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<AnneRobinson^> Do Canadians really like fart jokes for entertainment???
<shagman> fart jokes rock
<shagman> take this classic canadian joke for example
* shagman farts on IEatChildren
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*** Foxers has quit IRC (If idiots could fly,Dalnet would be an airport.)
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<SquareRoot> I know this is very OT, but I come here a bit so I thought I could try asking here... I found my sister's goldfish on the floor about a minute ago (although I have no idea how long it's been there... it was dry though) ... it appears that it jumped out of the bowl... upon reinserting it it proceeded to just float there... is there anything I can do?
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xcham: you interested [in taking an amateur radio certification course]?
Nruuuuup: this is like HAM radio?
xcham: yeah
Nruuuuup: the old-fashioned audio only version of blogging
xcham: I figure it's a handy thing to have a license for
Nruuuuup: because...?
xcham: in case, you know, society crumbles
Nruuuuup: hahaaha
Nruuuuup: why do i need a radio to go looting?
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<MouseTrapBob3749> Dude i think my dog is stoned
<Sanchezisgod> wut the hell? y in the hell would u think that?
<MouseTrapBob3749> dude hes obviously stoned man he keeps talking to me!
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* Joins: msft (swi@3155232f.22cbf9e3.client2.attbi.com)
* Gargoyle sets mode: +v msft
<+Mike> oh jeez. Microsoft is in here
<+Mike> y'all hide those corp copies of XP!
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{GiGi}: Ffs Pony, you're so back in the closet, you can see Narnia
#307798 (75/103) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<vera> i always ask them if they are having an abortion first because it was awkward that one time i was like look heres your baby and heres his heart beating and she was like ok can you take it out of meComment: Vera is a doctor.
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<peterS> Kneecaps: a 286 is just a bit faster than a 266-MHz Pentium II
<peterS> Kneecaps: but those extra 20 MHz really make a difference sometimes
<Nurbs> peterS: compared to an 8086 it's damn slow, though. but that's almost 8 GHz more, right.
Comment: #debian on Freenode
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<Digital-^> i love brits , every time i hear someone mention a fag break all i can think of is someone knocking on my door , picking me up , and smoking me
#310640 (75/117) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<ChauffeR> what's the name of the mission that fucked up because they didn't use meters
<OyajiVyse> America?
#1906 (75/264) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
(|Chris) CNN (Las Vegas, NV) New York has NOT been bombed. David Copperfield has come forward and stated that, "It was all just mirrors. I'm sorry that it got out of hand. This was just a publicity stunt that went horribly wrong."
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<depresso> *** Notice -- K-line active for AllYour
<depresso> *** Notice -- K-line active for BaseAre
<depresso> *** Notice -- K-line active for Belong2Us
* depresso falls over
<depresso> those were actual klines that just poped up on my screen
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<pigeon-mirk> if i was davey, my name would be katarina.
<pigeon-mirk> err, not davey
<pigeon-mirk> russian
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<ChlOrPh> it's rillY frustrating to wanna fuck someone who doesn't exist
#141960 (75/121) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Blipo> I'm trying to sell a 1GB DDR-667 RAM chip over Craigslist
<Blipo> So far two people have contacted me thinking I was talking about a mod for the DDR game
#2956 (75/257) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<blazemore> my chair is starting to smell bad from me farting in it so much
<blazemore> either that or it's the underwear i've been wearing for 4 days
#13198 (75/221) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
[01:05] <Hiyaz> I have my Windows 95 dick from my old Desk top
[01:05] <Elysian`> hmm
[01:05] <Elysian`> win95 dick
[01:05] <magtec> some may call me desperate, but i really don't think i'd want one of those.
[01:07] <MrSparkle> magtec:  you never know what kinda virus you could get from a Win95 d....
[01:07] <Elysian`> a STD
[01:07] <Elysian`> Setup Transmitted Disease
#19859 (75/267) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<jeff> penguin mints will rot your brain.
<MrFalcon> fine works brain my -- about talking you are what?
#11924 (75/245) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<@tag> cant wait for zero state devices :)
<@tag> no wires, no external power
<@tag> just IS
<@Syfoon> tag, by then, we'll be 4ft high, grey, abducting stupid, fat hicks and shoving probes up their asses
#10645 (75/244) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<@netwerk> the kill i sent to nickop lagged so much that it killed me instead
<@p00mint> HAHAHA
#45975 (75/163) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<EccleS> EriK: I'm more concerned about lying helpless in the dentists chair, while some trained sadist waves electrical equipment in my face
<capgadget> Just grab the dental nurses crotch.  At least you will have an excuse.
<capgadget> Unless it is a male nurse.
<capgadget> THen you are up shit creek.
<capgadget> Unless he's gay.
<_Arthur> gays often go up shit creek
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*** Signoff: iyeoh (Connection reset by peer)}
*** ieyoh has joined #mpeg3c
#20395 (75/247) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<@PHiZ> "If you can't keep it in your pants, keep it in the family."
<@Riyan|Work> "one eyed mutant children welcome here"
#3509 (75/225) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Rasputin> Episode 1 rocked!!!!!
<Rasputin> Let me rephrase.
<Rasputin> The trailer for Episode 1 ROCKED!!!!
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