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<Zonad> it makes your worse.
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surf with both hands free :)
from tgpss.com/add.html
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<Se7eN> in my early days of irc like 15 years ago
<Se7eN> there was this guy called Wiccy, Jigsy^ZzZzZ and others remember him
<Se7eN> and he would always "fluff" people he liked when the joined the main chan
<Se7eN> and i thought of it as like, fluffing someone's pillow to make their spot comfy upon arrival or something
<Se7eN> so for years i /me fluffed people
<Se7eN> and later found out it was a porn thing people do to "prep" male actors.
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<ryan[WIN]> highway to the dannger zone
<ryan[WIN]> du na du na
<ryan[WIN]> du na du na
<sole> falling down on netflix streaming <3
<shea|eee> i hope a 23rd century historian-psychologist studies these logs and concludes that we're all suffering from a disorder discovered in the 22nd century called idiot's disease
<shea|eee> ^ EXHIBIT 28
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<powersurge> someone at work is having a breakdown
<powersurge> he's about 70% sure someone took his mousepad
<powersurge> but 30% unsure if he even had one to begin with
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Business is not about investment, it is all about involvement
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<Crusher> when I invited the top dozen or so botnets in here in 1997 it was empty
<tev> Where *did* the bots go?
<Crusher> tev: we opped them all, put them on bitch and the resulting -o+k+b+o... resulted in a network flood that not only completly split eFnet, but also melted blackend's primary router taking down Internet access to half of Arizona for around a week, which caused them to delink from eFnet till 2005
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<@vistas> okay
<@vistas> you can invent anything at all regardless of defiance of physics or whatever
<@vistas> what would you invent that could make you a million dollars overnight
<lakembra> A million dollar bill
<@vistas> damn
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hurrr durrrr DURRRRR DURRRRRRRRRR sports
^fucking dumbasses
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<+zeppeh> i was fucking this chick once and she started crying.
<+zeppeh> she dropped her pacifier.
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<amorph> whats your girlfriends ass got in common with a 9V battery?
<amorph> you know its wrong, but sooner or later youre gonna put your tongue on it :D
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<tgies> http://qdb.us/101461
<tgies> if you did this irl a multitude of sunglasses would fucking appear on your face and fall all over the place in just a big heap
<tgies> and you would get a fucking special driver's license that entitles you to free chicken wings at any DMV office and the secret menu at arby's
<flamingspinach2> PlaceAtPC common_glasses_01 500
<G-Flex> no
<tgies> no
<G-Flex> don't
<G-Flex> spawnmass hkhangingpig 150
<flamingspinach2> what's that, deus ex?
<G-Flex> yeah
<G-Flex> yours was morrowind, right?
<flamingspinach2> yeah
<tgies> you guys are fucking nerds
Comment: #animutation on wgiowrb.dyndns.org
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<Tree_Hugger>  hey, how do I access to my eternal harddrive?
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�In the desert of the heart, tears do not touch the ground. (Dans le d�sert du coeur, - Les larmes ne touchent la terre.) - [Charles de LEUSSE]�
#310511* (?/24) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
�The sniper of heart misses only flowers. (Le sniper du c�ur - Ne rate que les fleurs) - [Charles de LEUSSE]�
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<@BsitsAdolf> !startserver
<@BsitsAdolf> doesn't work =/
<@BsitsAdolf> !restart
<@BsitsAdolf> cmon
<%Joanna> ._.
<@BsitsAdolf> Expecto Patronuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum!
<@BsitsAdolf> mmhm
<@BsitsAdolf> seems like that only works in harry potter ^^
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You are a revelation that even Prophet would have fantasized. My search for truth that I seek through you can even belittle Buddhas unfathomable pursuit for truth.Comment: Love quote
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�Who destroys is destroyed. Who builds is built. (Qui d�truit se d�truit. Qui construit se construit.) - [Charles de LEUSSE]�
#310508* (?/23) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
�We don't build the ruins. Our soul is in hate. (On ne construit des ruines. - Notre �me est dans la haine.) - [Charles de LEUSSE]�
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<fivre> Hello ladies. Look at your code.
<fivre> . return Iterables.filter(
<fivre> . . . . employees,
<fivre> . . . . new Predicate<Employee>() {
<fivre> . . . . . . public boolean apply(Employee e) {
<fivre> . . . . . . . . return e.isPartTime();
<fivre> . . . . . . }
<fivre> . . . . });
<fivre> Now look at mine.
<fivre> . return Iterables.filter(employees, {Employee e -> e.isPartTime()});
<fivre> Now back at your code.
<fivre> . return Iterables.filter(
<fivre> . . . . employees,
<fivre> . . . . new Predicate<Employee>() {
<fivre> . . . . . . public boolean apply(Employee e) {
<fivre> . . . . . . . . return e.isPartTime();
<fivre> . . . . . . }
<fivre> . . . . });
<fivre> Now back to mine.
<fivre> . return Iterables.filter(employees, {Employee e -> e.isPartTime()});
<fivre> Sadly, it isn't mine.
<fivre> But when it stops using inner-class-scented Java and switches to JDK 7, it could smell like mine.
<fivre> Look down. Back up. Where are you? You're in an IDE, with the code your code could smell like. What's in your hand? Back at me. I have it. It's a lambda expression, with two arguments of that type you love.
<fivre> Look again: the lambda is now a method reference!
<fivre> . return Iterables.filter(employees, Employee#isPartTime);
<fivre> Anything is possible when your code smells like fresh new JDK 7 hotness and not inner classes. I'm on a horse.
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When a student can beat his teacher, the teacher must become a student again.Comment: Teaching, Karate
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�Who forgets himself in love remembers the future. (Qui s'oublie dans l'amour - Se souvient du futur) - [Charles de LEUSSE]�
#310512* (?/22) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
�Heaven without love : what a hell. (Paradis sans amour : - Voil� ce qu'est l'enfer) - [Charles de LEUSSE]�
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<paul> fuckers
<paul> fuckers
<paul> fuckers
<paul> fuckers
<tyger> mushroom mushroom?
<jeff> SNAKE!
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