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<jestuh> i was trying to go the speed limit so i didn't get a ticket but a cop got me in a school zone
<DigDug> How much?
<jestuh> i'm talking about need for speed not real life
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<Ohtani> one day I will kill ever person on earth who says 'u' instead of 'u'
<Ohtani> err
<kaientai> Ohtani: Planning a suicide run?
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<Jigsaw> a DVD and a CD are the same thing when they're blank aren't they?
<Jarvik8> cds are made of pikachu skins
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<ckx> and some guy offered me a blowjob
<ckx> and i was considering it for awhile
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<Acero> dude we could get a ounce of chronic just for jerking off into a cup!
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<Theseus-> i love funk music so much... that sometimes i wish i was black and then i remember that i might want to get a job some day
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<madog-> my gf bought me a shirt 'Got Root?'
<Erich> madog: now now, no confusing your gf for your mom
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<matt`> it makes you get a horrible disease
<matt`> called "babies"
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<Moot> wanna hizack AOL?
<Chrix> i already did, i made it a horrible isp
#101 (-1/484) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Fred> isnt bitchx mirc?
#100 (-1/445) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Kayem> Don't tell anyone, but... I'M the one who gave Stella her groove back
#98 (2221/3860) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<ikkenai> i don't have hard drives. i just keep 30 chinese teenagers in my basement and force them to memorize numbers
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<reptile-> I can DoS people's cars from my GBA.
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<VIVI> Xbox already has the following games:
<VIVI> Microsoft Word
<VIVI> Microsoft Excel
<VIVI> Solitaire
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<skunko> i'm for legilization (sp) of marijuana
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<iMike-> call tech support and be like yeah my friend stole windows 2000 from officemax and he burned it for me
<iMike-> and it's not working properly
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<Mootar> what was god thinking when he made my ass sweat?
#92 (309/548) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Xavier> if it has 'teen' in the channel name, the collective iq of the group can automatically be assumed to be a negative value
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<MntLKeY> heh, i made up 'heh'
<Amanda`> That's a pretty outrageous claim.
<MntLKeY> i've being sayin it since 96
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<matt`> It is illegal to use UNIX in conjunction with a member of the opposite sex. This could prevent copulation-2.1.3-20.i386.tar.gz from compiling correctly.
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<tmhaidnk> whoa i can submit my prayers via html based forms !
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<Infe> but if i ever hit a deer with my car i'll be damned if i don't try to finish it off, i'll need the food after all my money is fixing the car#@$#@
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<Deano> hey i need a cd protection deleter proggy any1 help me
#86 (-1/5880) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<EM> heh i wonder if there will be any black people in my classes
<EM> like i couldnt imagine black ppl being in cisco routing!! because black people just jack cars!!!
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