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KKCryptic: !define tako
ArchiBoT: Japanese for "octopus"
KKCryptic: Yes
KKCryptic: !define takoyaki
ArchiBoT: Grilled dumpling with a bite of octopus(A Japanese food, famous in Osaka(( the 2nd largest city in jpn))
KKCryptic: takoyaki is amazing
RA2lover: !define dumpling
ArchiBoT: A white boy dumped by a Chinese girl.
#310933* (?/15) ⚐Flag
<grinnblade> man i forgot just how deeply SS went in on wrecking his shit with the doxxing
<grinnblade> i also forgot that this was almost two years ago, goddamn time flies
<McFreeze> your mom was almost two years ago
<grinnblade> yeah she died in april '14 so technically a true statement
<McFreeze> oh
<McFreeze> uhhhh
<McFreeze> oops
<grinnblade> ... sorry to bring the mood down D:
#311675* (?/48) ⚐Flag
<worf_> ... FML
<worf_> "how to prevent Edge from reopening a page after a crash?"
<worf_> 1. unplug your ethernet cable and disable your wifi connection
<worf_> 2. start edge, which wont be able to load the page that is causing the crash because there is no internet connection
<worf_> 3. close the offending tab
#310720* (?/4) ⚐Flag
<@swight> job cuts were announced locally, I guess everyone in the building went to google to check the news, google is now asking random people to prove they aren't a robot
<@swight> all 3 buildings are a single IP to the outside world
<@swight> I'd guess about 4000 computers
#310723* (?/4) ⚐Flag
<_Aur|lap_> FUCK I hate curves
<ShaneC> hey hey
<ShaneC> real games have curves
<MattTS_> no comment :)
<_Aur|lap_> I hate doing any code with them
<_Aur|lap_> but.. I still need to
<_Aur|lap_> so I'll just further lose sanity and truck on
<ShaneC> sanity is overrated
<graphitem> _Aur|lap_, solution, art direction involving 45 and 90 degree angles only
<graphitem> 45 and 90 are like the ascii of angles
<graphitem> all those other angles are unicode.
<nimitz> haha
<_Aur|lap_> lol
Comment: game development
#310326* (?/81) ⚐Flag
< Spengo> so
< Spengo> I met up with one of my transgender friends who I haven't seen in forever
< Spengo> had a child
< Spengo> now he's transparent
< ryantmer> Somewhere, a drummer did a rimshot, and they have no idea why
< xmc> so technically you still haven't seen him
< ryantmer> Ha!
#309014* (?/29) ⚐Flag
<Pryoidain> I find it somewhat terrible that after taking 8 years of german, plus studying on my own time now that I'm out of school, I still make completely awful jokes that revolve around replacing as many words in a sentence with Ach as possible...
<cjk> It's fine. After spending 25 years here growing up, whenever you do it on skype, I'm never entirely sure if you're speaking gibberish, or just a dialect I'm not familiar at all with.
<cjk> ...which kind of makes me sad at my own language.
#309660* (?/36) ⚐Flag
<Mootp> got a cunt load of physics questions if anyones interested :D
<toastydeath> most vaginas are about 4" deep related and can accommodate 1.5" or so in diameter without much pain
<toastydeath> so you have about 28" cubic inches of questions
#310940* (?/21) ⚐Flag
<@TheGiz> We should invent a product that's like spray paint for kids
<@TheGiz> I don't know what that product would be, but I can hear the announcero n the commercial saying "It's like spray paint... for kids!"
<Nathan_Tanuki> Water-washable spray paint
<Feenicks> So... non-toxic and water-soluble?
<Nathan_Tanuki> Non-toxic might be going a little far ;)
<@TheGiz> I was going to say I won't sign off on water soluble
<Bob_the_Hamster> The dirt just slides off! I hardly ever have to bathe them anymore, and when I do it is a quick splash with the garden hose, Child Lacquer (TM) has changed my life!
<@TheGiz> hahahah
<Nathan_Tanuki> Haha
<Bob_the_Hamster> Now available in a whole rainbow of colors, or original transparent
<Bob_the_Hamster> It's like spray paint.... for kids!
<Feenicks> What happens if you put it on when they're still a bit dirty, though?
<Bob_the_Hamster> My Wife: "Why are the children green!? What did you do?"
<@TheGiz> Happy St. Patricks day?
<Bob_the_Hamster> Me: "Isn't it great?" (splashes a cup of grape juice into infant's face) "See? everything slides right off!"
<@TheGiz> hahah
<Bob_the_Hamster> My Wife: "This is going in the deposition"
#310973* (?/21) ⚐Flag
<BtbN> I never broke anything so far. Except for my right small toe. That one i broke like 3 times on the same door.
<NanoSector> Lol
<mathieui> you must really dislike that door
<NanoSector> Or the door must really dislike him
<BtbN> I disliked it so much I moved out
#311624* (?/30) ⚐Flag
<YelseyKing> Movie Crossovers We Don't Need #9273894673: "Nightmare on 34th Street".
#311357* (?/62) ⚐Flag
<netham45> Bash.org is offline
<netham45> But it responds to SSH.
<netham45> I tried to log into their SSH as 'ERROR CRITICAL BASH.ORG IS DOWN' in hopes their log management system picks up on the keywords.
#306739* (?/27) ⚐Flag
<Vivisector> Enlightenment++
<Vivisector> Do like, A+++++++ would reconfigure for hours again
<echoed> what?
<Vivisector> Enlightenment window manager
<echoed> 16 or 17?
<Vivisector> 16.999
<Vivisector> no i'm not trolling
<Vivisector> that's the actual version number
#297622* (?/27) ⚐Flag
Bot190: Firefox is complaining that opening 17 tabs might slow it down
Warchamp7: I have 25+ tabs open most of the time
Warchamp7: My Firefox doesn't complain
Warchamp7: It doesn't say a thing
Warchamp7: And it when it crashes, it apologizes
Warchamp7: That's how a browser should be
#310893* (?/12) ⚐Flag
xxx:My younger brother called me a child demoversion;_;
yyy:What do you expect from a backup copy?
Comment: siblings
#311026* (?/12) ⚐Flag
<early90spants> someone's playing the worst fucking music on our office speakers
<Dixioli> cowboy christmas?
<early90spants> first it was a song from that fucking linkin park jay-z bullshit and now they're playing the thong song
<Dixioli> or worse
<Dixioli> oh boy
<early90spants> i'm in hell
<early90spants> i'm just gonna leave 20 minutes early, i can't take this shit. i'm out
<early90spants> i just sent an email to HR
<H> "Dear HR.  This music sucks.  I'm going home.  Mail me my paycheck.  ~Signed: Pants."
#309334* (?/26) ⚐Flag
(Duck) kim: You're from Toronto, aren't you.
(Duck) Aren't you, kim.
<-- Quits: kim [Ping timeout: 186 seconds]
--> Joins: [kim_ (~IRIS@mwf-644-222-71-528.tor.primus.ca) to #ext3]
(kim_) Now none of you can see where I live. The screen has been cleared. :3
-!- kim_ has changed nicknames to kim
(Doc) just because you clear your screen doesn't mean other screens get cleared. some people even have logs
(kim) Why wasn't I informed of this. D:
#309049* (?/19) ⚐Flag
(a conversation started about somebody who discovered that his wife was having an affair with an employee of his, in an IT workplace)
[starbuck] i wanna respond with something like "make your wife private"
[fever] if she's a hipster tell him to make her abstract
[starbuck] he's not a hipster definitely
[starbuck] he's someone's superior
[starbuck] i guess he can have the final word
[fever] well he can't keep working like this... he needs a static work environment
[starbuck] i think he should handle it with class
[fever] //to-do: something with a code pun
[fever] nothing comes to mind right now
[starbuck] do you think that if he forgives her she will return?
[fever] i don't know, maybe he sees women as objects
[starbuck] i wonder why she cheated on him
[starbuck] maybe he's not her type
[fever] true, maybe she just made an exception by dating him in the first place
[fever] dude
[fever] i told vangelis and he asked
[fever] "did he catch them on the act?"
[starbuck] if he had, it could have ended with double penetration
[fever] i think that's out of bounds
[starbuck] you think she's not sexually attracted to her husband anymore?
[starbuck] perhaps
[starbuck] perhaps she has the employee for sex and the husband is just a good listener
[fever] oh god
[fever] that was awesome
[fever] the setup
[fever] the finishing line
[fever] good work dude
[starbuck] we're horrible
[starbuck] we're laughing at his expense
[starbuck] that poor guy must feel a terrible void
[fever] well he went and made his problem public, you can't blame us
[starbuck] that's true
[starbuck] i just hope they had protected sex
[fever] should we just ask him later for an update?
[fever] or maybe he should just fuck other women to get it out of his system
[starbuck] i don't know if i agree
[starbuck] these things usually need a very specific method
[fever] true, there are many variables to take into consideration
[starbuck] exactly
[starbuck] for starters, an issue like this easily extends into the workplace
[fever] i might be out of puns for the moment
[starbuck] so it has come to this
[starbuck] this is what it looks like
[fever] super(yes)
[starbuck] damn
[starbuck] how do you think it all happened anyway?
[starbuck] how did they even meet?
[starbuck] perhaps she came to the husband's workplace wearing only a string?
[fever] fuck
[starbuck] ah, i don't know about that
[starbuck] considering she left her husband who's the boss for a mere employee
[starbuck] i'd say we are dealing with a long
[fever] maybe he just needs a new wife
[fever] //so simple... why didn't i think of this before
[starbuck] but i'm curious
[starbuck] does the other guy have a long penis?
[starbuck] or a sixpack?
[starbuck] or is he smart?
[starbuck] or maybe he has all of the above
[starbuck] maybe he has the whole package
[fever] well maybe it's good
[fever] maybe they should take a break
[starbuck] oh nice
[starbuck] i didn't expect that
[starbuck] i don't think i can handle it
[fever] you should try at least
[starbuck] i am
[starbuck] but i'm afraid my puns are becoming too generic
[fever] and i think i'm using the same ones over and over
[fever] we're in a loop
[starbuck] true
#311539* (?/19) ⚐Flag
<dgriffi> some whackadoodle is putting antivax screeds into stuff at a Babies R Us store down in Lynwood
<Silent700> I think VMS is a little advanced for infants
<dgriffi> heh
<Branes> Yeah, they're still in nappies so they get pee dee pee.
<qu1j0t3> *groan*
<qu1j0t3> they can yell in all eight registers, that's for sure
#309364* (?/32) ⚐Flag
<Tak> Also there was this little fat kid
<Tak> who was in there for his first time
<Tak> and he sits down in the holding cell
<Tak> and asks the guy next to him, "is it really as bad in here as they show on TV?"
<Tak> and everyone in the room just stopped talking and looked at him
<Tak> I have NEVER seen anyone hazed so badly
<Tak> Within 10 minutes, they had him believing he was gonna get raped.
<Tak> He only moved around the room with his back against the wall.
<Tak> There was this old junkie in there named Chuck, who just looks like a total rapist, and they told him that chuck likes little white boys.
<Tak> and Chuck is just eying him up and down, then the guy telling him all this shit is telling the kid he will protect him and shit.
<Tak> so he tells the kid to "come here"
<Tak> and the kid just skootches across the floor on his butt toward the guy
<Tak> and everyone just starts laughing so hard
Comment: Protip: Tak just got out of jail. irc.rubbermallet.org #wtfpwnt
#309732* (?/38) ⚐Flag
<~Cynical> If it comes down to it and the need to smoke is really high, I'm pretty sure I could make a fire and sterilize a shoe to make a bowl out of that, but I wouldn't want to do that
<~Cynical> being an eagle scout makes crafting bowls and bongs so much easieer
< Teryakywind|Molly> holy shit another eagle scout?
< Teryakywind|Molly> you have no idea how many stoners I've met that are eagle scouts
< Teryakywind|Molly> what troop were ya with?
< me-tan> I'm no scout, but I can improvise a lot of stuff
<~Cynical> 246
<~Cynical> I met one of my smoking buddies there.  Actually, he's the one who introduced me to pot
< Teryakywind|Molly> 427 here
< Teryakywind|Molly> Ours was the fuck-up troop :P
< Teryakywind|Molly> the ones constantly in trouble at summer camp for shit like chasing flocks of turkeys off cliffs
< me-tan> lol wut
< Teryakywind|Molly> seriously
<&Anonyfurb_> That's pretty hilarious.
< Teryakywind|Molly> we wiped out the entire population of turkeys on the east side of Gus Blass
< Teryakywind|Molly> to this day you will only hear them over near the trading post
Comment: gobblegoooooooo~~~~~
#310144* (?/31) ⚐Flag
<@DrtySOUTH> There's going to be a live documentary this weekend.
<@DrtySOUTH> Apparently a group is going to dig up the cache of E.T. cartridges, live.
<@Taryn> cool.
<@DrtySOUTH> They're portraying this as "unearthing an ancient tomb".
<@Taryn> 1983 is now ancient? O_O
<@YelseyKing> Haw.
<@Nicole> oh I heard about that
<@Nicole> I thought all the cartridges were bulldozed and such
<@DrtySOUTH> Dunno.
<@DrtySOUTH> Apparently not.
<@Nicole> well then
<@Nicole> I hope it ends with them playing the game and then deciding to cover it all up again
#302809* (?/11) ⚐Flag
Foxhound: So, you're 18. You can do everything now.
Foxhound: Even drink, which I can't legally do yet.
Foxhound: Stupid US and it's culture of drinking til you can't stand up.
Foxhound: I blame our English/Irish heritage.
Foxhound: I mean, in Ireland, you can farm, drink, and occasionally shoot at the Catholics/Protestants. Not much else to do there. England is much the same, minus the religious strife, plus the soccer hooligans.
#302821* (?/11) ⚐Flag
<noka>How is to Hentai AMV coming?
<noka>what happend
<gizz>his part failed
<gizz> so no i'm working on both
<noka> ok let me recap
<noka>You where both doing it together
<noka>Then his part failed
<noka>And now you have to finish yourself?
<gizz>Yes :P
Comment: :P
#310726* (?/3) ⚐Flag
<@Duns_Scrotus> ##electronics is not happy with my realization that GaAs should be pronounced "gay ass"
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