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#309106* (?/33) ⚐Flag
<Zirak> So, I began to install Arch Linux. Had some problem with the booting device, but it happened before, no biggie.
<Zirak> Fixing that problem made a bigger problem. Which made a bigger problem.
<Zirak> Eventually, arch told me "Bailing out, you are on your own. Good luck."
<Zirak> Followed by a kernel panic
#311111* (?/15) ⚐Flag
<hjohnson> so off the coast here, we have an area called WG (Whiskey-Golf) which is a torpedo testing range. It's only active every so often, and when it's not you're allowed to go through it.
<hjohnson> trouble is that themost efficient way between Nanaimo and Vancouver goes right through that restricted area, and is one of the common sail boat racing courses.
<hjohnson> years ago, they come up on the radio and go "All stations, area whiskey golf is now active, clear the area." someone popps up and goes "Wincheslea control, this is the lead boat of the racing fleet. Tough shit."
Comment: freenode/#space
#311154* (?/15) ⚐Flag
<urs> Any polish native speakers here? Google translate tells me that "śmierć, kutas, zniszczenie" means "death, dick, destruction".
<urs> But I'm not sure if that is supposed to be a praise or a curse.
#307801* (?/32) ⚐Flag
<Drazhar> someone help me
<Drazhar> because I think I went insane
<Drazhar> I found something that I agree with Glenn Beck on
<Malware> Drazhar
<Malware> You are undoubtedly, irrevocably mad.
<Drazhar> The radio talk-show host says George Lucas should be "tried for movie crimes" not only for what he has done to a beloved franchise, but also for producing "Red Tails."
<Drazhar> George HAS fucked up Star Wars big time
<Malware> Now we are both undoubtedly, irrevocably mad.
<Malware> Because now I agree with Glenn Beck.
#310617* (?/4) ⚐Flag
<Ragnarok> why you doin that?
<Ragnarok> This isn't pokemon
<Jefford> I'm asian
<Jefford> life is pokemon
<Jefford> a white man like you won't understand
#310716* (?/4) ⚐Flag
<MasterK> The most productive thing I've done today was bake a cake
<MasterK> I took "beating the mix" too literal
<MasterK> Jacked the mixer up to 5 and screamed at the cake batter
<MasterK> Though it was worth it, as the cake came out amazing in the end
<MasterK> Cooking protip right there
#310722* (?/4) ⚐Flag
* Thorres (Thorres@o-56-416-7-52.hsd9.pa.comcast.net) has joined
* Thorres is a diety
<Thorres> deity*
<Thorres> fak
<kerin> don't worry, thorres
<kerin> to err is human
* Thorres :(
#310723* (?/4) ⚐Flag
<_Aur|lap_> FUCK I hate curves
<ShaneC> hey hey
<ShaneC> real games have curves
<MattTS_> no comment :)
<_Aur|lap_> I hate doing any code with them
<_Aur|lap_> but.. I still need to
<_Aur|lap_> so I'll just further lose sanity and truck on
<ShaneC> sanity is overrated
<graphitem> _Aur|lap_, solution, art direction involving 45 and 90 degree angles only
<graphitem> 45 and 90 are like the ascii of angles
<graphitem> all those other angles are unicode.
<nimitz> haha
<_Aur|lap_> lol
Comment: game development
#311376* (?/14) ⚐Flag
<Taerom> shopping for houses sucks here
<Taerom> so overpriced
<Taerom> DellGuy, when are you going to buy a house and have a picket fence and a bunch of little dellbrats running around?
<DellGuy> i dont know
<DellGuy> adulthood
<DellGuy> is expensive
<Taerom> it is
<Taerom> it's pretty overrated in a lot of ways too
<Taerom> I don't generally recommend it
#310933* (?/14) ⚐Flag
<grinnblade> man i forgot just how deeply SS went in on wrecking his shit with the doxxing
<grinnblade> i also forgot that this was almost two years ago, goddamn time flies
<McFreeze> your mom was almost two years ago
<grinnblade> yeah she died in april '14 so technically a true statement
<McFreeze> oh
<McFreeze> uhhhh
<McFreeze> oops
<grinnblade> ... sorry to bring the mood down D:
#311357* (?/30) ⚐Flag
<netham45> Bash.org is offline
<netham45> But it responds to SSH.
<netham45> I tried to log into their SSH as 'ERROR CRITICAL BASH.ORG IS DOWN' in hopes their log management system picks up on the keywords.
#310326* (?/45) ⚐Flag
< Spengo> so
< Spengo> I met up with one of my transgender friends who I haven't seen in forever
< Spengo> had a child
< Spengo> now he's transparent
< ryantmer> Somewhere, a drummer did a rimshot, and they have no idea why
< xmc> so technically you still haven't seen him
< ryantmer> Ha!
#309014* (?/29) ⚐Flag
<Pryoidain> I find it somewhat terrible that after taking 8 years of german, plus studying on my own time now that I'm out of school, I still make completely awful jokes that revolve around replacing as many words in a sentence with Ach as possible...
<cjk> It's fine. After spending 25 years here growing up, whenever you do it on skype, I'm never entirely sure if you're speaking gibberish, or just a dialect I'm not familiar at all with.
<cjk> ...which kind of makes me sad at my own language.
#311282* (?/29) ⚐Flag
<AndyWojo> If I were coming up with a package manager, I'd name it just
<AndyWojo> 'just install tmux'
<AndyWojo> and instead of a -f for forcing dependencies: 'just fucking install tmux'
#309940* (?/36) ⚐Flag
<CDallas> australia is so out of touch
<Tikigod> I think that was the whole idea.
#311087* (?/21) ⚐Flag
<syn> what in the actual fuck, our new oven just played 'Joy to the World'
<Mintzs> Best oven
<syn> why do so many modern appliances play music
#309608* (?/21) ⚐Flag
<Reven> i remember this chick trying to tell me i got her pregnent and extort me for money
<Reven> i sat her down on my bed said "wait here" and went to the closet rummaged for a couple seconds and pulled out a coat hanger and started straitening it
<Reven> and said "dont worry i've done this before"
#310491* (?/21) ⚐Flag
<Phase4> what if you buttered both sides of the toast?
<Sanchal> You don't get quite as much torque as strapping the toast to the cat.
<Sanchal> You'd get even more torque if you could somehow find a way to get two cats to stay back to back long enough to secure them together without losing an arm in the process of failing.
<Phase4> why not more toast to the same cat?
<Phase4> surely that would increase torque without requiring additional cats
<Sanchal> That could work, though eventually you'd need more cat to make use of the toast.
<Sanchal> Otherwise the toast would eventually overpower the cat and bring the whole thing to a halt.
<Phase4> ah
<Phase4> man, energy would be a very different industry if that worked
<Phase4> and you'd have vegan power providers for people who aren't comfortable with the use of cats for power generation
<Phase4> that is a question, would cats survive the process? if not do deceased cats still produce the effect?
<Sanchal> Now you're asking the real questions.
<Sanchal> And if the process isn't fatal, how would we stop the production of power to let them eat and such?
<Phase4> perhaps you could just attach two pieces of toast together
<Phase4> lower torque but with enough strenthening it could run indefinitely
* Phase4 goes off to butter toast
<Sanchal> I guess it would just take up more space for the same amount of power.
<Phase4> and since it's vegan you could sell it for a premium
<Sanchal> Being easy as it is, it wouldn't be difficult to just stack units on top of each other in large towers.
<Phase4> unless... butter would be an issue, vegitarian power i guess
<Sanchal> We could finally fuel an electric powered rocket to leave the solar system.
<Phase4> i doubt canola spreads work
<Sanchal> I guess, if you really wanted to, you could probably make butter from human milk.
<Sanchal> Would that count as vegan?
<Phase4> with pure buttered toast you could miniaturize it
<Phase4> nano-toast reactors
<Sanchal> Spend a little time and some of the infinite energy to calculate the most efficient way to pack as many toast turbines into a set volume as possible.
<Phase4> this is very silly
<Sanchal> But we're having such a serious conversation about it.
#311084* (?/13) ⚐Flag
<rikai> digitalcircuit: Also, unrelatedly, is the ircbutt site you list in your PR down or something? I can't get it to resolve. :o
<digitalcircuit> ...whoops.
-*- digitalcircuit disabled Cloud2Butt.
<digitalcircuit> *disables
<rikai> LOL
<rikai> thats the best messup ever :P
<digitalcircuit> Fixed.
<digitalcircuit> I knew it'd bite me in the cloud one day, but it makes business-buzzwordy websites a bit more bearable otherwise :)
#309660* (?/35) ⚐Flag
<Mootp> got a cunt load of physics questions if anyones interested :D
<toastydeath> most vaginas are about 4" deep related and can accommodate 1.5" or so in diameter without much pain
<toastydeath> so you have about 28" cubic inches of questions
#311454* (?/20) ⚐Flag
<Val> Oddish, holy fuck
<Val> I'm sitting, parked, on a dirt road in my cab. Call comes on the radio from dispatch, quote, "Who wants to do a pickup right now?"
<Val> I hit E to accept.
<Val> A Sadler - basically a Ford F-250 crew cab - rear-ends my taxi.
<Val> I guess I consented.
<Oddish> .....
#310973* (?/20) ⚐Flag
<BtbN> I never broke anything so far. Except for my right small toe. That one i broke like 3 times on the same door.
<NanoSector> Lol
<mathieui> you must really dislike that door
<NanoSector> Or the door must really dislike him
<BtbN> I disliked it so much I moved out
#311395* (?/35) ⚐Flag
Xhiel: OH MY GOD
Xhiel: so these's an online company that make mini bricks for construction stuff
Xhiel: and there's a reddit thread where a poster said he once masturbated used a miniature brick anally
Xhiel: and it got stuck inside, so he had to literally shit a brick
Xhiel: so someone links the website that makes tiny bricks
Xhiel: and the owner notices all the traffic
Xhiel: and tracks the fucking thread down
Xhiel: I can't right now
Xhiel: I have lost my ability to even
Xhiel: THAT'S IT
Xhiel: I"M DONE
#306739* (?/27) ⚐Flag
<Vivisector> Enlightenment++
<Vivisector> Do like, A+++++++ would reconfigure for hours again
<echoed> what?
<Vivisector> Enlightenment window manager
<echoed> 16 or 17?
<Vivisector> 16.999
<Vivisector> no i'm not trolling
<Vivisector> that's the actual version number
#308078* (?/27) ⚐Flag
< rev> liberty village is kinda a new area
< rev> it was a carpet factory/ ww2 weapons factory, so there was a railroad into here
< rev> railroad corp dont need permits to dig around their tracks
< rev> so porn companies came in and ordered fiber
< rev> and how there is fiber the tech companies came
< rev> 5 years ago, if you worked late chances were you would walk into an exibitionist scene being filmed while getting to your car
< rev> good times back then.
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