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(Discussing random number systems)
<brousch> What if I'm using a headless system with no disk?!
<brousch> And no network
<mfarver> a headless system with no disk and no network is a brick.  Typically those don't have much use for entropy
<mfarver> sufficient entropy is not a feature I look for in a device to support the short end of the couch.
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<scgtrp> froggey: [Link to circuit diagram]
<scgtrp> what's that thing above the transistor?
<froggey> a diode and a thing
<scgtrp> yes, what's the thing?
<froggey> dunno
<froggey> solemnwarning?
<solemnwarning> It's a box with a diagonal line through it
<froggey> that's what i thought
* scgtrp facepalms.
<froggey> scgtrp: go find a box with a diagonal line through it
#310904 (9/17) ⚐Flag
<Phase> what html do function does function calls actually generate?
<Phase> if youcan't tell, i didn't speel welo
<Phase> sleep'
<Xena> can you words that again?
<Phase> well'
#295147 (32/54) ⚐Flag
<Tex> there was an incident a while back where someone threw out a baby
<Tex> ended up in a recycling center
<Lucifer7> what's worse than a bucket of oh hell i've said this too many times
<Tex> in the machines
<Tex> they had to shut the whole place down
<Tex> biohazard nightmare
<Lucifer7> wow
<Lucifer7> their entire operation shut down in an infant
#302029 (35/81) ⚐Flag
<celti> Fuck, my cigarette burnt down to my toes.
<jules> don't you mean fingers?
<celti> No, I mean toes. I was smoking with my toes so I didn't get ash in the keyboard.
<jules> WTF
#310864 (56/70) ⚐Flag
<Raven> Is it still Passover?
<Kyol> Is Jesus still dead?
<Morwen> No Kyol, thats what Easter was all about.
<Kyol> Ah. So let me see. He gets nailed to a tree on Good Friday, spends a few days in a cave, comes out on Easter.. Then  what?
<hockwork> if he sees his shadow, its another 6 weeks of winter
#30461 (186/368) ⚐Flag
<Calisa> "After his arrest in 1990 police found photographs that Black had taken of himself: one showed him with a wine-bottle up his anus, another with a telephone-handset, yet another with a table leg."
<FifthColumn> Sadly the inspectors drank from the wine bottle, talked on the telephone, and beat a minority with the table leg before they found the photographs.
#310981 (34/40) ⚐Flag
<froggey> oops
* froggey hopes that didn't break anything
<froggey> FUCK
<scgtrp> you managed to set a network card on fire, didn't you
<froggey> basically
<froggey> my test machine has no power button, so I've been poking the on/off header with a screwdriver
<froggey> I missed
#310729 (7/13) ⚐Flag
< wushin> I'm freaking out.
< MadCamel> Why?
< wushin> I accidentally sold a theater to my neighborhood and they are buying it.
#304182 (26/70) ⚐Flag
<@Erasmus> So advertising homeopathy is now illegal?
<@Erasmus> Or other quacky things.
<@Sebas> "Buy my ducks!"
* @Sebas gets arrested
#309810 (36/54) ⚐Flag
VioletFox: so lets say you have been married for 10+ years and you are still in love with your wife.  theres a disaster of somer kind, zombies or something. and you also recently had a baby. its at most 1 year old. And something happens, there is only enough time to save one. who do you choose?
lewdicus: Wife, for the following reasons:
lewdicus: 1) Society has invested a LOT in making her functional. The baby is comparatively worthless
lewdicus: 2) She can walk
lewdicus: 3) Infant mortality has only been low for the last 200 years - probably the baby would have been dead had I been born in a different time anyway
lewdicus: 4) Babies are pretty easy to make
lewdicus: 5) The societal infrastructure for making new adult humans is probably gone, but the reproductive infrastructure for making new babies is always there
lewdicus: 6) Sex
lewdicus: 7) Love
lewdicus: QED babies suck uninstall life.exe
VioletFox: lol
#9241 (207/361) ⚐Flag
<@SwiftEdge> when i get my new comp I can play network games
<@SwiftEdge> but seeing as i have no friends i will have to run fast back and forth between the two
#9237 (128/284) ⚐Flag
<jixn|breakfast> BRB: Going to Europe.
#9232 (220/374) ⚐Flag
<blaky> be back, gotta clean a fan
<chomp> did shit hit it?
#310741 (-26/78) ⚐Flag
Bruno: Brogue is a fun little roguelike
Bruno: It's like a roguelike with everything superfluous stripped out
Wizard Lachesis: so basically a title screen and then you press enter and it goes directly to the "you're dead" screen
#301367 (-56/190) ⚐Flag
<RangerRick> OK, really people.  The hitler subtitle mashups are just not funny anymore.  I don't care how funny you think it is, the 30th variant is just not amusing.  You're too late, find a new meme!
<@bbraun> so, you're the hitler of hitler subtitle mashups?
<RangerRick> I think it's fair to say that the meme was pre-Godwin'd.
<chandler> yeah, but is there a hitler subtitle mashup making fun of hitler subtitle mashups making fun of hitler subtitle mashups yet?
<chandler> if not, then insufficient metairony
<gh1> recursive self-Godwinism?
<gh1> people could be hurt...
<dre^> we call that hitlerecursion, aka SIGHEIL
#311345 (-101/151) ⚐Flag
< o11c> Is there any portable function to convert an integer to a string in a signal handler? `s[n]prinf` is *not* on the list of async-signal-safe functions ...
< izabera> there is but you're not gonna like it
< izabera> write is safe, fork is safe, execve is safe
Comment: od -t d4
#304083 (35/85) ⚐Flag
<geeknik> YouTube is infinitely more enjoyable when you completely hide the comments section on every video
#40749 (101/183) ⚐Flag
<lonely_soul> Lol my little cousin,went on the pc one day,and he decided to type in his moms name,and a porn site came up, lol and he's like MOM! why do you have these pictures on here,and shes like thats not mine! and hes like well it says its your site,its your name.:P lol he still thinks its hers.
<Hurricane> Whats her name?
#54312 (392/514) ⚐Flag
<markos_64> GreyKnight: any idea on what to do with a router that screams on contact with holy water?
<markos_64> it seems to have real fun dropping, duping, or delaying my packets
<GreyKnight> Carefully open the cover
<GreyKnight> Poke inside with a screwdriver
<GreyKnight> Dodge any sparks and/or angry ancestors
<markos_64> Bob already suggested that i use a hammer
<GreyKnight> Then, replace the cover
<GreyKnight> and very very carefully
<GreyKnight> sell it on eBay to some poor sucker and buy a new one with the proceeds
<markos_64> shut the fuck up. i already bought it on internet auction.
<markos_64> i'm not going to ever do it again.
<GreyKnight> See? It worked for the previous owner.
#19628 (119/317) ⚐Flag
#32500 (222/340) ⚐Flag
<grommet> what the fuck am I doing in this IRc??!!
<grommet> i could be hooking up with the hottest german girl right now
<rob> really?
<grommet> well....no
<grommet> but i could be fantasizing about it
#43091 (197/345) ⚐Flag
(@Hidden_Hunter): My teacher was telling me that we had to write a creative story
(@Hidden_Hunter): few questions later she gets to me
(@Hidden_Hunter): and I ask if it can be an erotic story (jkingly)
(@Hidden_Hunter): she said that it needed to be creative
(@Hidden_Hunter): so i said what if it has banannas and spacegirls in it
(@Hidden_Hunter): she said it also needed suspense
(@Hidden_Hunter): i said no problem
(@Hidden_Hunter): the suspense is where the bananna went
Comment: #osbetaarchive
#636 (235/458) ⚐Flag
<Anagon> IT'S UP! I GOT IT UP!
<Anagon> (no, not like that)
#105463 (129/207) ⚐Flag
<CtrlAltDestroy> I was renaming some files on my desktop earlier, and I guess I got mixed up somewhere.
<CtrlAltDestroy> Because I just found a file called "Metroid Prime 3 Corruption - Chocolate Rain.mp3"
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