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darcnatrComment: darcnatr
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* %nettocash shoves a sock in Ice's mouth
<+Ice> sure..
<+Ice> I know you wanted to move your finger down to the C key instead of the S key when saying sock
Comment: #iwwf on irc.i-wwf.net
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kennygprs: the feet on one side of my tower are missing so its a gangster leanin' tower
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<amorph> whats your girlfriends ass got in common with a 9V battery?
<amorph> you know its wrong, but sooner or later youre gonna put your tongue on it :D
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twood1130: the expansion is cool
twood1130: i recommend it
twood1130: adds music and some kick ass modes
twood1130: later they are realesing a versus patch
twood1130: which apprently has competititve gameplay
word: i would totally pwn youz
twood1130: duh
word: i kno rite?
twood1130: wait
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<spungy> arg
<spungy> stomach ache
<spungy> I think milk and I don't get along
<_sleeper-> lolol
* spungy goes into the other room and tries to fart
<_sleeper-> dude, that's crazy
<spungy> bbl nap
Comment: Efnet #ambient
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<[X]treme> when he gets mad with someone
<[X]treme> he turns off gravity
Comment: lol gravity
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--> bcoudurier (n=bcouduri@fw.sj.tdf-pmm.net) has joined #ffmpeg
--- ChanServ gives channel operator status to bcoudurier
<bcoudurier> hi guys
<zap0> sexist.
Comment: Brief, but funny.
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kelle: I am watching Whorecraft!
Rhys: i dont even want to know
kelle: Now called Whorelore
kelle: apparently
kelle: copyright infringement or something
Rhys: lol
kelle: oh no
kelle: if that dwarf has sex with the armor girl im turning it off
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beet red face says (12:38 PM):
fuk all
beet red face says (12:38 PM):
woke up lol
JustJoshin says (12:39 PM):
ahaha... so whats ya been doin lately
JustJoshin says (12:39 PM):
u still hookin up with the goth chick
beet red face says (12:40 PM):
lol nah havnt seen her for awhile
beet red face says (12:40 PM):
i think
beet red face says (12:40 PM):
it was because i
beet red face says (12:41 PM):
did this massive runny shit one morning 6am and the house was dead quiet
Comment: He did a runny shit
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<fishball> damn my boss appeared behind me
<fapping_cat> HI THAR BOSS-CHAN!
<fishball> D;
<stormy001> XD
*fishball (~chatzilla@2E168BAA.6CD4C1EB.9FFE3C3B.IP) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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***Cap1ain is high and happy FINALLY!
Cap1ain: no more Jon
Cap1ain: my keyboard is melting off the desk
Cap1ain: :-D
Cap1ain: no more bullshit
mode (+v Cap1ain) by PhreakerD7
Cap1ain: thanks PhreakerD7
Cap1ain: everything is perfect!
PhreakerD7: np
Comment: lovers come and go...and they are always crazier than you
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<doctor_shim> so let me bring the ps3
<abe> lol
<abe> k
<doctor_shim> and we can kill ppl
<abe> excellent
<doctor_shim> chicks dig killing
<doctor_shim> they just don't say so
<doctor_shim> women are more hostile than men
<doctor_shim> fact
<doctor_shim> that's why more women play 2nd life
<doctor_shim> they're all men trying to be sensitive by being social pussies
<doctor_shim> and all fps gamers type and dont use the voice chat features
<doctor_shim> because they're all chicks being hostile
<doctor_shim> brb playing wow
Comment: Fact.
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<Dude-O> Jesus should have a facebook and a Myspace. And his myspace isn't cluttered with shitty animated gifs, flash, and other crap that makes other people's computers melt.
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<Hades> well i got to sleep -_- its 330 and i want to be up to see my nephews auntie :o
<Hades> she is hot :3
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(dsage`work) np::lesbian porn.avi
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AluTard: your PORN searching is more advanced then mine
Soba: I'm just awesome at finding stuff online
MightyMidget: what did i come into....
Comment: P.S. Soba's a chick
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<scalar> I just found the platic bag that my ex-girlfriend used to keep my first gray hair
#185527* (?/51) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
Hank: any of your friends wanna watch Wanted?
xFreelicks: i got like 7 friends
Hank: that would like to go?
xFreelicks: no
xFreelicks: in total
xFreelicks: ='[
Comment: It's True.
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<Intergage> Ahhh! I just fucked up a root!
<G> How did you manage that?
<Intergage> Well, this is how it went down.
<Intergage> Her: We should "do the dirty" to keep us Warm! ;)
<Intergage< Me: I have a heater
<G> ...
<G> Are you gay?
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alicia�says: do you have a peehole?Comment: lawl
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<%iToke[Quest]> i was bout to throw my mouse but i realized its wireless and it'd break
<%iToke[Quest]> and then i'd be fucked
Comment: L
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<eLement> So Pidgin is built from libpurple.
<eLement> Why not just call it Barney
<eLement> =/
<Majic> It's not librubble. :p
<Majic> Or is it...
<eLement> lib purple
<Majic> Barney Rubble. :3
<eLement> I meant Barney the dinosaur
<Majic> Yabbadabbadoo!
<Majic> :p
Comment: We were just joking about pidgin after a bug was discovered with the IRC protocol end. :)
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<@robbat2> anyway, to deal with claims of censorship
<@robbat2> there's going to be a seperate list, that anybody can read, nobody can post, but it will get all moderation requests sent to it
< NeddySeagoon> robbat2, including the text of the messages to be moderated ?
<@solar> hurry up ppl and be done with robbat2.. I want to play with him and his nail
< nixnut> hehe
<@solar> wait that sounds kinda bad
Comment: solar wants to hammer that nail ;)
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NOMXIS is going to see speed racer at the movies
who the hell would see that?
its for 6 year olds
-          R&#8494;&#8494;ce:
-          R&#8494;&#8494;ce:
It looks like a video game/ childrens movie
its like... a movie about mario kart.. with a fag driving
Comment: Speed Racer Movie Insult
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