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<kolby> learn so grahmar(sp? ;[) and get back to me
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<AlmtyBob> 401k's are for homos who fucking intend to live until 65
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<Ash> Yeah, but iln's pot abuse makes him unemployable.
<iln> you can't abuse pot ash
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<ckx> women ask for it
<ckx> they act all old and mature
<ckx> and then you stick your cock up their ass
<ckx> and they get all bitchy
<ckx> "I"M ONLY 13, I'M ONLY 13!!!"
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<Guilty> Oh god I just changed my pw and instantly forgot it
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<`Xenocide> Bolstered by the state of Kansas' recent measure removing the requirement for the teaching of evolution in public schools, yesterday afternoon the Mississippi legislature passed a bill eliminating fractions and decimal points from the mathematics curriculum of all public secondary schools in the state.
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<Tempy^^> I'll settle for old and fat
<Tempy^^> begger can't be choosers
<Tempy^^> prolly find used condoms inside of her
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<Dr_DOS> My fish get scared of pizza boxes.
<Dr_DOS> They think they're giant borg ships or smth
<repp0r> Don't put an anchovie pizza near your fish.
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<@Unsavory> eggdrop1.4.0 is weird
<@Unsavory> its got just a different feel to it
<@Unsavory> like an anus and a vagina
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<TOZTWO> I was kinda shy, and still am, so right after sex, I started getting dressed before she could turn on the lights......
<TOZTWO> Well, she turns the light on, and I have my clothes on already, and she can't find her undies.......
<TOZTWO> But she finds my undies next to the bed.
<TOZTWO> Guess whose undies I'm wearing?
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<emufreak> And now, an interview with Marat Fayzullin.
<emufreak> How did you get into emulation?
<RST38h> Well, it started when som*** PLZ PAY $35 TO CONTINUE
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<wecell> new apples look fairly interesting, but i'd hate to buy into something that is going to CRASH all the time.
<DigDug> wecell : What are you using right now?
<wecell> i've always used windows machines.
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<watashi-x> Oh my God! Are you attemping to DoS me?
<Polymer> WTF are you talking about dumb ass
<Polymer> I can't get into your MS-DOS
#13 (220/1132) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<EtherMan> stoner chicks suck
<EtherMan> they're a waste of a perfectly good set of breasts.
#12 (830/1433) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Moot> ok, here's what we do
<Moot> we break into AOL HQ
<Moot> and instead of the AOL setup utility, we put metallica mp3s on all of the startup cds
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<dazz:#cdr> its it possible to read half a disk at a time, eg, i have a small hd, can i read 300 mb, burn it, and the do the another 300 mb, and som on, eg on a psx game
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<Mishmashi> yesterday i got bisexual services
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<cooksii> incest is at least something the whole family can do.
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<DigDug> i think i'm gonna walk to the movie theater and see dinosaur...
<kimy-> and be surrounded by like 10 year old girls?
<Amanda_> He said Dinosaur, not N'Sync.
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