachute.
< Saparok> but surprisingly analogous.
Comment: freenode ##c
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<~LexPro> wow Rex cum Japan languages do they speak
<&T2norway> why do I come back to that message
#311163* (?/12) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
* Jigsy pulls out a Lawyer and a 12 inch Subpeona.
#311161* (?/10) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<kunwon1> It is one of two robotic drone ships used by SpaceX for its rocket landing attempts, the second of which is named "Just Read the Instructions." The ship titles honor legendary sci-fi author Iain M. Banks; both are names of sentient, planet-sized Culture starships that first appear in Banks' "The Player of Games," according to Tor.com.
<Elench> They aren't really planet sized except in crew capacity
<evolv> Elench, kind of like my balls
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<&NekoBrianFangirl> I wouldn't even know that Azerbaijan existed without Eurovision
<&NekoBrianFangirl> ALSO
<&NekoBrianFangirl> Spelt it right first try
<&NekoBrianFangirl> BOOM! Proof Eurovision is educational
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< feliks_> is there a way to generate code and execute it without breaking C89 standards?
< feliks_> i mean like casting some memory that the program wrote to a function pointer and calling it
< kate> nope. C's just not that kind of language
< rump> and she's just not that kind of girl
< rump> .. until 2 drinks
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<Microchip> zsh: command not found: emacs
<Microchip> ^ This explains why I have free space.
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<urs> Any polish native speakers here? Google translate tells me that "śmierć, kutas, zniszczenie" means "death, dick, destruction".
<urs> But I'm not sure if that is supposed to be a praise or a curse.
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