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(+lab-rat) 22. What is the largest native carnivore in England?
(+lab-rat) Here's your 1st hint, the last character in the answer is: r
(+lab-rat) Here's your 2nd hint, badge_
(+sodiepop) badger
(mac23) badger
(alexC) badger
(+StiGs) badger
(TIMMY_) badger
(+Turbo) mushroom mushroom
(+lab-rat) Winner: Trainee alexC Answer: badger Time: 23.422 Streak: 1 Points: 5 WPM: 3 Rank: 37th
Comment: Gotta love trivia!
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<xkcd> okay, I've got a 6GB partition free, I'm gonna put in a FreeBSD disk and boot and see if I can install.  Anyone have any advice?
<Socket7> have you made a will yet?
<-- xkcd has quit (wish me luck)
[30 minutes pass]
--> xkcd_ (xkcd@hide-BF9D384C.centrl01.va.comcast.net) has joined #pugglewump
<xkcd> let us never speak of this 'FreeBSD incident' again.
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<stan> i was outside yesterday...
<stan> looking at the spot on my back lawn where i fucked a mormon teenage chick...
<stan> and the grass on that spot was completely dead, like god himself struck it down.
Comment: efnet #ampedout
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(Bismarck) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!!
(Bismarck) France is going to house the new nuclear fusion reactor!
(Bismarck) If it suceeds, cheap long term energy. If it fails, BAM! France is gone!
(Bismarck) It's win win!
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<Genocidal> I tell you, when a homosexual is sucking your cock, a lot of strange thoughts go through your head: How the hell did this happen? Where did this fairy ever get the idea that I was gay? And where did he get those fantastic boots?
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[@nmx] phone: ring ring
[@nmx] me: hello?
[@nmx] woman: is lewis there?
[@nmx] me: no, you have the wrong number
[@nmx] woman: really? the last name is spelled g-e-
[@nmx] me: no, you still have the wrong number
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<Wookie^> hmm ouch
<Wookie^> not great headlines side by side
<Wookie^> British Media Delight In London's Joy
<Wookie^> Blasts Hit London, Capital In Chaos
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Consumed: what would be a very very uncommon way to autorun an app at startup?
Null: Get the user to do it. ;)
Comment: #C++ on Dynastynet
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<reddave1982> I got the 24-hr garage night shift blues
<Langly> what planet are you on that has 24 hour nights?
<microwiz> are there parts of earth that are dark for 24h?  i know there are parts that are light for 24h
<FMalibu> well yes one implies the other
<FMalibu> probably antarctica or something is pretty much dark all day long by now?
* FMalibu imagines what kind of night shifts they have there...
<FMalibu> right, you'll be on pinguin duty...
<Langly> Terrapin Garage
<microwiz> insert "it looks like you blew a seal" joke here
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<cLoAk`top> o god
<cLoAk`top> my dad just put sexual healing on the stereo
<SU|Chupalupa> omg
<drwx> ...
<drwx> wtf?
<R|xlycer|werk> is he trying to seduce you?
<cLoAk`top> I don;t know
<SU|Chupalupa> somethin you need to tell us cloak?
<cLoAk`top> I;ve locked my door and began baracading process
Comment: #bucktoof on gamesurge
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<biiaru> http://www.boston.com/news/odd/articles/2005/06/19/six_legged_puppy_found_in_mal aysia/
<KX> O_O
<Rdl|[DRW]> yea
<Rdl|[DRW]> he has 2 peni too
<darkgamerGS> wtf
<Rdl|[DRW]> bet he'll grow up to be popular with tha bitches
<darkgamerGS> XD!
Comment: #dyo, irc.mediadriven.net
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* Now talking in #abuse&healing
* Topic is ' ( http://www.freewebs.com/abuse-and-healing/ )'
* Set by X on Sat Jul 09 21:04:47
<KenshinK> I have been abused
<KenshinK> by Jesus
<KenshinK> he touched me
<bluedaisy> thats inappropriate KenshinK
<KenshinK> I know, he should have asked first
Comment: Don't trust Jesus, he likes to fondle people
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<@gunkan> ?
< stray> !
< ramoth4> .
<@gunkan> arrr
< ramoth4> matey
< stray> avast
< ramoth4> me hearties
< |404notfound> buttpirate
< stray> best kind
< ramoth4> no
< ramoth4> butte pirate
< ramoth4> best kind
< stray> True
< stray> because it's REALLY difficult to pirate a butte
< ramoth4> certainly
< ramoth4> pirating a whole city = jawesome
< stray> no no
< stray> stealing a land feature
< ramoth4> omg
< stray> holy shit, yeah
< ramoth4> in the butt
< stray> where else
Comment: somewhere on aniverse
#46100 (-3/251) ↑Funny ↓Unfunny ⚐Flag
Beefy: question - was mr snufflufugus big bird's imaginary friend?
Wolfen: think so
Beefy: k
Beefy: was just thinkin then.  Never actually see anyone else talk to him
* Wolfen doenst want to know
Wolfen: you are bored
Beefy: stephen
Wolfen: ahh
Beefy: ;)
Beefy: they don't make it obvious, and they never mentioned it..  but I think he is / was
Wolfen: i think he didnt actually talk to others
Wolfen: err did
Wolfen: but then
Beefy: but was there recognition of presence? :)
Wolfen: this is coming from 30yo memories
Wolfen: ><
Beefy: 18 yrs ago here :)
Beefy: and sober :|
Wolfen: umm
Wolfen: i think its healthy if you can claim sobriety at 3....
Beefy: i blame my parents...
Comment: Wondering if Snuffy was Big Bird's real or imaginary friend....

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