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Raycaster  : I thought you hated poetry?
Nightripper: Poetry? Here's some poetry:
Nightripper:   Roses are red.
Nightripper:   Violets are blue.
Nightripper:   Shut the fuck up,
Nightripper:   Or I'll assrape you.
Nightripper: Enjoy.
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<da_spork> ill give you the honor of having my first quote
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*** EtherMan sets mode: +oo DigDug prysuxirl
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<gary>  This is going to be the 300000th quote i'm gona use on qdb. its gona be sick
<gary>  Then i'm going to do the the 300001th one, HELL YEAH
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<cumthinker> ( .   __ . ) . o O ( cum )
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<Rena> man recently qdb.us has been improving their layout quite a bit... just getting better and better... and today I go and I see big fucking ads interspersed with the content D:Comment: fun while it lasted
Ed. note: The "ads" are mostly links to friends' sites and interesting stuff we find around the web, but if you still hate them, you can turn them off in the preferences.
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slain        nicole show us your vagina
suspiria     not tonight
slain        is it all sloppy tonight
slain        did you man beat it up
suspiria     it's fairly clean
suspiria     as clean as such a filthy thing can ever become
slain        do vaginas make cheese
suspiria     no
timmy        i know an asshole that makes computers
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[11:25:36] <dnj> (bronie)
[11:25:45] <NullNode> why do you keep saying that?
[11:25:48] <NullNode> what proof do you have?
[11:25:56] <dnj> listen man
[11:26:03] <dnj> the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence
[11:26:12] <NullNode> LOL
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fall and when you hit the ground bounces like a motherfucking ballComment: give credit to me : allan wissam
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<dazz:#cdr> its it possible to read half a disk at a time, eg, i have a small hd, can i read 300 mb, burn it, and the do the another 300 mb, and som on, eg on a psx game
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I am so grateful for your blog article.Really thank you! Fantastic. kkedccggafbaddfbComment: I am so grateful for your blog article.Really thank you! Fantastic. kkedccggafbaddfb
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<Tarkaan> I need to animate something
<Tarkaan> not for sexual purposes
<Tarkaan> what software do I use?
Comment: #geekissues
#297656 (-104/206) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
Carly: Hmm... I was wondering what that sound was... and why my leg was getting wet
#310928 (-96/100) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
“A person speaks about his or her level of COMMON SENSE by showing the depth of reverence towards the kind of people whom he or she likes, but the width of his or her true intelligence is gauged correctly and only by one making in others life the real good difference.” ~Anuj SomanyComment: Common Sense
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<Party> I have a furry magazine, one I keep just for them
<Party> .223
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I hate kids that think that putting peanut butter on your balls and having your dog lick it off isn't cool. &#65279;
Alex Lasson
dogs are overrated, for best results i would recommend a snake that can unhinge it's jaw to fit your whole genitalia in its mouth&#65279;
+Alex Lasson but I wouldnt have use for that because i have the genitals of a 4 year old Norwegian homeless boy :/ Any advice?&#65279;
Alex Lasson
+SuperGuy hmm hard to say...i'll need some pics to analyze in my lab for further...research&#65279;
+Alex Lasson do you have a blackpeoplemeet.cum profile? Can send them through their&#65279;
Alex Lasson
+SuperGuy no but i have an account on jewishpedophiles.edu&#65279;
+Alex Lasson I cant join that, my nose is to small.&#65279;
Alex Lasson
+SuperGuy well played sir, i tip my fedora to you
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I belong to poo
Poo belongs to pee
You're my queeeeefshaaaaart!
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<superlou> What's the difference between a violin and a viola?
<Kage_Jittai> superlou: what?
<superlou> Viola burns longer
<generic> Moon_Doggy: Wow
-*- Moon_Doggy prepares sniper rifle
-*- Moon_Doggy takes careful aim at the stage superlou stands on
-*- generic gives the signal
-*- superlou bends over to pick up glass of water.
-*- Moon_Doggy aims at superlou
-*- superlou stands up
-*- generic readies the signal
-*- superlou uses teleport
<Moon_Doggy> damn
<generic> D:
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<swight> hmmm, piss of god, or have a burger...
#310543* (?/100) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
#310542* (?/74) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<kerin> sinkpissing dongloaders are trying to shit up the fuck
<jrvc> kerin, are you drunk
<kerin> no
<kerin> i�m angry
<kerin> because i�m still typing shit on this tinyass goddamn laptop instead of my giantass goddamn desktop with two fucking monitors and more RAM than god
<kerin> fucking fedex drivers are probably parked somewhere slurping down dick rollups and doing reacharounds
<kerin> fantasizing about UPS driver shorts
#172905 (-65/159) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<AgentRenegade> i think im gonna love my new highschool class^^
<AgentRenegade> during a lecture a boy suddenly stood up and yelled "Its 13:37, its 1337 time!!"
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<Xena> just make sure to reduce your wildly using of things just because they are cool
<Xena> a filter like that will get you far
#309299* (?/56) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
* lpf gets naked and poops all over [\ who can't stop eating it
#309414* (?/54) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
PITON: cs&#337;cs&#337;&#337;&#337;
zsola2002: bocs egy perc
PITON: szevaa
PITON: dejo hallani
PITON: lrk�vrtlrk
PITON: lek�vetlek
zsola2002: nm halak
zsola2002: halak
<Be�rkez&#337; h�v�s zsola2002 fel&#337;l. Klikkelj az �l&#337;hang gombra a v�laszhoz>
<H�v�s felf�ggesztve>
zsola2002: ved fel egy m�sod ra
<Be�rkez&#337; h�v�s zsola2002 fel&#337;l. Klikkelj az �l&#337;hang gombra a v�laszhoz>
<H�v�s j�tt l�tre zsola2002 (K�zepes) fel�>
zsola2002: nem halak loll
PITON: halak
zsola2002: de �n nem
PITON: mert nincs mikrofonom
zsola2002: z j� de t�leg te vagy mrk kicsit furagy
<H�v�s befejezve>
zsola2002: de honan ismered pusom�t
PITON: �n vagyok az cig�ny m�rk
PITON: pusoma a nagyb�ty�m
zsola2002: az igazi neved zaz teljes neved
PITON: a nevem
zsola2002: aha tejes
PITON: Jakab Alad�r
zsola2002: akor te nem pusoma tes�ja vagy
PITON: b��ttya vagyok
zsola2002: pusoma norbert ismered
PITON: ismerem
zsola2002: h�t ez nagyon pro
PITON: duna�jv�ros
PITON: nem?
zsola2002: aa
zsola2002: j�szap�ti
PITON: azaz
PITON: ap�ti
PITON: norbert
<This user stopped playing Call of Duty 2 Multiplayer>
zsola2002: nem pusoma mark vagy
PITON: a m�rk� vagyok
PITON: ap�tib�
zsola2002: de mien m�rk
zsola2002: mien marj vagy
zsola2002: mark vagy
zsola2002: mien mark de nem pusoma mark vagy de mienmark
PITON: pusoma mark�
zsola2002: h�t persze
zsola2002:  nekem unoka tes�m most besz�ltem le facebokon ne n�z m� h�ly�nek meg is k�rdeztem h vele bsz�lek e x en
zsola2002: te bisztos nem vgy b�ya pusoma norbertnek meg m�rknk
PITON: csak szopattalak facebookon
PITON: �n vagyokaz �csk�s
zsola2002: aha persze
PITON: kis cig�nyb�r� vagy
zsola2002: h�t persze ok� �rj r�m facebokon h hazutam
zsola2002: na mi van lebukt�l
zsola2002: na m�gis r�j�tem te hazug
zsola2002: nem mark� vagy
zsola2002: bisztos kis szaros els&#337;s
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