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<&Fazer> "In 2001, Argentina had 5 presidents in just 10 days."
<&Fazer> argentina snälla
<&Fazer> no wonder why you didn't get those islands
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<schwepps> we had to run the p.c off home generators powered by horse
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<relyks> you're a girl?
<realz> everyone on the internet is a boy
<littlestsquid> Yeah I'm a girl
<relyks> oh
<littlestsquid> Yeah everyone else is a boy
<ari5av> I once found a girl on IRC
<ari5av> but I didn't believe she was a girl
<ari5av> so I had to marry her to make sure.
Comment: Girls on IRC
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<king_crimson> has cuckbot learned anything new?
<cuckbot> i learned how to banish lust with tantric masterbation
Comment: cuckbot is a pyborg bot
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<t12> my dad wins at potrero hill community meeting aggroness
<t12> he went to one and stood up, interrupted
<t12> said heres the address of a crackhouse
<t12> if you guys dont raid it and shut it down
<t12> i'll go to it myself
<t12> they're like "those are armed dangerous people!"
<t12> he's like "i'm a combat vereran! I've killed thousands of people already"
<t12> "if you dont go clean it up you'll find youself in the weird position of protecting crackheads from me"
<t12> they did in fact shut the house down
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<osuka_> ShaRose I meant 140000 united stateses
<ShaRose> osuka_ then it's only a problem if you've got any oil
<osuka_> Fuck how do I get rid of it then
<ShaRose> be white
<osuka_> I assume my nationality makes me mexican regardless of skin color?
<ShaRose> how white are you
<osuka_> white enough that I wouldn't get shot by the police
<ShaRose> osuka_ describe what would happen if you are on a street. you see a police officer next to you, and a black man on the other side of the street. you grab the gun out of the officer's holster and shoot the black man on the other side of the street.
<ShaRose> if he high fives you, you are white enough
<osuka_> ShaRose he grabs the weapon from my hand and shoots the man again
<osuka_> then high fives me
<ShaRose> congrats you are white enough
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<digitalcircuit> Would someone mind doing a "/me" message, preferably long?  Trying to screenshot a new feature...
-*- digitalcircuit realizes that most of the cases where he'd find coloring nicks in action messages useful involve story-based IRC channels with tons of actions.. and it could be rude to take a random snippet of chat and make it public.
-*- TC01 wonders if the above /me message was not sufficiently long enough for a test of this feature but decides the best way he can find that out is by asking the question as part of an obnoxiously long /me message, thus killing two birds with one stone (at least hopefully) although this will make the screenshot kind of strange... oh well.
-*- genii prepares a Note To People Who Drive Cars: When letting someone out of the car on the curb side, pull up to the curb instead of making your passenger open the door into the bicycle lane and nearly killing cyclists. This usually results in irate, often injured cyclists and car passengers, property damage, vehicle damage, stares from pedestrians, and insurance rate hikes. This is if the collision goes well.
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17:43:59 <GenteelBen> Ugh I can't find the photo.
17:44:07 <GenteelBen> The ONE TIME I look for gay porn and I can't find it.
Comment: ##chat on freenode
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<majic> "Pachyderm (YC W15) is hiding a lead Node.js or Rails engineer"
<majic> Well give him back!
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Mike1: I just got asked why we aren't doing snapchat for our android developer show.
Mike2: ugh I flatly said no to a school group project using Whatsapp to communicate instead of Gmail/Hangouts
Mike2: why? because it's stupid to do that!
Mike2: really requires explanation ?
Mike1: There's two classes of ppl with these things now.
Mike1: Our devs are not doing face swaps, they are coding face swaps
Mike1: What was the argument for what's app
Mike2: Are ppl out of their minds?
Mike2: It's just what they use for fun therefore they use it for work too uh, no
Mike1: Did I tell you we have 4 messaging apps in the office, because people refuse to move from there's to the one that was mandated Skype
Mike2: well skype does suck
Mike2: but so does fragmentation
Mike1: And the managers are the worst offenders. One is on hangouts, one is on slack and one is on aim
Mike2: hahaha
Mike2: aim
Mike2: ouch
Mike2: fire him/her first
Mike2: using aim/aol is like calling dibbs on a pack of pampers
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<@rhelmot> hello everybody
<@rhelmot> zardus mentioned a bit earlier that I was working on a new interface for search strategies
in path groups
<@rhelmot> but the interface got a little more broad than that and "strategies" no longer encompasses
the behavior of it
<@rhelmot> so, in a piece of commentary on the existential meaningless of all this work, I'd like to
rename it to "otiegnqwvk", at the suggestion of fish
<@rhelmot> would anyone be strongly opposed to having an interface named otiegnqwvk
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<DrDM> So, when worshipping the Random Number Goddess, d20 is Unitarian, while GURPS is Trinitarian?
<Celti> Sure. d20 has all those lesser saints mucking things up, though: the d4, Patron Die of Magic; the d6, Patron Die of Rogues, and the d10, Patron Die of Swordsmen.
<Celti> GURPS may be Trinitarian, but it's *pure* about it.
<DrDM> You forgot the Patron Die of Rage, the d12, so named because of the emotion it inspires when it inevitably fails to stop rolling.
<DrDM> The thing I like most about "GURPS is Trinitarian" is that each of the individual dice involved are meaningless without the other two -- it really *is* a "three-that-are-one" *thing*.
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<HalfNote6>Dear Autocorrect: "Everytime" is an adjective, and only suitable for bad advertizing slogans. STOP correcting "every time" to "everytime" EVERY TIME!
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<Flanders> Beauty and the Beast: the gothic role-playing platformer
<Flanders> With the player as Gaston.
<TEHJAYBEEZ> No one hits like Gaston, rolls his crits like Gaston, no one min-maxes character stats like Gaston!
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Em3rgency: so thats why i need rocky, in case you were wondering
Em3rgency: also, how would you know its his work phone?
Daniel: oh, okay
Daniel: he called me on it a while back
Daniel: told me it was his work phone
Em3rgency: huh, so you actually had his number
Em3rgency: thats like... real life friend level of intimacy
Em3rgency: I am surprised
Daniel: to be fair
Daniel: it wasnt up to me
Daniel: zodiac found a fucking website with my number on it
Em3rgency: lmao
Em3rgency: of course he did...
Em3rgency: god damn zodiac
Em3rgency: if he put in half the effort in his uni studies
Em3rgency: as he does in being creepy
Em3rgency: he would've gotten a friggin PhD
Daniel: haha
Em3rgency: instead of you know... dropping out
Comment: Zodiac has a portfolio on everyone...
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<Xolroc> You know I love that conversations in this room can go from boob jokes to esoteric advanced mathematics and no one bats an eye
<Xolroc> It's like, we're defying stereotypes here
<Kasran> it's like #weird isn't filled with normal types
<Kasran> go figure
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* Switches wants to shoot "paper launches" and rid the world of the crap...
<penguin42> 'Paper launches'? Is that like paper aircraft?
<Switches> I wish
<Switches> I wouldn't want to shoot them as paper planes are rather fun
<Switches> Nvidia "paper launched" the 1070, I'm just hoping to hell AMD don't pull more at the press event they have later
<Flannel> just don't use paper lasers on landing paper planes, or else it's a paper felony.
<SonikkuAmerica> Only a paper felony, Flannel? Does it land me in paper prison?
<Afrix> many paper cuts :o
<Flannel> Yes, SonikkuAmerica. And if you're unlucky, they might throw you to the paper tigers.
<SonikkuAmerica> Oh no, not the paper tigers!
<SonikkuAmerica> They will crush my bones with their paper teeth!
<Afrix> or send you to the paper work mines :O
<SonikkuAmerica> Gasp!
<SonikkuAmerica> Where I'll have to hack away mining paper coal for the rest of my life?!
Comment: #ubuntu-offtopic on Freenode
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<MollyMetroid> naked, and playing DS tetris online against a human opponent
<MollyMetroid> is the only way to poop
<MollyMetroid> because if you win
<WinsonPaine> ha
<WinsonPaine> hahahah
<MollyMetroid> they got beat at tetris by a naked pooping person
<WinsonPaine> if you lose you can avenge yourself by shitting on your DS
<WinsonPaine> it is brilliant
<MollyMetroid> well no
<MollyMetroid> if you lose
<MollyMetroid> big deal
<MollyMetroid> you're just taking a dump
<MollyMetroid> big triumph for the other guy
<MollyMetroid> they beat a naked shitting person
<WinsonPaine> MollyMetroid
<WinsonPaine> they should have sent a poet
<WinsonPaine> good news MollyMetroid
<WinsonPaine> they DID
<WinsonPaine> In the bathroom
<WinsonPaine> I saw a creature, naked, bestial,
<WinsonPaine> Who, squatting upon the ground,
<WinsonPaine> Held their DS in their hands,
<WinsonPaine> And played tetris on it.
<WinsonPaine> I said, “Is it good, friend?”
<WinsonPaine> “It is bitter—bitter,” they answered;
<WinsonPaine> “But I like it
<WinsonPaine> “Because it is the shitter,
<WinsonPaine> “And because it is my heart.”
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<aji> I wonder if you can crossbreed a Shibe and a Vaporwave...
<aji> v a p o r w a v e
<aji>   s       o
<aji>   t       w     s
<aji>   h             u
<aji>   e c l e c t i c
<aji>   t   o         h
<aji>   i   l
<aji>   c             r
<aji>                 e
<aji>                 t
<aji>                 r
<aji>     m a c i n t o s h
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<mikespears> my last girlfriend was 29
<valesi> wow
<mikespears> the one before that was 27
<blazeme8> ghz?
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<@snk> there are many knowledgeable nerds on freenode. their favorite activity is informing others of their knowledge against those other's will.
#311177* (?/19) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<acidjazz> what was it you were saying you found in vim?
<oclet> if you open a new blank vim as root and type :w! /etc/shadow it will show an ansi fireworks show
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<gholms> Is it just me or does winload set itself as the default every single time it boots?
<fenrus02> what's winload?
<gholms> windows's bootloader
<fenrus02> oh.  just you.  i dont have that malware ;)
Comment: #fedora-devel
#311175* (?/14) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<asterick> Sadly, the custom slack emoji for chloroform we have in our work slack is not standard across the internet.
#311172* (?/12) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<@Aule|Away> Chocolate chip cookie dough poptarts make me nostalgic.
<@Aule|Away> Sometimes when I eat them, my first thought will literally be "This tastes like Super Mario Sunshine"
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