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#309842* (?/40) ⚐Flag
(+Eren) what does the fox say
(Fox) the fox says fuck off
#308249* (?/51) ⚐Flag
-Link posted about Humble Indie Bundle purchases-
<Ethan> I find that kind of odd
<StabbySpazzOut> why ?
<Ethan> linux users pay more than mac users
<StabbySpazzOut> mac users have no money left
<StabbySpazzOut> they spent it all on their computer
#308075* (?/51) ⚐Flag
<yamar> note: you would have to throw a hotdog at 1800mph to cook it with air friction
<qazwsx> yamar: how did you arrive by that answer
<qazwsx> Ah shit, brain's at it again
<yamar> qazwsx, it was on r/askscience
<yamar> which is like a nirvana for me
<qazwsx> Gotta take into account drag coefficients, cooling due to convection
<yamar> they did
<qazwsx> Easiest and simplest way
<yamar> was a <massive> explanation with lots of math
<yamar> including multiplying the velocity by 2 or so to account for heat lost to the air etc
<qazwsx> And wrongest way would just be to work out the specific heat needed to raise temperature by x degrees then use 1/2mv^2,
<adpaolucci> sup
<qazwsx> And use that as a lower bound
<adpaolucci> ewww math
<qazwsx> Holy shit it's nearly 00:30
* adpaolucci shoots himself
<qazwsx> Need sleep
<qazwsx> Night y'all
-few mins later-
<qazwsx> Godamnit, yamar
<yamar> hmm?
<yamar> got you stuck on the hotdog problem did I?
<qazwsx> I'm thinking about how to do this with drag coefficients and differential equations
<qazwsx> differential
<qazwsx> right
<yamar> hahah
<qazwsx> I'm going to assume a spherical hot-dog
<qazwsx> so, meatball then
<brjannc> lmfao
<qazwsx> oh damn, I haven't thought about conduction yet
<brjannc> "assume a spherical horse"
<yamar> the meatball would flake apart well before reaching any suitable speed
Comment: We did not end up solving this one. #vox on esper.net
#303819* (?/51) ⚐Flag
<Knifa> guys i wanna take my tab of acid now
<p> get on top of a very tall building
<p> and take the LSD
<AforAnonymous> why are you trying to kill Knifa
<AforAnonymous> I do not approve of that.
<p> knifa is smart enough not to follow my advice
<p> Knifa
<p> are you smart enough to know not to take LSD on the top of a very tall building
<Knifa> i'm already on the roof
#311370* (?/34) ⚐Flag
<Helix_Mouse> breadsticks are delicious
<Helix_Mouse> I want a breadstick
<MilesGates> >:C
<MilesGates> Whats the magic word?
<Helix_Mouse> accio breadstick
#301484* (?/56) ⚐Flag
<Fattie> I'm fuckin hungry gonna go make some food
<Fattie> if I DC call 911, I probably burned down the kitchen
<[FKU]Greycloak> "Hello? 911? I'd like to report a fire at"
#116121* (?/45) ⚐Flag
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#310412* (?/28) ⚐Flag
* xobs is in China now, going back to Singapore tomorrow.
<@xobs> i forgot my keyboard in Singapore.  The one i got here in Shenzhen iss a special kind of awful.  IIt seems to olke to repeat keys randomly.  Makese logging in and putting in passwords a bit of a challenge.
<@xobs> Actually one of the thinigs I'll have  to oworrk on that's kinid of challenginig is wwhat to do on fiirst boot
<@xobs> Moost distroos set upu pthiingns like username, passworrd, timemzone,, etc.. durinig seteup.  WWe'll havev to odo that on first boot.
<@xobs> ...this is a areally, rreally bad keybooard.
Comment: #kosagi on OFTC
#310832* (?/10) ⚐Flag
<Morwen> heh, i just got an email off my trek site from some guy in Waukesha hitting on me.  He even left me his cell phone number. hehe  Says he's got a car that goes warp speed. :giggle:
<raven> because nothing turns a woman on more than Trek references.
<Leth> The problem is he's probably one of those types that can't let go when it's over. Y'know, a real Klingon
* raven doesn't have to energy to op over that right now, but consider yourself glared at.
<CrazyClimber> meet up with him and wear a red shirt, tell him he's got 60 minutes to save your life
#303674* (?/50) ⚐Flag
<pantherchild> we were at dinner the other night and i was describing something.  'you know, a brick.  like you throw at people'  dead silence and then...'you know you can build houses with bricks'
#306663* (?/39) ⚐Flag
< wizbit> what is more important, eyecandy or functionality?
< CoJaBo> functionality
< wizbit> ok
< CoJaBo> unless you're Apple.
#311567* (?/22) ⚐Flag
Darkness has joined
< MrSmurfing> Hello Darkness my old friend
< Darkness> I have a boyfriend
Darkness has left
#310944* (?/22) ⚐Flag
<@Kakashi> fake-url://sesame-street-debuts-new-character-with-autism.html
<@CaptainJistuce> See, this opens up a world of possibilities here. Oscar may be a bipolar hoarder instead of just the grouch that lives in a trashcan because that's where grouches live.
<@CaptainJistuce> Cookie Monster? SERIOUS eating disorder.
<@CaptainJistuce> "Maybe... maybe this cookie fill hole in Cookie Monster's heart. Me no want to be alone with the voices. Why the vegetables sing?!"
<@CaptainJistuce> Gee, that got dark fast.
#311246* (?/22) ⚐Flag
<MoikeLap> the E7450 was never designed with datacenter work in mind
<MoikeLap> apparently they can't withstand the rigors of being jammed under a 4U Sun server and used as a lever to line up rack-mount earholes
#311270* (?/22) ⚐Flag
<phos1> I get permisson denied now if i try to run drush status, so what owner / group should that have?
<graper> probably need 755
<graper> or +x
<graper> i'm old so I'm used to numbers
<charginghawk> why chmod if you can't do it with emojis?
<thechanceg> hahaha. oh god... please no.
Comment: #drupal channel
#307327* (?/44) ⚐Flag
<@Rabbi> don't ever forget to live life
<@Rabbi> it could be over any moment
< Gobina> and hopefully it will be, soon
<@Rabbi> for instance right now I'm writing code for an emulated 16 year old game and drinking a bourbon, alone in my apartment
<@Rabbi> gotta remember to live
#303607* (?/44) ⚐Flag
<dat_dam> Aren't you supposed to be at work?
<braddock> someone called in a bomb threat today. everyone in the office had to be cleared out so we got the day off.
<dat_dam> wtf
<braddock> we think we all know who did it, but we're not saying anything because now we all get a long weekend.
#311539* (?/16) ⚐Flag
<dgriffi> some whackadoodle is putting antivax screeds into stuff at a Babies R Us store down in Lynwood
<Silent700> I think VMS is a little advanced for infants
<dgriffi> heh
<Branes> Yeah, they're still in nappies so they get pee dee pee.
<qu1j0t3> *groan*
<qu1j0t3> they can yell in all eight registers, that's for sure
#254430* (?/33) ⚐Flag
lordhelmet: just got back from DC
lordhelmet: I took nearly 500 photos
HWF13nd: haha sweet
HWF13nd: I�m going to Vegas in January
lordhelmet: Yeah I got to see memorials for dead people all you're going to get to see is strippers
lordhelmet: wait
lordhelmet: dammit
#304396* (?/54) ⚐Flag
<@Garg> In what circumstance would an ip trace to florida but a hostname to guatemala?
<@meeb> certain third world networks terminate in first world peering points
<@Sebas> That's a bit harsh, Florida may be a shithole but it's not quite third world.
#309042* (?/27) ⚐Flag
<Vaylin> Do yu go to school far away from where you live Keren?
<Keren> Yes, Vaylin XD
<Vaylin> My Us geography sucks .... Lol
<Keren> You know where California is?
<Vaylin> I do Keren
<Keren> Do you know where Kentucky is?
<Vaylin> Hmmm south central? I think .....
<Keren> Correct Answer: Who gives a damn? Kentucky sucks.
<Keren> I'm going to college in Japan
#306879* (?/27) ⚐Flag
<Cprossu> can't put a bigger one in, too many computer parts around it
<wannabe1987> lol
<wannabe1987> move them?
<Cprossu> some support the bed.
Comment: #thegeekgroup irc.freenode.net
#307530* (?/43) ⚐Flag
MichaelXX2_: College is great
MichaelXX2_: Just don't fuck yourself
MichaelXX2_: Then things get really really bad
BlueProtoman: Fuck myself?  In what way?  You mean "don't neglect coursework"?
MichaelXX2_: Well there's that
MichaelXX2_: Very much so
MichaelXX2_: And also be sure not to masturbate in the middle of class during a wild hallucination brought on by a lack of sleep
MichaelXX2_: That's not good either
BlueProtoman: Noted.
Comment: #openpandora on Freenode
#302195* (?/84) ⚐Flag
dexi: Today this lady came in to best buy with a tv to exchange because it "didnt have enough features"
Cynic: wow
dexi: this lady was so funny...
dexi: im not done
dexi: this lady was so funny, in a bad way
Cynic: heh
dexi: she said "my neighbor has a sony that has a video game mode and it makes it so theres no delay between when you do something, and when it shows up on the screen
dexi: already she clearly has no idea wtf shes talking about
Cynic: wow
dexi: but i have to play along or i'll get fired, so i take her to the tv section and show her around
dexi: and she starts like... flirting, but trying to do it conspicuously
Cynic: ... how old is she?
dexi: like bending over far past whats comfortable to show off her ass
dexi: idk 30
Cynic: oh god
dexi: she was hott
dexi: so i didnt mind lol
Cynic: oh haha
dexi: but anyway, there was someone who needed help in video games (my area) and my coworker is better with TVs so we traded
dexi: and when i got back to him, the first thing he said was "That retard lady called you a retard"
dexi: then he said "and she kept trying to feel my cock"
#300945* (?/79) ⚐Flag
<%Chlamydia> normalboy: 100% CERTIFIED BONER FUEL.
<%Chlamydia> "boner fuel" is maybe one of my favorite phrases ever.
<@ME-tan> hahahaha
<+normalboy> sounds like a Monster energy drink spin off
<+normalboy> for those special bro-rape moments
<%Chlamydia> LOL
<@ME-tan> powerthirst!
<+normalboy> HEY
<+normalboy> TRY BONER FUEL
<%Chlamydia> I was up all night studying for a final when Braedon walked in with nothing but his bicycle shorts on and he wanted me to peg him in the ass but I was SO TIRED that I almost said NO but then I had a BONER FUEL
<+normalboy> MENERGY
<%Chlamydia> ^
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