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#310821 (17/23) ⚐Flag
<stereo_> y'all have some daddy issues
<clockwrok> nothing could be father from the truth
Comment: #geekissues irc.efnet.net
#310483 (17/21) ⚐Flag
< NoelShourai> recently i discovered
< NoelShourai> i can actually draw sonic the hedgehog really well now
< NoelShourai> i think i should be worried
#27823 (1/305) ⚐Flag
<Voorhees> 10 even
#27684 (54/234) ⚐Flag
<@afkaos> OMFG
<@stuff57> ?
<@afkaos> I think my Grandpa is using 1337 speak WTF?!
<@afkaos> This is my grandpa's E-mail address
<@afkaos> edd13@xxxxxxxx.xxx
<@afkaos> His name's Edward
<@afkaos> so it's like wTF?!
<@stuff57> lol
<@stuff57> h3y s0////13!
<@stuff57> 84(|< |// //'/ |)4'/
[<@stuff57> we didn't have any 1337 speak.
#27806 (318/446) ⚐Flag
(@LoTTy): I HATE being a chick
(@LoTTy): i cant get the lid of this jar
(@LoTTy): that i wanna put on my corn chips for nachos
(@LoTTy): i got it
(@LoTTy): I'm STRONG!!!
(@IngeniusSpliffWizard): whats that got to do with you being a chick?
(@IngeniusSpliffWizard): we dont use our penis to open jars
#27791 (252/386) ⚐Flag
<Dragonaut> ruuuuuuuuuuuuuun dildoman is cumming!
<Krizzz989> remember earlier when you were asking how many beers is to much?
#27801 (483/631) ⚐Flag
<jwz> I met a guy who was a freshman at berkeley who had just arrived from india, and he said, "I can't take the beggars here seriously.  they have legs."
#27435 (1/299) ⚐Flag
<%AnkkaBlaa> swedish rodeo: fucking a girl doggy-style and whispering to her ear: "I have AIDS.." and trying to keep your penis inside her
#27407 (339/497) ⚐Flag
<Kweeky> Heh. :P
*** Quits: HotPants
<Kweeky> I have some good stuff in there. :P
*** Quits: MiniReapa
<Kweeky> lol. On every single sentence I said, someone quit. :P
*** Quits: `Horn
<VA_Pel> should we tell him to stop talking, or to talk more?
<Kweeky> ...
<VA_Pel> and the spell is broken
<Kweeky> I didn't say anything, that's why. >:P
*** Quits: Isojalka
#27400 (62/256) ⚐Flag
<Nylad> yeah, i should probably shower before my interview at mcdonalds :P
#27396 (184/356) ⚐Flag
<COL_Stele> oh damn... sat on my cat. brb
#27348 (558/696) ⚐Flag
[21:19:59] <stillstudy> weird
[21:20:04] * stillstudy finds 2 leaves in his text book
[21:20:15] <stillstudy> mkae that 4
[21:20:16] <stillstudy> wtf
[21:20:20] <stillstudy>  this book is reverting to being a tree
#306046 (45/65) ⚐Flag
skyhawk2891_: captchas will be the death of me
skyhawk2891_: one day a man will hold a gun to my head, show me a captcha, and say "WHAT DOES THIS SAY OR I WILL BLOW YOUR FUCKING BRAINS OUT"
skyhawk2891_: and that's how I will die
#27225 (1/321) ⚐Flag
Xtcneed: hello
MissenLinxGOD: hi
MissenLinxGOD: this is
Xtcneed: thats what i would like to know
MissenLinxGOD: umm you IMed me
Xtcneed: like hell i did!
#27214 (261/413) ⚐Flag
<banuaba> nick, do you think a baby could eat another baby?
<nick> if it was hungry enough, sure
<nick> why?
<banuaba> dunno
<banuaba> just trying to plan my day
#310817 (29/31) ⚐Flag
(Foone) did you hear about how my OBJ export system worked? that was the...
software centipede
(Foone) so I ran the target program in a debugger inside a VM, pausing on a
specific breakpoint. I also ran script in the VM that provided HTTP
access to RAM, so you could hit localhost:8080/ADDRESS/LENGTH and
get the contents of memory back
(Sotek) what
(Sotek) what.
(Foone) outside the VM I ran a script which connected to this and made a few
hundred requests and assembled the contents into a tree, which it
then exposed as a JSON endpoint
(Foone) then my opengl app (also running outside the VM, because 3d
acceleration) made a request to the JSON endpoint, loaded those
models and textures, then it would run the render function in a
special mode where instead of drawing each node it stored them to a
global dictionary, then reparsed that dictionary and exported it as an
OBJ file, which I then opened in blender, made manual fixes, exported
back out to STL, ran a script to package the STL + assorted textures,
then I manually uploaded that to shapeways which did further processing
and then they mailed me the completed model
(Foone) fun fact: the OS/2 mailing list CD of 1996 was involved in this
process, but you'll never guess where
(Foone) it was used in setting the breakpoint. see, the program was statically
linked with the 3D library used but I have no debugging symbols. but I
found a copy of the same(ish) library from the OS/2 developers
conference mailing list CD, which is provided in .lib format so I _do_
have symbols
(Foone) so by comparing the disassembly of the functions in the OS/2 .lib and
the EXE, I could identify them in the EXE
(Foone) this let me find where the main render function was called, so I know
at what point to set the breakpoint
(Foone) I also got the headers from it, which gave me the layout of the
structures in memory.
(Foone) I already kinda had those thanks to a carmageddon fansite, though
(Foone) yeah. carmageddon 1 for DOS used the same engine as the app I was targeting
(Foone) and they found an SDK manual for it from somewhere
Comment: This was to 3d print things from 3d movie maker
#310258 (29/41) ⚐Flag
< cyberdog> so there are a few holes in watchdogs
< cyberdog> you can 'prevent crimes' by pre-empting them using some bullshit minority report hacking anonymous #wearelegion thing, but when you prevent it, it counts as a victory condition no matter what happens
< cyberdog> so the half hour police chase beforehand, the hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage caused, the fact that i arrived on the scene by crashing through the outside area of a restaurant and killed 75% of its customers, and then the fact that i blew both the perp AND the victim away by accident doesn't matter
< cyberdog> perps down, you're a hero
< cyberdog> and then you can stealth in cars to avoid detection, yet it doesn't seem to matter whether the car has doors or not
< cyberdog> hes just sort of slumped in the seat in plain fucking view
< cyberdog> its still entertaining though
< cyberdog> it's a bit like hackers in that it's silly but still enjoyable
< nukes> ahem
< nukes> hackers was not silly
< cyberdog> no that's true. every time i send an email 1s and 0s fly around the room and i surf down a 90s tidal wave wearing an augmented reality headset :P
< nukes> that's not augmented reality, that's lsd
#311447* (?/8) ⚐Flag
<Crusher> when I invited the top dozen or so botnets in here in 1997 it was empty
<tev> Where *did* the bots go?
<Crusher> tev: we opped them all, put them on bitch and the resulting -o+k+b+o... resulted in a network flood that not only completly split eFnet, but also melted blackend's primary router taking down Internet access to half of Arizona for around a week, which caused them to delink from eFnet till 2005
#311445* (?/6) ⚐Flag
<Elleo> Snap election announced for 8th of June :/
<Elleo> can we just elect an AI?
<Elleo> preferably either the one that said "You look like a thing and I love you" or the one that invented the "Crimm Grunk Garlic Creas" recipe
<Mr_T> what about that one that proposed putting humans in people zoos?
<Mr_T> I'd like to hear more about that
<Elleo> I think that one won in the US
#311444* (?/5) ⚐Flag
<tsimonq2> !info libqt5webkit5-dev experimental
<^8^> Package libqt5webkit5-dev does not exist in experimental
<Menzador> tsimonq2: Kung? :)
<tsimonq2> Menzador: sshhhhhh I'm debugging :P
<Menzador> I didn't realise debugging meant yelling obscenities at Batty when figuring out the Debian developers were vacationing in an abandoned shopping mall about 75 km away from this lone palm tree that sits on the grave of Mustafa Kemal
<tsimonq2> ^^^^E%^E%$&^E%^^^^^^
<tsimonq2> lollllllllll
Comment: SonikkuAmerica -> Menzador
#311439* (?/6) ⚐Flag
<Zo> Then again I'd eat a tarantula leg for money, so I'm not one to base picky standards on, my selection of companionship excluded, of course.
<Talgie> As in present company we must taste a certain way?
<Zo> No, although I'm sure you taste just fine, Talgie, stop being self conscious
#311434* (?/10) ⚐Flag
<truck> DDT was stopped by police once "why are you here"
<truck> he showed his phone playing ingress
<truck> "I am a network technician, I am scanning this area for wireless problems"
<truck> "ok then"
<truck> police drive off
#311431* (?/10) ⚐Flag
curiousjock> hi
<sickleanna> hiya curiousjock
<curiousjock> hey there sickleanna
<bubblegumbitch> oh sick leanna. i thought anna was a communist lol
* sickleanna is now known as sickle-anna
<sickle-anna> lets roll with it
<TungstenCarbide> can't roll
<TungstenCarbide> someone sliced the tires
<TungstenCarbide> someone with a SICKLE
#311421* (?/13) ⚐Flag
<CaptainJistuce> I am still waging a linguistic battle against that use of the term fixed. Surely an animal works as intended before the procedure, which renders a major subsystem inoperational. They are broken afterwards.
#311420* (?/15) ⚐Flag
<Kawa> The SW prequels are coarse, rough, and irritating, and their memes get everywhere.
<Covarr_Work> yeah, in a battle between the prequels and the original trilogy, I'd say the OT definitely has the high ground
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