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<Zorix> this room... heh.. its so immature
<ichibod> fuck off dicklicker
<Zorix> bite me fucktard
#10688 (149/310) ⚐Flag
<_astrOdz> you know if you shoplift , you dont pay tax
#304083 (-22/158) ⚐Flag
<geeknik> YouTube is infinitely more enjoyable when you completely hide the comments section on every video
#309813 (4/118) ⚐Flag
(Discussing random number systems)
<brousch> What if I'm using a headless system with no disk?!
<brousch> And no network
<mfarver> a headless system with no disk and no network is a brick.  Typically those don't have much use for entropy
<mfarver> sufficient entropy is not a feature I look for in a device to support the short end of the couch.
#311302 (28/52) ⚐Flag
<dn5> I have int start = 1476620495; and int end = 1476620495 (unix timestamp), but if I have int res; and then res = end - start, res returns 0 when printf with %d
<dn5> why?
<izalove> because it's the same number?
<fstd> duh
<dn5> okay thats not supposed to happen haha
<fstd> ,reset
<candide> Days since our last accident: 0
Comment: ##c at freenode
#302169 (-26/144) ⚐Flag
<scgtrp> froggey: [Link to circuit diagram]
<scgtrp> what's that thing above the transistor?
<froggey> a diode and a thing
<scgtrp> yes, what's the thing?
<froggey> dunno
<froggey> solemnwarning?
<solemnwarning> It's a box with a diagonal line through it
<froggey> that's what i thought
* scgtrp facepalms.
<froggey> scgtrp: go find a box with a diagonal line through it
#295147 (-31/143) ⚐Flag
<Tex> there was an incident a while back where someone threw out a baby
<Tex> ended up in a recycling center
<Lucifer7> what's worse than a bucket of oh hell i've said this too many times
<Tex> in the machines
<Tex> they had to shut the whole place down
<Tex> biohazard nightmare
<Lucifer7> wow
<Lucifer7> their entire operation shut down in an infant
#310981 (-28/128) ⚐Flag
<froggey> oops
* froggey hopes that didn't break anything
<froggey> FUCK
<scgtrp> you managed to set a network card on fire, didn't you
<froggey> basically
<froggey> my test machine has no power button, so I've been poking the on/off header with a screwdriver
<froggey> I missed
#310126 (-63/141) ⚐Flag
<schuko> i've had my share with C working with embedded software
<schuko> it's like star wars
<schuko> you shave off a few bytes and then there's a new hope
<schuko> then you run the test suite and the empire strikes back
Comment: #/g/sicp on Rizon
#304182 (-75/183) ⚐Flag
<@Erasmus> So advertising homeopathy is now illegal?
<@Erasmus> Or other quacky things.
<@Sebas> "Buy my ducks!"
* @Sebas gets arrested
#302029 (-67/201) ⚐Flag
<celti> Fuck, my cigarette burnt down to my toes.
<jules> don't you mean fingers?
<celti> No, I mean toes. I was smoking with my toes so I didn't get ash in the keyboard.
<jules> WTF
#311401 (-49/213) ⚐Flag
Optical Disc: My little brother recently got grounded from video games
Optical Disc: He had no clue what else to do so I suggested he play outside
Optical Disc: So he went and just stood there for a while
Optical Disc: And now he's hitting a rock with a stick
Optical Disc: I asked if he's having fun and he said "I don't know"
#310615 (-129/165) ⚐Flag
<+toordog> omg, I cannot stand working with a developer who takes 1 hour
to do a 30 second task...
<+bsdwolf> he's probably on IRC
#309608 (-120/202) ⚐Flag
<Reven> i remember this chick trying to tell me i got her pregnent and extort me for money
<Reven> i sat her down on my bed said "wait here" and went to the closet rummaged for a couple seconds and pulled out a coat hanger and started straitening it
<Reven> and said "dont worry i've done this before"
#311125 (-112/226) ⚐Flag
<@barometz> Ha, I just agreed to "There was a problem loading the content of this EULA."
<@barometz> Wonder whether that's binding.
#61602 (494/642) ⚐Flag
<Apophis> I think I need to trim my toenails.
<Apophis> either that or I'm a special kind of idiot
<Apophis> or both
<Apophis> my hand is bleeding from an 'unfortunate sock putting-on injury'
#164446 (266/444) ⚐Flag
Vystrix_Nexoth wonders why Apophis is reading something that would discuss things like Beverly Hills 90210 spinoffs.
<Apophis> because Wikipedia links are too easy to follow
<Apophis> and they take you to strange places after a while
<Apophis> and you can't figure out how you got there
<Apophis> they're kinda like tequila
#95753 (2312/3180) ⚐Flag
<xkcd> honestly, I'm not entirely sure that I will ever get tired of amusing pictures of cats
#59146 (437/589) ⚐Flag
<madman> Perhaps I'm a bit racist.
<madman> This Mexican guy called saying he was interested in the car I was selling, so I give him the directions to my house.
<madman> I see him pull up in his truck, and so I go outside to greet him, guess what I say?
<madman> "Hey Pedro!"
<madman> I'm about to apologize when he says, "How'd you know my name? I didn't even tell you!"
<madman> Talk about lucky.
#34219 (449/605) ⚐Flag
<domenow> I'm gripping your cock hard
<ThAtGuy> i'm feeling your breasts
<ThAtGuy> my dick is getting really hard now
<domenow> yeah, mine too
<domenow> I mean... err.
#35267 (2281/3137) ⚐Flag
<deF> democrats swallow
<TheBrad> well, that's a constructive way to look at politics
<Vampire> deF your not even american
<Vampire> you cant have a opinion
<Vampire> heh
<MECHANIX> yeah hes a fucking swede
<MECHANIX> what do you guys have
<MECHANIX> swedolitics?
<deF> blondes with big breasts
* deF wins *
#27372 (386/520) ⚐Flag
(parazite) Legolas did you take your name from lord of the rings?
(@ Legolas) no, I got it from this magazine
(@ Legolas) it was advertising salogel, its a type of lubricant
(@ Legolas) I just did the name backwards and I liked it.......
#306677 (338/454) ⚐Flag
<maxson> honestly
<maxson> it's weird because
<maxson> normally, i'd get to know her better before asking her out
<Leaff> you're asking for relationship advice froma 12 year old?
<Leaff> oh
<Leaff> ok
<maxson> the only way i'm going to get to know her better is by asking her out
<maxson> so it's like a dilemma
<maxson> also yes
<maxson> irl this would be creepy
<Leaff> yup
<Leaff> irl me hanging out with you would be creepy
<maxson> yup
<Leaff> irl a lot of things that people do on the internet would be creepy
<maxson> like talk to people while looking at porn
<Leaff> exactly
<maxson> "hey james how's it going"
<maxson> "HRRNG oh fine URRRGH you?"
<Leaff> "are you fapping"
<maxson> "did you piss your pants"
<maxson> "you're in the ballpark"
<Leaff> i think we should end this part of the conversation right now
<Leaff> before it gets
* Leaff sunglasses
<maxson> out of hand?
<Leaff> out of haFUCK YOU
#270335 (329/441) ⚐Flag
<@[midas]> I remember calling the Nintendo Tip Line once for Castlevania II though
<@[midas]> Some spot where I had to crouch to make some stairs appear got me stuck
<@[midas]> I still remember their old phone number
<@[midas]> 206-885-7529
<@[midas]> I don't know my sister's birthday, but I remember the Nintendo Game Assistance Hotline
#106497 (1957/2693) ⚐Flag
<jamiebarrow> jlitc: psivamp is taking pics of her tits aparently
<jlitc> jamiebarrow: ooh, I joined at just the right time
<jamiebarrow> jlitc: a tit is a kind of bird
<jlitc> jamiebarrow: aww
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