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(odd42) hey guys: i'm d/l-ing a huge file on a 56k modem but i have an Athlon and GeForce, so do you think i could play q3 at the same time?
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<OYES> no...like i guess there is a program..unix or something
#341 (250/488) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<Felon> What is a leet? Is that a type of ferret?
#339 (55/333) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<locust> Hey phil how do I get rid of my ip number
#338 (-2/464) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<starrrr> muhaha i did steal head server of Internet. If push "power" button the hole net will be shutdown. i hate all you Quake Playas!! !! !! uu!! And If i push reset button the whole internet going to DIE!!
#337 (-3/387) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<Ash> Thank God we got it all out before DigDug could quote us. :|
#336 (74/318) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<nullgod> I'm not quite sure who slack is for, it's harder then REdHat, so it's not for newbies, it's less secure then FreeBSD so it's not for experts, and it's not pretty so it's not for desktops.
<DigDug> slack is for linux zealots :-D
#335 (0/519) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<plazmabur> hey watch it!!  dud !! i was partying all night for a week starigh twhen i was in  my first year of highschool and i'm still goin strong!!
#334 (10/335) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<Dert> i would much rather have a big thick detailed atlas of mars than a pair of breasts for one evening
#333 (10/337) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<TknoMncr> defunkt: if there's 1 thing I can't stand...
<TknoMncr> it's someone thinkin they're cool bringing a kid onto irc
<TknoMncr> I swear
<TknoMncr> if I find someone doing it
<TknoMncr> I will get em reported for child abuse
#332 (-1/437) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<Ash> I pay rent by playing the 'bottom' in sexual acts centering mostly around the anus.
<Ash> You've solved the mystery!
#331 (87/301) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<Dipstick> I saw my Univ. Physics prof. at anime club : |
<Dipstick> and he has a Card Captor Sakura wallscroll in his office (that's pretty damn fruity)
<guDgiD> Dipstick: BLACKMAIL
<Dipstick> NO!
<Dipstick> actually, there's a no hentai policy there :
#328 (23/313) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<Helpful-> [Akashra] I have a dream: 2199023255552 bytes free.
#327 (316/569) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<persia> my favorite country song is "i fucked my horse on a sunday morning"
<migg> my fave country song is "Its midnight in montana, and i cant get my dick out of this cow"
*** You were kicked by sandk1ng (i like the song "i kicked my friend for makin fun of music i listen to")
#326 (181/460) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
[CaptHowdy] [~] $ touch /dev/genitalia
[CaptHowdy] touch: /dev/genitalia: Permission denied
#325 (139/381) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
*** Signoff: meredith- (Random number generation is too important to be left to chance)
#324 (3/371) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<anihil8r> hmm.. when you were in school did they ever say that you were special?
#322 (0/399) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<sean> Stop adding 2+2! it has taken me five years to develop 2+2, and you "geeks and hackers" are destroying my work!
#321 (0/400) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<tch0rt> i dunno, at this point i know i cant go with balls any bigger
<tch0rt> the balls i have now are plenty big for my mouth
#319 (8/389) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<Garr|ncha> metallica is a terrible mix of heavy metal and country
#318 (191/453) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<mooner> some guy is having sex in the cubicle next to mine.
#317 (117/351) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<Megumi> hahaha ASL nate :P
<NtG> yourage + 1/if you = female { me = male } else { me = female }/surrey
#316 (-4/3418) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<DumbBitch> AND
<DumbBitch> wtf am i not quoted on the quotes?
<DumbBitch> i have to be one of the most funniest ppl in this channel :/
#315 (164/390) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<rick^> guys does anyone know what runs on TCP 31337? - something is listening there
#314 (2/389) ↑Funny ↓Awful ⚐Flag
<WhiteAWAY> someone told me trance music makes you sterile
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