QDB: Quotes for December 29, 2005
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<Theropissed> wtf
<Theropissed> its like every nation that lost in world war 2 is fucked up
<Theropissed> Germany, Japan....italy even
<Theropissed> nasty italian porn where this dude stuffed his head into some girls vagina
<MavethTheAce> That was russian
<Theropissed> ....
<Theropissed> whats sad is
<Theropissed> you corrected me on that
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[Allies]stratus: how's everyone?
[Allies]iMmortal: im fine. feeling better than i did before. i just got off work
[Allies]stratus: things have been slow today
[Allies]Spinny: day after the holidays, everybody's busy at the retail stores returning everything
[Allies]iMmortal: yeah
[Allies]stratus: where do you guys work?
[Allies]iMmortal: UPS
[Allies]Spinny: fedex
[Allies]iMmortal: ...
[Allies]Spinny: ...
*iMmortal was betrayed by Spinny
[Allies]iMmortal: wtf!
Comment: multiplayer games....so fun
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<ShroomDuck> but the head we get here in ontario is fuckin horrible
<ShroomDuck> HEAT!
<ShroomDuck> I MEANT HEAT!
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<Cinsu> I'd love to see a warning on something where the background is flashing black and white and the text is flashing blue and red and it says "WARNING: If you are prone to epileptic seizures..."
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* mademoiselle has quit IRC (Quit: boyfriend's horny, brb)Comment: #megatokyo on Aniverse
Lyndon B Comic: A tri-monthly comic of the deathly important
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<Firewall> If i ever get fired from a company
<Firewall> Im going to go into the tech room and throw water on their hardware firewall.
<Firewall> And say "I just saved you millions by putting out that fire"

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