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<zimrbox> he's a flagrant tit
<Ricardough> Most tits are good, this guy is a dirty brown, hairy mole on the face of the United States
<Ricardough> Out of it is growing a thick, foot-long decrepit, curly black hair that smells like a dog fart
<Ricardough> He is the funny ooze that leaks out of your radiator, the smell your shower drain has after your girlfriend's had a heavy period, he's the wart on a male-to-female tranny's inverted cock, the bowel movement of a giraffe, the anencephalic byproduct of 270 days of alcoholic binging, the inexplicable stain in the back seat of your car
<Ricardough> He's got the mind of a gibbering myopic hobo and the balls of a pro-wrestler on steroids, the legs of a child crippled from birth and then re-crippled after healing because nobody liked his funny mechanical legs, he's the scum between your teeth that smells like assholes and the crap under your toes that smells like cheese
<Ricardough> He is the festering ball of goo that was sitting in the back of god's throat during the seven days; the last brain cell alive in Palin's skull; the scrubby used to clean out a McDonald's toilet on a bad day; the cat litter used to cover up a dead body; the alarming rumble you feel before you get off I-90, rush to the restroom, and drop a bioweapon in the rest-stop sink because the stalls are taken
<Ricardough> HE IS GLENN BECK
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