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<Red_Wolf_2> more specifically, if china blocked all bitcoin traffic, what would happen to miners and mining pools on the china side when they were cut off from the rest of the network?
<GenTarkin> wtf, I thought china was for bitcoin
<GenTarkin> didnt their government broadcast something on bitcoin recently in media!?"
<Red_Wolf_2> id put that message at rumor for now really
<Red_Wolf_2> but as a hypothetical
<lritter> what if china painted all their houses green!!
<Red_Wolf_2> wouldnt it cause a blockchain fork?
<Red_Wolf_2> lritter, they could claim to be a green country, or red-green colourblind given they're communist :P
<rumpler> Red_Wolf_2: They would have a shitty couple months, but as soon as they manage to reclculate down to an appropriate difficulty, they would jsut start their own fork.
<lritter> this is correct.
<lritter> invest in green paint.
* Green is not a country
<rumpler> Then when the networks reconnect, the two forks will battle it out for longest
<lritter> haha
<Red_Wolf_2> rumpler, then if they remerged with the rest?
* Green is not paint
<Red_Wolf_2> lol Green
Comment: Random discussion only to find "Green" is a user in the channel...
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