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#310978 (112/120) ⚐Flag
<!spaghetti> What's that thing deaf people have
< FrobtheBuilder> peace and quiet?
#16588 (144/319) ⚐Flag
<tipz> just remember kids
<tipz> hippos eat strawberry ice cream
<thadood> I'll keep that in mind next time I visit your mom.
#311511* (?/5) ⚐Flag
<GiMP> Ya it's alright, I was never close to her
<Talgie> Well still I am sorry about your cunt
<GiMP> Nah my cunt is just fine, functioning as usual. Actually used it last night
<Kard> TMI!!!!
<Talgie> well thank god for small favors, and apparently Kard is gay
#55613 (357/507) ⚐Flag
<Spoonman> it's wonderful when you log into IRC and the nickname reads: "dirtyslut"
<Spoonman> i'm going to have a talk with my girlfriend right now
#249263 (355/495) ⚐Flag
<Paine> "Cuntcannon" is a fun word.
<Paine> I just invented it.
<Paine> it's a verb.
<Paine> "She cuntcannoned that pingpong ball across the room"
<fireweasel> i think a cannon implies an ignition source. it's more like a pussypult.
#50388 (351/491) ⚐Flag
<Slater_> I HATE sticky keys!
<Slater_> I specifically remember being just about to take that perfect headshot in Counter-Strike, tapping the shift-key to sneak a bit forward for a clean view. ...and then...
<Slater_> "Hello! We think you must be severely handicapped, since you just pressed the shift key. We will now close your game and teach you a bit about using your computer with no hands. Love thy Windows experience!"
#246970 (345/441) ⚐Flag
<zach[w]> You know, I really think the phrase "Wookiees can load their bowcasters with both standard and explosive-tipped quarrels.[citation needed]" is a perfect description of Wikipedia.
#309850 (496/522) ⚐Flag
<bbitmaster> bah, this is the dumbest thing ever. I broke linux mint over the silliest thing, and I am quite pissed.
<bbitmaster> The bottom panel was too small. I was adjusting it to be more manageable. I accidentally right clicked on the "+" in the dialog that makes it larger.
<bbitmaster> right clicking causes it to go to max size. It now fills the screen and I can't go to any other window or menu or anything. I restarted and it kept that setting.
* 1 hour later
<bbitmaster> I joined the linux mint help channel, the guy there helping me suddenly left
<bbitmaster> he came back and said he was stupid enough to "recreate my problem"
<bbitmaster> and now he's in the same boat
#309577 (506/536) ⚐Flag
<Caboose> Mango, you're a programmer, right?
<Mango> Depends.  If you're asking because you're curious, yes, I've been a programmer for most of my career.
<Mango> If you're asking because you installed 5000 toolbars and now your computer "runs kinda slow", I work at Starbucks.
#311508* (?/9) ⚐Flag
<SirFinkus> woohooo
<SirFinkus> hype as fuck
<SirFinkus> seeing earth in a few hours
<Heads_Up> hahah just look at the ground dude it's right there
#300810 (413/657) ⚐Flag
Crimson_Judas: I overheard this chick at lunch talking to a friend
Crimson_Judas: About how she had to terminate her pregnancy when she was young, and now that she's ready for children she can't get pregnant
lemonlimeskull: Classic case of ABORT, RETRY, FAIL.
#4209 (137/290) ⚐Flag
<slacker> drunken sex is cool because your mind wanders
<slacker> you think about shit like...mountains
#89678 (510/776) ⚐Flag
<JMGonk> Seriously though, and this has bugged me for years, why aren't there robots constantly roaming the halls of CSC?
<JMGonk> We're the Computing Science department for fucks sake, WE SHOULD HAVE ROBOTS
<Digital> I am fully supportive of patrols by 7 foot tall laser-wielding tankbots with unmatched firepower and strength.
<rstoski> Someone would steal them?
<Digital> If you try and steal it, it communicates with nearby tankbots via 802.11g to plan and coordinate a tactical strike employing lethal force.
<Digital> We shall rule CSC by fear!
<rstoski> 802.11g?  Digital, you're living in the past; 802.11n Draft 2.
<Digital> no, best to stay away from drafts until they're finalized. Otherwise, our current generation of kill-bots might not interoperate with future revisions.
Comment: *sigh* nerds
#62589 (169/385) ⚐Flag
< zeleftikam> i had a fuckin weird ass dream last night.. suddenly i realised i could wikipedia two things at once and that was somehow amazing, then i appeared in a dance club and this dj at a table had two record turntables except they were circular lcd screens and each had a wikipedia page, and as he scratched the screens back and forth different wikipedia pages flipped on them
< zeleftikam> and he was reading them
< zeleftikam> because he was Lord Nikon from Hackers
Comment: #null (irc.nullirc.net)
#311140 (13/13) ⚐Flag
< m1dnight_> Jezus, these damn terrorists are blowing up half my
< m1dnight_> I was late for the university today.
< m1dnight_> Thank god I had to pass 2 bombsites on my way to the university. Not to mention the fact that my university was an actual target (immediate threat)
< m1dnight_> Man this stuff is surreal. People are texting me to ask me if I'm alive..
< m1dnight_> Even one guy "I knew I had to try IRC to contact you so I installed this mirc thing" :>>>
#302071 (30/46) ⚐Flag
<rigeld2> Just got a workorder with a list of domains who supposedly blacklist us.  Our domain is on that list.  I wonder when we started blacklisting ourselves.
* rigeld2 stabs stupid people
<inode0> I would do it if I had the power
<inode0> I could improve the lives of 60,000 people just like that
#305355 (28/66) ⚐Flag
(RooRoo) okay so this guy  I've known for like 4 years from conventions, has been trying to seduce me via webcam. cause me losing all that weight made him decide that suddenly, I'm a hot chick.
(RooRoo) I made a 'small penis' joke because he took his pants off when I told him not to
(RooRoo) and then he called his dick 'Bruce Banner'
(RooRoo) who is the guy that becomes the hulk
(RooRoo) I busted out laughing
(RooRoo) could not take him seriously at all after that
#309733 (30/44) ⚐Flag
<rmah> (reading books is my primary ipad activity)
<rmah> well, that and crossword puzzles
<atomi> I take my tablet to the bar and use it to ignore people
#305906 (41/59) ⚐Flag
< tobyx> i want to fly to switzerland and make free love to the founder of rapidshare
< mc44> you'll catch something horrible :(
< mc44> but only after you wait 60 seconds
#311440 (16/20) ⚐Flag
< hydrocat> Hello, I need some insight on asyncio's run_forever()
< o11c> hydrocat: if it is correctly named, it is a limited solution for the halting problem
#197234 (38/58) ⚐Flag
<wito> I like my variables like I like my women
<Polytope> bound?
<thermoplyae> greek?
<Szego> hairy?
<Quadrescence> infinitely differentiable?
<acetoline> free?
<Aldaron> complex?
#311214 (15/25) ⚐Flag
<&kapitank> oh wow a mistype such a rare thing that deserves being pointed out every time it hapens =^)
<~LexPro> hapens
<&T2norway> hapens
#305413 (34/70) ⚐Flag
<+Meow> what's the alternative to html tables?
<+slew> html chairs
Comment: irc.p2p-network.net / #zomgwtfbbq
#302675 (24/26) ⚐Flag
<^[> if i get a new machine i've got everything else planned out for my old parts
<^[> the old desktop turns into a render box
<^[> the old render box turns into a fileserver
<^[> the old fileserver turns into a flowerpot
<^[> and the old flowerpot goes outside because i haven't watered it in like 9 months and the plants have been long dead
#214164 (16/56) ⚐Flag
AbortedFetus has left irc.slashnet.org (Ping timeout)
<orbofwisdom> man that was a good burger
<Kitsune> O_o
<Kitsune> did you.. eat... AbortedFetus?
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