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-*- kinabalu has just been using his new wii fit :)
<flippo> Feel fit now?
<kinabalu> 45 minutes of hula hooping, yoga'ng, strength training, and balancing ..
<kinabalu> is that a feeling of fit i feel ... maybe!
<flippo> Don't overdo it on the first day!
<pr3d4t0r> kinabalu: Nice workout.
<pr3d4t0r> kinabalu: It sounds like it's turning you into a girl.
<joed> BabySpice!
<kinabalu> bite me, bite me very much
Comment: Is kinabalu turning into the Richard Simons of IRC?
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<xarxer> I get all fucked up without coffee
<xarxer> I don't know whether thats good or bad
<neptunepink> xarxer: bad
<xarxer> neptunepink: it is?
<neptunepink> xarxer: No, it's actually very good for you. Having addictions is *healthy*
<xarxer> are u a girl?
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<@DarkArchon> !owner
* IceBot sets mode: +q DarkArchon
<GirlArchon> !owner's gf
<GirlArchon> pfft
* Quits: @DarkArchon (DarkArchon@magellanwars.info) (Ping timeout)
<~IceCool> lol
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Crazy: we did ouigi at a friends house for the first time tonight
Crazy: it didnt work because noone bleieved in it
Crazy: maybe i pissed the ghosts off.... we were aiting for something to happen so i shook it side to side and suggested the problem was the ghost had parkinsons
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<VivaLaPalestina> oh god
<VivaLaPalestina> now "mini me" has a sex tape :/
(time passes...)
* VivaLaPalestina has quit (Quit: VivaLaPalestina)
<aq> How the FUCK did viva find out about the "mini me" sex tape?
<aq> anyone know
<aq> ?
<aq> Like, is he signed up for some mailing list?
<TechnoBoY> I found out about it on blogs
<aq> wtf kinda blogs keeps an eye out for a mini me sex tape?
<Anaconda> people with to much time on their hands
<aq> Do you think if Doctor Evil watched that sex tape he'd think to himself "so THAT's what it looked like when my mother raped me as a child?"
<Anaconda> wtf
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<DXtremz> man this is awesome
<DXtremz> I had a bad sunburn and now im peeling
<DXtremz> so
<DXtremz> im making skin bubbles
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<+aotc> oh god
<+aotc> little kids
<+aotc> i will never have them
<+aotc> i'll adopt when there like 7+
<~TheDarkestDay> or you'll have sex and leave the girl for seven years
<~TheDarkestDay> then she hates you and beats you when you come home every day
<~TheDarkestDay> occasionally pulls a pistol out and shoots your foot
<~TheDarkestDay> just to see you in a small amount of the pain you put her through
<~TheDarkestDay> then she giggles maniacally and rips your vocal cords out
<~TheDarkestDay> then takes you to the hopital and says it was the kids with the long metal rods again
Comment: XettexNet
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good job manComment: good job man
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* Skotch (~ScottRA2@daIRC-7735FD28.hsd1.co.comcast.net) has joined #animetabase
* Skotch is now known as DaIRC41001
* DaIRC41001 is now known as skotch
<skotch> hmmm. that was odd. HALLO!
* skotch is now known as DaIRC4901
<DaIRC4901> fucking server!
* DaIRC4901 is now known as Skotch
* Skotch is now known as DaIRC22330
* DaIRC22330 is now known as Skotch
* Skotch is now known as DaIRC9125
<DaIRC9125> FUCKiNG SERVER! you know what, screw it. nobody is on anyways
* DaIRC9125 was kicked by AnimeServ (Turn caps lock OFF!)
Comment: I registered the nick earlier...
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<+Foxhound> Ooookay then...
<+Foxhound> <<
<+Foxhound> >>
<@Leiko> ...my ass is vibrating
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kelle: I am watching Whorecraft!
Rhys: i dont even want to know
kelle: Now called Whorelore
kelle: apparently
kelle: copyright infringement or something
Rhys: lol
kelle: oh no
kelle: if that dwarf has sex with the armor girl im turning it off
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beet red face says (12:38 PM):
fuk all
beet red face says (12:38 PM):
woke up lol
JustJoshin says (12:39 PM):
ahaha... so whats ya been doin lately
JustJoshin says (12:39 PM):
u still hookin up with the goth chick
beet red face says (12:40 PM):
lol nah havnt seen her for awhile
beet red face says (12:40 PM):
i think
beet red face says (12:40 PM):
it was because i
beet red face says (12:41 PM):
did this massive runny shit one morning 6am and the house was dead quiet
Comment: He did a runny shit
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NOMXIS is going to see speed racer at the movies
who the hell would see that?
its for 6 year olds
-          R&#8494;&#8494;ce:
-          R&#8494;&#8494;ce:
It looks like a video game/ childrens movie
its like... a movie about mario kart.. with a fag driving
Comment: Speed Racer Movie Insult
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<shinyboots>haha, there are cancer jokes too
<shinyboots>i'm fucking glad my dad hasn't seen it
<shinyleather>his mate died of cancer
<motorcity>lol can i tell him some jokes
<shinyboots>haha, "hey, jakes dad, what's being eaten from the inside out, is in agony when he's not off his tits on morphine and is wasting away??" "YOUR DEAD MATE! LOL"
<motorcity> HAHAHA
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psychochick42691: obama=prime
RustedPeaceSign: lol he has been for a while
RustedPeaceSign: like hillary showed some potential
RustedPeaceSign: then she had her period and was like omgzfuckthiswtfbbq
psychochick42691: hahahaha yea pretty much
RustedPeaceSign: so now mcain is like. gonna die.
psychochick42691: pretty much
RustedPeaceSign: obama-s gonna slap him with hthat huge black dick of his, democrat style.
psychochick42691: lmao
RustedPeaceSign: heh. there's a reason the elephant represents the democrats.
RustedPeaceSign: cuz black guys have elephant trunks for penises.
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<+oshiii`sif> i dont
<@KittyPie[PG]> you will soon
� +neeley_09 anally rapes oshiii`sif
<+neeley_09> FIXT
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birrychrist: TOTALLY not gunna happen
commie628: it makes you suck his dick
birrychrist: it HAS to be blueberry
#183427* (?/37) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
Timmy9213: what os are you on?
xXxsnowblitzxXx: os?
Timmy9213: operateign system......
xXxsnowblitzxXx: no idea wat that means
Timmy9213: i think we've gon voer this before.........
xXxsnowblitzxXx: =]
Timmy9213: windows.......
xXxsnowblitzxXx: hp
Timmy9213: ........
xXxsnowblitzxXx: rofl
xXxsnowblitzxXx: im guessing thats windows
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iGenius52: dude
iGenius52: jasons mom is too cool
iGenius52: she falcon punched him!
#181079* (?/40) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
[@Jemy] i coudl conect ethernet cables for the rest of my life
[@Jemy] wihtout getting boreds
[@Jemy] bored*
[+zepski] not me
[~knoeki] me neither
[@Jemy] i cannot WAIT to goto work tomorrow
[+zepski] i have to connect usb cords every now and again
[@Jemy] usb cord r boring
[+zepski] wtf is wrong with you
[+zepski] usb cords do everything including your mom
Comment: #zomgwtfbbq
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<shin_shei> i duno, i missed all the azn mod rolls, its fuking gay :\
<shin_shei> i suck at math
<shin_shei> i dont know kungfu
<shin_shei> and i dont have a highly modded car with nos
<Ragman> you're fucked :<
<Marcus> Yeah dude.
<shin_shei> i wud take any of those HAPPILY :|
<Marcus> You got shafted.
<shin_shei> except good at math, thats fucking useless -_-
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<whitehat2> how do I say verbs on gerunds in french? like: she's studying
<kehoea> whitehat2, you use the present tense
<whitehat2> what about l'apprentissage?
<whitehat2> elle est l'apprentissage du fran�ais
<kehoea> she is the learning of French
<kehoea> not a particularly useful thing to want to say
Comment: #lingustics, freenode
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<irq> anyone here watch Dancing With the Stars?
<pfree> my wife does, because she lacks male genitalia
<pfree> the quality of female on the show is disappointing
<pfree> the have the fuggle faced blonde with no eyebrows, some random brunette
<pfree> a horrible little butter troll
<pfree> yamaguchi is the only saving grace
#169656* (?/40) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<immibis> also if this is the channel for geekissues.org as well, i would also like to point out that many of the links there are broken
<Defcon_> ***  slaps immibis around a bit with a large trout
<Defcon_> i've nohting more to say
Comment: #geekissues
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[2:51:51pm] * `Royce sets mode: +b *!*lakaman@*.users.quakenet.org
[2:51:51pm] * `Royce was kicked by `Royce (BITCH)
[2:51:55pm] <koolperson> ...
[2:51:59pm] <xFelix> hahaha
[2:52:01pm] <xFelix> oh shit
[2:52:03pm] <koolperson> lol!
[2:52:04pm] <xFelix> he owned himself
[2:52:05pm] <|Quake|> wtf is that about
[2:52:11pm] <xFelix> THATS A FUCKING QUOTE!
[2:52:25pm] <koolperson> i dont think he ment to lol
[2:52:46pm] <Duggalo> still funny
Comment: #megasoffice
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