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[15:03:17] < Meway> !action [choice licks bites hugs kills kisses pokes rubs kicks likes smells touches] [echo $randomnick]
[15:03:17]  * elanore kicks Jaxad0127
[15:03:20] < Meway> hahahaha
[15:03:22] < Meway> win
[15:03:30] <-- Jaxad0127 has kicked Meway (Meway)
[15:03:37] --> Meway (~quassel@unaffiliated/meway) has joined #themanaworld
[15:03:37] < Frostypants> win
[15:03:37] < o11c> win
[15:03:46] <@Jaxad0127> ^_^
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test 2Comment: test 2
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what are some superior and in demand websites for blogs? ?? . kcgfgecgbegacbcaComment: what are some superior and in demand websites for blogs? ?? . kcgfgecgbegacbca
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Where To Purchase AkChlor 250mg Without A Script gbgeaddfcagfbekfComment: Where To Purchase AkChlor 250mg Without A Script gbgeaddfcagfbekf
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<dila> !seen QZ8501
<@DrFred> dila, I don't remember seeing QZ8501.
Comment: On the day that AirAsia QZ8501 went missing
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rcfalcons07: proof why chuck norris is my hero-
rcfalcons07: Filming on location for Walker: Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris brought a stillborn baby lamb back to life by giving it a prolonged beard rub. Shortly after the farm animal sprang back to life and a crowd had gathered, Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked the animal, breaking its neck, to remind the crew once more that Chuck giveth, and the good Chuck, he taketh away.
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*** LabMonkey humps ktea's leg.
*** ktea gives LabMonkey a Beggin' Strip
*** LabMonkey flips out.
Comment: #bifemunix EFNet
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googleComment: google
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Comment: USA
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My name is Doctor Faps
It's what I like to do
I fap a bunch
Then I fap some more
And then I take a poo
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"The memory of the dead is indeed a good remorse." - (Charles de LEUSSE)
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I know the truth about you;
I know that you eat-a da poo-poo!
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thlmuxru rtupquoc lgactqsnComment: USA
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iowffbtc helplzoi rwuwclhgComment: USA
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cwvebdpi kmafryol jbhsfgqqComment: USA
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Emanuele Deriu sei nabbo!!!!!!!
Emanuele Deriu sei nabbo!!!!!!!
Emanuele Deriu sei nabbo!!!!!!!
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It was finally time. I walked into his house and said, "Let's get started," with a hot smile. I was quite impatient, but that was probably due to my excitement. We both walked into his room in unison and he locked the door. He seemed to be just as impatient and excited as I was, because he immediately proceeded to remove his pants. He was not wearing underwear. I shuddered with joy as I stared at his dick for the first time. He was already starting to get a boner. He then completed the picture of a naked Sebastian by removing his shirt. I followed suit by taking off my shirt and shorts to reveal my sexy hot pink bra and thong. He was already naked and ready to start, but I wanted him to admire my body and get a stronger boner, so I started to bounce my boobs arounnd and then I slowly removed my bra. I could see he was enjoying this, so I went with the same approach for my thong. I began by rubbing my vaginal area and then I gingerly shimmied the thong down my legs. Sebastian was hard already, and I was already horny. I presumed he was too. He sat down on his bed and I casually walked towards him and his erect dick. He looked so sexy. I let my boobs bounce and my finger whisked my vagina and clitoris. We were both having tons of fun. I knelt down and began to rub his nice dick. It felt so good. I was actually on the verge of an orgasm for a second, but I quickly took control over it. I didn't want to orgasm already! I was now rubbing his dick faster and more intensely. I then slipped it into my mouth in an almost hesitant fashion, but I quickly became comfortable with it. I kept doing this until I felt that it was time for Sebastian to warm up my vagina. He stood up as I layed down on his bed. I was experiencing utter bliss. I never thought this day would come. Sebastian started to rub my clitoris, and trust me, I know a good clit rubber when I feel one. He was amazing. It got even better when he started to lick my clit. Unfortunately, I had to stop him, because I didn't want to orgasm yet. Now that we'd had an oral sex warm up, it was time for the real thing. I was ready. I got up off the bed, feeling somehow refreshed. We got into the missionary sex position on the floor. He began to rub his condom-covered dick against my pussy. Oh baby, that felt so good. It got even better when he actually inserted his dick into my vagina. He started slow, but quickly gained speed. I started to go, "Oh, oh!" as he continued. We were seriously having sex! I felt an orgasm coming on again, but this time I didn't try to stop it. I began to shake and say, "Oh Selly, keep going! Oh Selly!" And then I let it happen. The shaking got more intense and I felt an overwhelming sense of joy, bliss, and pure happiness. Sebastian was also shaking and saying, "Oh baby, I love you." During my orgasm, I felt his condom expand. He had cummed! It was so sexy. Slowly, I stopped orgasming, and he stopped thrusting his dick back and forth. Both of us were still faintly saying, "Oh..." He rolled off of me, stood up, and flopped onto his bed. I gladly joined him. I grabbed his head and started kissing him all over his face. He grabbed my head too and kissed my lips. His hair felt so soft in my hands, and the kiss made everything even better. I almost felt like orgasming again. We kept messily kissing each other, but then we slowly faded from each other's grip. After that, we simply engaged in a relaxing, full body hug. Eventually, we fell back onto our backs. Sebastian dazily said, "I love you," and I replied with, "I love you too," with the same dazed yet strong voice. Sebastian proceeded to say, "We need to do this again soon," and I agreed by saying, "Oh yeah baby. You're amazing." It was the best day of my life. <3
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Let's assume you have a Unix user called pussy. Then you are allowed to
touch /home/pussy
finger pussy
Damn, I love Unix :)
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"I may not always be right, but when I am, I admit it" - Ken Murray
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<+CloBo> And your wanking up to tones of msgs from me overnight, cos I miss you :(Comment: irc.ukmadzone.co.uk #madzone
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* AppleDash is now known as \dev\null
<\dev\null> the windows version
<\dev\null> lol
<aji> XD
<aji> C:\dev\null
Comment: #/dev/null Ponychat
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<Xu_R> ____&#9473;&#9473;____ &#9491;&#9473;&#9581;&#9473;&#9473;&#9473;&#9473;&#9582;
<Xu_R> ____&#9473;&#9473;____ &#9495;&#9491;|::::::^&#9473;&#9473;^
<Xu_R> ____&#9473;&#9473;____ &#9473;&#9495;|:::::|&#65377;&#9685;&#8255;&#8255;����&#9685;&#65377;|
<Xu_R> ____&#9473;&#9473;____ &#9473;&#9473;&#9584;O-O----O-O&#65279;
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* NekoEd gives Jan a small steel cube as a gift
< Jan> the hell do I do with this
* NekoEd puts Jan into his chair at his desk and puts the cube onto the desk
< Jan> (&#9583;&#8245;&#1044;&#8242;)&#9583;&#24417; &#9531;&#9473;&#9473;&#9531;
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<TheJayson> pawt what is vagina?
<Pawt> pizza
<TheJayson> lol
<TheJayson> pawt are you gay?
<Pawt> only because my toaster got turned into a world
<TheJayson> LOL!
<Rebel`Princess> whoa
<Rebel`Princess> lol
<TheJayson> hahaha
<Pawt> Loooooooooooooooooool
Comment: Stupid AI bot, lol
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h t t p s : / / w ww.you tube.com/watch?v=6YzGOq42zLk
worst song.  ugliest band.
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