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beet red face says (12:38 PM):
fuk all
beet red face says (12:38 PM):
woke up lol
JustJoshin says (12:39 PM):
ahaha... so whats ya been doin lately
JustJoshin says (12:39 PM):
u still hookin up with the goth chick
beet red face says (12:40 PM):
lol nah havnt seen her for awhile
beet red face says (12:40 PM):
i think
beet red face says (12:40 PM):
it was because i
beet red face says (12:41 PM):
did this massive runny shit one morning 6am and the house was dead quiet
Comment: He did a runny shit
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NOMXIS is going to see speed racer at the movies
who the hell would see that?
its for 6 year olds
-          R&#8494;&#8494;ce:
-          R&#8494;&#8494;ce:
It looks like a video game/ childrens movie
its like... a movie about mario kart.. with a fag driving
Comment: Speed Racer Movie Insult
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<shinyboots>haha, there are cancer jokes too
<shinyboots>i'm fucking glad my dad hasn't seen it
<shinyleather>his mate died of cancer
<motorcity>lol can i tell him some jokes
<shinyboots>haha, "hey, jakes dad, what's being eaten from the inside out, is in agony when he's not off his tits on morphine and is wasting away??" "YOUR DEAD MATE! LOL"
<motorcity> HAHAHA
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psychochick42691: obama=prime
RustedPeaceSign: lol he has been for a while
RustedPeaceSign: like hillary showed some potential
RustedPeaceSign: then she had her period and was like omgzfuckthiswtfbbq
psychochick42691: hahahaha yea pretty much
RustedPeaceSign: so now mcain is like. gonna die.
psychochick42691: pretty much
RustedPeaceSign: obama-s gonna slap him with hthat huge black dick of his, democrat style.
psychochick42691: lmao
RustedPeaceSign: heh. there's a reason the elephant represents the democrats.
RustedPeaceSign: cuz black guys have elephant trunks for penises.
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<+oshiii`sif> i dont
<@KittyPie[PG]> you will soon
� +neeley_09 anally rapes oshiii`sif
<+neeley_09> FIXT
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birrychrist: TOTALLY not gunna happen
commie628: it makes you suck his dick
birrychrist: it HAS to be blueberry
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Timmy9213: what os are you on?
xXxsnowblitzxXx: os?
Timmy9213: operateign system......
xXxsnowblitzxXx: no idea wat that means
Timmy9213: i think we've gon voer this before.........
xXxsnowblitzxXx: =]
Timmy9213: windows.......
xXxsnowblitzxXx: hp
Timmy9213: ........
xXxsnowblitzxXx: rofl
xXxsnowblitzxXx: im guessing thats windows
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iGenius52: dude
iGenius52: jasons mom is too cool
iGenius52: she falcon punched him!
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[@Jemy] i coudl conect ethernet cables for the rest of my life
[@Jemy] wihtout getting boreds
[@Jemy] bored*
[+zepski] not me
[~knoeki] me neither
[@Jemy] i cannot WAIT to goto work tomorrow
[+zepski] i have to connect usb cords every now and again
[@Jemy] usb cord r boring
[+zepski] wtf is wrong with you
[+zepski] usb cords do everything including your mom
Comment: #zomgwtfbbq
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<shin_shei> i duno, i missed all the azn mod rolls, its fuking gay :\
<shin_shei> i suck at math
<shin_shei> i dont know kungfu
<shin_shei> and i dont have a highly modded car with nos
<Ragman> you're fucked :<
<Marcus> Yeah dude.
<shin_shei> i wud take any of those HAPPILY :|
<Marcus> You got shafted.
<shin_shei> except good at math, thats fucking useless -_-
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<whitehat2> how do I say verbs on gerunds in french? like: she's studying
<kehoea> whitehat2, you use the present tense
<whitehat2> what about l'apprentissage?
<whitehat2> elle est l'apprentissage du fran�ais
<kehoea> she is the learning of French
<kehoea> not a particularly useful thing to want to say
Comment: #lingustics, freenode
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<irq> anyone here watch Dancing With the Stars?
<pfree> my wife does, because she lacks male genitalia
<pfree> the quality of female on the show is disappointing
<pfree> the have the fuggle faced blonde with no eyebrows, some random brunette
<pfree> a horrible little butter troll
<pfree> yamaguchi is the only saving grace
#169656* (?/41) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<immibis> also if this is the channel for geekissues.org as well, i would also like to point out that many of the links there are broken
<Defcon_> ***  slaps immibis around a bit with a large trout
<Defcon_> i've nohting more to say
Comment: #geekissues
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[2:51:51pm] * `Royce sets mode: +b *!*lakaman@*.users.quakenet.org
[2:51:51pm] * `Royce was kicked by `Royce (BITCH)
[2:51:55pm] <koolperson> ...
[2:51:59pm] <xFelix> hahaha
[2:52:01pm] <xFelix> oh shit
[2:52:03pm] <koolperson> lol!
[2:52:04pm] <xFelix> he owned himself
[2:52:05pm] <|Quake|> wtf is that about
[2:52:11pm] <xFelix> THATS A FUCKING QUOTE!
[2:52:25pm] <koolperson> i dont think he ment to lol
[2:52:46pm] <Duggalo> still funny
Comment: #megasoffice
#161699* (?/58) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<knuck> it's funny when i talk to rl people and i'm like
<knuck> not even quantum mechanics are random
<knuck> and they're like
<knuck> wtf u nub
<knuck> and i think yo myself I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU MAKE A REAL Math.Rand()
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<Warpath> .online God
<wimtbot> god has been online for 298 hours, 20 minutes and 34 seconds, and signed on at 19:54:53 UTC on 15 Apr 2008.
<Warpath> .online Satan
<Warpath> :D
<wimtbot> Couldn't retrieve signon time for satan. They are probably offline.
<Warpath> or banished to hell
<Warpath> .online jesus
<wimtbot> Jesus has been online for 1 hour, 11 minutes and 24 seconds, and signed on at 05:12:36 UTC on 28 Apr 2008.
<Warpath> O_O
<Warpath> who is he here for now ? O_O
<Warpath> .online Lucifer
<wimtbot> Lucifer has been online for 29 hours, 15 minutes and 39 seconds, and signed on at 01:09:14 UTC on 27 Apr 2008.
<Warpath> ahh
Comment: freenode
#161178* (?/58) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<Stephen> Yeah, but if I put it in my ass it'd still be patented
#161007* (?/95) ↑Keep It ↓Trash It ⚐Flag
<Valtieri> Raisin Bran, Raisin Bran, friendly neighborhood Raisin Bran, give you vitamins, yes it can. tasty breakfast, yes indeed, that crunch may be, just what you need. Look out! Here comes the Raisin Bran.
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<Clinteger> i hit shutdwn on the keyboard
<Clinteger> FUCK
<Clinteger> NOOOOO
<Coldgunner> rofl byeee
<Clinteger> there need sto be a CANCEL on the shutdown dialog
Clinteger left IRC. (EOF from client)
press ESC dumbass
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