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<jeph> i just made soem potatoes and eggs w/ poblano peppers for my daily meal
<jeph> i kinda dumped the cayenne pepper into the potatoes. on my hand and then in the potatoes....
<jeph> perhaps you can see where this is going...
<jeph> while they cooked, i figured o'd go pee real quick in the bathroom.
<jeph> did my bznz...
<jeph> all of a sudden my dick starts burning
<jeph> im like damn wtf! what have I done!?
<jeph> not realizing its the cayenne pepper
<jeph> so im like, wow this really burns, ill put some aloe lotion on my junk to sooth it
<jeph> all this does is spread it around and open up the pores
<jeph> and then my shit starts being like bawwwwwwwwwww your dick is on fire jeff!
<jeph> i gotta run off the stove...
<jeph> take a shower.
<jeph> the hot water makes it feel worse
<jeph> im already forseeing my trip to the e.r.
<jeph> soap.
<jeph> lots of soap
<jeph> and evrything is ok again. and it made me actually shower today.
<jeph> so
<jeph> but
<jeph> damn
<jeph> just damn, never felt that feeling before
<jeph> i didnt realize it was the cayenne at first
<jeph> i was like. well havent got laid in a month and a half it cant be any VD
<jeph> maybe prostate cancer
<jeph> maybe, my hernia surgery reapirs blew out
<jeph> or mayeb i disconncted my pee tube from my dick
<jeph> and im just peeing into my ballsack
<jeph> without any way to disprove this i set about trying to force a pee
<jeph> not having to pee i just my balls burning more
<jeph> which made me thnk o no the pee is going into my sack
<jeph> so then i chugged a bunch of water
<jeph> and pee'd , to my sweet relief.
<jeph> about then i thought, well it has to have been the cayenne
<jeph> and did the soap thing to save the day
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