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<ice_cream> ok ok i'll chill
#310904 (-36/88) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<Phase> what html do function does function calls actually generate?
<Phase> if youcan't tell, i didn't speel welo
<Phase> sleep'
<Xena> can you words that again?
<Phase> well'
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<Tex> there was an incident a while back where someone threw out a baby
<Tex> ended up in a recycling center
<Lucifer7> what's worse than a bucket of oh hell i've said this too many times
<Tex> in the machines
<Tex> they had to shut the whole place down
<Tex> biohazard nightmare
<Lucifer7> wow
<Lucifer7> their entire operation shut down in an infant
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What is it,Comment: What is it,
#310174 (-34/80) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<alise> "Europe is the national anthem of the Republic of Kosovo."
#197814 (-33/103) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<Jamm0n> when i first cummed i thought i broke my penis
<Jamm0n> i tried to shove the goo back inside
#307885* (?/41) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
English teacher: I never understood and I just hate grammar.
Me: I'm sorry. Did you just say that you hate your grandma?
English teacher: ?! English joke? Very funy.
#307998 (-32/204) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<~HumanNoMore> service hicupd stop
<~HumanNoMore> chkconfig hicupd off
<AlexR> aahhaha... STOP... you're making me laugh more :-(
#309423* (?/36) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
Worst Decision is Better Than no Decision.Comment: by Maxim Behar
#200629 (-31/127) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<EternalSailorSaturn> and so i tell my gynecologist, well, you're putting so many things in my vagina, maybe i should charge you
#309477* (?/75) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<CiDhed> Tired of rumors.
<dkelle4> conservatives live on rumors.
<dkelle4> >_>
<Moon_Doggy> like how your mom lives on dicks?
<dkelle4> O_o
<riggsAndroid> wow
#304083 (-29/181) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<geeknik> YouTube is infinitely more enjoyable when you completely hide the comments section on every video
#309417* (?/29) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<Zonad> it makes your worse.
#310519* (?/30) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
surf with both hands free :)
from tgpss.com/add.html
#311508 (-28/116) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<SirFinkus> woohooo
<SirFinkus> hype as fuck
<SirFinkus> seeing earth in a few hours
<Heads_Up> hahah just look at the ground dude it's right there
#309204* (?/28) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
Business is not about investment, it is all about involvement
#201076 (-25/139) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<Foxhill> i like everyone else to get married so i can sit here grinning that i'm not
<Foxhill> 'oh you had to cook dinner for your mother-in-law? i spent the night wanking in front of the internet, you lose'
#308159* (?/29) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
hurrr durrrr DURRRRR DURRRRRRRRRR sports
^fucking dumbasses
#310981 (-25/155) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<froggey> oops
* froggey hopes that didn't break anything
<froggey> FUCK
<scgtrp> you managed to set a network card on fire, didn't you
<froggey> basically
<froggey> my test machine has no power button, so I've been poking the on/off header with a screwdriver
<froggey> I missed
#311447 (-25/79) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<Crusher> when I invited the top dozen or so botnets in here in 1997 it was empty
<tev> Where *did* the bots go?
<Crusher> tev: we opped them all, put them on bitch and the resulting -o+k+b+o... resulted in a network flood that not only completly split eFnet, but also melted blackend's primary router taking down Internet access to half of Arizona for around a week, which caused them to delink from eFnet till 2005
#118259 (-24/930) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<+zeppeh> i was fucking this chick once and she started crying.
<+zeppeh> she dropped her pacifier.
#302242 (-24/330) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<tgies> http://qdb.us/101461
<tgies> if you did this irl a multitude of sunglasses would fucking appear on your face and fall all over the place in just a big heap
<tgies> and you would get a fucking special driver's license that entitles you to free chicken wings at any DMV office and the secret menu at arby's
<flamingspinach2> PlaceAtPC common_glasses_01 500
<G-Flex> no
<tgies> no
<G-Flex> don't
<G-Flex> spawnmass hkhangingpig 150
<flamingspinach2> what's that, deus ex?
<G-Flex> yeah
<G-Flex> yours was morrowind, right?
<flamingspinach2> yeah
<tgies> you guys are fucking nerds
Comment: #animutation on wgiowrb.dyndns.org
#308877 (-24/136) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<Tree_Hugger>  hey, how do I access to my eternal harddrive?
#310506* (?/24) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
�In the desert of the heart, tears do not touch the ground. (Dans le d�sert du coeur, - Les larmes ne touchent la terre.) - [Charles de LEUSSE]�
#310511* (?/24) ↑Good ↓Awful ⚐Flag
�The sniper of heart misses only flowers. (Le sniper du c�ur - Ne rate que les fleurs) - [Charles de LEUSSE]�
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