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Ryaison: whats up?
Ryaison: or dont answer
Ryaison: thats cool to
Ryaison: not like I was expecting a response
Ryaison: I enjoy asking questions and not getting responses back
Ryaison: thats why I spend most of my time quizing rocks on basic math facts
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<unstoppable> Do you realllllllllly want me to correct all those grammatical mistakes???
<ryaison> if you want to get technacal, im pretty sure the word "really" dosnt have 9 L's in it.
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<Rabid_Pancake> I'm also ready for invasion from another country.
<Rabid_Pancake> I bet the Iraqies are having so much fun, gurriella warfare would be the ultimate shit.
<Rabid_Pancake> getting to play on your home map
<Rabid_Pancake> you're pretty much guaranteed to kill at least 40 people before they take you down.
<Rabid_Pancake> maybe a few choppers and a tank or two
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so the other day i was thinking about myself and how much i despise my love for mustard
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�horsie/writing�  Do you even HAVE a groin?
�Username� yes
�Username� it's just hard to hurt ;)
�Wolfie� Because nothings there
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<jasabella> $_ =~ tr/y/j/;
* parser (~HELL@ Quit (ircd.arcti.ca efnet.teleglobe.net)
* Kraln (~quassel@ Quit (ircd.arcti.ca efnet.teleglobe.net)
* laamaelai (hegis@xen.ihme.org) Quit (ircd.arcti.ca efnet.teleglobe.net)
* Yuyo (~suck@ Quit (ircd.arcti.ca efnet.teleglobe.net)
<jasabella> did i do that?
<einride> no
* DoXiD (DoXiD@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<jasabella> hope not hehehe
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Follow your dreams, you can reach your goals,Comment: Follow your dreams, you can reach your goals,
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--___--: yo
--___--: yo yo'
joelbutton: I was just playing Call of Duty 4.
--___--: kewl i have a ?
joelbutton: Just got it yesterday.
joelbutton: You have a what?
--___--: a ?
joelbutton: Wha?
--___--: Just a ?
joelbutton: ?
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<Oktus_> Hoyl shit, dyslexia
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<Lord Adam> Also no offence but your old text was easier on the eye
<Rowan> To me it looks like you're using the same font.
<Rowan> I don't know why, I'm assuming you're not
<Rowan> but it's the exact same font.
<Lord Adam> True
<Lord Adam> BUT
<Lord Adam> Mine's purple
<Lord Adam> And I never said mine was good....... which it is...
<Rowan> Okay, why are you using it?
<Lord Adam> ....Shutup, that's why.
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<DevNull> mibbit is being crap
<ChrisAM> sounds about right
<Miranda> yeah
<Miranda> always use condoms...err...open proxies when using mibbit !
Comment: ...
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<Shiro> holy crap i said something
* Shiro left the chat room. (Quit: and then i quit.)
Comment: after several hours of nobody saying anything
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<@Love_LeeWTF> I think they are trying to learn english
<@Lysaer> �Qu�? Mi nombre es. �Qui�n? mi nombre es. �Qu�? mi nombre es� chica del chica del chica. �Sombr�o delgado!
<@Love_LeeWTF> I will know if i hear them try to introduce themselves with "Hi! My name is chicka chicka Munambo"
<@Lysaer> �Exc�seme! Puedo tener la atenci�n de la clase para un segundo. �Hola los cabritos, hacen usted tienen gusto de violencia? �Quiera verme pegar nueve clavos de la pulgada con cada uno de mis p�rpados?
<@Love_LeeWTF> that is spanish, these people are from Nigeria
<@Lysaer> oh.
<@Lysaer> babelfish doesn't have a "English to Send-me-your-bank-account-information-and-I-will-deposit-one-million-dollars" translator.
Comment: Discussion on why her neighbors were playing "My Name Is" on repeat.
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7vWAZZ hi!  hice site!Comment: 7vWAZZ hi! hice site!
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ZzUflk hi!  hice site!Comment: ZzUflk hi! hice site!
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<Foxhill> i like everyone else to get married so i can sit here grinning that i'm not
<Foxhill> 'oh you had to cook dinner for your mother-in-law? i spent the night wanking in front of the internet, you lose'
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<Ridley327> I'm not going to lie
<Ridley327> Band camp? Totally not what that movie said it was
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<fester64> look its the pansy boy
<segin> its josh fagboy from colorado sucks, co
<fester64> i dont live in colorado you fucking moron
<segin> fester64: where you live? Bangkok?
Comment: fester's realname is josh
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<Foosball> i had these weird dream i was playing a game like command & conquer. and there were these war ships that are equipped with soccer teams
<Foosball> thats what we need to win the war. send some soccer teams into afganistan
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vWGzSQ hi!  hice site!Comment: vWGzSQ hi! hice site!
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<DoctorPhileasFragg> So how about people making penises in Spore?
<mrbobjoe> It won't work, you're a freak
<GenericLoser> Then Spore can't truly claim to have user-generated content.
<Helmholz> Everyone's buying the game so they can make penises.
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<EternalSailorSaturn> and so i tell my gynecologist, well, you're putting so many things in my vagina, maybe i should charge you
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<Dragonstar> hey
<Dragonstar> " /msg nickserv register <password> <email>
<lakitu> sorry, was copying  4,300 pictures
<Dragonstar> ok
<Dragonstar> hey  /msg nickserv register <password> <email>
<lakitu> i used your email, please check it & confirm the password. independent_press@yahoo.com
<Dragonstar> I don't know the password for that email?
<Dragonstar> do you know it?
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<pitz> I suck dick for SUKI(tm), I do it every day
<pitz> *clap*
<pitz> I suck dick for SUKI(tm), I do it 'cause I'm gay
<pitz> *clap*
<pitz> I suck dick for SUKI(tm), I do it every day...
<pitz> *clap*
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GpkmVt hi!  hice site!Comment: GpkmVt hi! hice site!
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