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QDB submitters, listen up:
1.  Not using the comment field nearly always makes the quote funnier.  For the person to understand the joke, the punchline should hit last.  The comment field should ideally be moved to the top of the quote, but that's up to the people running the site.
2.  Don't use the comment field for explaining context like they say on the submission page.  When have you ever heard a funny joke in which someone tells it, pauses, and then says "oh yeah, and the three guys in the bar were lawyers,"   Explain these things before the funny part or the joke dies.
3.  Leave off 'haha' or 'lol' at the end of quotes.  Go look at some of the top quotes and add '<whoever> haha' to the end.  See?
4.  Fix misspellings and things.  It's okay to want accuracy, but it's not that important here.  There are a couple hilarious quotes where the punchline has an unrelated typo and it really throws the joke.
5.  For one-liners and quips, the shorter it is the better.  It's okay to edit for brevity and clarity.
6.  The moderators are not facists.  Your quote was rejected because it wasn't funny.  It was funny to you, because you were there and you knew the people.  Context is everything, and it's hard to detach yourself.  Try changing the names in the quote to people you don't know and see if it still seems funny to you.  If not, don't submit it.
7.  Your quote will not be accepted just because you talk about the quote site.  You are not the first person to think of self-reference.
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