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<Stormgren> Also, these things have rogue AP mitigation strategies, mostly involving telling the rogue to STFU over and over.
<c0nsumer> cisco's got some darned slick stuff for doing campus wireless
<Stormgren> Yeah, and I was off, it's worse than that.
<Stormgren> If told to contain a rogue AP, it DoSes the clients to death
<Stormgren> We could have some fun experimenting with this
<melstav> that's.... useful
<Stormgren> It basically sends deauth and deassociate messages to the rogue's detected clients.
<melstav> better that than trying to flood 'em
<Stormgren> I now really want to set up a 802.11g raw-frame capture and watch this in action.  I never get to play with this functionality at work at that level.
<melstav> wait. the upstream network can tell an arbitrary wlan router to deauth a client? or is it telling the nic to disconnect?
<Stormgren> melstav, it's blowing frames out of the radios
<myself248> Stormgren: If one were to drop one of those APs in a bucket with 48v worth of batteries, would it run standalone and just keel, keeel, keeeeeeel anything that moves?
<Stormgren> Good question
<myself248> I think I smell a new sport.
<myself248> Because occasional deauth frames would consume less power than active jamming, AND be part-15 compliant, to boot.
<Stormgren> As far as I know, you need a controller
<myself248> Damn. that's harder to strap onto a stationkeeping quadcopter.
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