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domluvr4u: we r swingers i am dom wife is sub
domluvr4u: pm me if a fem
+gavin|: um, wrong server
*** domluvr4u has quit IRC (User is banned (not those kind of seamonkeys))
Comment: #seamonkey on mozilla.org
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<Gershwin> if you have never stuck your hand in a computer before, be careful to not chop off a finger in a large fan
<Riyonuk> ok it's open
<Riyonuk> umm it says
<Gershwin> i know, it's hard to read through all the blood
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[2:51:51pm] * `Royce sets mode: +b *!*lakaman@*.users.quakenet.org
[2:51:51pm] * `Royce was kicked by `Royce (BITCH)
[2:51:55pm] <koolperson> ...
[2:51:59pm] <xFelix> hahaha
[2:52:01pm] <xFelix> oh shit
[2:52:03pm] <koolperson> lol!
[2:52:04pm] <xFelix> he owned himself
[2:52:05pm] <|Quake|> wtf is that about
[2:52:11pm] <xFelix> THATS A FUCKING QUOTE!
[2:52:25pm] <koolperson> i dont think he ment to lol
[2:52:46pm] <Duggalo> still funny
Comment: #megasoffice
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<knuck> it's funny when i talk to rl people and i'm like
<knuck> not even quantum mechanics are random
<knuck> and they're like
<knuck> wtf u nub
<knuck> and i think yo myself I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU MAKE A REAL Math.Rand()
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<Warpath> .online God
<wimtbot> god has been online for 298 hours, 20 minutes and 34 seconds, and signed on at 19:54:53 UTC on 15 Apr 2008.
<Warpath> .online Satan
<Warpath> :D
<wimtbot> Couldn't retrieve signon time for satan. They are probably offline.
<Warpath> or banished to hell
<Warpath> .online jesus
<wimtbot> Jesus has been online for 1 hour, 11 minutes and 24 seconds, and signed on at 05:12:36 UTC on 28 Apr 2008.
<Warpath> O_O
<Warpath> who is he here for now ? O_O
<Warpath> .online Lucifer
<wimtbot> Lucifer has been online for 29 hours, 15 minutes and 39 seconds, and signed on at 01:09:14 UTC on 27 Apr 2008.
<Warpath> ahh
Comment: freenode
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<Valtieri> Raisin Bran, Raisin Bran, friendly neighborhood Raisin Bran, give you vitamins, yes it can. tasty breakfast, yes indeed, that crunch may be, just what you need. Look out! Here comes the Raisin Bran.
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tennisany0ne91: Hey, quick question
tennisany0ne91: is that gmail send things from the past real?
tennisany0ne91: (i forgot the name)
evil666rat: no
evil666rat: But I will now make fun of you for thinking thats real
evil666rat: gg
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<goose> what's she going to spain for?
<GP-Ryan|work> teaching
<GP-Ryan|work> she wants to teach spanish
<GP-Ryan|work> i want her to go to law school instead
<goose> why's that?
<GP-Ryan|work> so I can stay at home and drink beer and play video games
<goose> hahahahaha
<GP-Ryan|work> nah, not really
<goose> I'd hope not
<GP-Ryan|work> I'd do that and work on GamePlasma.com too
Comment: irc.chatspike.net #forumplasma
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