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[rabbit-] how come when i do this.Controls.add(picbox) it works but when i do this.panel2.Controls.add(picbox) i get NullReferenceException
[imphasing] This may seem obvious, but if 'this.Controls.add(picbox)' works, why not use that?
[rabbit-] DAMNY OU
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<Leslie_S> I dunno if anyone that would care is here, but im sure anyone could laugh about the situation im in now
<Leslie_S> I've been stuck at this damn terminal for 2 days because i was involved in a crash at 3mph
<Leslie_S> it did THAT MUCH damage to our equipment...
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John_Priest> i've considered buying a mac myself
John_Priest> the mac mini's
John_Priest> i'm considering getting one to actualy run mac os
captain_peds> its a good unix, as much as i dont like it
John_Priest> for my sister, she's been using gentoo for years
captain_peds> a very simple unix
sleepynate> hah
John_Priest> i think it's time to be nice and let her have a mac lol
sleepynate> she got my number yet?
John_Priest> she's been asking for ages
sleepynate> wait.. for my number? :D
Comment: #linuxoutlaws @ freenode
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<Arq> Atropa: a friend of mine was great at Auschwitz on a school trip. She's unable to keep feet out of mouth.
<Arq> Anyway, she accidentally thought out loud at the worst possible moment.
<Arq> "Does the gift shop sell troll dolls?"
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<junk3ght> The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is the fact that it has never tried to contact us.
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<Uhmerwell> i totally DIDN'T just listen to Screaming Infidelities
<Uhmerwell> and am not replaying it right now
<Cai> you know how I know you're gay
<Cai> you listen to dashboard confessional
<lapilofu> because he has sex with me?
<lapilofu> wait, that was a typo
<lapilofu> I meant men.
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<VivaLaPalestina> oh god
<VivaLaPalestina> now "mini me" has a sex tape :/
(time passes...)
* VivaLaPalestina has quit (Quit: VivaLaPalestina)
<aq> How the FUCK did viva find out about the "mini me" sex tape?
<aq> anyone know
<aq> ?
<aq> Like, is he signed up for some mailing list?
<TechnoBoY> I found out about it on blogs
<aq> wtf kinda blogs keeps an eye out for a mini me sex tape?
<Anaconda> people with to much time on their hands
<aq> Do you think if Doctor Evil watched that sex tape he'd think to himself "so THAT's what it looked like when my mother raped me as a child?"
<Anaconda> wtf
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<Crim> I like Owen in some movies
<Crim> Behind Enemy Lines and Wedding Crashers..
<Coeus> BEL wasn't bad - Gene Hackman was entertaining, Owen was perfect for that though... whiny ass brat. Didn't enjoy Wedding Crashers all that much... between Owen Wilson and Will Ferrel... yeah fuck no. I like vince vaugh too
<Crim> Aww, you don't like Will Ferrel?
<Coeus> I fucking hate him
<Coeus> Will Farrel, Owen Wilson, Steve Carrel, and Ben Stiller all need to burn in a fucking napalm explosion of a stunt gone horribly wrong on the set of their joint movie "Unfunny Assholes On Fire.
<Crim> What! You don't like Steve Carrel?
<Crim> Your mentally challenged.
<Coeus> He makes good comedy seem like a spelling bee at the special olympics.
Comment: darkspace.net
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<Xa\Sal> boobies; discuss
<+Yoh^> b-c cups?
<Riendra|Vyrian> eat more and you'll get a pair of your own~
<Xa\Sal> the b - c cup range is quite enjoyable i find, or even a d cup... any more than a good handful is a waste imo
<+Yoh^> yeah
<+Yoh^> agreed
<+Yoh^> d is too big
<+Yoh^> :O
<Arppa`> :<
<Arppa`> my cup is d and im male
<Xa\Sal> nah, d is good for me, i have big hands
<Xa\Sal> d on a male though... that's pretty impressive, i'd award you with a cookie, but you ate them all
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<DXtremz> man this is awesome
<DXtremz> I had a bad sunburn and now im peeling
<DXtremz> so
<DXtremz> im making skin bubbles
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<DreadyLiger> I love heavy rain
<TR> Me too :)
<DreadyLiger> my idea of a perfect situation is cuddles up to someone in a thunderstorm
<@patter> the "oh, did that thunder scare you, let me come closer* cuddles?
<TR> No, not Pedo Uncle Cuddles, patter
Comment: #NorthernFurs on FurNet
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<Lucifer7> directive
<hawk> diiireeeeeccctiiive?
<Tex> Classified.
<hawk> :<
<Tex> Naaaaaaame?
<hawk> wwww
<hawk> wwww
<Tex> Wall-e?
<Tex> *hehehe*
* hawk swoons
<Tex> EEEEEvvveee
Comment: irc.bungie.org - #hbo
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<~DesertRose> I have finally decided how to deal with my hatred of fucking retards
<~DesertRose> and douchebags
<~SHAGGSTaRR> gonna stop fucking them?
<~DesertRose> rofl
<~DesertRose> SHAGGSTaRR
<~int16h> lmao
<~DesertRose> fuck you dude
Comment: have you had your daily vitamin #dirt?
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<+aotc> oh god
<+aotc> little kids
<+aotc> i will never have them
<+aotc> i'll adopt when there like 7+
<~TheDarkestDay> or you'll have sex and leave the girl for seven years
<~TheDarkestDay> then she hates you and beats you when you come home every day
<~TheDarkestDay> occasionally pulls a pistol out and shoots your foot
<~TheDarkestDay> just to see you in a small amount of the pain you put her through
<~TheDarkestDay> then she giggles maniacally and rips your vocal cords out
<~TheDarkestDay> then takes you to the hopital and says it was the kids with the long metal rods again
Comment: XettexNet
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good job manComment: good job man
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* Skotch (~ScottRA2@daIRC-7735FD28.hsd1.co.comcast.net) has joined #animetabase
* Skotch is now known as DaIRC41001
* DaIRC41001 is now known as skotch
<skotch> hmmm. that was odd. HALLO!
* skotch is now known as DaIRC4901
<DaIRC4901> fucking server!
* DaIRC4901 is now known as Skotch
* Skotch is now known as DaIRC22330
* DaIRC22330 is now known as Skotch
* Skotch is now known as DaIRC9125
<DaIRC9125> FUCKiNG SERVER! you know what, screw it. nobody is on anyways
* DaIRC9125 was kicked by AnimeServ (Turn caps lock OFF!)
Comment: I registered the nick earlier...
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<+Foxhound> Ooookay then...
<+Foxhound> <<
<+Foxhound> >>
<@Leiko> ...my ass is vibrating
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<Ritz> You know, I wonder about Free Willy!
<Ritz> The whale was probably kept in captivity for his entire life outside of the film.
<Ritz> Do you suppose he actually thought they were letting him go during that one scene, only they had nets set up further out?
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CRKD_rat: yesterday
CRKD_rat: i was driving home
CRKD_rat: and i saw
CRKD_rat: a car, with a bunch of fucking bumper stickers
CRKD_rat: one said I LOVE JESUS
CRKD SkitZo: lol
CRKD SkitZo: you run im over?
CRKD_rat: the next one had the KGB symbol and the swastika and said DAMNED JEWS
CRKD SkitZo: lol
CRKD_rat: the next one was an arrow pointing up to that one
CRKD_rat: and the bottom one was WWJD
CRKD_rat: i lol'd so hard.
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Gloomy tales manila amsterdam cheap hotels near the red light district  >:-PPComment: Gloomy tales manila amsterdam cheap hotels near the red light district >:-PP
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<Galeek> can someone help me
<Galeek> how do i install harry potter game
<Mark> first you need to close all the programs you are not using
* Galeek has quit IRC. (Quit)
<Mark> lol /fail
Comment: LOL
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Sig: Every time I come over to your house, you just shit on my face, and ya know ya know ya know ya know it really freaks me out!
Ty-yen: Sorry...
nexea: ...
Ty-yen: I'll try and hold it in next time.
Sethan: ...
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<Felinoid> Em!
<Emerald> Fel!
<Felinoid> Got any spare vowels?
<Emerald> Well, I've got spare a, e, i, and o, but I'm afraid there's NO U.
<Felinoid> heh, nice one XD
<Emerald> Why thank you!
<Attilargh> O RLY?
<Emerald> Oh, there's NO WAI, either, but I don't think Y counts as a vowel outside really special cases.
<Felinoid> Now that's a stretch.
<Emerald> No, this is a stretch.
*Emerald scratches his left elbow with his left hand.
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<creature> I have just spent an enjoyable half an hour assigning funny/slutty pictures to contacts on my mobile phone.
<shoofle> :D
<CheshireCat> that's the kind of witty thing that people always talk about on the internet but that I never do
<noam_> yeah, like sex
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