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Äà óæ… Æèçíü – êàê âîæäåíèå âåëîñèïåäà. ×òîáû ñîõðàíèòü ðàâíîâåñèå, òû äîëæåí äâèãàòüñÿ.Comment: Äà óæ… Æèçíü – êàê âîæäåíèå âåëîñèïåäà. ×òîáû ñîõðàíèòü ðàâíîâåñèå, òû äîëæåí äâèãàòüñÿ.
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<MrGurns>  bitch was like all, im a unicorn bike.
<MrGurns> little did she know, i stole her soul and made her that
<MrGurns> cause bitches without souls are bikes.
Comment: ginger riding unicycle bike.
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The purpose of life is to live the meaning is found in every moment you are the purpose and the meaning and always will be.
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< mcpherrin> dylster3: You can write rust that crashes the compiler pretty easy
< mcpherrin> It's really just the worst form of error message :p
< Sharp> mcpherrin: Well, it's not as easy as it used to be, to be fair :)
< mcpherrin> Sharp: the thing is that as you get better at rust, you write more well formed code and so crash the compiler less ;)
< mcpherrin> so it always seems to be getting better!
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<Albot> Hamhocks: And t and theatiratc hatigheigheirappily tir and and tigheirappily t hales and tcheily tcrandles asseily handlthandlth t seily theigheandlthappily ass handltheily tcr h thtir scrappily and asseir heigheigheigheighe hatigheandleily and asse that tht s and t and theatiratc hatigheigheirappily tir and and tigheirappily t hales and tcheily tcrandles asseily handlthandlth t seily theigheandlthappily ass handltheily tcr h thtir scrappily and a
<Albot> nd asse that tht s and t and theatiratc hatigheigheirappily tir and and tigheirappily t hales and tcheily tcrandles asseily handlthandlth t seily theigheandlthappily ass handltheily tcr h thtir scrappily and asseir heigheigheigheighe hatigheandleily and asse that tht s and t and theatiratc hatigheigheirappily tir and and it's all pure 100% israeli lard.
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<Daphisto> my room smells so bad
<Daphisto> it's almost as if there's a black person living here ;P
Comment: #ramen
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rcfalcons07: proof why chuck norris is my hero-
rcfalcons07: Filming on location for Walker: Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris brought a stillborn baby lamb back to life by giving it a prolonged beard rub. Shortly after the farm animal sprang back to life and a crowd had gathered, Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked the animal, breaking its neck, to remind the crew once more that Chuck giveth, and the good Chuck, he taketh away.
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*** LabMonkey humps ktea's leg.
*** ktea gives LabMonkey a Beggin' Strip
*** LabMonkey flips out.
Comment: #bifemunix EFNet
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<anEmoSlurpee> YOUUUU
<Phasmorphage> JEWWWW
Comment: #hih, irc.bungie.org
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<Jack> A little bit of Jessica on the floor,
<Jack> A little bit of Monica on the steps,
<Jack> Mumbai number FIVE!
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[15:56] � ^BlacklightShining 's licks become more eager and he seems to lose a bit of his shyness as he becomes more aroused
[16:01] � Freeze_Pop flicks her tail a bit as her wings stretch out more of their own accord, letting him get between the feathers and into every last fold. The wing itself starts to become warmer to the touch, and Freeze herself is starting to breathe a bit more heavily than she was before.
[16:10] � ^BlacklightShining giggles in between licks. �You like this, don't you~?�
[16:12] � Freeze_Pop looks round at him with a smouldering look. "I /love/ it."
[16:14] � ^BlacklightShining giggles again. �Hey, remember what you said earlier about reciprocation?�
[16:15] � Freeze_Pop smiles deviously. "Ooh, Blackie, is that your way of saying you'd like some more attention~?" she says in a teasing tone, though her voice carries some hint of lustful intent to it as well.
[16:16] � ^BlacklightShining nods! �Yes. Yes, it is.�
[16:16] Freeze_Pop: (Just for convenience's sake, and because there has been no establishing shot thus far, I'd like to put them in Freeze's apartment. Cool with you?)
[16:17] ^BlacklightShining: (okay)
[16:20] � Freeze_Pop turns her whole self to face him, then suddenly lowers her head, tucks it under him, and lifts him up with her neck and shoulders, tossing him gently onto the nearby couch. She swiftly follows after him with a brief beat of her wings, and lands on top of him, straddling his body with her legs.
[16:20] Freeze_Pop: (Your choice which way up he landed.)
[16:21] ^BlacklightShining: (faceup)
[16:21] Freeze_Pop: (On his back then? :3)
[16:21] ^BlacklightShining: (yeah�)
[16:22] Freeze_Pop: (OK. you have anything to add as a response, or should I go again?)
[16:22] ^BlacklightShining: (nope, go ahead)
[16:26] � Freeze_Pop presses the underside of her body up against his, and starts to gently nuzzle and lick at his neck, moving down from the jawline towards his collarbone. She gently rubs up against him as she does so, her firm and broad chest pressing closely to his.
[16:30] � ^BlacklightShining closes his eyes almost lazily as she does so, enjoying he closeness and warmth, as well as what she was doing to his neck.
[16:32] ^BlacklightShining: her *
[16:35] � Freeze_Pop moves further down his body with her mouth, nuzzling roughly at his chest before aliding her nose back up along his neck, under his chin and to his lips; then she kisses him hungrily, pushing her tongue into his mouth a bit more aggressivley than last time, her former inhibitions having dropped.
[16:46] � ^BlacklightShining kisses back, if anything, /more/ aroused at seeing this less�refined?�side of Freeze
[16:51] � Freeze_Pop tightens her grasp on him, letting out a soft moan from her throat. She pulls her face back from his for a moment to look at him, panting softly. "Oh, Blacklight..." she moans, gazing into his eyes with a passionate look.
[16:59] � ^BlacklightShining looks aback at Freeze, breathing a bit heavily himself. �Freeze~� is all he says. It's all he needs to say.
[16:59] ^BlacklightShining: (do what you want with that)
[17:08] � Freeze_Pop shuffles forward a bit, her hind legs grasping his body gently just over his own back legs. Something soft, warm, and slightly damp and squishy brushes over the bare skin between his back legs. "Blacklight..." she says again, softly, her voice barely a whisper. "I... will you..." she starts, trying to find the words, then closes her eyes, composing herself. "...will you...
[17:08] � Freeze_Pop have me...?" she asks in a slightly nervous tone, though her anticipation is written clearly in her eyes.
[17:19] � ^BlacklightShining blushes! �Well�I don't�I mean, I never�I�I�� he stutters, seeing the anticipation in her eyes and not wanting to disappoint her, but feeling /really/ nervous at the same time.
[17:21] � Freeze_Pop blushes herself. "Uhm... it's alright... I never have either..."
[17:24] � Freeze_Pop smiles, hugging close to him. "But... I want to..."
[17:27] � ^BlacklightShining �I�I guess we could�� he says, becoming inaudibly quiet at the end as his cheeks burn red.
[17:32] � Freeze_Pop lets out a gentle sigh of relief at that, and gently tucks her head under his chin. "Don't be so nervous, Blackie... I've thought about this for some time. I wouldn't proposition you like this unless I was good and ready." she says, gently dragging a hoof along his chest. "I love you, and I want to be as close with you as I possibly can - and I want you to enjoy it as much
[17:32] � Freeze_Pop as me."
[17:37] � ^BlacklightShining nods. �I feel the same way�I'm just�never done�anything like this�before�and I�nervous��
[17:41] � ^BlacklightShining ��I can't /help/ being nervous��
[17:44] � Freeze_Pop sits up, her rump gently pressing against his stomach. "Would you be less nervous if I let you take the lead?" she says, smiling at him.
[17:45] � ^BlacklightShining shakes his head quickly. �No, I'd be /way /more// nervous.�
[17:49] � Freeze_Pop giggles softly at that, and nods. "I can understand that... OK then." she says, spreading her back legs a bit more. The same warm, soft feeling touches his skin again, as she starts to slide herself back a little. She gasps slightly when she feels the tell-tale bulge of his sheath meet her backside. "Uhm... so that's it there, then..." she says to herself, her cheeks flushing
[17:49] � Freeze_Pop a deeper red. "You... you can stop holding it in, you know..." she adds, leaning her face down to kiss him softly on the nose.
[18:02] � ^BlacklightShining relaxes, not having realized that he'd been holding it. He gives Freeze a sheepish look as his colthood slides out of its sheath.
[18:14] � Freeze_Pop lets out a small squeak of surprise as she feels his organ poke her behind, before giggling sheepishly herself. She shifts herself slightly, raising her backside off of his body, moving slowly to guide the tip of his shaft to the soft lips of her opening. She takes in a small breath as she feels the end brush over her more sensitive parts, before slowly pushing down on him.
[18:14] � Freeze_Pop She whimpers softly as she slowly takes him in to herself, stopping partway. He can probably feel why, as there's something preventing him going any further inside her. She looks down at him, biting her lip a bit, and her grip round him with her forelegs tightens slightly. "Hold me, Blackie..." she whispers. "This bit's a little painful, from what I'm told..."
[18:18] � ^BlacklightShining wraps his forelegs around Freeze, holding and supporting her.
[18:21] � Freeze_Pop tucks her head under his chin, then firmly pushes her hips down. Something inside her gives way, and she lest out a muted "nnnf!" as it does so. His shaft slides the rest of the way inside her rather easily after that, though she shudders slightly as it does so. "Nnn..." she murmurs quietly, warm tears rolling down her cheeks and onto his neck. "...oww..."
[18:28] � ^BlacklightShining winces at that, wishing he could take her pain. He hugs her tightly, �It's okay�� he says softly as her tears fall onto him.
[18:30] � Freeze_Pop relaxes, bringing her head up again from his neck, and smiling softly with her eyes half closed. "I'm... I'm alright, Blackie." she says reassuringly. She moves her hips slightly, drawing the tight folds of her inner passage along his length. "Ahh... how... how does this feel?" she asks, letting out a soft sigh as she does so.
[18:35] � ^BlacklightShining gasps. �Unngh�it feels�/really/ good�like�like�there's nothing�to�to compare it to��
[18:40] � Freeze_Pop brings her hips back down slowly, so his entire length is drawn into her. "Mmmm..." she sighs out. "Ahh... this... is even better than I imagined..." she says, leaning her head back down to his again. She gently presses her lips to his and kisses him softly, then again, her briefly suppressed arousal slowly returning. She gently slides her tongue between his lips, letting
[18:40] � Freeze_Pop out a soft moan as she moves her hips again, something which seems to become easier for her to do each time without it being painful.
[18:45] � ^BlacklightShining moans himself, a drawn-out �Freeze~�
[18:49] � ^BlacklightShining �This /is/�better than�I imagined�� he says, breathing heavily and moaning again.
[18:52] � Freeze_Pop pulls up, then pushes down again, starting to build into a steady rhythm. Her grasp round him tightens up as she continues to kiss him hungrily, her body hungry for more of the nerve-tingling sensations coursing through her with each movement. She breaks the kiss to pant air into her lungs, her face now displaying an expression of completely undisguised passionate desire:
[18:52] � Freeze_Pop her eyes are half -lidded and her pupils wide, her mouth hanging open and her tongue lolling out slightly, a small string of saliva hanging from the corner of her mouth. Her poofy mane is becoming more and more dishevelled with every movement of her hips, starting to uncurl a bit and hang loosely round her head.
[19:06] � ^BlacklightShining looks up at Freeze as she breaks the kiss, his eyes full of love, desire, and�was that submissiveness? In any case, he's certainly enjoying it every bit as much as she is.
[19:10] � ^BlacklightShining �Your mane looks�weird�� he pants.
[19:16] � Freeze_Pop smiles a bit at that between gasps for air. "I... curl it... every few... days..." she manages to say as her muscles begin to tense up. He can feel the folds of her passage tightening round his shaft as her movements speed more and more. Her eyes open wide as she pants even more rapidly. "B-Blackie... I'm... I'm...!" she manages to gasp out, before suddenly her whole body
[19:16] � Freeze_Pop shudders violently and she throws her head back, letting out a loud "NNNNNHHH!"; her insides clench tightly round him, holding tight and shuddering in an intensely pleasurable fashion.
[19:37] � ^BlacklightShining 's own eyes widen. He only gets as far as �Freeze, I�!� before he orgasms, filling her up with his seed before releasing her and collapsing. ��mmf��
[19:44] � Freeze_Pop collapses on top of him, panting heavily. "That...wow..." she says, tucking her head under his chin. She slowly pulls her rump back a bit, separating herself from him, before settling down fully on him. She lets out a long, contented sigh. "I love you..."
[19:48] � ^BlacklightShining sighs contentedly. �My gosh, Freezy�I never dreamed�wow�that was�� he says in between pants.
[19:48] � ^BlacklightShining �Freeze�I love you, too��
[19:52] � Freeze_Pop snuggles close to him, nuzzling gently at his neck. "Mmm..." she hums, before lifting her head and kissing him softly on the nose. "...much as I hate having to move, I'll have to take a bath."
[19:54] � ^BlacklightShining �Aww, why�?�oh,� he says, blushing slightly. �Yeah�and maybe I should take one, too��
[19:57] � Freeze_Pop nuzzles at his nose with her own. "You're so cute, you know that?" she says, smiling. "C'mon." she adds, getting up off the couch. "My tub's easily big enough for two." So saying, she wanders off toward the bathroom, starting the water running. There's a faint red streak staining her pristine white coat round her rump.
[19:59] � ^BlacklightShining �Well, thanks!� he says, following Freeze to the bathroom.
[20:02] ^BlacklightShining: �Well, how could I /not/ know that? You keep saying it�� *
[20:09] � Freeze_Pop giggles. "You have a point, Blackie dear." she says, her voice soft and relaxed. She picks up a sweet-smelling powdery ball and drops it in the bath. It proceeds to bubble and foam. She sticks a hoof in the water, stirring it. "Mmm... seems about right." she says, and daintily steps into the tub, settling down into it with a soft "Mmmm". She looks up at him invitingly. "C'mon
[20:09] � Freeze_Pop in, the water's great." she smiles.
[20:11] � ^BlacklightShining �What's that?� he asks, stepping into the tub and settling next to Freeze.
[20:16] � Freeze_Pop giggles. "It's called a bath bomb, love. It makes foam and bubbles and nice smells." she smiles. "You being a guy, I understand if you've never seen one." she teases, shifting over slightly to give him room to settle down. She snuggles close to him, rubbing her head up against his.
[20:21] � ^BlacklightShining nuzzles Freeze, giggling a bit. �Well, no, I haven't seen one. But there's a first time for everything that happens~�
[20:24] � Freeze_Pop giggles. "There sure is." she says, then dunks her head under the water and shifts it about a bit.When she brings her head back up from under the water, her mane has flattened completely, hanging down all round her head, and over her eyes. She flashes him a silly grin. "Amn't I so gorgeous?" she laughs.
[20:27] � ^BlacklightShining �Yes, you are, even with your mane like that. But that's no fun�it's not bouncy any more!� he says with a pouty face. �I like it better when it's all poofy and bouncy�� he adds, the fake pout breaking into a grin.
[20:29] � Freeze_Pop giggles! "Well you'lljust have to wait til it dries, hon." she replies, sticking her tongue out. "Here. Let me give you a proper scrubbing." she adds, picking up a good-sized brush from next to the tub in her teeth. She the starts firmly scrubbing his back with it, where he wouldn't be able to reach on his own easily.
[20:29] Freeze_Pop: **then starts
[20:31] � ^BlacklightShining �Thank you��
[20:34] ^BlacklightShining: (I have to go soon; we should wrap this up)
[20:34] � Freeze_Pop hums happily to herself as she scrubs away at his coat, then carefully tends to his wings too. Once she seems satisfied with her work, she turns to him and holds the handle end of the brush out toward him, and smiles round it.
[20:35] Freeze_Pop: (No prob, we can skim fairly quickly through anything else - all that's really left for them is to go sleep ;p)
[20:39] � ^BlacklightShining takes the brush and carefully scrubs Freeze's coat, mane, and wings. �Thrr youh guh!� he says around the brush, holding the handle out to her.\
[20:41] � Freeze_Pop giggles at how he sounds talking with that in his mouth. "Thanks, love." she says, kissing him on the nose before taking the brush from him and setting it down in its usual resting place. She stands and carefully steps out of the tub, grabbing a nice big fluffy towel to dry herself off with. Fortunately, there's more than one of said towels on hand.
[20:44] � ^BlacklightShining follows suit, taking an extra towel and drying off.
[20:46] � Freeze_Pop finishes drying herself off and tosses the towel over a convenient drying rack, before trotting back through. She stretches her wings as she goes, then folds them neatly. "Time for bed, I think~!" she calls over her shoulder to her companion, smiling.
[20:47] � ^BlacklightShining follows Freeze, poking at her mane. �But when are you gonna make it poofy again~?�
[20:48] � Freeze_Pop giggles. "Tonight, technically speaking. It has to go in rollers to make it do that."
[20:49] ^BlacklightShining: Oh, okay�
[20:50] � Freeze_Pop grins. "I'm fortunate in that regard, though... a unicorn friend of mine put a little enchantment on them."
[20:51] ^BlacklightShining: Oh, really? What's it do?
[20:52] � Freeze_Pop heads into her room, switching on the lights. "Nothing all that flashy - it just makes putting them in easier. They'll roll up on their own once they're in my hair."
[20:53] � ^BlacklightShining giggles. �I bet it looks funny��
[20:56] � Freeze_Pop snickers. "Well you're about to see." she replies, as she heads to a dresser in a corner of the room. A set of rollers are sitting on it, on a small tray. In what's obviously a well-praticed maneuver, she puts her front hooves up on the dresser, then tilts her head down and lets her mane hit the tray. The rollers glimmer briefly with a sparkle of magic, and then just as she
[20:56] � Freeze_Pop said, roll their way up into her mane. She drops back onto all fours and looks round at him, her mane now all curled up in the rollers. "Tah-daaah." she chuckles.
[20:57] � ^BlacklightShining snickers. �You /do/ look funny like that!�
[20:59] � Freeze_Pop giggles and sticks her tongue out. "It's so hard being beautiful!" she says, an amused tone in her voice. She then strolls over to the syntheticloud bed and hops on, patting the space next to her. "C'mere, you." she says, smiling.
[21:02] � ^BlacklightShining �Not for you�� he says with a smile, lying down next to her and resting his head under hers.
[21:04] � Freeze_Pop puts a foreleg over his back, cuddling close to him. "Charmer." she says, closing her eyes and letting out a contented sigh. "...I'm glad I found you, Blacklight." she adds in a sleepy tone.
[21:06] � ^BlacklightShining �Me, too�I love you, Freeze,� he sighs contentedly.
[21:07] � Freeze_Pop nuzzles the top of his head lazily, before settling down to sleep. "Love you too, Blackie. G'night..." she murmurs as she closes her eyes.
[21:08] ^BlacklightShining: (I think that's a good ending)
[21:08] Freeze_Pop: (Likewise)
[21:08] Freeze_Pop: *OOCs*
[21:08] Freeze_Pop: Taking a wild guess, was that your first sexytime RP? =P
[21:09] ^BlacklightShining: �yes >.>
[21:09] Freeze_Pop: Heehee ;p
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yosrutwi pvojbtqf yyqykoteComment: USA
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nxeknnki fmhgmxug yszennmfComment: USA
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<LtBrenton> dude
<LtBrenton> we should start some kind of a geek cell
<nerdpox> cell?
<nerdpox> like a terrorist cell?
<LtBrenton> haha
<LtBrenton> well given how fucking baller we all are
<LtBrenton> calling it a club or society would give the wrong impression
<nerdpox> oh my god
<nerdpox> quoted
<LtBrenton> ah shit, for those of you reading on bash/qdb: you just lost the game
<nerdpox> FUCK YOU
<nerdpox> IT'S BEEN A YEAR
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<@fewyn> .np fewyn
<+Mnemosyne> fewyn is listening to Ration Shmatio by Infected Mushroom on I'm The Supervisor
* vapid sets mode: +b *!*@Rizon-93F7FE6.net
* Mnemosyne was kicked by vapid (bye)
* vapid sets mode: -b *!*@Rizon-93F7FE6.net
<@vapid> :P
* @fewyn (~fewyn@the.real.master.shake) has left #guildoftubes
* fewyn (~fewyn@the.real.master.shake) has joined #guildoftubes
* ChanServ sets mode: +o fewyn
* Mnemosyne (~Mnemosyne@Rizon-93F7FE6.net) has joined #guildoftubes
* fewyn sets mode: +v Mnemosyne
<@fewyn> oh
<@fewyn> i thought i got banned
<@fewyn> not my bot
<@fewyn> sigh
<@vapid> <3
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<TheJayson> There are only 10 types of people in the world. Those that understand binary and those that don't!
#309275* (?/30) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<`WarpKat> internet tourette syndrome sucks.
<linux_probe> lol
Comment: irc.oftc.net/#linuxfriends
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<@pig> ShamblerDK: prove it. links from reliable resource or it didn't happen
(about a minute passes)
<@pig> ShamblerDK: prove it. links from reliable resource or it didn't happen
< remu|work> pig: you just said that twice
< remu|work> pig: you just said that twice
Chromethous [~IceChat77@] has joined #Direwolf20
<@pig> remu|work: i noticed
<@pig> remu|work: i noticed
< sneezing_panda> remu|work: wut you did their, I see it
< sneezing_panda> remu|work: wut you did their, I see it
< Chromethous> afternoon
< Hex-ingame> oh dear
< Hex-ingame> oh dear
< remu|work> lol
< remu|work> lol
<@pig> hai Chromethous
<@pig> hai Chromethous
Kilobyte [~Kilobyte@] has quit [Excess Flood]
< BananaSplit2> stop spamming the channel
< BananaSplit2> stop spamming the channel
< remu|work> this is going to get annoying fast
< remu|work> this is going to get annoying fast
< Hex-ingame> you stop
< Chromethous> hai pig
< Hex-ingame> you stop
<@pig> BananaSplit2: we're not -.-
<@pig> BananaSplit2: we're not -.-
< BananaSplit2> pfff
< BananaSplit2> pfff
< Hex-ingame> okay that's enough
< Hex-ingame> okay that's enough
< MrVaidax5> It doesn't get annoying :D
<@pig> enough of what?
< BananaSplit2> sure
< BananaSplit2> sure
<@pig> enough of what?
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<maestrojed> Could someone please kick eighty4
<@eighty4> :(
ChanServ sets mode +o Migs
Migs kicked eighty4 from the channel. (maestrojed made me)
eighty4 kicked Migs from the channel. (Your behavior is not conducive to the desired environment.)
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<Ariel> Math is SO much more interesting if you're not dressed while learning it.&#8232;
<LoneGamer> *headtilt*&#8232;
<LoneGamer> Since when do math and not wearing pants go together?
&#8232;<Ariel> ...and now I hate autocorrect forever.&#8232;
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<brian> I presented a friend with a picture of Bailey Jay... He was like, whoa, who's that... So I told him the name, he googled her and came back with... YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE
<brian> I said, no, she'd fuck yours
He didn't find it funny.
<devnull> haha
<areus> hahaha
<devnull> I'd still bone her
<devnull> And I say her as she identifies as a woman
<brian> Yeah
<brian> I agree with using the correct pronouns, as gender dsyphoria is a real thing
<devnull> yep
<brian> Same with levels of attraction - it's not black or white, it's a continuum
<brian> sexual orientation
<devnull> The only thing with the black chicks is it's supposed to be pink on the inside, not purple
<devnull> Oooooooh
<brian> lololol
<devnull> You weren't talking about black or white chicks
<devnull> My bad
<areus> hahahahahah
<areus> wow
<areus> hahahahahaha
<brian> LMAO
<areus> bravo devnull
* devnull bows
Comment: irc.epicwin.com
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<Ruud> sleeping makes her 10 times sexier cuz she cant say no till itz too late
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*** Join: Spellbot
<Spellbot> New Service: Spellbot!
<Spellbot> As per user requests, a spelling robot has been created.
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<Dude-O> Jesus should have a facebook and a Myspace. And his myspace isn't cluttered with shitty animated gifs, flash, and other crap that makes other people's computers melt.
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