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<&NekoBrianFangirl> I wouldn't even know that Azerbaijan existed without Eurovision
<&NekoBrianFangirl> ALSO
<&NekoBrianFangirl> Spelt it right first try
<&NekoBrianFangirl> BOOM! Proof Eurovision is educational
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< feliks_> is there a way to generate code and execute it without breaking C89 standards?
< feliks_> i mean like casting some memory that the program wrote to a function pointer and calling it
< kate> nope. C's just not that kind of language
< rump> and she's just not that kind of girl
< rump> .. until 2 drinks
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<Microchip> zsh: command not found: emacs
<Microchip> ^ This explains why I have free space.
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<urs> Any polish native speakers here? Google translate tells me that "śmierć, kutas, zniszczenie" means "death, dick, destruction".
<urs> But I'm not sure if that is supposed to be a praise or a curse.
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10:55 AM <•JonathanD> yo
10:55 AM <•JonathanD> get to work fellas https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lists_of_unsolved_problems
10:55 AM <•jclishman> P=NP
10:55 AM <•jclishman> N=1
10:55 AM <•jclishman> P=(1)P
10:55 AM <•jclishman> P=P
10:56 AM <•jclishman> done
10:56 AM <•R-GiskardReventlov> Call the clay institute!
10:56 AM <•jclishman> wheres my nobel prize
10:56 AM <•R-GiskardReventlov> jclishman: there isn't one
10:56 AM <•jclishman> shit
10:56 AM <•R-GiskardReventlov> it's a $1.000.000 prize
10:56 AM <•jclishman> oh, thats good enough then i suppose
Comment: #SpaceX on Espernet
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<SmasherDynamo> !rolld100
<Ricky_Steambot> Rolled 69
<CraigK> nice.
<fairgame> nice
<Monicro> NICE
<Mon> nice
<DannoMack> nice
<Yaya> nice
<cthulhuwork> you guys are weird
<johnfw501> nice
Comment: #thesuperleague
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<FeelingBetterKingdom> Jesus. We need to play a game called Guess TriKingdoms IQ
* @LexPro rolls a dice
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(after moderating a user)
< gumi> wushin, you don't have to read, you know?
< wushin> I'll get that craved on my tombstone
< gumi> and your IRC client has a nifty feature called ignore
< wushin> I know but I have to scroll past kick to get there
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<+lcy> talking to a 41 year old guy on tinder
< dialeth> is it your dad
<+lcy> no my dad is 48
< dialeth> oh ok
< tso> yeah that's not weird or anything
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<@Synthaxx> o/
<+Waffle> Synthaxx: <thePatchyBeard> tell Synthaxx Waffle is confused " Length: 40s 12m " when describing a YouTube vid
<@Synthaxx> .tell thePatchyBeard I though Americans liked their units the wrong way around?
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<exio4> between Java, PHP and C#, I would go to C#
<TCH1> exio4: between Java, PHP and c# i would go for a janitor job :P
<exio4> lol
<DarkUranium> TCH1, LOL
<MinceR> lol
<TCH1> why
<TCH1> the toilets contains less shit than these
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KKCryptic: !define tako
ArchiBoT: Japanese for "octopus"
KKCryptic: Yes
KKCryptic: !define takoyaki
ArchiBoT: Grilled dumpling with a bite of octopus(A Japanese food, famous in Osaka(( the 2nd largest city in jpn))
KKCryptic: takoyaki is amazing
RA2lover: !define dumpling
ArchiBoT: A white boy dumped by a Chinese girl.
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<eevee> gamedevelopment.txt  [twitter link, reading: "i have fixed a single bug: finding a secret will no longer cause 4918 cyberdemons to spawn"]
<Strife89> eevee: I'm snickering as I picture an attempt to count them
<Strife89> *BOOM* one thousand thirty-four *BOOT* one thousand thirty-five ...
<Strife89> s/BOOT/BOOM/
<Strife89> Though BOOT would be conceivably valid if that was a Duke Nukem 3D map
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<hpl> I bought a new broom
<hpl> cleaning became a breeze when it doesn't fall apart every 10 seconds
<graspee> BROOM!
<graspee> i hope your old broom died in battle
<graspee> for only then can it enter: BRISTLEGARD!
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<vorstyles> A guy in our office came in the other day with a tie on, and someone asked him if he had an interview. He stumbled on words and tried to say he wanted to class up that side of the office.
<vorstyles> After his extended lunch, he had the tie off
<vorstyles> So, someone asked why he lowered the bar so quickly
<vorstyles> He said the tie was giving him heart palpitations
<vorstyles> His wife must love how bad he is at lying
#311129* (?/19) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
* Saithis bites Daytona.
* Celti bites Saithis.
<cyaziris> oh gods
<cyaziris> it's reverse contagious
* cyaziris bites Celti
<cyaziris> I'VE GOT IT TOO
<cyaziris> AVENGE ME
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<sami> eventually twitter always comes back to u
<sami> especially when ppl in job interviews ask you if you're *really* a porn star
<sami> I started freelancing coding out porn sites, so I was making internet porn, therefore my twitter bio was "internet porn star'
<sami> ok I thought it was funny
<sami> then I was in an interview and this guy who l like blackadder leans over rly close
<sami> "So are you...you know...do you have any of your works I can see?"
<sami> "I thought I sent over my portfolio"
<sami> "I don't have a problem, I'm very progressive, but do you have any of your movies?"
<sami> after that I changed my bio on twitter
<sami> the moral of the story was, I wasn't gonna work with blackadder
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<danh> some super creepy dude has sat down at my table
<danh> im about to get stabbed
<l0de> are you at a coffee shop
<danh> yeah
<danh> 20 tables free... chose me!
<danh> he's not wearing any underwear
<danh> dont ask me how i know
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<gnol> does anyone else just sprinkle flax on everything
<master_p> I sprinkle it on my dick when I have a boner that won't go away
<master_p> It goes flaxid
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<~Anthony> I learned how to farm money with the Battle Chateau and Restaurant Le Wow
<%siubiku> click here to find out how
#311121* (?/21) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<atom_bomb> my girlfriend has been pressuring me to write a book about about my engineering methodology
<atom_bomb> (after i told her how much money the agile software alliance makes)
<atom_bomb> my methodology is essentially a longwinded justification of procrastination
<atom_bomb> it just happens to be scrum-compatible and highly effective
#311120* (?/11) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<Commodus> Well, I've almost got a body.
<Commodus> But it has no arms.
<Commodus> Only shoulders.
<Sodel_the_V> Commodus: I choose to interpret that as a literal statement
about yourself
<Sodel_the_V> My night just got great
<Commodus> That would explain the quality of my art
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< Monikerr> my teacher was trying to tell us that the guy's shadow moves at a different rate from the man
< Monikerr> moves? no.. grows? yes
< argallel> Well, if you're measuring the rate of shadow movement by the tip of the shadow, it will appear to move faster
< DanL> the tip of the shadow is moving
< DanL> a tip is a point a point cannot grow
< DanL> [insert penis joke]
< DanL> [insert "insert penis" joke]
< Monikerr> i saw someone draw a dickbutt on the side of the main bus stop on campus today
< Monikerr> *penis joke
< Monikerr> penis anecdote?
< argallel> Ryan Reynold does a naked fight scene in Deadpool
<@cthulhu> ok, so, a few things... a) that is one of the stranger conversational fragments I've seen in here; b) DanL kudos for not going into infinite recursion... and c) this should be recorded somewhere for posterity
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<@ALTERNATIVE> also I only qualified for 40 dollars of benefits a month
<@ALTERNATIVE> so it was not even a big help
<dongfix> thats
<dongfix> as many
<dongfix> as
<dongfix> FOUR TENS
<dongfix> and that's terrible
Comment: #4chan "abuses" food stamps
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<DoctorBadass> Thoughts on Ted Cruz:  Some turds won't take a polish.
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