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#308129* (?/35) ⚐Flag
<Moon_Doggy> seatbelts and hard nipples don't mix
#296885* (?/35) ⚐Flag
<Raine Sabaal> FUCK!
<Raine Sabaal> FUCK TEH INTERNET!!!
<Uuxaul> What is the internet doing?
<Raine Sabaal> I get a LOADING INDICATOR while sending messages on my INSTANT MESSENGER!
#311092* (?/30) ⚐Flag
<DrBadAss>Lessee... the Republican party is in disarray, divided by an offshoot reactionary group, spearheaded by men who pander to the least common denominator and say and do the most ridiculous things imaginable, directly flaunting the Constitution, and proving on a daily basis they're incapable of compromise, and that their only goal is to take down their opponent at the expense of the country's welfare and proper operation.
<DrBadAss>  We Democrats have a CLEAR shot at this.  It's going to be really interesting to see how we go about f#@%ing it up.
#301546* (?/59) ⚐Flag
<%Noxy> Then again, it's not like the USA NEEDS people to be enemies. They can go to war with concepts.
#304362* (?/59) ⚐Flag
<Dr_BadSpoon> the internet's best and worst attribute? it gives EVERYONE a voice
* Spawn sets mode -v #dynasty Dr_BadSpoon
#302214* (?/82) ⚐Flag
<@CaptainJistuce> I've noticed several J covers are very minimal and subdued while the US covers are an explosion of color.
<Drakkar> thats because americans have ADHD
<Drakkar> also AD&D
<@CaptainJistuce> AD&HD? That could be the most disastrous tabletop game ev- oooh, shiny!
#302064* (?/91) ⚐Flag
<slywolf99> i got one. whats worse than a baby in a bucket?
<zenthan> ?
<slywolf99> a baby in two buckets
<zenthan> your not allowed near my child ever
#305729* (?/77) ⚐Flag
< dobber> A TCP packet walks in to a bar and says "I want a beer", barman says "you want a beer?", and the TCP packet says "yes, a beer"
#304712* (?/63) ⚐Flag
<@Snow_Bass> The three main causes of car accidents: Speeding, texting, and turtle shells
#308489* (?/44) ⚐Flag
<acenasir> asl angel?
<Tech_Angel> Dude, did you really just use asl?
<IT_Sean> He did.
* IT_Sean gets the bullwhip, the mustard, and the geckos
<Tech_Angel> the geckos? you really are serious
<IT_Sean> Yup.
* Tech_Angel leaves Sean to play with acenasir while she gets lunch
* IT_Sean gives acenasir a 10 second head start
<adamaze> run boy
Comment: #spiceworks / freenode
#307350* (?/44) ⚐Flag
<MostAwesomeDude> Here's an easy guide: How to tell if it's a bug?
<MostAwesomeDude> If it's listed in Minecraft Wiki under Trivia, it's a bug.
<MostAwesomeDude> If it's listed in a changelog as a -feature instead of a +feature, it's a bug.
<MostAwesomeDude> If it's not listed in a changelog, it's a bug.
<MostAwesomeDude> If Notch tweets about it more than once, it's a bug.
<MostAwesomeDude> Hopefully this clears some things up.
<electronicsRules> MostAwesomeDude: By your last statement, *minecraft* *itself* is a bug
<MostAwesomeDude> electronicsRules: Well, yes.
<MostAwesomeDude> Don't tell anybody though.
Comment: #mcdevs on freenode
#303285* (?/44) ⚐Flag
< Andys> oh dear
< Andys> in ruby, symbols are represented with a prepended colon
< Andys> eg.   :flag
< Andys> so some guy tshirt that said ":sex"
< Andys> which everyone at railscamp knew meant "Sex symbol"
< Andys> he wore it until someone pointed out that to non-rubyists it said "Colon sex"
#301271* (?/58) ⚐Flag
cetileve: you know what sucks about believing in an afterlife?
cetileve: they always teach you that your loved ones are always watching you
cetileve: and it fucking creeps me out to think that my grandmother is looking down from heaven watching me get ready to fap to catgirl hentai
Queue: ...WHY do you people always seem to tell me when you're about to indulge in said activity?
Queue: What makes you and Sarin and Evelyn think that I want to know?
Queue: What's wrong with brb?
Queue: How would you like it if I randomly told you at any one point what erotic image I'm pawing off to?
cetileve: I'd probably fap to that too
cetileve: shit, you just made me hard, brb
cetileve: BETTER?
#144407* (?/39) ⚐Flag
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#151122* (?/39) ⚐Flag
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#144858* (?/39) ⚐Flag
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#304684* (?/53) ⚐Flag
<BrokenHaiku> No but my former neighbours had a lot of sex, which was evident from her yelling. We have pretty thick walls though so often I only hear hear vagely when it's quiet at night...
<BrokenHaiku> And so one night I heard her and it sounded pretty hot so I thought I'd get in on some parallel action so to speak.
<BrokenHaiku> And just when I'm hot and going her screaming gets louder
<BrokenHaiku> And I suddenly realise...it's not her.
<BrokenHaiku> It's her baby crying.
#307708* (?/53) ⚐Flag
* rycuda has just been offered an amp
<@Al> After being given a shock like that it's wise to have a coulomb-down period
<@mgsts> I'm trying to decide watt a suitable punishment for these awful puns is
<@OneCruelBagel> mgsts: it's not his volt, he has troubles at ohm.
<@OneCruelBagel> We should let him have some peace faraday.
#306976* (?/34) ⚐Flag
< Sexyboss> phillipsjk wears tinfoil hats
< phillipsjk> Plastic actually.
< phillipsjk> Tinfoil reflects too much and lets them know where you are :)
#308948* (?/34) ⚐Flag
<CS> goddamn this blanket i bought is so comfy
<CS> im never buying a blanket smaller than king size again, either. SO. MUCH. BLANKET.
#310847* (?/14) ⚐Flag
<Lore> "Hell," an aged preist once told me, "Is a place where there is lots of wonderful food, but the people are starving, because they have no elbows and can't bend their arms to feed themselves."
<Lore> "And what of Heaven?" I asked.  "Heaven," he replied, "is exactly the same. Except they have elbows."
<CrazyClimber> but they could feed each other in hell
<Lore> No, there's a bunch of demons with whips that smack them around if they try that.   What, you think after thousands of years of starvation they didn't think of that?
<zompist> wait, if heaven is exactly the same except for the elbows, then there are demons with whips in heaven too.
<Lore> Uh.
#302720* (?/14) ⚐Flag
<strykerxxx> oh man if this bag of skittles has gold skittles i could win $10k INSTANTLY
#302483* (?/14) ⚐Flag
<Fax> SO! If any of you know anyone who drives a box truck, has done home delivery, and/or is looking for a job in the Bay Area, have them call my office between 8-5. We need owner/operators liek wo.
<Arang> I dunno, fax
<Arang> this sounds like stage 2 of a plan where step 1 is "put bombs in ups boxes"
<Fax> actually it's stage 3
<Arang> oh, right, ups uniforms and box truck
<Fax> Stage 1 was doing a kickass bomb-crafting montage to 80's hairmetal
<Arang> oh hey someone at the door
<Fax> And cue Stage 4
|<-- Arang has left irc.gamesurge.net (Quit: OH MY GO)
#311205* (?/14) ⚐Flag
17:43:59 <GenteelBen> Ugh I can't find the photo.
17:44:07 <GenteelBen> The ONE TIME I look for gay porn and I can't find it.
Comment: ##chat on freenode
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