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<Proview> i've got this code that's doing some statistical analysis and its telling me there are 8 days in a week
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<Orobas>  oh. Builder. I did the bird math, I don't know if I told you
<Builder>  You didn't. However, you seem amazingly eager to share your findings.
<Orobas>  It gives you an idea of how good I am at math. Because the answer I got was between 80 and 3.8 billion pigeons per second
<Builder>  It doesn't really give me an idea of how good you are at math.
<Orobas>  I am content either way
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<oohy9n> I moved a server from one data center to another, and some guy updated wordpress, after which some of his image hyperlinks got broken
<oohy9n> he emailed me and was like "When you moved, did you by any chance forget the images in the moving van?"
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<steelerman82> What does the vile sword do?
<mrgreaper|game> you hold the blunt end and put the pointy end into an enemy (repeat as needed)
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<Horrorfusion> i have just seen one of the worst things
<Horrorfusion> i go to tell my roommate something and i hear him making kind of a weird noise and his door is open so i knock and enter
<Horrorfusion> the motherfucker is laying on his bed holding his legs above his head, butt naked, and his balls are facing right into his bedside fan and he looks like he is in massive pain
<Horrorfusion> i yell "WHAT THE FUCK DUDE" and he freaks out
<Horrorfusion> about 5 minutes ago he comes into my room still in pain and explains that he got that icey hot stuff on his balls when he rubbing it into his calf
<Horrorfusion> and the cold air helped the pain
<Horrorfusion> good times in the hybridfusion household
Comment: #cobol
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<Lastair> japanese cosmo
<Lastair> 10 hot sex tips!
<Lastair> tips 1-10: whimper like you're being raped
#305602 (36/72) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
RN: no, i couldn't wait to have that fixed
RN: there are a lot of things i dont like about photoshop, but that stupid "Undo" vs. "step backward" nonsense was the final straw
CM: you might say that it was photoshop's ultimate...
CM: *puts on her sunglasses*
CM: ....undoing
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(Earnestly) Arch is not the right distribution for you if you can't use Linux without a GUI environment.
(buhman) and what Earnestly said
(Earnestly) Not meaning to sound like an elitist-jerk
(buhman) by contrast, I do intend to sound like an elitist.
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<Godwinson> There's a town in Jylland named Randers
<Godwinson> Player winds up getting a retainer from there named Anders
<Godwinson> Anders of Randers makes for a good diplomat
<Godwinson> So he sends Anders of Randers to pander in Flanders.
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<@kwenda> there is a law and order uk
<@Jordan> oh god
<@Jordan> I actually kind of want to see that
<@Jordan> do they have seperate film crews
<@Jordan> or do they just use the current 1000000 cameras in the uk
#304583 (27/79) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
Adam|Lunch: How can I play a sound using jQuery?
coldhead: rename jquery.js to jquery.wav
Comment: #jquery on freenode
#303694 (54/86) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<locutox> Thank you for participating GNSS 2010. Your paper "Detection of RF Interference to GPS using day-to-day C/No differences" has been accepted for oral.
#310821 (37/59) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<stereo_> y'all have some daddy issues
<clockwrok> nothing could be father from the truth
Comment: #geekissues irc.efnet.net
#310817 (55/71) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
(Foone) did you hear about how my OBJ export system worked? that was the...
software centipede
(Foone) so I ran the target program in a debugger inside a VM, pausing on a
specific breakpoint. I also ran script in the VM that provided HTTP
access to RAM, so you could hit localhost:8080/ADDRESS/LENGTH and
get the contents of memory back
(Sotek) what
(Sotek) what.
(Foone) outside the VM I ran a script which connected to this and made a few
hundred requests and assembled the contents into a tree, which it
then exposed as a JSON endpoint
(Foone) then my opengl app (also running outside the VM, because 3d
acceleration) made a request to the JSON endpoint, loaded those
models and textures, then it would run the render function in a
special mode where instead of drawing each node it stored them to a
global dictionary, then reparsed that dictionary and exported it as an
OBJ file, which I then opened in blender, made manual fixes, exported
back out to STL, ran a script to package the STL + assorted textures,
then I manually uploaded that to shapeways which did further processing
and then they mailed me the completed model
(Foone) fun fact: the OS/2 mailing list CD of 1996 was involved in this
process, but you'll never guess where
(Foone) it was used in setting the breakpoint. see, the program was statically
linked with the 3D library used but I have no debugging symbols. but I
found a copy of the same(ish) library from the OS/2 developers
conference mailing list CD, which is provided in .lib format so I _do_
have symbols
(Foone) so by comparing the disassembly of the functions in the OS/2 .lib and
the EXE, I could identify them in the EXE
(Foone) this let me find where the main render function was called, so I know
at what point to set the breakpoint
(Foone) I also got the headers from it, which gave me the layout of the
structures in memory.
(Foone) I already kinda had those thanks to a carmageddon fansite, though
(Foone) yeah. carmageddon 1 for DOS used the same engine as the app I was targeting
(Foone) and they found an SDK manual for it from somewhere
Comment: This was to 3d print things from 3d movie maker
#310483 (26/30) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
< NoelShourai> recently i discovered
< NoelShourai> i can actually draw sonic the hedgehog really well now
< NoelShourai> i think i should be worried
#310258 (35/57) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
< cyberdog> so there are a few holes in watchdogs
< cyberdog> you can 'prevent crimes' by pre-empting them using some bullshit minority report hacking anonymous #wearelegion thing, but when you prevent it, it counts as a victory condition no matter what happens
< cyberdog> so the half hour police chase beforehand, the hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage caused, the fact that i arrived on the scene by crashing through the outside area of a restaurant and killed 75% of its customers, and then the fact that i blew both the perp AND the victim away by accident doesn't matter
< cyberdog> perps down, you're a hero
< cyberdog> and then you can stealth in cars to avoid detection, yet it doesn't seem to matter whether the car has doors or not
< cyberdog> hes just sort of slumped in the seat in plain fucking view
< cyberdog> its still entertaining though
< cyberdog> it's a bit like hackers in that it's silly but still enjoyable
< nukes> ahem
< nukes> hackers was not silly
< cyberdog> no that's true. every time i send an email 1s and 0s fly around the room and i surf down a 90s tidal wave wearing an augmented reality headset :P
< nukes> that's not augmented reality, that's lsd
#306046 (57/77) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
skyhawk2891_: captchas will be the death of me
skyhawk2891_: one day a man will hold a gun to my head, show me a captcha, and say "WHAT DOES THIS SAY OR I WILL BLOW YOUR FUCKING BRAINS OUT"
skyhawk2891_: and that's how I will die
#295832 (32/50) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<Arkatera>"Today, while I was babysitting, the toddler was feeding me banana slices from her tray while I was cutting up clay for her to mold. It was all fine until she shoved something hard and crunchy into my mouth. I immediately spat it out into my hand. It was a dead cricket she found on the floor. FML"
<EsuriatCorinths>Haha, owned.
<EsuriatCorinths>Never trust a toddler.
<EsuriatCorinths>all toddlers are chaotic neutral
<eIat10s>Wonderful description.
<EsuriatCorinths>Very occasionally you will find a chaotic evil toddler
<EsuriatCorinths>All are chaotic, though.
#311229 (12/54) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<Jigsy> A Nightmare on Elm Street was an inside job. WAKE. UP. PEOPLE!
#310652 (27/43) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<e7> I'm a micromillionaire; the Illinois lottery paid me $1
#309557 (38/52) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<TauNeutrino> hey guys
<TauNeutrino> I have one freaking question
<TauNeutrino> When might I call myself an intermediate linux user? Let's discuss !
<Sodel_the_V> TauNeutrino: An intermediate Linux user is someone who has stopped wondering how sound on Linux can POSSIBLY be this bad.
#308431 (16/64) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<+beefCake> hmm has someone got stuck down a drain :d
<+beefCake> there's been a confined space safety and rescue unit van outside for a bit
<+beefCake> some sort of tripod on the pavement further up
< Cheez> go out and say "what's that? timmy's fallen down the well?!"
< Cheez> then run back inside barking
< Phatteh> run over and say "i came as soon as lassie told me what happened!"
Comment: #multiplay@qnet
#304564 (57/101) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<nwg> any experience with drag events in JS?
<Mortchek> well last night I *was* wearing a skirt while coding
#302797 (14/38) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<Sabriel> I think I'll shower and game a bit
<Sabriel> before working on hw
<KamikaziNinja> thanks for showing up out of no where to tell us
<KamikaziNinja> :P
<Sabriel> haha
<Sabriel> haha
<Ignite> mike: half of the channel is gay
<Ignite> :D
<mike> Ignite, well, I guess you can speculate on what conditioner she uses.
<mike> :P
Comment: #80h on irc.80h.org
#311372 (47/67) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
phobos: Windows gave a BSOD while installing the nvidia-drivers, so I blew it away and installed Linux.
Silver_Fox: Sure. I rebuild the house too when the fridge fails.
phobos: If the house were designed and built by Microsoft, you'd have to.
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