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<un2> should i just settle for a bmw?
<Gen`Aku> settle settle?!?!?1
<Gen`Aku> don't use the word settle and bmw in the same sentance
<Gen`Aku> unless it's about the dust settling
<Gen`Aku> BITCH
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<Hyptosis> Urine used to have tons of uses that are now replaced with science
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<deathazre> somebody stole twish's vanilla cock
<deathazre> er, coke
<deathazre> ^_^
<TheOrgasmicMe> mmm vanilla cock
<whatboy> maybe it was missy elliot
<whatboy> o.O
<TheOrgasmicMe> if cock tasted like vanilla i would be gay
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<BombScare> i need to get my eyes lasered
<eldee> ditto.. 2k per eye though
<eldee> i'm saving my money for something i wont take for granted though :)
<enos> i don't trust that eye laser surgery yet
<enos> it'd be sweet tho to not need glasses or contacts
<BombScare> i have an aunt that had it done, she loves it
<BombScare> like 20 seconds and you can see
<eldee> BombScare: damn.. i dont even think jesus was that fast
<eldee> god bless america!
<eldee> or something
<BombScare> hah
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Xeno: I'll work for anyone who pays me enough and treats me good
Tony: how about I smack you around and pay you $5.15 an hour?
Xeno: haha i dont wanna do fast food
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<tbone22> today is my housemate's bday...what should i buy him...he just turned 23
<Dirge> a big fat penisdildo
<tbone22> he's hetero
<tbone22> (are there other kinda of dildos?)
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<jayr```> my patience to those who are disabled like you
<rbastic_> You have the linguistic capabilities of a fetus.
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<Sebas> I still want to start a stoner metal band because it's so damn easy
<Sebas> The guitarist gets 40 seconds to find the next chord, the drummer has to stick to like 5bpm, the bassist just fuzzes about a bit, and you slap tons of distortion on the vocals
<al> Bach would be proud
<Sebas> Only if he were around in our day and age
<Sebas> Bach to the Future
<nwagers> for the record, that was terrible
<Sebas> One might even say it was the vinyl straw?
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<X-G> Yay, I wrote a todo list
<X-G> Now I can procrastinate more efficiently!
#2574 (77/293) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<blazemore> i don't even know who the beatles are
<blazemore> except for jay leno and that other guy that just died
#2576 (77/247) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<dregan> Speaking of which, I got myself a new girlfriend.
<dregan> And she has a bigger dick than my last boyfriend.
<dregan> Skillz.
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<<< [Lolita!~prada@] i like putting my pairs of socks
togehter after i wash them, it's like playing mahjong
#51220 (77/281) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
Zorro: what do I do if someone wants to Cyber me but there are people around?
Null: Never ask that again.
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<Soopa> everyone hurry up and get banned so we can troll some other channel
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<Kaff> its saturday night. what are you doing here
<Kaff> i thought you'd have too much of a social life.
<spoob> Parts of me love interacting with other parts of me, but as a whole, I'm about as popular and loved as jamesm
<Kaff> oh. so you're a dead shit.
<spoob> Succinct, cruel, and accurate
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<Muad-Dib> I use IRC by carrier pigeon
<yipdw> I use it by boat
<yipdw> connection reset by pier
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<MadMax> press the Alt key.
<MadMax> Once.
<MadMax> press the left arrow key
<MadMax> Once
<MadMax> press the down arrow key
<MadMax> then you should get a list...
<MadMax> ?
<MadMax> that works for me at least..
<Altariel> that takes me into the tools menu
<MadMax> which left are you going 8p
<Altariel> oh fuck
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<Supachikn> square and sony are based in japan
<Supachikn> and heaps of other game devs
<Supachikn> and anime
<Supachikn> and hot chicks
<Supachikn> and rally cars
<Supachikn> and nice motorcycles
<Demigoat> and all night whale-meat buffets!
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#30279 (77/263) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<Mike> i hate mondays
<Mike> so much stress
<Mike> and no matter how early I start, I am ALWAYS still workign on it at the last minute
<Mike> I need a beer
<@Galadriel> man you sound like me
<@Galadriel> lol
<Mike> I need a cigarette
<@Galadriel> relax
<Mike> I need sex
<@Galadriel> :x
<Mike> especially that last one
* @Galadriel hides
#7503 (77/240) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<djfisty> i woke up with samuel l jackson's hairstyle from 'unbreakable'
#308049 (80/112) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<@Rjx> you can talk a population into going to war or domestic surveillance
<@Rjx> but free healthcare and legalizing harmless plants
<@Rjx> not quite as easy
#304213 (77/173) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
Welcome to Mormon.org chat.
A representative will be with you shortly.
Agent [stephanie] is ready to assist you.
User: Hi. Stephanie?
stephanie: Hello
stephanie: What brings you to Mormon.org?
User: Well I'm christian reformed but a lot of my friends are mormon
User: and I've been having trouble with my family but they never do
User: Would converting help my family life?
User: Is there much of a difference between christian and mormon?
stephanie: Mormons are Christian
User: I thought they were amphibians
The chat session has ended.
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<magoo> herk knows all about liquid saftey
<herkit> i know where to buy new keyboards
#34138 (77/335) ↑Good ↓Bad ⚐Flag
<youlepton> if they were asians, it would be r337
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