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#308957* (?/19) ⚐Flag
<anon2574> How long before we are cancelling our newsprovider accounts and signing up to services like netflix and lovefilm?
<anon2186>The day after never for me
#310522* (?/19) ⚐Flag
<prison_> im ready for a week in the psych ward just to be away from my family
<prison_> im gonna go nuts over xmas break
#309519* (?/10) ⚐Flag
< Frostypants> I'm actually pretty agnostic about OS, unless there's a flame war. :)
#311320* (?/10) ⚐Flag
< segher> law: hi!  do you know anything more about 78438?  is it a regression, etc.
< law> it's marked as a regression and appears to be a codegen issue.  I haven't looked at it in any depth
< law> mostly trying to identify bugs which match those two criteria and put them into the P1 bucket so that everyone doesn't have to troll the P3 list to find a high value target to work on
< segher> right :-)  thanks
< law> also put the fortran, graphite, go and oddball target stuff into P4 :-)
< segher> and gcj into WONTFIX
< law> hopefully that allows us to be more efficient than last year when none of this happened until after christmas
< law> yea, gcj/libjava get special treatment as well
< segher> sad to see it go, not sad to see it gone
Comment: #gcc
#311120* (?/10) ⚐Flag
<Commodus> Well, I've almost got a body.
<Commodus> But it has no arms.
<Commodus> Only shoulders.
<Sodel_the_V> Commodus: I choose to interpret that as a literal statement
about yourself
<Sodel_the_V> My night just got great
<Commodus> That would explain the quality of my art
#310880* (?/10) ⚐Flag
<RikusW> I've soldered plenty of RoHS PC power supplies
<RikusW> I usually apply a bit of lead solder to get it to melt easier
<RikusW> but its a pita if the joint is connected to a large heatsink...
* RikusW prefers SnPb solder
* twnqx doesn't really care
* megal0maniac glues wires together
* Haohmaru twists wires together
#310948* (?/10) ⚐Flag
<Helios747> I think a Mosquito literally bit my butt last night
<Helios747> I am very confused on how
#310485* (?/10) ⚐Flag
* {RiP}Nick sets mode: +h {uX}Ares
<%{uX}Ares> and i didn't even give you anything
* %{uX}Ares looks around and steals a stapler off someones desk and gives it to {RiP}Nick
* %{[DN]DarkReaper} goes to his desk and iss looking for a stampler
* %{[DN]DarkReaper} doesnt find the stampler
* %{uX}Ares begins whistling
<%{[DN]DarkReaper}> by the way what is stapler?
#310502* (?/10) ⚐Flag
<@Kyhz> hey gang let's go solve some mysteries
<@Kyhz> yaaaaaay
<mmu> Kyhz, you go into the basement with scrappy
<@Kyhz> now I'm wondering what japanese scooby doo would be like
<mmu> hdr, go on the roof with dumb blonde
<Hdr> It was Red Herring all along!
<@Kyhz> lol
<+DestinyFucker> shaggy is a hikkineet, who only has a dog as a friend
<mmu> fred is a lolicon
<+DestinyFucker> suddenly, he's recruited by the JIDF into their paranormal adventures squad
<+DestinyFucker> no
<+DestinyFucker> every other character is a girl
<+DestinyFucker> and scooby turns into a dog-girl
<mmu> apart from shaggy
<+DestinyFucker> yes
#309486* (?/10) ⚐Flag
<queery> omg
<queery> so the Ops guy need terminal help
<queery> and i'm connected to freenode from IRSSI, so he starts typing in there on #smc
<queery> then he realizes
<queery> and says "hey, get these people off our terminal."
<queery> -_-
#308232* (?/16) ⚐Flag
<Lilith> this is the life. back out in it again
<Lilith> once burnt never learn
<Medusa> i'm off to mums and it'll be hot in her garden
<Medusa> have to pinch her lotion as i just gave ours to morgan
<Lilith> yea you need it
<PRED> Aye you'll need it today plus you caught the sun quite alot when we were out.
<Lilith> I'm going through vaseline with aloe vera like no 2morro. I was on fire in bed last night lol
Comment: irc.trivialityzone.co.uk
#311051* (?/16) ⚐Flag
<DevXen> There are always people who hate the president. Like people hated Ragan and John F. Kennedy.
<Pat> No, every single person absolutely loved John F. Kennedy.
<DevXen> I'll bet Lee Harvy Oswald didn't like him.
Comment: Talking to my mom.
#309033* (?/16) ⚐Flag
rakuette313: i need 3 T of vegetable oil
dudemannington: k brb
dudemannington: but I think my usb drive can only hold like one at a time
rakuette313: i have time
dudemannington: ummm... uh oh
dudemannington: MY COMPUTER IS SMOKING
rakuette313: NO WAY
rakuette313: IS IT OLD ENOUGH
dudemannington: IN COMPUTER YEARS IT IS
rakuette313: THEN DON'T JUDGE
rakuette313: DOES IT HAVE A DD?
rakuette313: then cool
#308558* (?/16) ⚐Flag
<falconindy> when a man loves a bitwise operator...
#309335* (?/16) ⚐Flag
<TrainsFoLife> Why can we only get a host once a week?
<TrainsFoLife> Is it cuz I'm black?
<@Gemini> Yes
<@Gemini> Now get out
Comment: #services on rizon
#309943* (?/16) ⚐Flag
<Brainderailment> I need a new downpipe for my bubbler but I don't want to order online. I'd rather not be on a list of domestic terrorists
#310432* (?/13) ⚐Flag
<iMike> there is a cure for the scourge known as the common cold
<iMike> it's called bloodletting, you will feel great :-)
#311035* (?/13) ⚐Flag
<Kawa> Interactive sexual encounters are already in planning.
<CaptainJistuce> KA->EN: Kawa got a date!
Comment: Trying to talk about a game I'm making when...
#310195* (?/20) ⚐Flag
<fizzie> Deewiant: So you... reverse the byte order manually, but then call ntohl too?
<Deewiant> fizzie: The host might be big-endian!
#310462* (?/20) ⚐Flag
<jared> I kind of wish instead of shitting out games that are marketed using shaving cream, they would make another good game.
<jared> it's just funny to me that a Publisher who released a stunning game about social activism and civil disobediance in the name of the truth is like "Shaving cream, bitches!"
Comment: Assassin's Creed Unity
#308261* (?/14) ⚐Flag
<&Raz0r> (lib)cURL sure didn't make it obvious how to use libcurl in your program..
<&Raz0r> HERE'S 300 DOWNLOAD LINKS, LIBCURL MIGHT BE IN 4 OF THEM BUT I WON'T LET YOU COMPILE IT (and it's mixed in with other files)
#311098* (?/14) ⚐Flag
<wexfart> love, marriage, reproduction, parenthood, formal education, home ownership
<wexfart> all great memes :)
#309582* (?/14) ⚐Flag
<FatherMiso> Free redbull from girls who are paid to talk to you yay!
<suudo> hooray, reflux
<Gamera> R U WINNING
<aido727> Blue V disagrees with you
#311414* (?/14) ⚐Flag
<+Recall> Did u hear about those guys that went camping?
<+Recall> I heard it was intense
<+irked> naw
<+irked> what happened?
<+evilmonkey> fuck, someone ban this cunt
<+anonymous> what guys
<+evilmonkey> :]
<~|-> |- is now a Voter [Random]
<+evilmonkey> oh geez
<+evilmonkey> they didn't get the joke
Comment: Atrum #Chillroom
#309401* (?/14) ⚐Flag
<T-101> me, b0n and santa went to the hospital to get him out
<T-101> ddt's son, that is
<T-101> we are driving there, we are worried as we didnt know what really had happened
<T-101> we get to the hospital (which turned out to be a private clinic) and start asking questions "what happened"
<T-101> so he goes "I dunno, I passed out because booze and woke up in the ambulance"
<T-101> he as given a clean bill of health, but his arm didnt work. he had fallen on it
<T-101> so we told him to stay there, in case he had had a stroke or blood clot in the brain or something serious. hands dont just stop working all by themselves
<T-101> they found nothing
<T-101> well, they DID find something
<T-101> 2.5 alcohol level
<T-101> so he comes to the hotel next morning, sleeps it off a little ad goes back to revision for beers
<T-101> he then goes to a doctor in finland, and they determine nervedamage in the hand and 3 or 4 weeks of sickleave
<T-101> which he spent drinking :D
<T-101> he is now better and working again
<T-101> duncan had a similar nervedamage to his and two years ago at stream
<T-101> that was caused by three fellas sitting on him: mikron, jsa and dr.doom. all at the same time. their combined weight equals about a metric ton.
<T-101> and=hand
<okkie> jesus christ
<T-101> so he goes to the hospital, drunk
<T-101> he is irc'n with his cellphone "they wont treat me, I'm too drunk" so he got out of there and came back drinking to stream
<T-101> pretty basic stuff you'd expect from those gentlemen :)
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