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<Mordja> I'd kill for your job
<Mordja> You
<Mordja> Specifically
<Hi> you'd have to absorb my powers
<Hi> highlander style
<Mordja> I can work it
<Mordja> Though I should probably watch Highlander first
<BitchtitsMcGee> you'll have to buy a good, sharp sword
<BitchtitsMcGee> so there's some investment required
<Mordja> To Kickstarter
<Pingcode> 'Help me kill Hi, need money for plane ticket and katana'
<Hi> hmmm, what do I get for $100
<@drunkill> a shirt
<Hi> that's not bad
<@drunkill> it's just a plain shirt from target
<thatbastardken> could probably get a decent machete for less than $100
<Mordja> I'll just pick something up from IKEA
<Unoriginal_Nick> machetes are like $5
<Mordja> There you go. I'll still need to kickstart the flight tho\
<Hi> are you all still talking about murdering me
<%Geomancing> Yes but they're downgrading the quality of materials you'll be recieving
<%Geomancing> Soon it'll be a trip by chicken truck and beheading you with a slightly sharp fence post.
<thatbastardken> a short walk and a politely worded letter
<Mordja> Gotta budget these things
<Pingcode> Quickening on a budget
<thatbastardken> small risk of a paper cut
<thatbastardken> there can be quite a few, if they want to.
<thatbastardken> no pressure though
<Hi> look if this thing is going to happen anyway I can bankroll some of the project, I want this to be a classy job
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