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< wushin> I'm freaking out.
< MadCamel> Why?
< wushin> I accidentally sold a theater to my neighborhood and they are buying it.
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<@Orillion> I like this warning NetBeans gives
<@Orillion> "Suspicious Method Call"
<@{\an8}> "Gaseous Output Detected" -NetBeans
Comment: Doki's development channel @Rizon
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Life247> Does anyone here know much about Gimp the imaging program?
<remaniac> I know that paint.NET is easier than GIMP
<Gimp> why on earth is everyone obsessed with image editing in this bloody channel?
<Yanni> Hahaha.
<Gimp> Seriously. I'm in around 20 channels on various networks, and this is the ONLY ONE that I get random pings from.
<Gimp> Hell, I'm in channels dedicated to discussing open source software and I get next to no notifications from those that aren't aimed at me
<Gimp> I think I need to case sensitize my notifications.
<remaniac> Hahaha.
<remaniac> That would help a bit. But Life used Gimp, whereas I used GIMP. so...
* ska (ben@scave-3BA85BDD.static.tpgi.com.au) has joined #n
<ska> hey, are there any image makers in the audience?
<ska> i need a wallpaper pronto
#301706* (?/48) ⚐Flag
<the_seraphim> ive taped up all my fingers... so my nails heal before they fall off
<the_seraphim> makes it... different, to type
<Capn_Refsmmat> err
<Capn_Refsmmat> what exactly did you do to them?
<the_seraphim> several things...
<the_seraphim> remember our discussion about strong bases and skin
<Capn_Refsmmat> were you the one snubbing gloves?
<the_seraphim> aye captain
<Capn_Refsmmat> oh dear.
<Capn_Refsmmat> and how did that go for you?
<the_seraphim> well... got some on my fingers, went "oww!" shook my hands and smacked them on a wall
<the_seraphim> ive still got... some skin
<Capn_Refsmmat> shaking hands works wonders for getting chemicals off, I understand
<Capn_Refsmmat> far better than things like sinks
<the_seraphim> well i then went to a sink...
<the_seraphim> hence why ive still got /some/ skin left
<Capn_Refsmmat> invest in any gloves yet?
<the_seraphim> yeah.... huge rubber gauntlets
#308117* (?/42) ⚐Flag
Baljem: BBC News Headline "'GPS brain cells' seen in pigeons"
Baljem: look, dipshits, it may come as a surprise
Baljem: but there are perfectly good methods of navigation that existed for quite some time before GPS
Baljem: so could we /please/ stop referring to anything to do with being able to fucking navigate as 'satnav' and 'GPS'?  before I have to come and smack you around a bit?  kthx
RS_Asleep: Baljem: Now they could use an iPhone and have always up-to-date information and the pigeon could use them 53 brain cells for something else! ;)
Baljem: impossible
Baljem: nothing with 53 or more brain cells would buy an iPhone in the first place ;)
#309732* (?/36) ⚐Flag
<~Cynical> If it comes down to it and the need to smoke is really high, I'm pretty sure I could make a fire and sterilize a shoe to make a bowl out of that, but I wouldn't want to do that
<~Cynical> being an eagle scout makes crafting bowls and bongs so much easieer
< Teryakywind|Molly> holy shit another eagle scout?
< Teryakywind|Molly> you have no idea how many stoners I've met that are eagle scouts
< Teryakywind|Molly> what troop were ya with?
< me-tan> I'm no scout, but I can improvise a lot of stuff
<~Cynical> 246
<~Cynical> I met one of my smoking buddies there.  Actually, he's the one who introduced me to pot
< Teryakywind|Molly> 427 here
< Teryakywind|Molly> Ours was the fuck-up troop :P
< Teryakywind|Molly> the ones constantly in trouble at summer camp for shit like chasing flocks of turkeys off cliffs
< me-tan> lol wut
< Teryakywind|Molly> seriously
<&Anonyfurb_> That's pretty hilarious.
< Teryakywind|Molly> we wiped out the entire population of turkeys on the east side of Gus Blass
< Teryakywind|Molly> to this day you will only hear them over near the trading post
Comment: gobblegoooooooo~~~~~
#309794* (?/47) ⚐Flag
<Pincushion> anyway, my quandary over whether to delete the mp3s just because the lead singer was a monster became a lot easier when I realized that their music is dreadful.
<cINg|lunch> so why did you buy them in the first place?
* Pincushion blinks
<Pincushion> 'buy' ?
#304441* (?/47) ⚐Flag
<Ford> Man
<Ford> If I were a woman, I'd be a lesbian
<omegawill> Really?
<omegawill> I don't know I mean I guess I hadn't thought about it
<omegawill> I guess if I were a woman I'd be an accountant
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[*map/map_index_cnx1_1_tmp.txt||10||r||1|| @]Comment: [*map/map_index_cnx1_1_tmp.txt||10||r||1|| @]
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<Snooper> Shade: I like my women how I like my coffee.
<Snooper> I don't like coffee.
<Snooper> Makes me sick. :c
Comment: Snooper is incredibly homosexual
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[*map/map_index_cn6_f21.txt||10||r||1|| @]Comment: [*map/map_index_cn6_f21.txt||10||r||1|| @]
#110282* (?/47) ⚐Flag
[*map/map_all_coml5.txt||10||r||1|| @]Comment: [*map/map_all_coml5.txt||10||r||1|| @]
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* tanuki_ wonders idly why HDSLRs don't pull rows from their sensors in a different order
<tanuki_>if we have a 10-line sensor, for instance, instead of pulling 1-2-3-4-5..., we could pull 1-5-10-3-7-2-9-4-8-6 or something
<tanuki_>it seems like that'd get rid of the worst part of rolling shutter: the diagonal wobble
<tanuki_>there'd still be some rolling shutter but it'd be distributed across the entire frame instead of being concentrated at the bottom
<dif>u should write up a technical white paper about this
<dif>instead of typing it on irc where it'll scroll of your audience's screen
<dif>i'll read it.  i promise.
<tanuki_>Consider this a very rudimentary form of peer review
<tanuki_>Talking about it on IRC allows for an instant "it won't work because [reason], dumbass"
<tanuki_>instead of the whole months-long writing of the paper and submission to a journal for official peer review...
<tanuki_>just to be told the same damn thing: "are you really that much of a dumbass?"
<cwage>are you really that much of a dumbass?
<tanuki_>Yes. Yes, I am.
Comment: freenode #photogeeks
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<@DrtySOUTH> There's going to be a live documentary this weekend.
<@DrtySOUTH> Apparently a group is going to dig up the cache of E.T. cartridges, live.
<@Taryn> cool.
<@DrtySOUTH> They're portraying this as "unearthing an ancient tomb".
<@Taryn> 1983 is now ancient? O_O
<@YelseyKing> Haw.
<@Nicole> oh I heard about that
<@Nicole> I thought all the cartridges were bulldozed and such
<@DrtySOUTH> Dunno.
<@DrtySOUTH> Apparently not.
<@Nicole> well then
<@Nicole> I hope it ends with them playing the game and then deciding to cover it all up again
#304549* (?/74) ⚐Flag
<Mgsts> I'm actually reading the Browne Review
<@nukespoon> is it brown
<Mgsts> the introduction actually is
<Mgsts> brown background
<@Al> they probably thought they were being funny
<@nwagers> yeah, british often think they're funny
<@nwagers> we call it "British Humor" in the US
<@pmMike> we call you cunts
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[*map/map_index_cne1_11.txt||10||r||1|| @]Comment: [*map/map_index_cne1_11.txt||10||r||1|| @]
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<@dmd> two old people were arguing over whose car a car was
<@dmd> and one was demonstrating that their key worked
<@dmd> and the other was using the impeccable argument that "it looks like my car"
<@dmd> i was at a stop light so i had to leave
<@dmd> but i assume this was resolved either by the correct party getting in and driving away
<@dmd> or by thunderdome
<@dmd> i hope the latter
#308165* (?/40) ⚐Flag
<notjones_> KDE makes no sense
<notjones_> It's sleek, it's sexy
<notjones_> It looks beautiful
<notjones_> But it performs like a fat girl having an aneurysm.
#311324* (?/51) ⚐Flag
<Odiumchild>    Oh what the hell, I was adjusting my QOS and now I can't access my router lol
<Odiumchild>    I guess restart my router and hope nothing worse happens
-- Odiumchild (odiumchild@irc.j08.168.104.IP) left IRC (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
-- Odiumchild (odiumchild@irc.j08.168.104.IP) joined the channel
<Odiumchild>  ayyy restart let me get back into my router
<Odiumchild>  Lets go
<Whitey>  <Odiumchild> Ow%~{g_v3!QWKi:SEvl{8atBGU(+S>1`r"d<&+UrA:]%<-Hzkz1 _j&xZ!B-
<Whitey>  you fucked up your QoS mate
<Whitey>  think you need to reboot it again
<Odiumchild>  Test
<Whitey>  must have jumbo frames on, all your text is coming through as garbage
<Whitey>  <Odiumchild> O<Od72B|6,LC6nUwlsMh~xj:tWO8ZFi?_|L-.t|:*^'PG6
<tcg>  Odiumchild stop spamming the chat with garbage
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  you fuckin troll
PRIVMSG  <Whitey>  10/10, this is great
<Whitey>  we don't know what you're saying
Odiumchild (odiumchild@irc.j08.168.104.IP) left IRC (Quit: ChatZilla)
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  he fuckin quit
PRIVMSG  <Whitey>  I am so pleased with this result
<diytto>  LOL
<Pupper>  lol
<Whitey>  ahahahahaha
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  likewise
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  i like how everyone just let it happen
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  poor bastard
Odiumchild (odiumchild@irc.j08.168.104.IP) joined the channel
<Odiumchild>  test
<Whitey>  jesus
<Whitey>  Odiumchild: sort your shit out
Odiumchild (odiumchild@irc.j08.168.104.IP) left the channel ("")
<Whitey>  hahaha
<vinyl>  Odiumchild you're about to get tested so damn hard
<Whitey>  ssssh
Odiumchild (odiumchild@irc.j08.168.104.IP) joined the channel
<Odiumchild>  test
<Whitey>  <Odiumchild> prueba
<Whitey>  is that spanish?
<Whitey>  what setting did you enable Odiumchild?
<Odiumchild>  Is my text broke or not, or is Whitey just trolling me
<Whitey>  <Odiumchild> es mi texto se rompió o no, o se me acaba de Whitey curricán
<Whitey>  dude
<Jelleh>  Odiumchild: we don't understand what you're saying, try rebooting
<Whitey>  I don't speak spanish
<Whitey>  does anyone speak spanish?
<tcg>  Whitey yeah
<Whitey>  what's it say tcg?
<tcg>  he's saying that his text is either broken or not / whether you're something
<tcg>  idk that verb
<Whitey>  Odiumchild: hola amigo
PRIVMSG  <Whitey>  haha
PRIVMSG  <Whitey>  he's gotta catch on now
Odiumchild (odiumchild@irc.j08.168.104.IP) left IRC (Quit: ChatZilla)
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  you say that
PRIVMSG  <Whitey>  amazing... is this real?
<vinyl>  hahahaha
<tcg>  hahhahahahah
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  are we living in a bash.org quote?
Odiumchild (odiumchild@irc.j08.168.104.IP) joined the channel
<Odiumchild>  We good now?
<Whitey>  <Odiumchild> Estamos bien ahora?
<Whitey>  tcg: can you translate?
<Whitey>  Odiumchild: no espaniol por favor
<tcg>  Odiumchild: tienes problemas con tú texto
<Jelleh>  Odiumchild: what are you saying? have you rebooted your computer?
Odiumchild (odiumchild@irc.j08.168.104.IP) left IRC (Quit: ChatZilla)
PRIVMSG  <Whitey>  next up is esperanto translation
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  rofl
<tcg>  and he's gone
<diytto>  i know spanish
<Jelleh>  when he gets back, never respond to him, pretend you don't see his messages
<tcg>  Jelleh no, Whitey has an even better plan
<Whitey>  Jelleh: esperanto is next :P
<arborist|work>  lmao
<Whitey>  got google translate up and ready ;)
<Jelleh>  perfect
Odiumchild (odiumchild@irc.j08.168.104.IP) joined the channel
<Odiumchild>  Fuck it, we'll do it live
<Whitey>  <Odiumchild> Fuck ĝin, ni faros lin en vivas
<Whitey>  tcg: is that spanish still?
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  from PM:
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  [22:50:53]  <Odiumchild>    are you guys trolling me or?
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  [22:51:15]  <tcg>    what language are you even speaking in
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  [22:51:17]  <tcg>    stop trolling
PRIVMSG  <tcg>  [22:51:17]  <tcg>    smh
<tcg>  Odiumchild what the fuck are you saying
<Whitey>  I don't recognise that
<tcg>  no Whitey that is definitely not spanish
<Whitey>  hold on Odiumchild, I'll pull up google translate
<Whitey>  fuck knows what you did to your router
<Jelleh>  Odiumchild: vi havas la "packet loss"?
<Whitey>  oh shit
<Whitey>  anyone speak esperanto?
<Whitey>  Odiumchild - vi devas fabrikon rekomencigita via router
<Whitey>  Odiumchild - Mi esperas ĉi tradukas bone, Mi uzas retan traduki provi kaj komuniki kun vi. Kontrolu vian QoS kaj via lingvo agordojn.
<tcg>  Whitey what the fuck are you even saying
<Whitey>  Odiumchild - Eble vi devus provi dd-respekto aŭ tomato
<canary>  its esperanto dood
<Whitey>  tcg: I'm google trnalsating esperanto back to him
<tcg>  ahhhh
<Whitey>  hoping it goes back so he can understand
<Whitey>  I'm assuming he can't read what we're writing here
<Odiumchild>  Now I know you guys are trolling me
<thegreattoad>  what language is that
<Odiumchild>  I hate you guys
<Jelleh>  Odiumchild: definitive provi rekomenci la router, ĝi ŝajnas kiel paketon perdo de Tiucele
<thegreattoad>  google says esperanto, i never heard of that
<oddbondboris>  i look up an i see esperanto
<Whitey>  Odiumchild - kiu min troll?
<tcg>  thegreattoad it's a fake language
<Jelleh>  he says troll?
<Whitey>  Odiumchild: I respect your choice for a universal language, but I think you should modify your router settings
<Odiumchild>  I feel so griefed
<Whitey>  I'll link you to the bash.org quote shortly ;)
<tcg>  kek
<diytto>  this guy Odiumchild
<diytto>  what a fucking guy
<Odiumchild>  I hate you guys so much
<Odiumchild>  Reported
Comment: Odiumchild switches on esperanto on his router
#309810* (?/51) ⚐Flag
VioletFox: so lets say you have been married for 10+ years and you are still in love with your wife.  theres a disaster of somer kind, zombies or something. and you also recently had a baby. its at most 1 year old. And something happens, there is only enough time to save one. who do you choose?
lewdicus: Wife, for the following reasons:
lewdicus: 1) Society has invested a LOT in making her functional. The baby is comparatively worthless
lewdicus: 2) She can walk
lewdicus: 3) Infant mortality has only been low for the last 200 years - probably the baby would have been dead had I been born in a different time anyway
lewdicus: 4) Babies are pretty easy to make
lewdicus: 5) The societal infrastructure for making new adult humans is probably gone, but the reproductive infrastructure for making new babies is always there
lewdicus: 6) Sex
lewdicus: 7) Love
lewdicus: QED babies suck uninstall life.exe
VioletFox: lol
#308075* (?/51) ⚐Flag
<yamar> note: you would have to throw a hotdog at 1800mph to cook it with air friction
<qazwsx> yamar: how did you arrive by that answer
<qazwsx> Ah shit, brain's at it again
<yamar> qazwsx, it was on r/askscience
<yamar> which is like a nirvana for me
<qazwsx> Gotta take into account drag coefficients, cooling due to convection
<yamar> they did
<qazwsx> Easiest and simplest way
<yamar> was a <massive> explanation with lots of math
<yamar> including multiplying the velocity by 2 or so to account for heat lost to the air etc
<qazwsx> And wrongest way would just be to work out the specific heat needed to raise temperature by x degrees then use 1/2mv^2,
<adpaolucci> sup
<qazwsx> And use that as a lower bound
<adpaolucci> ewww math
<qazwsx> Holy shit it's nearly 00:30
* adpaolucci shoots himself
<qazwsx> Need sleep
<qazwsx> Night y'all
-few mins later-
<qazwsx> Godamnit, yamar
<yamar> hmm?
<yamar> got you stuck on the hotdog problem did I?
<qazwsx> I'm thinking about how to do this with drag coefficients and differential equations
<qazwsx> differential
<qazwsx> right
<yamar> hahah
<qazwsx> I'm going to assume a spherical hot-dog
<qazwsx> so, meatball then
<brjannc> lmfao
<qazwsx> oh damn, I haven't thought about conduction yet
<brjannc> "assume a spherical horse"
<yamar> the meatball would flake apart well before reaching any suitable speed
Comment: We did not end up solving this one. #vox on esper.net
#303819* (?/51) ⚐Flag
<Knifa> guys i wanna take my tab of acid now
<p> get on top of a very tall building
<p> and take the LSD
<AforAnonymous> why are you trying to kill Knifa
<AforAnonymous> I do not approve of that.
<p> knifa is smart enough not to follow my advice
<p> Knifa
<p> are you smart enough to know not to take LSD on the top of a very tall building
<Knifa> i'm already on the roof
#301484* (?/56) ⚐Flag
<Fattie> I'm fuckin hungry gonna go make some food
<Fattie> if I DC call 911, I probably burned down the kitchen
<[FKU]Greycloak> "Hello? 911? I'd like to report a fire at"
#116121* (?/45) ⚐Flag
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#311390* (?/28) ⚐Flag
<theblazehen> I should really learn perl sometime
<andrewlsd> ^ that's what he sed
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