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#300527 (24/44) ⚐Flag
{rammy} all i really know about electricity is white to bright, black to brass, and green to ground.
{Alejo} and two in the pink one in the stink
{rammy} that's sex alejo
{rammy} wrong subjet
{Alejo} uhhh its the shocker
#302558 (15/21) ⚐Flag
<Carlambor> when I was in primary school in handcraft classes, I said to my teacher "Will i get an A if I carve your portrait out of wood with a knife?" and he said "it's forbidden to make pictures of god"
#9169 (193/374) ⚐Flag
[Modnar] 3y3 0wnz j00
[TMBG37] n0 j00 d0n7
[Modnar] dude, i've got the inv0ice right here
#29309 (198/388) ⚐Flag
<Vehementi> heh, was at this party last night, this dude had the best wife ever, he was extremely drunk and playing max payne, and his sober wife was helping him play, telling him where to go, etc.
#146404 (67/227) ⚐Flag
<Cosmo> Fox is pro war and anti good tv shows
#366 (326/532) ⚐Flag
<Toazt> "Too few women on the internet?
<Toazt> There are lots of women on the internet,
<Toazt> only most of them are naked and in JPG-format."
#45472 (271/439) ⚐Flag
<ProfGlitch> hahaha, how ironic:
<ProfGlitch> "USA/Japan's [StarCraft] match ended in America's favor after their Terran player resolved two nuclear attacks on the Japanese team's main bases."
#310619 (30/30) ⚐Flag
bcallah | yeah I'm going to bed before I end up in another openbsd fanfic
#310560 (22/26) ⚐Flag
<@PapaJohn> that's like the BRT in my old shop
<@PapaJohn> nobody knew what it was
<@PapaJohn> i gave briefings to very high officials using the acronym and never got asked
<@PapaJohn> oh we use this signal, run it through a typical BRT and
<@PapaJohn> brt meant Big Round Thing
<@PapaJohn> true story bro
Comment: PapaJohn is ex US military
#305292 (47/69) ⚐Flag
<marshalldavis> new pet peeve - users registering with our site who have a www prefix on the email address
<marshalldavis> this one had his resume as a wps and stuck a .doc on the end...
<BadMojo> I started using PDF after finding out that many recruiters/headhunters were changing my resume. They didn't typically have access to tools to edit my PDF.
<RangerRick> I always send mine in a custom binary format, zipped along with a text file of the spec on how to implement a parser
<RangerRick> it's a custom variant of UNICODE, called UTF-13
<tyler_wylie> RangerRick: nah it should be UTF-|-15| ( absolute value)
<BadMojo> I hand over a platinum plate, laser etched with my resume, and attached to a replica of a voyager space probe.
Comment: #opennms
#296807 (32/48) ⚐Flag
<skint> i heard all Russians are poor and illiterate
<lennoxRU> almostly
#310401 (45/55) ⚐Flag
<Zavie> Saga_Musix this actually happened when opening my Internet line: "Do you want a phone?" "hmm why not, how much? ok then." ... later: "Please write your name, address, phone number..." "I don't have a phone number." "We need a phone number." "You do realize you are asking me for a phone number to open a phone line?" (embarrased) "yes, it's a little stupid"
#302071 (33/55) ⚐Flag
<rigeld2> Just got a workorder with a list of domains who supposedly blacklist us.  Our domain is on that list.  I wonder when we started blacklisting ourselves.
* rigeld2 stabs stupid people
<inode0> I would do it if I had the power
<inode0> I could improve the lives of 60,000 people just like that
#311140 (23/27) ⚐Flag
< m1dnight_> Jezus, these damn terrorists are blowing up half my
< m1dnight_> I was late for the university today.
< m1dnight_> Thank god I had to pass 2 bombsites on my way to the university. Not to mention the fact that my university was an actual target (immediate threat)
< m1dnight_> Man this stuff is surreal. People are texting me to ask me if I'm alive..
< m1dnight_> Even one guy "I knew I had to try IRC to contact you so I installed this mirc thing" :>>>
#311509* (?/14) ⚐Flag
<Dr_pressure> Church is like book club except the book never changes and only one person gets to speak
#311500* (?/24) ⚐Flag
[15:09:53] <BenA>Apropo of yesterday, which concert cost 45cents?  50 cents, featuring nickelback.
#311498* (?/27) ⚐Flag
<@vistas> okay
<@vistas> you can invent anything at all regardless of defiance of physics or whatever
<@vistas> what would you invent that could make you a million dollars overnight
<lakembra> A million dollar bill
<@vistas> damn
#311497* (?/14) ⚐Flag
* moron_man has joined #gens
<GiMP> who the eff names themselves a moron its like a big target
<GiMP> like why give the enemy the chance?
<Talgie> this isn't war lol
<GiMP> hey moron
<moron_man> what
<jake2> ya?
<GiMP> oh this gonna be fun...
#311495* (?/20) ⚐Flag
(after freenode accidentally K-lined most of the network)
<kline> no users, no spam, right?
#311494* (?/17) ⚐Flag
< kline> turns out a cidr mask of `/i` is wider than you'd think
#311490* (?/23) ⚐Flag
<Lycan> ffmpeg is the sound you make when you eat noodles?
#311479* (?/17) ⚐Flag
<CapnBeeb> cripes
<CapnBeeb> my dad is asking how to disable an adblocker
<CapnBeeb> on a fucking XP machine
<CapnBeeb> YOU DON'T
<CapnBeeb> EVER
<PimpDrakulasCastle> oh man that sounds like the express train to good decisions
#311476* (?/20) ⚐Flag
<JFK911> try this out sometime
<JFK911> the propane regulator fits on an acetylene bottle
<JFK911> this should make everything just work better
#214164 (15/61) ⚐Flag
AbortedFetus has left irc.slashnet.org (Ping timeout)
<orbofwisdom> man that was a good burger
<Kitsune> O_o
<Kitsune> did you.. eat... AbortedFetus?
#311518* (?/5) ⚐Flag
<Talgie> I don't buy iphones cause they always die as soon as a new one comes out
<ciara> ya instead you got a flip phone, the old bangers you can hear when you hang up on someon
<Talgie> Facts you know when its over
<ciara> i miss that, sometimes i wanna call you just so you can hang up on me
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