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<@PHiZ> "If you can't keep it in your pants, keep it in the family."
<@Riyan|Work> "one eyed mutant children welcome here"
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<Rasputin> Episode 1 rocked!!!!!
<Rasputin> Let me rephrase.
<Rasputin> The trailer for Episode 1 ROCKED!!!!
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Kasm279: what does flash use?
fleebailey33: cpu
#7871 (75/227) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
<damnyoure> where did you find that link
<Spoof> google
<damnyoure> and why would you believe something that some ass posted :/
<Spoof> cause he is .edu :D
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* Mich is now known as mich
<TB> Little mich
<TB> I don't understand the need to change from M to m
<Tibby> he ran into a goomba
#2517 (75/268) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
<hye> sex caffeine and computing power
<tia> hehe
<hye> the trinity
#46554 (75/239) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
<robbi>  me, christy, and carrie are all cancers
<sethism>  cancers to society
#103645 (75/159) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
<magnum12> I do have a hypothesis as to the origins of the werewolf myth. Its an interesting theory.
<magnum12> I believe that is based on superstitious exaggerations of rabies.
<TheCowch> I believe that is based on superstitious exaggerations of furries.
#309217 (75/95) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
<Ender> Every day when I get up I intend to get all kinds of work done.
<Ender> Then everything goes horribly wrong.  :)
<devnull> every day when i get up i intend to get as little work done as possible.
<devnull> Then everything goes horribly wrong.
#996 (75/279) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
<Pioneer`> _raven: you couldnt configure a toilet
#5614 (75/284) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
<quatoria> you shat on your daughter? disgusting pervert.
<Plaid> No, you freak. I puked on her.
#55023 (75/253) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
Xeno: I'll work for anyone who pays me enough and treats me good
Tony: how about I smack you around and pay you $5.15 an hour?
Xeno: haha i dont wanna do fast food
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<Sight^> crap
<Sight^> I just got a D in spanish today
<Sight^> ever since I gave up drugs my spanish grades has been only D's and E's
#304639 (75/143) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
<Sebas> I still want to start a stoner metal band because it's so damn easy
<Sebas> The guitarist gets 40 seconds to find the next chord, the drummer has to stick to like 5bpm, the bassist just fuzzes about a bit, and you slap tons of distortion on the vocals
<al> Bach would be proud
<Sebas> Only if he were around in our day and age
<Sebas> Bach to the Future
<nwagers> for the record, that was terrible
<Sebas> One might even say it was the vinyl straw?
#308993 (76/100) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
<PL> you really dont need pickup lines in Finland
<PL> It was really romantic how i met my wife
<PL> i found her puking at my bathroom (we had my friends 20yo party here)
<PL> that was love at first sight <3
#50435 (76/252) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
Panther: Play Civ4 until my eyes bleed.
Panther: Then wash them out and play some more.
Xeno: ...
Xeno: =( damn all I'm gonna do is have tons of sex eat pizza and watch anime..
Panther: X.x
Panther: You win.
Xeno: ::bow::
#2820 (76/239) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
[Lord-Data] hell, woudlnt mind a girlfriend
[Duckarse] ditto
[incorrect] there's always ebay
#19205 (76/256) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
<MafiaItaliana> do you remember the first time you got head?
<chrystopher2001> Yeah...
<MafiaItaliana> how long did it take for him to cum?
<chrystopher2001> shit...i lasted a long time
<MafiaItaliana> bet your mouth got tired eh?
<chrystopher2001> huh? wait a minute...
#1543 (76/260) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
<Amanda> I remember being in Europe
<Amanda> and I'd call shaft from payphones to ask if we'd gotten the channel back yet
#24078 (76/216) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
<whitcomb> i somehow get the feeling that listening to the cure and looking at porn is very, very wrong
#26385 (76/214) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
([m1]) so there i was, at the porcelain boardroom, initiating another
"round of layoffs"
([m1]) and the laptop battery warning popped up
([m1]) never wiped and washed so fast
([m1]) the things i do to keep from losing a network connection
#44065 (76/220) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
<sirveaux> so here is my take on just one aspect of intarweb politics:  AOLers
<sirveaux> (AOLer) The other day, a I and a chum of mine were in the middle of an intellectual debate pertaining to the German spelling reform of 1996 and its ramifications when--
<sirveaux> (nonAOLer) omg dude r u liek an AOHELLER?/
<sirveaux> (AOLer) Why, yes I am, and--
<sirveaux> (nonAOLer) omg lolollol
<sirveaux> AOLer was kicked by nonAOLer (leik omg aohel si 4 faggerts)
<sirveaux> (nonAOLer2) rofflekopter
<sirveaux> (nonAOLer) lest go fap to screnns of linix
<sirveaux> (nonAOLer2) well lemme grab sum lube, wud u
#2084 (76/231) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
<Sharkey> When you talk to your cactus at the end of the quest he says "He got hard?"
<kill> at least you wouldn't have to water a cactus
<kill> it's pretty low-maintenance, if you got one
<Starchild> That's my ideal adopted kid. One you don't have to water or feed.
<kill> you just have to cloth it
<DigiGnome> And you don't even have to do that, as long as you don't let it out of its room.
#20268 (76/289) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
<Bloodshedder> torn's feeble mind cannot understand what we are saying
<ph`> I agree with torn
#54830 (76/300) ↑Funny ↓Not ⚐Flag
<DesScorp> mmmmm
<DesScorp> chinese food
<DesScorp> don't know what I ate
<DesScorp> but it was good
<DesScorp> buffet!
<DesScorp> 83 different items!
<DesScorp> (82 of them probably some form of chicken)
<DesScorp> (I hope)
<KArmA> cooked cat looks remarkably like chicken
<DesScorp> so
<DesScorp> I can say I ate pussy then
<KArmA> you ate dead pussy
<KArmA> in a thick, gravy-like sauce
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