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27PlzpComment: 27Plzp
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Life is like brackets (...), the first one is your birth and the second is your death.. so fill your brackets with something useful.
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dear person
life is an adventure take every day like its your last.
Treat people the way you would want to be treated,
love the way you would want to be loved,
work the way you would want people to work for you.
Be true,live life right. Live content, be happy with what you have.
For after all what if it was your last day to live.
Then what?           natalie welsh
Comment: I like this cause it motivates me to do the right thing and the cool thing is i nade it up :D
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When i hear you say "I LOVE YOU" its hard to understand
... but when i hear it from your heart, its a whole different meaning.
Comment: My 1st Quote
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Love is another world where lovers are governed themselves
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<%Universe> does it uses a amplifier?
<@Brewster> an amplifier*
<%Universe> asiangirl7: how many pickups does it has?
<@Brewster> oh my god universe
<%Universe> Brewster: ZWUT?
<@Brewster> Universe: this is for you
<@Brewster> .qdb 300704
<Internets> [qdb #300704] <ebert4> i dun thnk th assinments in 4 2moro
<Internets> [qdb #300704] <kajx> lol kk
<Internets> [qdb #300704] <kajx> i ws lik shiting myslef
<Internets> [qdb #300704] <Scrawl> The English language is dead at your feet, blood leaking from the chainsaw wounds in its chest as you ejaculate over its mangled corpse.
<Internets> [qdb #300704] <ebert4> wtf dud
<%Universe> wtf dud
Comment: #date irc.rizon.net
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< Azu|Reviewing> Is my internet working?
< Azu|Reviewing> Hello?
< Moonlightning> No.
< Azu|Reviewing> Anypony?
< Moonlightning> You are completely isolated from everything past your own LAN.
< Moonlightning> There is absolutely no way you will be able to get a connection to anything useful.
< Azu|Reviewing> -_-
< Moonlightning> You should probably quit your IRC client and just stop trying.
< Moonlightning> D --> I command you to close your hoofbeast program and frolic outdoors!
-!- Azu|Reviewing [~4a432284@Pony-s5tkd2.res.rr.com] has left #help [""]
< Moonlightning> �aww.
< Moonlightning> I guess I'm not funny ;_;
Comment: Source: #Help on Canternet (irc.canternet.org)
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When the people say 'NO' and probability to win seem extremely 'LOW', that is the right time for one to muster courage to lift himself up to 'GO' and 'SHOW'. ~Anuj SomanyComment: Motivational
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"The surrounding environment is the best erudite master to teach us the fundamental laws of nature and the basics of living."~Anuj SomanyComment: Nature
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Building & maintaining relationship in life is not Art.Art is only half part of heART.Art can teach only creating craft or preparing draft but never putting heart even in part and nothing is ever great achieved in life if done with half-heart.Comment: Building Relationship
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"You can not apologise for something that you have done on purpose".- Fjolla Myftiu, three and a half years old - Naugatuck, Connecticut
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doors.txt;5Comment: doors.txt;5
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doors.txt;10Comment: doors.txt;10
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<@Jan> oh so you mean you aren't going to /ignore me then tell every single person in the channel about it acting like it's some form of magic?
<&Ninja> fuckoff
<&Ninja> added to ignore list.
<&Ninja> bye bye
<&Ninja> so sad for you
<&Ninja> cant be an attention whore anymore
Lesson: You shouldn't choose the nick "Ninja" when you're this predictable.
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[00:43:35] <segin> Does Lubuntu perform compositing by default?
[00:43:42] <Unit193> Nope.
[00:43:46] <segin> Thank God.
Comment: #lubuntu on freenode
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"The personal gain in achieving your goals is not nearly as significant as the impression left in the minds of your children." - Warren Bohler
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<Maloo-MF9> I've spent so much time playing switch
<Maloo-MF9> that I don't really notice.
<Maloo-MF9> As I said, I'm fairly ambidextrous. Not completely, but I can specialize pretty much anything on either hand with practice.
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<nosuni> i want to fart bong hits
<nosuni> i would learn how to autorimjob
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<DrSulfuri> Goat sex is the best sex
<Senix> :3
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user_a  : user_x, what is your question?
user_x  : user_a,  I would like to know if anyone used MPLS on linux
user_a  : user_x, yes. anyone has. google for 'MPLS Linux'
user_a  : this is not google.
user_a  : this is SPARTA!
user_a  : well. maybe not sparta, but not google either.
user_x  : user_a, let me ask it better: did you ever used it ?
user_a  : not on Linux, no
user_x  : ok.
user_b  : user_a: A basar comes close tho..
user_a  : user_b, perhaps. could I interest you in a fine hand made carpet?
user_a  : special price only for you my friend
user_a  : woven out of silk made of kernel developers
user_b  : user_a: Does it fly and grand me a princess? You haven't found it in some cave alongside amounts of gold and a lamp have you?
user_a  : bah! this is open source carpet! if you don't like it, make your own!
user_a  : also, my friend specializes in such.. special carpets.
user_b  : silk "made of kernel developers" so their beards serve an economic purpose?
user_a  : please step into the back room, we may discuss there
user_a  : not just their beards! all parts are used!
user_a  : even people working on usb webcam drivers finally have proper use!
user_a  : touch the carpet my friend! feel the kernel!
user_b  : user_a: they served a purpose before ...
user_a  : well. I guess the jury is still out on that one :-)
user_b  : ah yes yes... it is so soft and smooth... is this a stable one?
user_a  : (seems like every webcam out there that isn't 5 years old still requires all kinds of thingsmagics to get things running)
user_a  : it is.. relatively stable!
user_a  : notice how the length of the threads is evenly divisible! certainly not the unstable series!
user_a  : divisible by two even
user_a  : I should warn you though, the carpet does not have "stable API".
user_b  : I see... so this was used in a House like sha al ack debian or the high court of gnu before?
user_a  : bah, in the house of GNU they use yacc carpets!
user_a  : yacc. bah!
user_b  : shaven yaccs are of a lower quality? I heard it to be thick and work worthy but never affronted with such distain..
user_a  : but.. they .. weave.. with microkernels!
user_a  : this is blasphemous!
user_a  : also, they have yet to produce a carpet that can be used for anything
user_a  : other than to teach how to weave carpets
user_b  : not blasphemous just easier knittable by their indian labor boys... you know the ones..
user_a  : yes
user_a  : I can almost completely guarantee that the fine kernel carpet you are holding has almost never seen any indian labor boys
user_a  : unless you're willing to.. negotiate price.
user_b  : so once they are tought in the arts one may let them hitch a ride on a puff to the weavers in linuxia let them labor on centossian kernels...
user_a  : oh, those centossians are such free loaders!
user_a  : they expect other people to weave their carpets for them
user_a  : no morale. no.. elegance.
user_a  : it is like the slave camps of The Oracle
user_b  : user_a: but imagine the pain they indure for the quality! reweaving if something was not of absolute purity.. crafty as it may be
user_a  : quality of the weave is in the eye of the beholder my friend!
user_a  : (also, a matter of price=
user_a  : )
user_b  : So what is the price of a centossian 3 patches? 2?
user_a  : 2?
user_a  : does this look like the squirrel liver stall? 2?!
user_a  : normally people sell their nieces for me for training and I can sell them 3 centossian patches for 15!
user_a  : for you my friend, best I can offer is 12!
user_b  : You said they were worthless so I give you a low price !
user_a  : even then my extended family will go hungry for 2 weeks!
user_a  : my family has to eat!
user_a  : also, as we say in .. whatever place we come from.. it isn't expensive, unless you're poor!
user_a  : you are not poor my friend, are you?
user_a  : hmm. coffee time.
user_b  : ney having spent a many patches in my days I should say that I am not so poor indeed
user_a  : and then back to designing the perfect.. carpets.
user_b  : But yes have your coffee
Comment: Eric S Reality...
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<graphitemaster> just give up already you quitter
<matthiaskrgr> Beim Rennen wurde ich dritter
<@divVerent> in die Semmel biss der Kater
<matthiaskrgr> Doch das Semmel geh�rte dem Vater
<@divVerent> nunc est finis, aut theater
<matthiaskrgr> french?
<@divVerent> latin
<matthiaskrgr> eh
<graphitemaster> nunc est looks latin :P
<graphitemaster> nunc is now right?
<@divVerent> yes
<@divVerent> "now it's over, or theatre"
<graphitemaster> so, now is the end of the play?, the end of a theatre is now
<@divVerent> probably it's over now
<graphitemaster> yeah latin never did make anysense, it's a bad yoda translation
<@divVerent> "Gee, I feel a little guilty now"
Comment: Latin kills everything ;)
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"Dreams Don't Happen Unless You Make Them Happen."
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Hello! kdabcdd interesting kdabcdd site! I'm really like it! Very, very kdabcdd good!Comment: Hello! kdabcdd interesting kdabcdd site! I'm really like it! Very, very kdabcdd good!
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Desire For Separation In Marriage Is The Symptom Of Improper Or Bad Marital Foundations
Rev. A. Acheampong
Comment: Correct
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hello? is anybody there?
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