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10:55 AM <•JonathanD> yo
10:55 AM <•JonathanD> get to work fellas https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lists_of_unsolved_problems
10:55 AM <•jclishman> P=NP
10:55 AM <•jclishman> N=1
10:55 AM <•jclishman> P=(1)P
10:55 AM <•jclishman> P=P
10:56 AM <•jclishman> done
10:56 AM <•R-GiskardReventlov> Call the clay institute!
10:56 AM <•jclishman> wheres my nobel prize
10:56 AM <•R-GiskardReventlov> jclishman: there isn't one
10:56 AM <•jclishman> shit
10:56 AM <•R-GiskardReventlov> it's a $1.000.000 prize
10:56 AM <•jclishman> oh, thats good enough then i suppose
Comment: #SpaceX on Espernet
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<SmasherDynamo> !rolld100
<Ricky_Steambot> Rolled 69
<CraigK> nice.
<fairgame> nice
<Monicro> NICE
<Mon> nice
<DannoMack> nice
<Yaya> nice
<cthulhuwork> you guys are weird
<johnfw501> nice
Comment: #thesuperleague
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<FeelingBetterKingdom> Jesus. We need to play a game called Guess TriKingdoms IQ
* @LexPro rolls a dice
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(after moderating a user)
< gumi> wushin, you don't have to read, you know?
< wushin> I'll get that craved on my tombstone
< gumi> and your IRC client has a nifty feature called ignore
< wushin> I know but I have to scroll past kick to get there
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<+lcy> talking to a 41 year old guy on tinder
< dialeth> is it your dad
<+lcy> no my dad is 48
< dialeth> oh ok
< tso> yeah that's not weird or anything
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<@Synthaxx> o/
<+Waffle> Synthaxx: <thePatchyBeard> tell Synthaxx Waffle is confused " Length: 40s 12m " when describing a YouTube vid
<@Synthaxx> .tell thePatchyBeard I though Americans liked their units the wrong way around?
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<exio4> between Java, PHP and C#, I would go to C#
<TCH1> exio4: between Java, PHP and c# i would go for a janitor job :P
<exio4> lol
<DarkUranium> TCH1, LOL
<MinceR> lol
<TCH1> why
<TCH1> the toilets contains less shit than these
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KKCryptic: !define tako
ArchiBoT: Japanese for "octopus"
KKCryptic: Yes
KKCryptic: !define takoyaki
ArchiBoT: Grilled dumpling with a bite of octopus(A Japanese food, famous in Osaka(( the 2nd largest city in jpn))
KKCryptic: takoyaki is amazing
RA2lover: !define dumpling
ArchiBoT: A white boy dumped by a Chinese girl.
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<eevee> gamedevelopment.txt  [twitter link, reading: "i have fixed a single bug: finding a secret will no longer cause 4918 cyberdemons to spawn"]
<Strife89> eevee: I'm snickering as I picture an attempt to count them
<Strife89> *BOOM* one thousand thirty-four *BOOT* one thousand thirty-five ...
<Strife89> s/BOOT/BOOM/
<Strife89> Though BOOT would be conceivably valid if that was a Duke Nukem 3D map
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<hpl> I bought a new broom
<hpl> cleaning became a breeze when it doesn't fall apart every 10 seconds
<graspee> BROOM!
<graspee> i hope your old broom died in battle
<graspee> for only then can it enter: BRISTLEGARD!
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<vorstyles> A guy in our office came in the other day with a tie on, and someone asked him if he had an interview. He stumbled on words and tried to say he wanted to class up that side of the office.
<vorstyles> After his extended lunch, he had the tie off
<vorstyles> So, someone asked why he lowered the bar so quickly
<vorstyles> He said the tie was giving him heart palpitations
<vorstyles> His wife must love how bad he is at lying
#311129* (?/18) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
* Saithis bites Daytona.
* Celti bites Saithis.
<cyaziris> oh gods
<cyaziris> it's reverse contagious
* cyaziris bites Celti
<cyaziris> I'VE GOT IT TOO
<cyaziris> AVENGE ME
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<sami> eventually twitter always comes back to u
<sami> especially when ppl in job interviews ask you if you're *really* a porn star
<sami> I started freelancing coding out porn sites, so I was making internet porn, therefore my twitter bio was "internet porn star'
<sami> ok I thought it was funny
<sami> then I was in an interview and this guy who l like blackadder leans over rly close
<sami> "So are you...you know...do you have any of your works I can see?"
<sami> "I thought I sent over my portfolio"
<sami> "I don't have a problem, I'm very progressive, but do you have any of your movies?"
<sami> after that I changed my bio on twitter
<sami> the moral of the story was, I wasn't gonna work with blackadder
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<danh> some super creepy dude has sat down at my table
<danh> im about to get stabbed
<l0de> are you at a coffee shop
<danh> yeah
<danh> 20 tables free... chose me!
<danh> he's not wearing any underwear
<danh> dont ask me how i know
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<gnol> does anyone else just sprinkle flax on everything
<master_p> I sprinkle it on my dick when I have a boner that won't go away
<master_p> It goes flaxid
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<@barometz> Ha, I just agreed to "There was a problem loading the content of this EULA."
<@barometz> Wonder whether that's binding.
#311123* (?/18) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<~Anthony> I learned how to farm money with the Battle Chateau and Restaurant Le Wow
<%siubiku> click here to find out how
#311121* (?/21) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<atom_bomb> my girlfriend has been pressuring me to write a book about about my engineering methodology
<atom_bomb> (after i told her how much money the agile software alliance makes)
<atom_bomb> my methodology is essentially a longwinded justification of procrastination
<atom_bomb> it just happens to be scrum-compatible and highly effective
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<Commodus> Well, I've almost got a body.
<Commodus> But it has no arms.
<Commodus> Only shoulders.
<Sodel_the_V> Commodus: I choose to interpret that as a literal statement
about yourself
<Sodel_the_V> My night just got great
<Commodus> That would explain the quality of my art
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< Monikerr> my teacher was trying to tell us that the guy's shadow moves at a different rate from the man
< Monikerr> moves? no.. grows? yes
< argallel> Well, if you're measuring the rate of shadow movement by the tip of the shadow, it will appear to move faster
< DanL> the tip of the shadow is moving
< DanL> a tip is a point a point cannot grow
< DanL> [insert penis joke]
< DanL> [insert "insert penis" joke]
< Monikerr> i saw someone draw a dickbutt on the side of the main bus stop on campus today
< Monikerr> *penis joke
< Monikerr> penis anecdote?
< argallel> Ryan Reynold does a naked fight scene in Deadpool
<@cthulhu> ok, so, a few things... a) that is one of the stranger conversational fragments I've seen in here; b) DanL kudos for not going into infinite recursion... and c) this should be recorded somewhere for posterity
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<@ALTERNATIVE> also I only qualified for 40 dollars of benefits a month
<@ALTERNATIVE> so it was not even a big help
<dongfix> thats
<dongfix> as many
<dongfix> as
<dongfix> FOUR TENS
<dongfix> and that's terrible
Comment: #4chan "abuses" food stamps
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<DoctorBadass> Thoughts on Ted Cruz:  Some turds won't take a polish.
#311112* (?/18) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<Covarr_Work> I now
<Covarr_Work> officially
<Covarr_Work> have a
<Kawa> bONER
<Covarr_Work> fuck I was gonna type that
<Covarr_Work> (but actually the answer is girlfriend)
<Kawa> same diff
<Covarr_Work> but I legit considered typinig boner instead, until you typed it first
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<hjohnson> so off the coast here, we have an area called WG (Whiskey-Golf) which is a torpedo testing range. It's only active every so often, and when it's not you're allowed to go through it.
<hjohnson> trouble is that themost efficient way between Nanaimo and Vancouver goes right through that restricted area, and is one of the common sail boat racing courses.
<hjohnson> years ago, they come up on the radio and go "All stations, area whiskey golf is now active, clear the area." someone popps up and goes "Wincheslea control, this is the lead boat of the racing fleet. Tough shit."
Comment: freenode/#space
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<zoinks> I bought this gripper thing that is adjustable up to 90 lbs resistance
<zoinks> when I am able to max it out I'ma start offering free handjobs
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