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<&Tiggerz> i wish i could go trick-or-treating again
<&Bakamoichigei> Grab some kid off the street and tell them you'll give them a halloween costume and take them trick or treating if they split the candy with you.
<&Bakamoichigei> There's an alternate, more legal, version of this plan...but it takes like 6 years.
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<RIDDL3R> Does anyone know which page in the Bible it explains how to turn water into wine?Comment: #4chan on Dalnet
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<samantha> these recruiters are getting clever
<samantha> Subj: Disco Party??
<samantha> me: I love disco parties
<samantha> *open email* Hi Samantha, We're looking for a bada$$ front end engineer
<samantha> I WAS TRICKED
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yaoi_prophet: i see a red node and i want it painted black
yaoi_prophet: no children any more, i want it to turn black
yaoi_prophet: i see inserts go by, no matter how many nodes within
yaoi_prophet: i know that my tree's max height is bounded O(log n)
Comment: #cobol
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<Spance> "Certainly Java got a lot right - its used by 10 million developers."
<\> are you arguing that malaria isn't successful?
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<Moon_Doggy> thankfully the little red lines keep me from sounding drunk
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<Takuja> how to get field from some row of sql qury?
<Takuja> if query got 10 row, how to get fiels from row[3] exampl
<MaximusBrood> You must invert the polarity first.
<Takuja> mi eanglish is bad. whai is polarity?
<MaximusBrood> It must be inverted.
<Takuja> whith nexrow() ?
<MaximusBrood> No, I'm just fucking around with you.
<Takuja> fucking - this is a function ?
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<ais523> then running repeatedly until you get the right sequence of random numbers
<ais523> and just completely ignoring the input
<cpressey> some people live their entire lives this way, i reckon
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#309144 (40/66) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<myself> Heh. I'm reminded now, of fetching the entire sysinternals suite, and then wanting to run them ALL so I could click through the infernal EULA on each one and not be bothered with it again
<myself> for %a in (*.exe) do %a
<myself> ^^^^ comedy
<c0nsumer> myself: there's another way
<myself> nah that worked, it just brought the machine to its knees for about 20 seconds :)
<c0nsumer> myself: HKCU\Software\Sysinternals\Process Monitor|EulaAccepted REG_DWORD 0x1
<c0nsumer> lather, rinse, repeat
<c0nsumer> export ...\Sysinternals.\...,, strip out eveyrthing but those EULA lines
<myself> Oh man, so I could just save a .reg and import it again on each machine I bring the tools to
<c0nsumer> import the .reg file elsewhere
<c0nsumer> exactly
<myself> yesss
Comment: Useful advice, in my QDB? It's more likely than you think.
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<nickals> there was a phase in the 70's in florida when AC was getting really popular and energy costs were rising that they were building all the buildings here without any windows at all
<nickals> lol
<nickals> thank god i dont live in one of those houses
<nickals> they are always so dark n cave like
<nexu> dude
<nexu> i thought u hated windows
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< shortcircuit> So there's an anime channel I hang out in, with a bot named toobparts. Toobparts is little more than a multi-stage chatbot that will try various means of saying something pseudorelevant to ambient discussion. (Markov is its last-ditch effort.)
< shortcircuit> Somehow, one of the newbies is convinced toobparts is not a bot, and knows where to download anime. Hilarity ensues.
< shortcircuit> I don't know if toober is passing the turing test, or if the newbie is failing it.
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< MacForker> Arg, my family is weird.
< MacForker> They just argued with me you can't serve pork medium.
< tonyola> conventional wisdom is that pork should be thoroughly cooked
< MacForker> Sure, 20 years ago
< CuriosTiger> Conventional wisdom is that pork from 20 years ago should not be eaten :P
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<+anosou> You're like the best man around
<+anosou> If there was a god of some kind, he'd be proud to have made you
<+anosou> If internet was full of women (which it is not) they would sleep with you
<+anosou> If zircon says something is S-tier, you say it isn't
<+anosou> If you were black, the southeners would still like you
<+anosou> If you moved to Japan, you'd become tentacle pope of the world
Comment: #ocremix
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<nikki> what's sodomy..?
<hunter> HA! Gather 'round children,
<hunter> well -- the word is dervied from the cities Sodom and Gomorrah
<nikki> k.. wat?
<sparky546> basically, the cities god ass raped.
<hunter> yeah! exactly! wikipedia explains it all.
#310634 (7/21) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Zyradyl> So I've started working on an AI just as a side project. I want to re-hone my Common Lisp knowledge. It has been years.
<cjk> what kind of ai
<Zyradyl> conversational, might do more as time permits
<asaph> You do realize, back when you were a dude, and pry, you had a strong stance against conversational AI?
<Zyradyl> Don't worry, I put a noose around my neck whenever I start hacking at it, just in the event that something goes horribly wrong or I realize I'm a fucking moron.
<Lutmus> Zyra: Sounds like you're already an experienced neural network programmer.
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<rush> where I come from we measure the hotness of a chick by using a scale which is determined by the number of days she could go without a shower and you'd still stick your tongue in her ass, and she's an 8
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<Sancdar> i knew a guy named ace fabionaire or something like that, he had two brothers and a sister - king, jack, and queen
<Sancdar> good thing his parents stopped or they'd have a hard time
<Fax> well, they didn't
<Fax> but they aborted it into a royal flush.
#311340 (12/28) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<sami> I sent out a memo about proper meme usage
<sami> if they had any questions to contact me, but if I catch them misusing memes then they have to do CSS
<amy> fate worse than cyber jail
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<oclet> i used to drink at work
<oclet> it was pretty sweet
<vorstyles> Then you tucked in your shirt, and became the man.
<oclet> bro
<oclet> i do not tuck in my shirt for anyone
<oclet> my wife told me to tuck in my shirt on our wedding day and i slapped the shit out of her
<hep> im telling her you said that
<oclet> plz dont
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<AppleDash> I have accidentally racially segregated my old computers
#308208 (36/56) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Sebas> I typed "aO" and sat wondering why it didn't turn into an @ for at least five seconds
<Sebas> I should probably sleep
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<Bunsen> Imagine a twinkie represents the normal amount of Murphy's Law activity at a nuclear power plant.
<Bunsen> Based on the current situation at Fukushima No. 1, their Twinkie is about thirty-five feet long, weighing approximately six hundred pounds.
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#302982 (18/40) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
-!- dastoob [~dastoob@...] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
< shortcircuit> dastoob is about to get a lot smarter; I just retrieved the missing parts of his memory a few minutes ago. He's coming back up.
< shortcircuit> Oh, wow. His resident memory is up to 943M and still climbing.
-!- dastoob [~dastoob@...] has joined #grlug
< brousch> dastoob die
< shortcircuit> Stabilized at 1000M virt, 972M resident.
< dastoob> haz like.. 13 f utah..
< shortcircuit> I'm sorry, did I say 'smarter'? O.o
< brousch> he is smarter! now he uses leetspeak!
* shortcircuit wonders if he can purge parts of the data set.
< shortcircuit> Yeah, looks like I can.
-!- dastoob [~dastoob@...] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
-!- dastoob [~dastoob@...] has joined #grlug
< shortcircuit> dastoob: Feeling smarter?
< dastoob> am reading the Wealth of Nations.. It's quiet?..
< shortcircuit> I think that's a Yes.
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