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#311614* (?/27) ⚐Flag
Beta: Remember, the sentences "Piracy is bad", "Please trade Windows for Mac/Linux" and "I hate you" all mean the same to me.
#309872* (?/21) ⚐Flag
* EugeneKay bunks hannerz
<@hannerz> help
<@hannerz> rape
<@hannerz> I just pooped, leave me alone
< EugeneKay> You've left yourself without a defense mechanism, you fool.
<@hannerz> You sound like you think I don't save spares.
Comment: irc.subluminal.net - #boats
#308777* (?/24) ⚐Flag
<specing> fprophet: BACKUPS!!!
<fprophet> balls.
<jelly-home> backup balls.
#310118* (?/24) ⚐Flag
<jex> I wonder when Easter will be on Hitler's birthday again.
#308357* (?/24) ⚐Flag
<bacon> Katana, you can't quote your own qdb submissions!
<Katana> bacon: yes i can
<Katana> bacon: quoteception
#309176* (?/25) ⚐Flag
Babo_ | anyone know if Holl is aslepp?
@        Tiffany | yes
Babo_ | yes you know or yes he is
@        Tiffany | i dont know
Babo_ | helpful as always
@        Tiffany | no problem
&       Kirretov | babo yep
Babo_ | yep what
&       Kirretov | yep as in he is helpful
Babo_ | thanks ur a big help
&       Kirretov | for you
#309949* (?/24) ⚐Flag
<SlashLife> UltimateNate: Didn't you just claim your IRC server is un-DoS-able?
<UltimateNate> It isnt DoS-able
<xy> my IRC server *is* un-ddos-able
<UltimateNate> ^
<xy> it runs on and is used by internal applications
<Jonnyw2k-home> xy, I'm sure setting it on fire is Denying it's Service to life!
#309970* (?/24) ⚐Flag
<Bigby> hate doing laundry
<Bigby> i need one of them all in one units
<Bigby> washes and dries
<TheBadSpoon> Bigby, those are called women
#310570* (?/7) ⚐Flag
* Torg politely offers to motorboat Hailey
< Hailey> Torg: i dont know what does it mean, but i assume i dont want to know :D
<+Torg> it's when I put my face between your boobs and go BLBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBL
#308812* (?/7) ⚐Flag
<!cfowler> https://i.chzbgr.com/completestore/12/10/19/_lfG5K7qkECTODCmX4kugw2.png
<blackow l666> that looks like a clone of that guy from house
<!cfowler> NO SHIT?!
<!ryan> that couldn't be the entire point of the image
<blackowl666> then what?
<!ryan> you are making me physically ill
* cfowler has kicked blackowl666 from #gamemusic (Go sit in the corner.)
<!cfowler> I may not believe in abortion but he's seriously making me reconsider my stance.
#311019* (?/8) ⚐Flag
<@eDRoaCH> so i have a question
<@eDRoaCH> how does one save in dragons crown
<@lupis> return question: what's dragons crown
<@Kizul> Dragon's Crown is that game with the super-busty Amazon and Sorceress of which there's tons of porn.
<@lupis> speaking of which... I just noticed my 1TB porn drive is almost full
<@lupis> how did that happen o_O
<@lupis> really need to purge some stuff <_<
<@Kizul> That's what porn's made for, man. :v
#309001* (?/22) ⚐Flag
<Apocalipstick> when i was younger i was masturbatng in classroom,... i didn't know it was masturbating!
#311336* (?/22) ⚐Flag
<Penetration> fat people are no longer seen as good luck in china
#308992* (?/19) ⚐Flag
<Bananobot> Scene from The Hobbit: <Gandalf> Smaug could be a dangerous ally to the forces of Mordor should they rise again. <Saruman> no u toopid, tharon is ded top dwewing on da patht dummy <Galadriel> I want to fuck your hot grey wizard body. <Elrond> My hair is fabulous.
#309012* (?/19) ⚐Flag
Dr. BadSpoon: I wish I could just, with a thought, teleport my poop to another dimension. My life would be awesome if I could do that... using space-time manipulation to not have to poop or clean up
#308768* (?/19) ⚐Flag
<Gem> It feels like 7:00
<Gem> o- o
<Kassc> ir feels like 7:00?
* Kassc looks at his cock
<Kassc> its 3 here
<Gem> xD
<Gem> OH WOW
<Gem> Epic soell fail
<Gem> spell*
<Gem> clock*
* Gem falls on the ground and laughs like crazy
<Kassc> XD
<Kassc> OG
<Kassc> SDFjklsa
* Kassc facedesk
Comment: Oh glob... what a fail...
#309100* (?/19) ⚐Flag
ShaneJReid: Going to play Half Life.
(10 minutes later)
ShaneJReid: and I'm done
indydegrees1: Don't worry, lots of men have premature completion these days.
ShaneJReid: I keep Starting Games and then just stopping. I need help.
indydegrees1: Have you seen a drwatson.exe? You might want to get that checked out.
ShaneJReid: hmmm Ok.but I will probably quit half way through.
#308957* (?/19) ⚐Flag
<anon2574> How long before we are cancelling our newsprovider accounts and signing up to services like netflix and lovefilm?
<anon2186>The day after never for me
#311565* (?/12) ⚐Flag
<toxik> jomi: vill du köpa bitcoins
<stevuu> bitcoins are so 2016
<toxik> a lot like your hairline
#311317* (?/10) ⚐Flag
<teratoma> i know the original gimp and gnu widget toolkit guys, even they dont use linux on the desktop anymore
#311320* (?/10) ⚐Flag
< segher> law: hi!  do you know anything more about 78438?  is it a regression, etc.
< law> it's marked as a regression and appears to be a codegen issue.  I haven't looked at it in any depth
< law> mostly trying to identify bugs which match those two criteria and put them into the P1 bucket so that everyone doesn't have to troll the P3 list to find a high value target to work on
< segher> right :-)  thanks
< law> also put the fortran, graphite, go and oddball target stuff into P4 :-)
< segher> and gcj into WONTFIX
< law> hopefully that allows us to be more efficient than last year when none of this happened until after christmas
< law> yea, gcj/libjava get special treatment as well
< segher> sad to see it go, not sad to see it gone
Comment: #gcc
#310880* (?/10) ⚐Flag
<RikusW> I've soldered plenty of RoHS PC power supplies
<RikusW> I usually apply a bit of lead solder to get it to melt easier
<RikusW> but its a pita if the joint is connected to a large heatsink...
* RikusW prefers SnPb solder
* twnqx doesn't really care
* megal0maniac glues wires together
* Haohmaru twists wires together
#311152* (?/10) ⚐Flag
10:55 AM <•JonathanD> yo
10:55 AM <•JonathanD> get to work fellas https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lists_of_unsolved_problems
10:55 AM <•jclishman> P=NP
10:55 AM <•jclishman> N=1
10:55 AM <•jclishman> P=(1)P
10:55 AM <•jclishman> P=P
10:56 AM <•jclishman> done
10:56 AM <•R-GiskardReventlov> Call the clay institute!
10:56 AM <•jclishman> wheres my nobel prize
10:56 AM <•R-GiskardReventlov> jclishman: there isn't one
10:56 AM <•jclishman> shit
10:56 AM <•R-GiskardReventlov> it's a $1.000.000 prize
10:56 AM <•jclishman> oh, thats good enough then i suppose
Comment: #SpaceX on Espernet
#311215* (?/10) ⚐Flag
<&Fazer> "In 2001, Argentina had 5 presidents in just 10 days."
<&Fazer> argentina snälla
<&Fazer> no wonder why you didn't get those islands
#310970* (?/11) ⚐Flag
* HdkR trips and falls in front of a car
<HdkR> I've survived it once, I can do it again
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