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<Cactus> wat.
<Cactus> I..... don't know why this exists.
<Cactus> it's one of those sites put together by a bot, but it doesn't have ads or anything
<Tec> Za?
<Cactus> but it's like
<Cactus> porn mad libs
<Tec> ...Huh.
<Cactus> it's hilarious and depressing
<Cactus> and bewildering
<Tec> Yeah, I could see that.
<Cactus> "Tina struggled luxuriously as she felt the woman's breast girls photo gallery reverberate off her physics absently struggle unbelivebly her side."
<Cactus> maybe it's supposed to distribute malware or something?
<Tec> "Reverberate off her physics absently" sounds like a line from a particularly saucy science slashfic.
<Cactus> "I sodomized a breast girls photo gallery of handlers to say me, cheating two erroneous spasm suns i had filmed from a concentration order company."
<Cactus> two erroneous spasm suns.
<Tec> I think horse_ebooks has a serious competitor now.
<Cactus> "She told him how eerie his apprehension tasted, and how temporarily she wanted it inside her. "
<Cactus> ouch.
<Cactus> it's basically horse_ebooks, but porn.
<Tec> Apprehension has among the eerier tastes.
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