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Artemis the Bear Queen: Terry Pratchett's Death is so great.
Artemis the Bear Queen: Wait
Artemis the Bear Queen: Let me
Artemis the Bear Queen: Rephrase that.
Artemis the Bear Queen: I really love how Pratchett anthropomorphized death. Makes a great character.
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<EPIK> hmm, wonder what this button does
*** EPIK has left #gzhq
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<Night-hen-gayle> I gotta go.  There's a dude next to me and he's watching me type, which is sort of starting to creep me out.  Yes dude next to me, I mean you.
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<splat_v2> bob is in a pigfucker mood!
* HrdwrBoB goes off in search of a pig :)
<splat_v2> you wanna make it squeal!
<splat_v2> and its good cause they dont sweat!
* HrdwrBoB doesn't ask how you know that
#31256 (9232/12128) ⚐Flag
<pronstar``afk> my kazaa preformed an illegal opperation
<cCCPehlet`> isn't that what kazaa is designed to do?
#39811 (52/136) ⚐Flag
<Alacard2k> Hello, You may explain your situation to me here.
<Nabisco> i am trying to find out how to make people stop swearing in my chan
<Alacard2k> lol ban them
<Nabisco> its not funny, i am not a cunt lickin ass pumper
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*** Jesus is crucified
*** Evil_Romans sets mode -o for #earth, Jesus
*** Jesus is dead
*** God sets mode +o for #earth, Jesus
*** Jesus is reborn
Comment: A reenactment of the Passion of the Christ
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* edward wonders what is french for bling bling
<mrben> edward: le bling-bling
<edward> mrben: the french don't like just importing words from english, have to invent their own
<mrben> le jewellery formidable shinee?
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<@Dr4g0n> I have 4 inches to grow and im done with pubertyComment: Sometimes it's good to specify words like "height"
#40183 (53/209) ⚐Flag
<SpencerW> anyone not so cranky want to help with an experiment?
<+AndySoft> How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
<SpencerW> 3
<SpencerW> well
<+AndySoft> I didn't ask Mr. Owl.
<SpencerW> the limit of function (tootsie pop) as it approaches (finish) is 3
<@mokomull> No ... the limit of licks(tootsie pops) as (tootsie pops) approaches 1 is 3 :)
Comment: Ask a stupid question in a calculator/math geek channel, get a stupid answer...
#40211 (342/508) ⚐Flag
<laurent> i went to go support a user earlier
<laurent> turns out this hottie in the sales department was having mouse problems
<laurent> and shes talking to me while wearing a veeeery revealing top combo
<laurent> and she goes under her desk to unplug the mouse and turns out shes wearing a thong under those tight pants
<laurent> think unsexy thoughts. think unsexy thoughts. no boner. no boner. uhh lets see if the cidr is /26 that gives me 6 bits to play with which is 64 minus two gives me 62 usable hosts on the subnet
<laurent> *whew* no boner
Comment: Just another day at the office...
#40213 (137/233) ⚐Flag
<@Jism> haha megaman_exe, you're pretty stupid
<%Ark> uh.. jism
<%Ark> what about the time your gf was around, you went to run to the bed and bounce on it but you tripped on your cat and went flying through your bedroom window shattering it to peices as you lay on the ground screaming in pain with cuts all over your naked body?
<@Jism> well, fuck, thanks for reminding me and telling 89 people in the process
#40297 (192/366) ⚐Flag
<Rjx0r> long hair is kinda gay
<Rjx0r> especially on guys who have a feminine body
<Rjx0r> because sometimes you think
<Rjx0r> "hey, that chick has a nice ass"
<Rjx0r> and it turns around
<Rjx0r> and it's a spotty dude
<timmo> no thats just you rjx
<Rjx0r> I was hoping some of you would relate to that experience
<blueturtl> on your own there chum
<Rjx0r> damn
Comment: #geekissues
#40331 (319/491) ⚐Flag
[Jyrka] A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station.
#40381 (305/477) ⚐Flag
<squeakymewmew> We lost power last night.  A transformer exploded in the parking lot.
<PartiallyClips> Autobot or Decepticon?
Comment: AIM convo
#40628 (0/292) ⚐Flag
<Dcoder> brb
* Dcoder (Dcoder@x.x.x.x) Quit ("gone for good.")
#40660 (0/282) ⚐Flag
<[ELP]> whoa i'm typing to you
<[ELP]> I didn't realise it
<[ELP]> I thought I was imagining the conversation
#40726 (4/130) ⚐Flag
-!- dogmeat [dogmeat@pcp01841549pcs.owngsm01.md.comcast.net] has joined #wtf
< dogmeat> fags!
-!- dogmeat [dogmeat@pcp01841549pcs.owngsm01.md.comcast.net] has left #wtf []
-!- dogmeat [dogmeat@pcp01841549pcs.owngsm01.md.comcast.net] has joined #wtf
< dogmeat> except darkwise!
-!- dogmeat [dogmeat@pcp01841549pcs.owngsm01.md.comcast.net] has left #wtf []
#40749 (103/185) ⚐Flag
<lonely_soul> Lol my little cousin,went on the pc one day,and he decided to type in his moms name,and a porn site came up, lol and he's like MOM! why do you have these pictures on here,and shes like thats not mine! and hes like well it says its your site,its your name.:P lol he still thinks its hers.
<Hurricane> Whats her name?
#40766 (142/298) ⚐Flag
janeannskinner: it's kinda sad that you're a year younger than me and we're like the same level of maturity
Devious hobo: especially since you're a girl
janeannskinner: exactly my thinking
janeannskinner: I should be all mature and thinking about stuff like global warming
janeannskinner: instead I'm giggling over the idea of the printer coming on the scanner
Devious hobo: hehehehe
janeannskinner: COMING ON TO
janeannskinner: DISREGARD PLS
#40783 (322/428) ⚐Flag
<Nudger> The Internet is great, but the best thing it's ever done is when a bored schoolfriend of mine set the school's website's background to Goatse.
* Antifreez sighs
<Antifreez> So many memories attached to that song.
<Nudger> It was so great when the IT teacher opened the page on a huge projection screen, and without looking at it, said "We, shall be attemping THIS, boys!"
<Nudger> I swear, I was almost sick from laughing.
Comment: From Metafilter's IRC Channel.
#40805 (66/220) ⚐Flag
<L0ne_W0lf[A]> but I mean, 1% opf 100 is 10 though, right?
<Liero> ....
<Liero> no....
#40926 (95/217) ⚐Flag
<Jism> Ark, remember that quote you submitted about me falling through the window naked?
<Jism> you fucker it got approved
<Ark> lol
<Ark> could of been worse, like the one where your girlfriend was going down on you as you release this dirty, smelly wet fart and she threw up all over your genitals then you kneed her in the face accidentally giving her a blood nose
<Jism> you're just lucky we're good friends and no bastard saw that
*** stealth7 (stealth@opers.sadhat.org) has joined #linux
<stealth7> lol qdb.us
*** stealth7 (stealth@opers.sadhat.org) has left #linux
Comment: I take it Jism and Ark forgot about the new Log module our channel service has
#40955 (0/114) ⚐Flag
<@Goremageddon> i use to fuck up alot when i started
<@Goremageddon> i gave a hot water enema to a 60 year old patient once
<@Goremageddon> and i didnt watch out
<@Goremageddon> so she shat all over me
<@Goremageddon> that fucking sucked
Comment: #blackdeath-cult
#41000 (297/431) ⚐Flag
<Rogue> A few weeks ago my youngest came running out of the bedroom, using his underwear as a gun holdster, pulled out the gun, shot me with the little suction cup thing, then said "Gimme your money". Tell me that isn't a smart kid. It kills his victim before robbing them. Less of a struggle.
<frostyfx> wow you are a good father
Comment: #ug/irc.alternatenet.net
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