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GpkmVt hi!  hice site!Comment: GpkmVt hi! hice site!
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<TeeEyePee> I never played Wow. It seems like too much work.
<TeeEyePee> Grinding for EXP.
<TeeEyePee> Grinding for Rep..
<Kelditha> Grinding certainly gets you a reputation in real life.
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Whitesnak> Lord Bookie has returned
* Whitesnak has quit (Quit: Whitesnak)
<MartinMan> Lord Whitey has exited :(
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<Isum> I ain't no fuckin' noob....I've been in here for like....three weeks....heh...
<Isum> That's like a year in internet time...
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<el_dulzor> i screwed flats fat mom.
<+Flat> and gave her a tip afterwards
<el_dulzor> my tip was "lose some weight fatass"
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So make no mistake and fap up the channel
I'm Fappy Rich when I fly off the handle
What could it be?  It's a mirage!
I'm fapping on your face it's sabotage!
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<Akuwaneko1> ?
<mr_flea> ?
<Akuwaneko1> !?
<Akuwaneko1> What?
<mr_flea> <Akuwaneko1> ?
<Akuwaneko1> It would appear so.
<mr_flea> I was ?ing your ?
<mr_flea> >.>
<Akuwaneko1> Don't ? my ?
<mr_flea> Wait, that came out wrong.
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VulcanJaded: heyyyyy
VulcanJaded: hey, not cool, answer me
Libbymac212: This is not Caitlyn yes is not here. This is here dad.
VulcanJaded: Hello "this is here dad" you apparently do not understand the language of "English" very well now do you?
Libbymac212: Well good you understand it.
VulcanJaded: Well good, you do too.
VulcanJaded: How are you "here dad?"
VulcanJaded: Oh my gosh! That is terrible grammar, my bad.
VulcanJaded: How are you, "here dad"?
Libbymac212: POOF GONE.
Libbymac212 signed off at 10:42:15 PM
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Nick:  So
How's the peg like?
I just woke up... and that was supposed to be how are you doing
me:  omg. go to bed
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<knoeki> :pd: <--- tounge kiss ;_)
<knoeki> or 'french kiss' as the americans may say
<knoeki> in dutch a 'french kiss' is a blowjob
Comment: #zomgwtfbbq irc.p2p-network.net
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< Mead> when I was a kids I didn't hear "this will put hair on your chest" as a warning
<@Xipher> kids?
<@Xipher> did you some how merge?
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<Gogf> I'll prolly end up doing either astronomy or philosophy
<fifty> its not cool unless you do both
<fifty> like kant
<Bill3000> he kant do that, fifty
<LightFang> kant took astronomy?
<LightFang> damn he's even more of a genius than i thought
<Bill3000> yeah but gogf kant do it
<LightFang> god damn bill
<LightFang> shut the hell up
<LightFang> with those bad kant jokes
<Bill3000> you're so bohring
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<Surge> PSN is better than xBox live
<Mikeh> isnt it PS Home or something?
<N0valyfe> idk, but PSN isn't even in the same league tbh.
<N0valyfe> haha
<+Tom> God surge, i thought you were a noob, now i think your a die hard cun.
<+Tom> *coon
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<photosinensis> Schroedinger's lolcat: it both can has and no can has cheezburger until you look at it.
<photosinensis> And then, it puts you in the box.
<photosinensis> because that's how lolcats work.
Comment: #xkcd
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[05:39:33] <photosinensis> Schroedinger's lolcat: it both can has and no can has cheezburger until you look at it.
[05:39:58] <photosinensis> And then, it puts you in the box.
[05:40:07] <photosinensis> because that's how lolcats work.
Comment: #xkcd
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<Jamm0n> when i first cummed i thought i broke my penis
<Jamm0n> i tried to shove the goo back inside
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<Eleo> I just jizzed in my own face.  Even though it was unrelated to this torrent, this torrent is awesome nevertheless. Thanks.
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<@Oromea|Elerosse> I was driving to work today, and made a profound discovery
<@Oromea|Elerosse> As both hands were on the steering wheel I realized that the arm I wack off with is twice as big around as my left arm
<@Oromea|Elerosse> o fuck wrong chat
* @Oromea|Elerosse (fratello@c-69-246-191-213.hsd1.al.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: )
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<DrLecter> If I dont, we'll have something working =)
<DrLecter> Emperorc will help, right Emperorc? :P
<Emperorc> yes :P
<Emperorc> but I thought mobs were more important :P
-->| KenM has joined #l2j-team
=-= Mode #l2j-team +o KenM by chanserv
<Emperorc> and KenM will help too, right?
<DrLecter> right
=-= KenM is now known as Some1Else
<`House`> xD
<Emperorc> lol
<Some1Else> that KenM is going to help you guys, im sure
<DrLecter> rofl
<ThePhoenixBird> ROFL
<nBd^> lol
<Some1Else> you should just wait him to enter
Comment: Just another WTF moment in the L2j Team
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-*- kinabalu has just been using his new wii fit :)
<flippo> Feel fit now?
<kinabalu> 45 minutes of hula hooping, yoga'ng, strength training, and balancing ..
<kinabalu> is that a feeling of fit i feel ... maybe!
<flippo> Don't overdo it on the first day!
<pr3d4t0r> kinabalu: Nice workout.
<pr3d4t0r> kinabalu: It sounds like it's turning you into a girl.
<joed> BabySpice!
<kinabalu> bite me, bite me very much
Comment: Is kinabalu turning into the Richard Simons of IRC?
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J: she gained even more weight
M: i thought she was "working out"
J: lol yeah.. i dunno.. its not working, lol
M: she
M: is probably working out the wrong muscles
M: like...her jaw...and her stomach
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<xarxer> I get all fucked up without coffee
<xarxer> I don't know whether thats good or bad
<neptunepink> xarxer: bad
<xarxer> neptunepink: it is?
<neptunepink> xarxer: No, it's actually very good for you. Having addictions is *healthy*
<xarxer> are u a girl?
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<@DarkArchon> !owner
* IceBot sets mode: +q DarkArchon
<GirlArchon> !owner's gf
<GirlArchon> pfft
* Quits: @DarkArchon (DarkArchon@magellanwars.info) (Ping timeout)
<~IceCool> lol
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Crazy: we did ouigi at a friends house for the first time tonight
Crazy: it didnt work because noone bleieved in it
Crazy: maybe i pissed the ghosts off.... we were aiting for something to happen so i shook it side to side and suggested the problem was the ghost had parkinsons
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markun> dummies: don't get me started on scandinavians
* dummies starts markun on scandinavians
<markun> damn
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