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place where you can buy drugs ,amoxil,  cytotec, avapro, zyvox, zithromax, family pharmacy, flomaxComment: place where you can buy drugs ,amoxil, cytotec, avapro, zyvox, zithromax, family pharmacy, flomax
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bookmark you thxComment: bookmark you thx
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Buy cheap effexor , discount generic effexorComment: Buy cheap effexor , discount generic effexor
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<BrokenHaiku> No but my former neighbours had a lot of sex, which was evident from her yelling. We have pretty thick walls though so often I only hear hear vagely when it's quiet at night...
<BrokenHaiku> And so one night I heard her and it sounded pretty hot so I thought I'd get in on some parallel action so to speak.
<BrokenHaiku> And just when I'm hot and going her screaming gets louder
<BrokenHaiku> And I suddenly realise...it's not her.
<BrokenHaiku> It's her baby crying.
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< Sexyboss> phillipsjk wears tinfoil hats
< phillipsjk> Plastic actually.
< phillipsjk> Tinfoil reflects too much and lets them know where you are :)
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Darkness has joined
< MrSmurfing> Hello Darkness my old friend
< Darkness> I have a boyfriend
Darkness has left
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<strykerxxx> oh man if this bag of skittles has gold skittles i could win $10k INSTANTLY
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<Fax> SO! If any of you know anyone who drives a box truck, has done home delivery, and/or is looking for a job in the Bay Area, have them call my office between 8-5. We need owner/operators liek wo.
<Arang> I dunno, fax
<Arang> this sounds like stage 2 of a plan where step 1 is "put bombs in ups boxes"
<Fax> actually it's stage 3
<Arang> oh, right, ups uniforms and box truck
<Fax> Stage 1 was doing a kickass bomb-crafting montage to 80's hairmetal
<Arang> oh hey someone at the door
<Fax> And cue Stage 4
|<-- Arang has left irc.gamesurge.net (Quit: OH MY GO)
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<@Digga> aaaaand
<@Digga> the site's died
<@Digga> fucking played
<@Sebas`> Rage against the Machine thing?
<@Digga> mhmm
<@Sebas`> Bummer
<@Digga> 120,000 people registered for it
<@Digga> and seetickets can't handle it
<@Sebas`> Too much raging, not enough machines.
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<@Kakashi> fake-url://sesame-street-debuts-new-character-with-autism.html
<@CaptainJistuce> See, this opens up a world of possibilities here. Oscar may be a bipolar hoarder instead of just the grouch that lives in a trashcan because that's where grouches live.
<@CaptainJistuce> Cookie Monster? SERIOUS eating disorder.
<@CaptainJistuce> "Maybe... maybe this cookie fill hole in Cookie Monster's heart. Me no want to be alone with the voices. Why the vegetables sing?!"
<@CaptainJistuce> Gee, that got dark fast.
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<alexandrite> My uncle died of backslashitis.  It was tragic.  He tried to escape his grave
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<Media> anyone available to help with questions regarding linux jails?
<iscsinoob> don't drop /dev/soap
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<Gnasher> Oh god.
<Gnasher> Plumber was here earlier fixing my toilet.  Took off the flush button, is supposed to come back in an hour with a new part for it.  I go just now and take a dump forgetting this.  CAN'T FLUSH TOILET.
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<Jep> Hypothetical question
<Jep> Let�s say your mom has a twin
<SilentBob> No
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<Pryoidain> So I got to the final page on this fucking paperwork, and I'm all relieved since 70 pages is enough to kill anyone
<Pryoidain> Then I actually READ it: "Using the section below, explain any and all Yes answers completely, include dates where required"
<Greyskull> Oh fuck
<Pryoidain> So I get to "Are you an only child" and now I'm resisting the urge to be a complete and utter smart ass, since this is for the military and all
<Pryoidain> "Because mummy and daddy didn't love each other after me>
<Jess> Awww
<Jess> Because daddy drove into a tree, AND MOMMY CAUSED IT
<Pryoidain> "Because I wrecked dat shit on da way out yo"
<Pryoidain> Or I could bel-air it
<Pryoidain> Yo this is a story all about how
<Pryoidain> I ripped dat vagina straight up and down
<Pryoidain> I'd like to take a minute just sit right there
<Pryoidain> I'll tell ya a story about how i wrecked down there
<Tomo> Might not go well on a military security form
<Pryoidain> Yeah I think I'd be declined -_-
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[10:15 PM] EliteKitten: My sister's walking around our house in a bra, without a shirt on.
[10:16 PM] Towedwart: She's doing it because she knew you would type about it and hook her up with her dream man (me).
[10:16 PM] EliteKitten: she has a boy friend
[10:16 PM] DJmetal: its me
[10:16 PM] Towedwart: She'll have a new one soon.
[10:16 PM] EliteKitten: pfft, is your name mike?
[10:16 PM] Kralis: yes
[10:16 PM] DJmetal: yes
[10:16 PM] EliteKitten: lol, cuz her boyfriend's name is Kyle
[10:16 PM] jimwormmaster: lol owned.
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Xen: <tear rolls down cheek> It's truly Blizzard's Starcraft II... After install it already needs a patch.Comment: SC2 release date
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<Mahal> The downside of grapefruit/citrus soap, is that when you have a nice drink of grapefruit juice later in the day, your brain asks you why you are trying to eat the products from your shower.
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<dioz> 15/f/calgary alberta.  any men wanna talk about how much sand i can fit
in a 200 litre deep freeze?
<MrJayPC2> You can fit 200L of sand in :p
Comment: #cisco
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peteromega: So I'm scp'ing a bunch of photos from an external drive on my home machine through my server to a usb stick on this machine, so I can save myself 10 minutes of walking and give this to a guy at a bar a block and a half from my house without going home first.
peteromega: this is why the human race is doomed.
jsbronder: No shit, you should be using rsync.
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<~Sellyme> Okay.
<~Sellyme> I've brute-forced my father's eBay password, PayPal password, and ISP-based email password.
<~Sellyme> I've VNCd into his laptop over our wireless network, disconnected it from the internet, then purchased an item on eBay.
<~Sellyme> I've told the seller to put my name on the box, not his.
<~Sellyme> And then used the webmail client for his ISP-based email to delete all server records of the communication.
<~Sellyme> And reconnected his laptop to the internet, and updated the email client to make sure the server doesn't have a cached copy.
<~Sellyme> I've now changed his eBay password, and when I get the package, I'll delete all records of the transaction and change it back.
<~Sellyme> I've already changed PayPal to send bills to my e-mail address for this month, and I can change it back for subsequent months.
<~Sellyme> I can then forward it to his e-mail address through a proxy with the purchase edited out.
<~Sellyme> And due to his stinginess in not wanting to pay $0.50 for paper copies, I'll be fine on that front.
<~Sellyme> The depressing thing? I've done this all to get a $4.70 SATA-eSATA cable.
Comment: #kongpulse on irc.coldfront.net
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<carnage> i just got like 100 bucks
<carnage> what do i buy
<Spin> porn
<SAGE> booze
<SaxxonPike> a gallon of gas
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Didi: you watching shark week?
Kenny: no, i haven't been
Didi: i love shark week
Didi: you should watch
Kenny: what are they talking about now ?
Didi: sharks
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<eshock> man
<eshock> the entire geocities archive is only 1tb
<jeffhorton> 500gb of it is between blink tags
* eshock zing
Comment: Freenode #gameai
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<robinetd> Seveas: I'm telling on my mommy to you.
<Seveas> robinetd, too bad IdleOne doesn't allow me to make 'yo momma' jokes anymore
<robinetd> Seveas: He's not an op here.
<Seveas> but he is dangerous
<IdleOne> Seveas: make all the jokes you like but when I am forced to complain about you (which I don't want to do because I luv you mucho) it's gonna suck.
<Seveas> IdleOne, like your mom.
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