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<Kash> and i've had this nick since 1995
<kash_> so? i've had that name since 1988.
<kash_> :)
<Rena``> i have this since 1977
<Rena``> was there irc on 1977?
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D+B: omfg
D+B: Allie asked what you said about her calling ytou a bitch
D+B: and I accidentally pasted this
D+B: "S+L: yay i'm a bitch
S+L: :D
D+B: Not a big fan of rape, but that was preaty good"
D+B: What is she thinking now... T_T
Comment: On Steam between me and my friend, names changed.
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<Seriously> I refuse to play a server where I have absolutely nothing.
<Seriously> Only reason I don't hax crusade is because I'm already rich
<Seriously> ;~;
<Seriously> Rich in friendship.
<Seriously> /endgay
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<benne^> The only good thing in france is the fucking plane flying out of it
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<the_cheese_boy> what do u want?
<mrsmes> the_cheese_boy: I don't like it when people give my friends a hard time, so I'd suggest u learn 2 cool it and fast, or maybe one day I might hire a assassin to kill you.
<LavaBall> lol this is a good one, Assassin XD
<LavaBall> mrsmes can you get any lamer then that?
<mrsmes> AKH, Knows a Assassin he could tell me, about so I could hire him, for a large sum of money to kill the_cheese_boy, when I become a multimillionaire.
<AKH> WTF? I don't know any assassins :\
<LavaBall> This is get funnier and funnier
<LavaBall> rofl
<mrsmes> ok, but AKH said he would hire a assassin to kill me, if i didn't stop going on about the messages he sent me
<LavaBall> Don't lie smes, AKH Didn't say such thing, You're making this up
<AKH> mrsmes, that was SC impersonating me :D
<AKH> "AKH your impersonator is still at large I just caught him sending a message to me claiming to be you which said it was from AKH^ and then he told me was sending a assassin"
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halal-slagtning a la grandeComment: this actually happened
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<DeviL_SwamP___NU> have you icq
<EnEsCe> why?
<DeviL_SwamP___NU> icq !
<EnEsCe> -_-
<DeviL_SwamP___NU> have you did
<EnEsCe> did you have
<EnEsCe> get gotten icq it has done already
<DeviL_SwamP___NU> i cant speak german not english
<EnEsCe> you cant speak english? good good
<DeviL_SwamP___NU> NO NO ! then i have lerned in the school
<EnEsCe> learned in school is the good brain for the
<DeviL_SwamP___NU> my number in english is 4 also not good
Comment: Soldat lobby chat
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<bladezor> I wonder how many people actually think that CPU stands for ComPUter.
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Dave: any idea why i might get "Access denied for user 'root'@'' to database 'm_v2'" when trying to switch to that DB?
Giorgio: Are you supplying the password?
Dave: yeah
Dave: all i change is DB_NAME
Dave: it connects fine, but the select_database fails
Giorgio: Hmm
Giorgio: Show the codes?
Dave: mysql_connect(DB_ADDR.":3306", DB_USER, DB_PASS);
Dave: echo (mysql_select_db(DB_NAME)) ? "yes!" : "no :(";
Dave: echos no
Giorgio: You mean "no :("
Dave: yeah :)
Giorgio: Yeah :(
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Just Look Here For a Sec, ImpressiveHello!,Comment: Just Look Here For a Sec, ImpressiveHello!,
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<pitz> Put me in, coach
<pitz> I'm ready to play
<pitz> And be gay
<pitz> Way gay
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<torchie> my schooling is getting in the way of my education
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[breakpoint]: i go to semen world all the time
[breakpoint]: seaworld *
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You Should consider this,Comment: You Should consider this,
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[03:51:57] <%Robot_20003|Slayer|Blue-Drags> dont dis the latri dog
[03:52:05] <%Robot_20003|Slayer|Blue-Drags> he will get his beats out and rap u biatchhhh
[03:52:05] <@Wizard> I want to fuck on a trampoline!
[03:52:06] <%Azure> I can
Comment: Very. Bad. Timing.
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ratt: had a wet dream last night
ratt: paris hilton was in it
ratt: she wouldn't go all the way tho
ratt: even when i begged :(
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I Found Your Site Brilliant. Fascinating,Comment: I Found Your Site Brilliant. Fascinating,
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<Orochi> Lol, you're a bastard, gtfo before you're late for goatfuckers anonymous
<Orochi> oh shit, wrong window
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commie628: so this guy at work introduced himself to me today
commie628: he's like, my name is corey]
commie628: so he told my boss im crazy
John Vega: wtf?
commie628: it was pretty funny
commie628: to me, not to everyone else in the store
commie628: and theres this other guy
commie628: i always see him holding hot dogs and sausage
commie628: cus he works in meat, but its like thats all he ever does
commie628: and sometimes hes in the bathroom with me
commie628: and its awkward
commie628: cus theres one urinal, and instead of pissing in the toilets, he stands behind me like hes in line
commie628: hes creeping me out
commie628: but, if i ever want a job in the meat department....i know how to get it
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<Bunsen> And the LHC isn't going to cause anything to happen that hasn't happened billions of times before in cosmic ray collisions, except that this time it'll happen inside really expensive glorified Geiger counters.
<Bunsen> In other words: The LHC will not create a black hole, eating the entire planet and destroying life as we know it.  It will not blow a hole in the universe and let all our air run out the hole.  It will not destroy gravity.  I am not a subatomic playboy!
Comment: With apologies to Vice Admiral William Blandy
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< bbot> suspending the eee kills any ssh connections
< bbot> for some reason
<&FaKeShAdOw> suspend it in the air with your mind powers
< Charredhusk> suspending does that normally if I'm not totally off
< bbot> sarcasm doesn't work very well over irc
< bbot> for some reason
<&FaKeShAdOw> yes it does
<&p0nb1k1> o rly
< Charredhusk> bbot: prolly just my brain slugging at less than one mile an hour
<&Abdiel> no he's right, without the sarcastic tone it's hard to tell if someone's being sarcastic unless you know them decently
< bbot> Abdiel: Really?
<&Abdiel> ya rly
<&Abdiel> oh wait
<&Abdiel> ....
< bbot> nice
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i was molested by a five year old
i am 4...
4-tunate ahhahahahahahaha
Comment: blaaap
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< Vix> you can be a virgin in individual holes maybe
< Vix> like that picture andrew showed us.....
< Vix> with what looked like a banana
< MasterSquishy> ....
< MasterSquishy> wha?
< TwoPointOh> heh
< TwoPointOh> that was hilarious
* TwoPointOh is not a virgin in that hole either
< Vix> ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
< Vix> did
< Vix> not
< Vix> want
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<@Wizard> My ass is twitching...you people make my ass twitch.Comment: SwiftIRC, #hello
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