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<squibbles> :o
<squibbles> Universal is producing an Asteroids Movie!
<~blue_tetris> It sounds absolutely awful.
<~blue_tetris> I'd shoot that movie, if not for the fear that it would break into three smaller movies.
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<nlogax> lol.. a guy here at work saw his position being advertised.. and got pissed off
<miketaylr> oops
<ben_alman> like an additional resource, or a replacement?
<nlogax> they haven't said.. he sent in an application :D
<nlogax> and said "if you want to know more i'm just 15m away!"
<ben_alman> he applied for his own job?
<nlogax> yes
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<sungo> I love resumes.
<sungo> Folks, fucking proofread your resumes.
<sungo> This guy has been a web developer since Aug 2997
<cat-xeger> sungo - novel...
<drforr> I didn't know they will have had web in 2997...
<sungo> if we still have php in 2997, I'm setting off the nukes RIGHT NOW
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<Bobsentme> So, at work, HR decided to put up signs with some of the classic monsters (Frankenstein, The Mummy, Wolfman, etc) and slogans like "You'll get wrapped up in reading blah, blah, blah" and "Reading is electrifying" for halloween
<Bobsentme> Well, apparently, they also decided to put up, on the wall outside the cafeteria a whole timeline of GLBT contributions throughout history
<Bobsentme> GLBT = Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered.
<Bobsentme> So, as I'm walking down the hall, I look over at the GLBT wall, not really paying a lot of attention, until I get to the end...
<Bobsentme> Where someone had placed one of the HR halloween signs, with the Boogeyman on it, that read "Have you checked YOUR closet lately?"
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<Fox> I disrupted a town hall meeting today with a simple question, the one I was looking for last night.
<Fox> Totaly threw all the old fearmongers off track
<Kein> lolwut?
<Fox> yeah, I tried going to a town hall meeting, which takes place at sea world here every couple weeks or so...and I seemed to be the only one trying to argue and promote facts instead of fearmongering bs
<Fox> it was mostly old people and rich looking guys in suits
<Fox> so this time when I went in and they refused to listen, I asked a question, sounding as serious as possible
<Fox> the question? "has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?"
<G-Flex> hahahaha did you seriously say that
<Fox> I had to write it down to remember it right, but...it sounds like a legit question
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<DiamondK> I'm just saying
<DiamondK> What kind of a world is this where you block the word "fuck" and people get all up in arms about how censorship is bad
<DiamondK> Yet if you start talking about God and religion then they all want you censored no questions asked
<GreenCobra> And I'm just saying
<GreenCobra> Some people call that a beautiful world

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