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<Dems> Basically what you're saying is that we need an abstract, adult version of mario with players playing characters based on ethnic minorities, in order to corner the market?
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<world> Wow.. Ppl really fooked me up, didn't they?
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never let fear and common sense hold you back
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<omgod> lol
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JL: Have I missed anything interesting?
TR: Space Nazis took over the Earth
TR: We are all subjected to their brutal regime
DRM: I wondered what all the screaming outside was.
TR: But other than that nothing
JL: It was a police state anyway.
DRM: I put it down to something which normal people could worry about in my stead.
Comment: A Skype conversation
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<Kash> and i've had this nick since 1995
<kash_> so? i've had that name since 1988.
<kash_> :)
<Rena``> i have this since 1977
<Rena``> was there irc on 1977?
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D+B: omfg
D+B: Allie asked what you said about her calling ytou a bitch
D+B: and I accidentally pasted this
D+B: "S+L: yay i'm a bitch
S+L: :D
D+B: Not a big fan of rape, but that was preaty good"
D+B: What is she thinking now... T_T
Comment: On Steam between me and my friend, names changed.
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<Seriously> I refuse to play a server where I have absolutely nothing.
<Seriously> Only reason I don't hax crusade is because I'm already rich
<Seriously> ;~;
<Seriously> Rich in friendship.
<Seriously> /endgay
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<benne^> The only good thing in france is the fucking plane flying out of it
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<the_cheese_boy> what do u want?
<mrsmes> the_cheese_boy: I don't like it when people give my friends a hard time, so I'd suggest u learn 2 cool it and fast, or maybe one day I might hire a assassin to kill you.
<LavaBall> lol this is a good one, Assassin XD
<LavaBall> mrsmes can you get any lamer then that?
<mrsmes> AKH, Knows a Assassin he could tell me, about so I could hire him, for a large sum of money to kill the_cheese_boy, when I become a multimillionaire.
<AKH> WTF? I don't know any assassins :\
<LavaBall> This is get funnier and funnier
<LavaBall> rofl
<mrsmes> ok, but AKH said he would hire a assassin to kill me, if i didn't stop going on about the messages he sent me
<LavaBall> Don't lie smes, AKH Didn't say such thing, You're making this up
<AKH> mrsmes, that was SC impersonating me :D
<AKH> "AKH your impersonator is still at large I just caught him sending a message to me claiming to be you which said it was from AKH^ and then he told me was sending a assassin"
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halal-slagtning a la grandeComment: this actually happened
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<DeviL_SwamP___NU> have you icq
<EnEsCe> why?
<DeviL_SwamP___NU> icq !
<EnEsCe> -_-
<DeviL_SwamP___NU> have you did
<EnEsCe> did you have
<EnEsCe> get gotten icq it has done already
<DeviL_SwamP___NU> i cant speak german not english
<EnEsCe> you cant speak english? good good
<DeviL_SwamP___NU> NO NO ! then i have lerned in the school
<EnEsCe> learned in school is the good brain for the
<DeviL_SwamP___NU> my number in english is 4 also not good
Comment: Soldat lobby chat
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<bladezor> I wonder how many people actually think that CPU stands for ComPUter.
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Dave: any idea why i might get "Access denied for user 'root'@'' to database 'm_v2'" when trying to switch to that DB?
Giorgio: Are you supplying the password?
Dave: yeah
Dave: all i change is DB_NAME
Dave: it connects fine, but the select_database fails
Giorgio: Hmm
Giorgio: Show the codes?
Dave: mysql_connect(DB_ADDR.":3306", DB_USER, DB_PASS);
Dave: echo (mysql_select_db(DB_NAME)) ? "yes!" : "no :(";
Dave: echos no
Giorgio: You mean "no :("
Dave: yeah :)
Giorgio: Yeah :(
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Just Look Here For a Sec, ImpressiveHello!,Comment: Just Look Here For a Sec, ImpressiveHello!,
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<pitz> Put me in, coach
<pitz> I'm ready to play
<pitz> And be gay
<pitz> Way gay
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<torchie> my schooling is getting in the way of my education
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[breakpoint]: i go to semen world all the time
[breakpoint]: seaworld *
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You Should consider this,Comment: You Should consider this,
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[03:51:57] <%Robot_20003|Slayer|Blue-Drags> dont dis the latri dog
[03:52:05] <%Robot_20003|Slayer|Blue-Drags> he will get his beats out and rap u biatchhhh
[03:52:05] <@Wizard> I want to fuck on a trampoline!
[03:52:06] <%Azure> I can
Comment: Very. Bad. Timing.
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ratt: had a wet dream last night
ratt: paris hilton was in it
ratt: she wouldn't go all the way tho
ratt: even when i begged :(
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I Found Your Site Brilliant. Fascinating,Comment: I Found Your Site Brilliant. Fascinating,
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<Orochi> Lol, you're a bastard, gtfo before you're late for goatfuckers anonymous
<Orochi> oh shit, wrong window
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commie628: so this guy at work introduced himself to me today
commie628: he's like, my name is corey]
commie628: so he told my boss im crazy
John Vega: wtf?
commie628: it was pretty funny
commie628: to me, not to everyone else in the store
commie628: and theres this other guy
commie628: i always see him holding hot dogs and sausage
commie628: cus he works in meat, but its like thats all he ever does
commie628: and sometimes hes in the bathroom with me
commie628: and its awkward
commie628: cus theres one urinal, and instead of pissing in the toilets, he stands behind me like hes in line
commie628: hes creeping me out
commie628: but, if i ever want a job in the meat department....i know how to get it
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