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< The_Q> su - 9070b574c12
< The_Q> aww man. ignore that -- it's not my root password!!!!!
-!- The_Q [~xxx@xxx] has quit ["0wned"]
-!- The_Q [~xxx@xxx has joined #channel]
< The_Q> Hey, wtf happened to my box?!?!
#16112 (375/525) ⚐Flag
<@ataribaby> did you know birds actually have sex?
<@ataribaby> that disturbs me
<@shagman> you didn't think they did?
<@shagman> they just divided into new birds?
#7493 (371/521) ⚐Flag
<Cerebus> being bi-polar must suck
<Kender> well yes and no
#2300 (231/429) ⚐Flag
<Monkie> I am NEVER getting involed with a girl that has a communications problem again
<Monkie> =|
<matts> she didn't know how to use her cell phone?
<Vern> lol
<notlosman> lol
<notlosman> hahahhaah
<Monkie> actaully
<Monkie> yes
<Monkie> =|
#84297 (107/265) ⚐Flag
<stac> ...
<stac> wtf
<stac> i just called a mate in the office
<stac> he picks up and informs me that he is in the toilet taking a crap
<stac> i tell him i'll call later
<stac> and he says "no no, we can talk. it will be a longer session"
Comment: mWtNet/#sporks
#2396 (115/325) ⚐Flag
(`zero)                    ,__      FISH RULE AT DICKSUCKING
(`zero)                    |  `'.       /  BECAUSE WE DON'T HAVE
(`zero) __           |`-._/_.:---`-.._ /     TO STOP TO BREATHE
(`zero) \='.       _/..--'`__         `'-._
(`zero)  \- '-.--"`      ===        /   o  `',
(`zero)   )= (                 .--_ |       _.'   (HURF DUH GILLS)
(`zero)  /_=.'-._             {=_-_ |   .--`-.
(`zero) /_.'    `\`'-._        '-=   \    _.'
(`zero)     jgs  )  _.-'`'-..       _..-'`
(`zero)         /_.'        `/";';`|
(`zero)                      \` .'/
#305330 (1473/1629) ⚐Flag
<Pony> no, hadley. I am strictly in the vagina business
<Hadley> Pony: you should consider expanding your market!  i have some brochures about the penis market, if you'd like
<Pony> why have more penis if you already have one yourself
<Pony> it's like buying a second iphone. it's pointless and not usefull
<Hadley> Pony: like the iphone, a penis lacks multitasking, which is where investing in multiples comes in handy
<Pony> then it's still overkill, hadley. the second one should be an ipad or ipod in that case
<Hadley> Pony: so... if i get the analogy correctly... you're only interested in a penis if it's twice as big as your current one?
<Pony> yes
#836 (212/403) ⚐Flag
Hambone on #ramen #gaydads4sons #noodles
<blazemore> ash
<blazemore> get out of that gay channel, now
*** Hambone (shazam@24.gate3.yokota.attmil.ne.jp) has left #ramen
#14417 (123/278) ⚐Flag
<Titu� Crow> does that upset you tsukiyo?
<Titu� Crow> �)
<Tsukiyo> no
<Tsukiyo> do whatever floats your boat
<Tsukiyo> unless it has to do with me
<Titu� Crow> I don't have a boat.
<Tsukiyo> swim then
<Titu� Crow> What the hell are you talking about?
#40668 (253/371) ⚐Flag
<iSharQ> Apparently, my friend texted "I want to kick your shaven puppy" to his girlfriend.
<iSharQ> The wonders of T9 predictive text.
#20657 (209/353) ⚐Flag
<xyrnx> when people write 'there' instead of 'their' it fucking annoys me and i wanna rip their throat out
<xyrnx> but i guess each and his own
<eckesicle> xyrnx: you've got a point their.
<nocturnal> xyrnx: why so mad about there grammar
#304172 (202/294) ⚐Flag
<teapot> and i have a fantasy about having 2 men at once: one for cooking, and one for cleaning
<Wolfram> teapot - yes, but what do you do after you've cooked the first man?
<LionMan> clean the other one, of course
#4174 (163/293) ⚐Flag
<PapiChu1o> i only like DreamWeaver because it takes away the pain of staring at text
<S5474> I use a text based editor because it takes the pain away of pointing and clicking ;)
#305714 (123/177) ⚐Flag
<RAMPKORV> During the days of Yahoo IM, I added a guy randomly, then started spamming him with PENIS
<RAMPKORV> Appearantly, I did it exactly when he was doing a presentation for work
<fusion2004> gahaha
<RAMPKORV> and he replied 15 minutes later and was pretty angry
#307555 (173/209) ⚐Flag
Sarig: problem with satelites is ping
Sarig: You don't know what lightspeed is until you try to game over a geostationary satelite
#6147 (106/250) ⚐Flag
<bpshuler> it all comes down to what your goal is. and once again, because people don't want to figure out on their own what they want, they allow marketers to dictate it to them, then act on it. frustrates me to no end
<Yawgatog> I want Super Mario World for Game Boy Advance. That'll rule!
#8707 (134/277) ⚐Flag
<fraggle> get in trouble?
<Afterglow> fraggle: getting in trouble because you look like elton john, of course
<fraggle> yeah they're always disappointed when they find i cant play candle in the wind
<fraggle> "so.. we measure the voltage across.... wait is that elton john back there? can you play us a song?"
#22213 (272/456) ⚐Flag
Sinviras: Squeak got himself a g/f
Sinviras: ?
CVYSqueak915: yeah
Sinviras: grats
CVYSqueak915: thanks
Sinviras: what lvl is she?
CVYSqueak915: SHe has no internet
Sinviras: ....
Sinviras: dump her
#4169 (180/323) ⚐Flag
<sdr> i'm going to play with it first and become familiar, then show her how to use it
#299829 (689/817) ⚐Flag
<eyecer> how fast is your connection?
<R_den> well i went to a site that tests for things like that
<eyecer> what did it say?
<R_den> dunno. still waiting on the page to load
#32980 (29/327) ⚐Flag
<Oreoz> it was dark dammit
<Oreoz> i was laughing about something you said
<DAVO> sick
<Oreoz> then all of a sudden
<DAVO> hahaha
<Oreoz> WHOOOO
<Oreoz> WTF
#33 (1750/3981) ⚐Flag
[17:05] *** D1 sets mode: +o C-Rock
<D1> oh wait, I was trying to kick you.
#299844 (393/515) ⚐Flag
<Jafet> How the hell does youtube order its comments anyway?
<FauxFaux> Most annoying first.
#44508 (309/481) ⚐Flag
<s1r> i've said it before and i'll say it again
<s1r> we atheists do it in the ass
<s1r> exclusively
<chris> why?
<s1r> becasue we lack decency
<chris> i'll believe that
<s1r> yeah, you christians tend to believe anything
#14369 (261/433) ⚐Flag
<_aa_> ebay just bought paypal
<tezzO> they did?!
<tardmac> what was their winning bid?
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