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<Samael> IRC i've found is a drinking game in disguise.
<Samael> everytime someone talks
<Samael> you drink
--- Ceo has changed the topic to: IRC: A drinking game in disguise.
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<ilanbg> dude, during the debate Palin was pwning Obama on the way he was voting
<ilanbg> and two or three times Biden just responded, "first of all, McCain voted the same way......"
<ilanbg> and I wish there was just a crowd there that could be like, "ohhhhhhh"
<ilanbg>  instead of a moderator, the debated needed an M.C.
<ilanbg> who could go, "oh snap, homie, you just got SERVED"
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<Odthin> dammit i just came out of the closet as a grammar nazi
<milaga> they are a little more fun than the grammar marxists
<Odthin> grammar marxist, do they try to share grammatical mistakes with the whole community
<milaga> but not nearly as fun as the grammar maoists
<milaga> who just say lmao whenever you try to correct them
#310879 (9/61) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<tomaka> WebAssembly + WebVulkan
<tomaka> wooosh skyrim in the browser
<tzaeru> a browser in webassembly + webvulkan that runs skyrim
<tzaeru> :O
<tomaka> an emulator written in webassembly, that runs a PC, that runs linux, that runs a browser, that runs skyrim
<tzaeru> an emulator in webassembly, that runs particle simulations, that run a bunch of chips laid out to imitate the functionality of modern PCs, that runs linux, that runs windows emulator, that runs a browser, that runs skyrim.
<OmniMancer> an emulator that runs a universe in which people argue over how to run skyrim in a web browser
#310640 (74/116) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<ChauffeR> what's the name of the mission that fucked up because they didn't use meters
<OyajiVyse> America?
#309272 (23/85) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<luckybunny> I know someone in this channel likes to do owl impressions
<iScream> what a hoot
<luckybunny> dammit
<Kneidel> I can guess where this is goig...
<luckybunny> I was hoping for someone to say 'who?'
<luckybunny> lol
<luckybunny> in which case they would have answered their own question
<iScream> i didn't think of that
#306370 (39/85) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Craige> Much better. Now I have spell checknig
<Craige> ...fail.
#302460 (-8/46) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Trillkott> I've been screwed alot in life, but to only have 6 episodes of season 2 of Southland has to be the worst ever to be honest...
<@eFinger> yeah, im thinking kids living in Rwanda
<@eFinger> are thinking the same
#301233 (88/124) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<@Sebas_> Hahaha, there's a book called "Modern Financial Accounting" in one of our book cases, and according to the back text, you can read it "for pleasure or by necessity."
<@Sebas_> Who the FUCK reads a 1000 page book on fucking accounting for pleasure?
#246782 (33/81) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
atari2600a:  People still use that gross Antivirus stuff?
blargg:  People keep using that gross operating system.
#309789 (99/111) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Taryn> toolbars can die in a fire
<Taryn> Do you want to install FreeVirusPorn.cn's toolbar? [YES] [no]
<Taryn> Are you sure you don't want FreeVirusPorn.cn's toolbar? [No]
<DahrkDaiz> actually
<DahrkDaiz> Do you want to refuse the installation of FreeFirusPorn.cn toolbar? [Yes] [No]
<Taryn> Do you not want to avoid refusing to non-uninstall FreeVirusPorn.cn toolbar? [Not No] [Not Non-No]
#305364 (57/81) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<k2OS> whaddayaknow.. it's the end of the world.. Duke Nuke'em Forever is going to be released on may the 3rd...
<k2OS> [link to official site]
<Shusoran> hey Ted, k2
<Shusoran> yeah, finally
<Shusoran> the world will end
<TedEBear> so, where's the betting pool on it not actually coming out? <laugh>
<Shusoran> I'm sure it will
<Shusoran> but I want them to delay it one more time
<Shusoran> and say it's for old time's sake
#301550 (77/97) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<ryg> some architectures seriously make you want to staple your palm to your face to save yourself a lot of effort
#310724 (10/32) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<ceren> actually it's more like when a cat eats tinsel
<ceren> and you have to pull out lumps of hardened turds from the cat's ass
<ceren> that's what removing technical debt is like
#310773 (15/41) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Reaper> Why do we need a magnetic field in our giant spaceship
<Sleepy> we'll all be dead from solar radation in like days if not less
<Sleepy> I hope you're not planning to nav your ship by compass :p
<Reaper> And, honestly, the magnetosphere doesn't stop radiation. It stops solar wind particles from stripping away the atmosphere :-D
<WK> what relevance would a compass have in a spaceship anyway?>
<Dragonfly> how else are you supposed to draw circles?
#310774 (91/101) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
Stormbringer: also valve are slowly dropping
Stormbringer: tf2 support in favor of csgo and dota2
Rapscallion: well it's 8 years old or something
Rapscallion: a child could have been born on the release date of TF2
Rapscallion: and now be old enough to call you a faggot on it
#310742 (4/32) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<dbelange> Front Row Education is seeking a Haskell Web Engineer for a full-time position
<lmt> i watched a short documentary yesterday about a guy in a paraguay slump who organized an orchestra where all the instruments are made from trash
<lmt> you could totally do that with haskell instead
#308528 (51/87) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
< xiphias> sycobuny: maybe you can answer this
< xiphias> sycobuny: if perl doesn't have a JIT, how come it's so fast
<@sycobuny> because it spends less time on buzzwords and more time on just fucking doing the work?
Comment: irc.malkier.net #malkier
#304949 (73/119) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<dd7> lol i went to a furry role-playing chat once
<dd7> an op hushed me because two lesbians were going at it
<dd7> so i said "type 1 if you're getting off on this"
<dd7> and the entire channel was flooded with numbers
#304297 (84/154) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<+mu> also, stupid fucking british dating system
<+mu> it's 10/10/10
<+mu> not 10/10/10
<+mu> geeze
<+mu> !
Comment: Posted 10/10/10
#307980 (23/71) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<+Stars> man I always feel bad when I install X on a new system :(
<+Stars> it's like I am ruining it
#304862 (28/70) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<FuegoFish> Natural Weapon basically has the following options: imitating an Arcane spell, or being a built-in Martial weapon
<FuegoFish> which means that yes you could have gunhands if you wanted
<FuegoFish> or a crossbow for a dick
Comment: #partyhard, irc.synirc.net
#296936 (37/73) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<@timmo> a friend of mine whos in the airforce
<@timmo> says that since everyone eats mres
<@timmo> and eat at the same time
<@timmo> basically everyone has to shit at the exact same time
<@timmo> so theyll be convoying through the dessert
<@timmo> and all the trucks will stop
<@timmo> and doors will fly open
<@timmo> and everyones shitting out the doors
<@Rjx> meals ready to shit
Comment: #geekissues
#310235 (40/122) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<worstcase> once we look at women as 3d printers i think abortion wont be as much of a big deal
#310784 (-53/75) ↑Funny ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Xena> just make sure to reduce your wildly using of things just because they are cool
<Xena> a filter like that will get you far
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