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+Cpt_Blinky: I'm so bleak
+Cpt_Blinky: cos I have all this shiny new anime
+Cpt_Blinky: but I have to wait three weeks to watch it!
+Cpt_Blinky: DOH!
@Crais: O.o
@Crais: why is that?
+Cpt_Blinky: My desktop is in the shop
+Cpt_Blinky: and my Laptop can't handle hi-def
+Cpt_Blinky: :(
@Crais: what happened to your desktop?
+Cpt_Blinky: I'm embarrassed to say...
+Cpt_Blinky: I will lose my street cred if the news gets around LOL
@Crais: Don't worry
@Crais: It won't
+Cpt_Blinky: ok you ready?
@Crais gives a sinister chuckle
+Cpt_Blinky: get this!
+Cpt_Blinky: I blew the motherboard...
@Crais: O.o
+Cpt_Blinky: putting laptop ram in it and switching it on!
+Cpt_Blinky hides in shame
+Cpt_Blinky: and I'm not even a hardware noob!
+Cpt_Blinky: LOL
@Crais: oh yes you are
@Crais: LOL
+Cpt_Blinky: you bastards I knew I shoulda kept mum
+Cpt_Blinky: ok I'm a hardware noob I admit it
@Crais will treasure this chatlog forevah.
+Cpt_Blinky: yes yes let's all have a good laugh at the muppet blinky
DeathRow: You should have made a video dude
+Cpt_Blinky: yeah of my face as I smelled that horrible smell of my melting preciousssssss
@Crais: ok one question
@Crais: how'd you manage to put laptop ram in your desktop MBO?
@Crais: it -doesn't even fit-
+Cpt_Blinky: omg now I'm really embarrassed
+Cpt_Blinky: ok check it out
+Cpt_Blinky: so it was called a RAM kit
+Cpt_Blinky: 2 sticks in one pack
+Cpt_Blinky: omg I can't believe I'm telling you this
+Cpt_Blinky: so I thought cool
+Cpt_Blinky: you put both sticks in one slot and the kit is 'assembled'!
+Cpt_Blinky is AFK killing himself
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